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Avoid These 3 Dangers When Shopping for CBD Oil Online

September 12, 2018

Avoid These 3 Dangers When Shopping for CBD Oil Online

In 2018 it seems like the whole world is talking about CBD, in particular across the U.S. where we have seen state after state change their laws to accommodate for the all-natural compound.

For many who rely on CBD oil for their health, purchasing it online can be their only way of getting access, especially if their state is less liberal! With the demand has come a range of risks that have led to numerous investigations into the efficacy of CBD oil online and begged the question: Are you getting what you pay for?

In this article, we are going to look at the three significant dangers to avoid when shopping for your CBD oil online, and how to spot the legit sellers from the backstreet providers!

What You Need to Know About CBD Oil

With the popularity of CBD being consistently on the rise, there has been an increase in people buying the compound without any real knowledge about what CBD is! For those people who aren’t in the know, it can be much easier to purchase dangerous and mislabelled CBD, so we want to kick things off with a little breakdown of what CBD oil is, and what it can be used for.

What is CBD Oil and is It Going to Get You High?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive compound found within the marijuana plant, so no, it won’t get you high. However, it is important to note that not all CBD oil products purchased online may possess the proper amounts of THC stated, so read ahead to prevent falling into this trap! When purchasing a CBD oil it is important to make sure that THC levels are below 0.3%.

How Can CBD Oil Benefit You?

CBD oil has been heavily researched, particularly over the past ten years or so, and the results have been pretty amazing. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a patented neuroprotectant and showing potential to help with conditions such as anxiety, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and depression, amongst many others.

CBD is particularly famous for its ability provides relief to many issues without any significant side effects and no potential to overdose. These factors, combined with the fact that it won’t get you high, make it an incredibly versatile product and one that is used by children and the elderly alike!

Is CBD Oil Legal in the U.S.?

Many online resources claim that CBD is legal in all 50 states. However, this is not quite the case! State laws around both CBD and hemp vary widely, and it is imperative that you check the laws of the state you reside in.

As a general rule of thumb, CBD oil derived from hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC, is unlikely to see you garnering fines or jail time, but it is still extremely important to check state laws.

Can You Legally Purchase CBD Oil Online?

If you live in a state that has old-school laws around cannabis and CBD, you can still get access to CBD oil by purchasing it online. If the CBD oil you are buying is from industrial hemp, then it is legal to buy, as the THC levels are too low to cause any psychoactive effects.

#1 CBD Oil is NOT a “Cure All” Miracle Medicine!

It is true that there have been some incredible studies done over the years into the potential of CBD and how it can provide significant benefits to patients suffering from a range of conditions. With such an emphasis being placed on the compound as something that can treat so many different symptoms without the high associated with weed, we have seen this result in broad claims being splattered across easily accessible platforms.

The first thing to know is that CBD cannot CURE any condition! If you have ever shopped online for CBD oil, then you will be familiar with such claims as, ‘Our CBD oil can reverse your cancer,’ ‘Get rid of your anxiety with our CBD oil’ and ‘Get rid of that back pain for good with our CBD oil.’ Statements such as these, amongst hundreds of others, have become more and more prevalent across the industry, and are one of the most dangerous aspects of online selling.

While CBD can help relieve many symptoms, and in many cases has done so with extreme efficacy, there is no evidence that CBD can treat cancer, let alone cure it. For those vulnerable patients who are seeking relief, claims such as these can be incredibly damaging.

These false claims have become so problematic in fact that the FDA had to issue an official warning against companies that made false claims about the efficacy and medicinal benefits of their CBD products.

If they make any bold statements, steer clear! Any genuine and ethical company WILL NOT make any claims about the benefits of their products.

#2 Always Do Your Research: Is Your CBD Oil What it Says on the Tin?

Those selling CBD oil online have to tread on a thin line, especially with current legalities. Therefore it is all too easy for CBD oil products to be sold under false pretenses, which for those who use it for medicinal reasons can be incredibly risky.

JAMA did a study into cannabis products sold online revealed that a shocking 70% of the products sold online contained either more or less than the specified amount of concentrated drug that was advertised. The same study revealed that a significant amount of CBD products also contained high amounts of THC, much higher than the 0.3%!

This study has been widely referenced since, and as such we have luckily seen much more awareness around untrustworthy online sellers. However, for those who are less in the know, buying an affordable CBD oil that looks legitimate and can be delivered within a few days is often enough to fall into this trap.

Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid becoming victim to this type or seller; the first one is to see if the product ingredients are listed on the label. If there are no ingredients listed on the label, then avoid this from the off! A genuine company will provide as much background information as possible, and the ingredients, as well as the amount of CBD per serving, should always be displayed on the bottle.

Secondly, does it advertise as hemp extract or simply just hemp? These types of product could contain little to no actual CBD in them, so always ensure that the full list of product ingredients are there, along with how much per serving!

Here are some questions you should be asking your online seller BEFORE making any purchase:

  1. Where do they source their CBD?
  2. Is their CBD local or organic?
  3. Is it a full-spectrum product?

Accurate CBD dosage is vital with CBD oil when used for medicinal purposes, and with more patients than ever relying on the cannabinoid as their primary source of relief, it is imperative that CBD oil products are what they say they are!

#3 Does Your CBD Oil Contain MORE Than Just CBD?

An excellent and genuine company will run their rigorous tests on any product put out to consumers, and this goes for CBD oil too! You wouldn’t order online from a mystery take away that had no hygiene information, nor would you buy medicine online without any info on where it came from, so don’t cut corners when it comes to buying CBD oil online!

If you are unsure whether the company you are buying from is reputable, contact them to ask if they are open to third-party testing. If they are, then ask if they would be willing to share the results with you, you should know fairly quickly about whether they are genuine or not!

Poorly sourced CBD could be subject to mold, pesticides or other contaminants, which state-regulated products would not be. By asking to see a third-party testing report, you can see exactly what your product has been tested for and whether it is ultimately safe for your consumption!

Wrapping it Up

For many people, buying CBD oil from a local dispensary is not possible, so online retailers are a blessing to many. However, it is always important to know your stuff before going into the online world of CBD blind.

Never be afraid to ask questions before parting with your money, as we say, any genuine sellers will be happy to share information about their products processes with you!

Want to see who ranked top 5 online CBD oil sellers for 2018, continue here.

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Getting Started with CBD Oil

If you suffer from anxiety (like me), depression or pain and are looking to get started with CBD oil, you need information on how to buy CBD oil, or you’re simply looking to learn more about CBD products, you’ve arrived at the right place.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has significant medical benefits. CBD can be extracted from two different species of the Cannabis Sativa L plant, which include Cannabis and Hemp. Unlike its rival THC, CBD does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.

One of the main advantages of CBD is its non-psychoactive affect making it a great option for people looking for relief from inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, seizures, spasms, and other conditions.
As I mentioned above the primary distinction between Hemp and CBD oil is the part of the plant they are derived from and what parts of the plant are used to create the oil. Hemp oil is typically made from pressing cannabis seeds to extract the fatty oil from within, while some that have mastered the CBD extraction process also use the flowers as they contain high percentages of CBD. CBD oil, on the other hand, is usually made from the flowers of cannabis plant through various extraction methods.

How Does CBD Affect Your Body?

The way marijuana affects your body varies from person to person as it will often depend on genetics, tolerance to the cannabinoids, medical health, DNA, and more. It also depends on the way you consume the CBD, for example, the effects of vaping CBD are far different to smoking it in the form of high-CBD cannabis strains. 

CBD and the way it affects us is still of somewhat a mystery to researchers they still try to figure out how it effects the EndoCannabinoid system. During the previous century, it was discovered that our bodies have receptors within the brain and central nervous system. Specific cannabinoids such as CBD bind to those receptors and activate the EndoCannabinoid System (ECS). This then provides a wide range of psychological and physical benefits helping the body.

Without going into specifics, cannabinoids signal to the body to create endocannabinoids and build more receptors. This helps the body to limit things associated with pain and inflammation, repairs cells and provides a wide range of other health benefits. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD is thought to be the ultimate anti-inflammatory cannabinoid.

Want to learn more about how CBD works read: How Long Does it Take CBD to Work

Medical Benefits of CBD

There is a misconception as to whether CBD can help treat patients, similar to pharmaceutical medicine, but thanks to the internet and a few different medical studies patients and researchers have been exposing their findings on how CBD oil is helping to cure a wide range of medical conditions.

The most popular story was the one of Charlotte Figi. At the time Charlotte was only 6 years old. As a little girl, she was experiencing over 300 epileptic seizures per week until she was successfully treated by a CBD-rich strain oil, later named Charlotte’s Web.

The high-quality CBD oil, changed her life, helping her to overcome a 6-year battle. Since her story hit the news, CBD and other cannabinoids of the cannabis plant are constantly being researched to understand how they can help to treat different medical conditions. As a matter of fact, CBD has been thought to help treat over 170 medical conditions, among them severe conditions such as Anorexia, Cancer, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and PTSD.

Recent studies have even shown that CBD, may cure life-threatening diseases by altering genes. Other studies have proven that it might even be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis and chronic pain.

The way that CBD works is that it interacts with receptors located in different parts of the central nervous system. These receptors are called CB1 and CB2. Both reflect the areas of the brain they interact with such as the limbic system. When taking CBD, this cannabinoid locks in on these receptors and affects the body in different ways. For example, it can help to block the pain caused by specific medical conditions.

While numerous studies have shown promising results, it is important to understand that CBD research is still at premature stages. A 2011 study that researched CBD for fibromyalgia showed extremely promising results. 56 of 112 participants who took CBD in the form of oil saw a great reduction in their symptoms and pain, while those using traditional methods didn’t see hardly any improvement.

Can you Buy CBD if you live in an illegal state?

The process is not cut-&-dry, and but thanks to the Farm Bill of 2014, forms of CBD can now be delivered to your doorstep. Those that live in recreational states can purchase CBD cannabis oil which is high in potency and extremely effective for helping to treat severe medical conditions, while those that live in other states that are not medical or recreational can benefit from CBD hemp oil. CBD Hemp oil is perfect for helping to treat a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression and acute pain. 

Who is NaturalWellNessCBDOil?

My name is Jonathan, and I’ve created this loving resource that is packed with information about CBD oil. I am growing a community on Facebook and are constantly engaging with different people to help them make more informed decisions. I review products on a daily basis and provide unbiased reviews about some of the top CBD oil manufacturers. All the information on the site is FREE; I only ask that you help to share the information you find on the site with other people that are suffering. 

To your health and happiness.