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Average CBD Oil Price: What to Expect

When it comes to trying to buy CBD oil online, it can feel incredibly challenging to get a consistent experience. With all the wide variety of different retailer brands, how on earth are you supposed to be able to know what to buy?

By far, the most problematic issue when trying to buy CBD is figuring out the average CBD oil price. The actual cost of CBD oil seems to change drastically from retailer to retailer, and even from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The reason for CBD’s price point being generally costly is because of a variety of factors. For starters, CBD is in a peculiar position when it comes to legality at the moment in the USA.

While it is entirely legal to use CBD oil, no matter where you are, it comes with a few caveats. For example, different US states have different limits on the allowable amount of THC within CBD oil. That’s right – some CBD oil does have a little bit of THC within it. It isn’t going to get you high. However, it just helps the rest of the cannabinoids work thanks to the entourage effect.

So, what can you expect when it comes to CBD oil cost? What is the average price of CBD oil?

Why Is CBD So Expensive?

One reason CBD prices can be high is that it is increasingly expensive to try and filter out other ingredients. Some manufacturers want to ensure their products contain no THC whatsoever. To do this, they have to enforce a process known as winterization. This is another factor in making CBD oil – it costs a lot to make sure it conforms to local laws.

The average price of CBD oil is also affected by the cost of farming hemp. Hemp has recently been classified as a newly legalized plant on a federal level. But there are still enormous hurdles for farmers to overcome.

For starters, for many farmers, it is simply not possible to shift their agricultural efforts away from other plants. Often this is due to prior investments or government stipends. Farmers can only grow crops that they know will make them a profit. So, choosing to switch away from crops that they know work and make them money to an unknowable like hemp is too much of a risk.

These kinds of problems are all tied to the expensive costs associated with taking CBD oil.

When it comes to actual harvesting and extraction, there are a vast number of things that raise the price and make it challenging to afford, making CBD oil available for lower prices. Hemp plants require unique harvesting mechanisms compared to other plants. This makes it difficult to repurpose other tools and equipment for use with hemp.

Let us take a look at the process and figure out why it is so costly.

The High Cost of Harvesting And Extraction

An acre of hemp can cost between $300 and $600 per acre to harvest. This makes it surprisingly expensive even to harvest your crop after it has grown. Once you do get it harvested and ready, you still need to deal with a lengthy and expensive extraction process.

Many farmers refuse to even deal with this. Instead they sell their hemp on to direct CBD manufacturers. This means that another middleman is needing to make a profit from this entire process.

Hemp plant extraction can run incredibly expensive, as it requires extensive and costly equipment. The extraction process, using supercritical CO2 extraction methods, involves separating the cannabinoids from hemp plants using CO2 extraction.

CO2 gets superheated to a state known as supercritical. This allows it to act as both a gas and a liquid. This unique quality allows it to easily penetrate the cellular walls of hemp plants and take the cannabinoids away.

From there, they get suspended within food oils and made ready for consumption. But only after undergoing, even more, filtering in a process known as winterization.

CBD oil needs to have extensive, rigorous testing available. So customers can verify all the ingredients within the product.

But, unfortunately, these tests are also costly, because you can’t just trust the manufacturer. You need to get a reliable, third-party lab to do them for you.

Most food, drink, and drugs sold in the USA undergo some kind of testing and sampling before they appear on your shelves. After all, every consumer needs to know what they are putting in their bodies, right? Does CBD undergo a similar process?

Third-Party Lab Testing Is Vital But Adds to the Cost of CBD

Lab-testing food and drinks is a fairly quick process; CBD oil is a little more complicated. This is because of the vast array of different cannabinoid compounds found within any and all cannabis products. This complicates the process and making it more expensive.

Additionally, there is the problem of independent testing. To be able to trust any CBD oil you buy reliably, you can’t just trust a retailer to do their testing. After all, they are motivated to present it in the best light possible. There is plenty of incentive for them to lie.

This is why it has become an industry standard to require independent, third-party laboratory testing on CBD oil products.However, these tests are not cheap.

Different laboratories test at different rates. But any price influences CBD oil cost, elevating its price and making the final product more expensive.

The price of CBD oil is inexorably tied to the cost of requiring these tests. This is made worse by the fact that these specialized tests are not widely available. you can undoubtedly find a laboratory to do the testing for you. But, many already present laboratories don’t see it as worth it to shift their equipment over to analyzing CBD.

This is a problem that will become gradually better. More and more people become used to seeing CBD oil made available and profitable. With the rise of the CBD industry, farmers and scientists alike are beginning to experiment and create more forms of CBD than ever before.

So, with all of these complications and irritations elevating the price of CBD oil, what kind of average price can you expect from the top brands?

Average CBD Oil Price Among the Top Brands

The problem with trying to find an average price from CBD oil brands is that, not only do they differ vastly in their variety of products, but they also differ in location. CBD oil prices in the UK are going to be fundamentally different from the USA. This is because there aren’t as many hemp farmers in the UK. nor is there the required infrastructure already in place. So you not only need to take into account different company philosophies, but their locations as well.

Furthermore, different CBD oil brands offer different products. These products each come in different intensities and concentration of CBD, making it a real challenge to find the cheapest CBD oil.

For CBD oil with the best price, you need to do your research and understand precisely what it is that you are buying. Here are a few of the top brands, their products, and what kind of prices you can expect from them.


PureKana is easily one of the most well known and well-liked CBD oil retailers in the world. They are available all over the place and offer all kinds of useful and pleasantly flavored CBD oils.


They sell full-spectrum CBD oil, meaning that it comes with additional cannabinoids and terpenes included. For about 1000mg of CBD, you can expect to pay about $154. This works out at around $0.154 per mg of CBD. This price does obviously scale upwards if you buy lower intensities of CBD.

PureKana CBD oil is definitely highly regarded for its quality, so you should certainly give it a try if you can afford it.


Green Roads

Green Roads is another one of those massive, almost corporate level CBD oil retailers. They sell CBD oil products with an absolutely enormous scale of CBD. You can get CBD oil from between 100mg to over 3500mg, if you can believe that, giving you a tremendous amount of choice.



Green Roads’ CBD oil cost is pretty similar to other brands, costing around $162.99 for 1000mg of CBD, or $0.163 per mg.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs also loves to offer up massive ranges of CBD oil, allowing you to get up to 4000mg of CBD if you so choose. They have a range of different flavors, all of which are genuinely packed with bursting intensity, making their CBD oil not only effective but also flavorful as well.


Hemp Bombs also loves to offer up massive ranges of CBD oil, allowing you to get up to 4000mg of CBD if you so choose. They have a range of different flavors, all of which are genuinely packed with bursting intensity, making their CBD oil not only effective but also flavorful as well.

For 1000mg of CBD, you can expect only to pay $99, or $0.099 per mg, but it comes with a catch – they offer CBD isolate. This means it does not contain other terpenes or cannabinoids, which some users claim only provides a reduced effect.

However, the CBD oil cost is obviously reduced, while still being incredibly high in intensity. So, it is one of those decisions that you need to make for yourself.

Charlotte’s Web (CW Hemp)

Charlotte’s Web is famous for developing a unique strain of cannabis that is incredibly rich in CBD, almost wholly lacking in THC. Initially created to treat a girl named Charlotte’s particularly awful case of epilepsy, Charlotte’s Web now also provides all kinds of different CBD oil products made from their own strain.

They offer a decent range of different strengths. However, their range is a bit more limited when compared to other brands, as they only offer up one strain.



Additionally, their labeling is a bit strange, as they use the peculiar measurement of CBD per ml, rather than the total quantity of CBD in each bottle. Regardless of the unique quirks of the branding or CBD oil prices, the average cost is about $0.15 per mg of CBD, making this a reliable and affordable option.

It would be nice if they kept their advertising and unit measurements consistent with other brands, however.


Provacan is easily the largest UK-focused CBD oil retailer, offering up CBD oil to the cannabis-deprived people of Britain. The brand is also linked to cannabis and CBD research groups, allowing for a considerable amount of new and exciting discoveries into the usefulness of CBD and different products that can be created from it.



Provacan offer their CBD oil at around £0.058 per mg; though remember that is in British pounds, so it works out to about $0.076 in 2019 conversion.

This is obviously massively cheaper than many of their US counterparts. So if you find a way to get hold of some Provacan and take advantage of this lower CBD oil price, definitely do it.

Average CBD Oil Price: Final Thoughts

The very notion of there being an average CBD oil price is a problematic one; the actual cost of CBD oil is going to shift, alter, and change based on all manner of different issues.

While you have the inherent cost of providing accurate, reliable and up-to-date lab reports for all products, you also need to deal with the actual cost of agricultural growth of hemp, as well as the high price of CO2 extraction.

This doesn’t even take into account the fact that different countries levy different taxes on CBD oil and hemp products in general. Whereas it might be cheap in one locality to grow, harvest, and manufacture CBD oil, it could be prohibitively more expensive in another country. This even occurs down at the state level, with neighboring states offering the same CBD oil at drastically different price points.

At a rough average, though, you can expect to pay around $0.16 per mg of CBD, which is actually isn’t too bad.

So, if you have wanted to try some CBD oil, but felt put off by the cost, maybe shop around and give it a try. Who knows? You might find some decently priced CBD oil.

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Eric Logan

Can you help me to source and buy CBD Cannabis pure oil , because I fed up of the blocks I keep getting when I try to buy it on line can you please help me find a genuine seller thank you


Brad Boehm

Sometimes less is more. A common starting point is a 1/4 dropper, twice a day. You can adjust up or down from there, your body will tell you!

patricia clouatre

please don’t sent me any more of these bottles

Maybrice Henry

Thank you for the information in your report. I am better prepared to shop for CBD Oil.

Rosa Boyd

Good one! Really good job. Now I know why the prices vary for CBD when I purchase it from Washington and when I purchase it in New York. I think this industry needs a lot more regularization and standardization, as at the moment, it is quite unorganized. Also, at the moment, CBD is very expensive if we compare it to other day to day necessities. Probably it will boil down to something affordable to the lower middle class as well in a few years.

Larry Dillard

CBD is very expensive. For middle class people like me, it gets tough to afford, but once I used it, the effect was so great that I felt like using it again. So kind of an entrapment, I hope the prices come down soon.

Ronald Long

Good to read this, have got an overall picture, I am to order CBD for the first time!