What's the Average CBD Oil Price?

What’s the Average CBD Oil Price?

For many would-be first time users of cannabis, the number one deterring feature is the price. Due to the myriad of legal issues surrounding cannabis, whether it’s legal recreationally or just medicinally, whether you can grow it yourself or not, there is very little governmental or organizational oversight.

This means that the average price of CBD oil can vary widely between different brands (and even stores), so it’s very difficult to understand exactly what the expected price of hemp or other cannabis products is meant to be.

In this article, we take a look at the average price of CBD oil in a variety of different stores in an effort to see if there’s any real rhyme or reason as to what number a brand chooses to slap on the label. After all, it’s always a good idea to have an average base point to compare to, right?

First Things First: What Makes CBD Oil So Expensive?

Before we jump right into checking out the average price of CBD oil, it may be worth it to talk a little about why CBD is so damn expensive in the first place. Even the “cheap” stuff can run upwards of $40 for a tiny little bottle, and if you’re like we first were when we started taking CBD, you’re probably wondering — why

Well, if you’ve ever considered picking up some CBD oil and giving it a try but found it to be too expensive, it’s likely that the chief culprit of the high price tage is the extraction process.

The cannabis used to make CBD oil, whether or not it is CBD-rich, needs to go through a lengthy extraction and purification process so as to get the important CBD out of the plant and into the oil. This is usually done using what’s known as a supercritical CO2 extraction method.

The cannabis, which is usually chosen for its CBD quantity instead of its THC, is hit with low-pressure/low-temperature supercritical carbon dioxide. This CO2 exists in an intermediate state between gas and liquid (the point wherein it becomes a (“supercritical”), which means it expresses the properties of both.

This causes the CO2 to be able to work its way through the hemp plant’s cell walls, and “take the CBD within it.” This CBD is then separated and moved to another chamber, wherein it is then purified, often undergoing a further process known as winterization.

This separates out the additional components that are frequently transported alongside CBD, such as unwanted plant material, excess THC, or just general non-CBD compounds.

This leftover “CBD-rich mixture” is then suspended in an inert oil, usually in something like MCT coconut oil or hemp oil. This allows users to take their CBD easily and quickly, with minimal taste implications.

Due to the multi-step nature and inherent expense in this process, many CBD oils are often listed as being quite expensive to the average consumer – bumping up the average CBD price across the global market. However, what isn’t frequently understood is the fact CBD oil will often last you a very long time.

Depending on your preferred level of dosage, one purchase of CBD oil can actually last you several weeks or even several months, depending on both how much you need to take, and how frequently you take it. The best way to figure out the average price of CBD oil is to take a look at a number of different brands, and compare their prices (obviously).

Though it is going to vary widely depending on your locality and local companies, it’s the big names and brands that, to a certain extent, set the ideal market price. After all, a smaller company that wants to compete with the big companies isn’t going to want to charge way more than the major brands that consumers can find more easily, will they?

Average CBD Oil Price Among the Top Brands

When trying to compare and contrast differing prices between CBD oil brands, there is always going to exist the difficulty of dosage disparity. As CBD oil is frequently sold in a variety of dosages, it can be hard to compare exact prices between different brands; some might offer a CBD oil containing 100mg, whereas others have 300mg.

The best way to work it out while ignoring these dosage disparities would be to calculate it based on the cost per milligram of CBD. This has an additional problem, however, as some producers charge less per milligram for larger doses, as a sort of bulk purchase reward to encourage you to buy the highest CBD dosage possible.

Though this is in part linked to the reduction of manufacturing and product costs (one 1,000mg bottle is cheaper to produce than ten 100mg bottles), it is also to encourage higher CBD usage and to give you an incentive to spend more.

Thus, the best way is to simply compare each CBD oil brand with its highest possible CBD dosage is to work out the price per milligram from that and then compare it to other sites. Using this “technique,” we can get a much more accurate representation of average CBD oil price, rather than just comparing hundreds of different numbers side by side.

Fortunately, we’ve done pretty much all of the legwork for you, and have listed the average prices of CBD oil among five of the most populare, best-selling brands on the market today:


Pure Kana, one of the largest and most well-reviewed retailers of CBD oil in the world, has a huge number of different CBD oil varieties available, both in different intensities and in different flavors.

Their classic, full spectrum CBD oil containing no additional flavorings costs $154 for 1000 milligrams. This works out to $0.154 per milligram of CBD. The price does go up per milligram if you go for the lower doses, however.


Green Roads World CBD oil is another absolutely massive CBD oil retailer, most famous for the sheer range and potency of their products. Selling CBD oils from 100mg all the way up to 3500mg, Green Roads World prides itself on providing CBD oil to treat absolutely any condition, regardless of required strength.

Though Green Roads has so many different types of CBD oil intensities, they also have a 1000mg version, making it much easier to compare to other brands with a similar CBD content. Their full spectrum 1000mg CBD oil costs $162.99, averaging out to $0.163 per milligram.


Hemp Bombs is similar to Green Roads World in that they are eager to provide any CBD strength you could possibly want. With products ranging up to 4000mg of CBD, and with a myriad of different flavor combinations and packaging that is sure to cause you trouble if you try to go through an airport, Hemp Bombs is perhaps one of the most heavily advertised brands out there.

Their 1000mg version costs just $99, working out to just $0.099 per milligram. However, Hemp Bombs is the first of the major brands to not offer a full spectrum CBD oil.

This lack of full spectrum in the label means that Hemp Bombs’ product is essentially only CBD, with no other cannabinoids, terpenes or other helpful hemp ingredients. For certain conditions, this might not seem like a big deal, but for many others the complete cannabinoid composition is preferred in order to provide reliable medicinal benefits.

[This explains the reduced price in comparison to the other brands, so it’s safe to say this is an outlier in terms of its effect on average CBD oil price].


Charlotte’s Web, famous for the CBD-rich cannabis strain that helped treat epilepsy and continues to do so to this day, also offers a variety of CBD oils and products made from their unique strain. Their products are a bit more difficult to work out, as they advertise their CBD dosage per ml dosage, so the amount of CBD you actually get per bottle is rather hidden.

They offer a multitude of different strengths, so it’s likely easiest to just look at their middle-strength variety and consider it an average.  Their Extra Strength CBD Oil, advertised as having 16.65mg of CBD per ml, then strangely says it contains approximately 25mg of hemp extract per 1ml.

This is possibly an advertising trick to make you think it has more CBD, because hemp extract can certainly contain a whole variety of things other than just CBD.

Anyway, working from the original 16.65mg of CBD per ml, a 30ml bottle (which costs $74.99) is averaged out costing $0.15 per milligram. While being the most confusing to work out, the price is relatively normal when compared to other products, meaning it likely falls right around the middle of the average CBD oil price among all brands.


Provacan is one of the largest UK providers of CBD oil, with links to the Israeli cannabis research groups that helped originally discover the medical potential of CBD oil. Though Provacan’s pricing in British currency makes the matter a bit more confusing, they at least offer a simplistic and easy to understand price per milligram.

Their 1200 mg bottle of CBD oil costs £69.99. This works out to £0.058 per milligram, or $0.073 in US currency. This is fully half the price of similar brands in the USA! In terms of average CBD price, a true bargain in our opinion.

Here’s a table to summarize the average CBD oil price among five of the top brands currently on the market:

PureKana $0.154
Green Roads World $0.163
Hemp Bombs $0.099 (NOT full-spectrum CBD)
Charlotte’s Web $0.15
Provacan $0.073 (BEST deal, but UK-only availability)

So What Does This All Mean for the Average CBD Oil Price?

At the very least, the above information demonstrates that the price of CBD oil can vary widely based on location, as well as with different brands. Taking them all together and averaging them, you get an average CBD oil price of $0.128 per milligram, or roughly $127 per 1,000 mg bottle of full-spectrum tincture.

However, if you discount the Hemp Bombs due to the fact that it is not a full spectrum product, you get an average CBD price of $0.135 per milligram, or $135 per 1000 mg bottle.

Though this rough price is ascertained by looking at only a few different brands, this price of $0.135 per milligram is likely a good starting point to work from. When you’re looking for CBD oils, whether online or in retail stores, work out the price per milligram and compare it to the (relative) average CBD price of $0.135 to see how it holds up.

Though it is sometimes worthwhile to spend a little more on good quality products, always bear in mind whether or not it’s worth the price increase. Who knows, maybe it’s going something extra special that makes it worth it? (Or it could be that it is just overpriced).

Whatever the case, just keep in mind that according to our calculations the average price of CBD among the top-5 names in the industry is $0.135 per milligram. With this in mind, you’ll probably have an easier time shopping for your CBD oil — and get the best deal in the process.

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  • Rosa Boyd
    Reforms needed

    Good one! Really good job. Now I know why the prices vary for CBD when I purchase it from Washington and when I purchase it in New York. I think this industry needs a lot more regularization and standardization, as at the moment, it is quite unorganized. Also, at the moment, CBD is very expensive if we compare it to other day to day necessities. Probably it will boil down to something affordable to the lower middle class as well in a few years.

  • Larry Dillard
    Very expensive

    CBD is very expensive. For middle class people like me, it gets tough to afford, but once I used it, the effect was so great that I felt like using it again. So kind of an entrapment, I hope the prices come down soon.

  • Ronald Long
    Ordering for the first time!

    Good to read this, have got an overall picture, I am to order CBD for the first time!

  • David
    Cost of cbd oil

    How much does a bottle of oil cost. 30 ml ..1 fl oz
    New leaf natural. Premium cbd drops

  • Connie

    each person requires a different dosage depending on weight, condition, severity, etc. It’s wise to start with just 2-5 drops and work your way up if needed. Generally you would take your unique dose 1-2 times daily. This could look like 5 drops or a full dropper full (20 drops or more) Hope this helps.

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