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The Best CBD Oil for Pets | for Your Furry Friends

CBD has become an incredibly popular supplement option for many, with continuous research demonstrating its potential health benefits. More people are using CBD as a daily dietary supplement than ever before.

The health benefits of taking even a small dose of CBD regularly have proven to be life-changing for some people. And, it has caused many others to consider CBD supplements for their pets.

CBD oil for pets has become almost as famous as CBD supplements have for humans. CBD for cats and dogs works in much the same way as it does for humans. It provides a wide range of health benefits for both temporary and chronic conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at CBD for pets and find out how CBD oil could improve your furry friend’s health.

Pet CBD Oil vs. Human CBD Oil

As CBD is often sold as a completely natural supplement, many people wrongly believe that they can share their CBD oils and other CBD supplement with their pets. While yes, pets can take CBD oil supplements, they cannot use products that have been designed for humans.

CBD oils sold for human consumption contain a much higher concentration of CBD than those that are sold for pets. Giving your pet, even a few drops of CBD oil designed for humans, could shock their system.

CBD oils for cats and dogs have been specifically designed for their size and digestive system. Most brands will offer a range of different CBD for pet oils. This includes those that have been carefully designed just for cats and different strength oils for different size dogs.

Just like humans, it is vital to find the right dose when giving your pets CBD oil. Too low a dose could prove to be ineffective, while too high a dose could overwhelm your pet’s endocannabinoid system. Making sure to get THC-free CBD oil is especially essential.

What Is CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD oil for dogs has been designed to work in much the same way as regular CBD oils for humans. But instead, oil is sold in much smaller doses. CBD oil can be used to treat long-term health conditions, such as seizures, anxiety, and pain. Oils for pets can also be used for more temporary situations. This includes pain due to injury and gastrointestinal problems.

Just like in humans, CBD works alongside the body’s natural supply of cannabinoids. This ensures that the endocannabinoid system is working to its full potential. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing a number of the body’s functions, including stress and pain responses.

CBD oils for dogs will very often contain natural flavonoids designed to resemble your dog’s favorite foods. This makes them more enjoyable to consume. Popular flavors include chicken, beef, and peanut butter. These flavors turn your pet’s daily supplements into something that they look forward to and enjoy.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

In the US, CBD products for human use must not contain any more than 0.3% THC. In the UK, CBD supplements cannot contain any more than 0.2%. However, 0.3% is considered to be a safe amount of THC for humans to consume.

For pets, however, CBD oil or dogs cannot contain even trace amounts of THC. It is thought to be potentially dangerous and is the main reason that companies source their CBD from hemp plants.

By using hemp plants, companies are able to ensure that their pet products are completely THC free. This helps them create the safest CBD oil possible. When purchasing CBD oils for dogs, it is essential to check the list of ingredients. Check that the products are THC free.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

Ensuring that your dog takes the correct dose of CBD is important. This is because they are unable to tell you if they experience adverse effects from too high a dose. Some brands will market their CBD oils as being suitable for particular sized dogs, but even this does not guarantee the perfect treatment for your dog.

Just like humans, all dogs are different, and a dose that works for one dog might not work for another. When trying to decide on the right CBD oil dosage for your dog, a good rule to follow is that you should give your dog 0.2mg of CBD for each pound that they weigh. So, if your dog weighs 25 pounds, you should provide them with a dose of 5mg.

As with any supplement or medication, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your dog when they first start taking CBD. Judge for yourself whether their dosage needs to be increased or decreased.

CBD Treats for Dogs

CBD oils for dogs are an excellent way to include CBD in your dog’s diet. Oils are super convenient and discreet; even the fussiest of dogs will not notice a few drops of oil in their food. There are other, slightly more exciting ways for your dog to take CBD, including hemp dog treats.

Hemp dog treats are a great alternative to your dog’s regular tasty treats. It allows you to reward your dog and ensure that they take their daily dose of CBD at the same time. CBD dog treats are designed to look and taste, just like regular treats. The only difference being a small dose of CBD derived from hemp.

What Is CBD Oil for Cats?

CBD oil for cats, just like CBD oil for dogs, is usually derived from hemp plants. Hemp plants contain hundreds of different cannabinoids, all of which are thought to have their own health benefits. Cannabinoids are also able to work together, causing the entourage effect, enhancing the benefits of each other.

Hemp plants have the benefit of being complete THC free. But they still retain all of the same health-enhancing cannabinoids that are found within cannabis plants. By using hemp plants, companies are able to ensure that their products are effective. And, completely safe for cats to use.

CBD oils can be given to cats in the same way that other health supplements are given. When CBD is provided on a regular basis, it is thought to improve your cat’s overall health. It is also believed to treat specific health conditions such as pain and anxiety.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Research into the effects of CBD on cats is still very much an ongoing area of study. And it is not one that is fully understood at this point.

When choosing the right CBD oil for cats, it is essential to pay close attention to the recommended dosage.

While CBD is thought to be safe for cats to consume, a large dose could shock a cat’s system and potentially be dangerous. Cats are much smaller than humans and therefore require a much smaller treatment. Humans also have to adjust their dosage based on their height and weight.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

When giving your cat CBD oil for the first time, it is essential to follow the recommended dosage. It’s also important to monitor your cat’s response to determine whether the dosage needs to be increased or decreased. Unlike dogs, it tends to be much easier to work out the right dosage for your cat. This is because cats are roughly the same height and weight as each other, give or take a few pounds.

The general rule that most brands will recommend is that you should give your cat 0.2mg of CBD for each pound that they weigh. The effects of CBD can take several days before they become apparent. And therefore, it is essential to wait a few days before you alter your cat’s dosage.

CBD Cat Treats

CBD oil for cats is usually available in a range of delicious flavors, making CBD oil something that your cats enjoy and look forward to each day. Most companies use natural flavonoids in order to enhance the taste of their oils, resulting in tasty, fishy options that your cat will love.

Alternatively, you can treat your cat to CBD in the form of tasty treats designed just for felines. CBD cat treats taste just like your cat’s natural treats, with the added benefit of containing a microdose of CBD. Cat CBD treats tend to provide a lower dose of CBD than CBD oils as they are designed to be given to your cat throughout the day as a treat, rather than just once in the morning.

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Pet

CBD oils for pets are thought to act in much the same way that CBD does for humans ensuring that the endocannabinoid system is functioning to its full potential. CBD oils can be used to treat temporary health concerns and also long term conditions that lower your pet’s quality of life.

You can use CBD for cats’ anxiety, as CBD oil can be used to treat anxiety. It should help them to stay calm in situations that would typically cause panic. CBD oils can be used to treat both chronic anxiety and short term anxiety. These are often caused by external factors such as moving house or firework season.

CBD oil for dogs with cancer is also an option. CBD is thought to be an excellent supplement for cats and dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer, helping to boost their immune system.

Taking CBD every day as a supplement can reduce the harmful effects of any treatment they are undergoing. This makes life a little easier for your furry friend. You can also use CBD for cats with cancer, as well.

Just like with humans, CBD oils are a great natural pain reliever for both cats and dogs. Older pets who suffer from arthritis, chronic pain, and inflammation could benefit from some CBD for dogs’ pain.

CBD oil can also be used as a general wellness supplement in the same way that it is for humans. A small dose of CBD each day could help to keep your pet stay fit and healthy for longer.

How to Give CBD Oil to Pets

As CBD becomes increasingly popular for pets, the industry continues to grow. This means there are more CBD pet products than ever.

CBD oils remain the most popular way to give your pet CBD on a daily basis. CBD oils can be mixed in with your pet’s regular food for a discreet and stress-free way application.

Another great way to give you pet CBD is in treat form. Simply swap your pet’s regular treats for CBD treats and make CBD something that they actively enjoy. CBD treats allow you to reward your pet and look after their long term health all at the same time.

CBD can be given to pets in capsule form and is ideal for pets who are already taking daily capsule medication. For older pets who take regular medication, adding a CBD capsule to their daily routine is a super quick way to give your pet CBD without them even noticing.

Pets can also benefit from CBD topicals in just the same way as humans can, providing an effective way to treat external irritations. Pet topicals include creams, shampoos, and sprays. Topicals are the perfect solution when you are worried about how your pet might react to ingesting CBD, but still want to treat skin conditions with CBD.

Failing that, there are always the standard tinctures that you can use instead.

What Else Should You Consider?

Mixing Medications

When deciding whether CBD is right for your pet, it is essential to consider any other medications they might be taking. Like all supplements and medications, CBD can interact with your pet’s medication, causing either adverse effects or counter the effects of medicine altogether.

When taken in high doses, CBD can slow your pet’s metabolism down and alter the way that the liver processes medication. The effects of CBD can affect the way in which your pet is able to process other medications. It is always a good idea to speak to your vet if you are unsure as to whether you should give your pet CBD.

Organic Options

When shopping for CBD supplements for your pets, quality is essential, and many of the factors that make CBD products desirable for humans often apple to pets.

Many brands will advertise their CBD products as being 100% organic and free from pesticides and herbicides. Organic CBD oils are considered to be of a much higher quality and provide a much more natural experience.

Pesticides and other chemicals that are often used in non-organic farming could have long term adverse effects on your pet’s health. That’s why it is important to check whether your pet’s CBD supplements are made from organic, natural ingredients.

Best CBD for Pets

Shopping for CBD supplements for your pets can feel a little overwhelming at first. Knowing which companies offer high-quality, effective products is not always the easiest of tasks.

Let’s take a look at where you can find CBD for cats and CBD for dogs that is guaranteed to be active and safe for your pets to consume.

Honest Paw CBD Oil 125mg for Dogs

Honest Paw CBD oil is made using just two ingredients, full-spectrum hemp, and human-grade MCT oil. This ensures that your pet only consumes the very best. The company believe that you should not give your pet anything that you yourself would not use. This is reflected in the brand’s decision to use human-grade MCT oil.


All of Honest Paw CBD oils are tested by third-party labs. They check that each bottle of oil is 100% organic and free from potentially harmful toxins.
Honest Paw CBD oils are available in three different strengths allowing you to choose the perfect dose for your pet.

Hemp Bombs 300mg Pet CBD Oil

Hemp Bomb 300mg pet CBD oils have been specially designed with pets in mind. They use ingredients that are easy to digest for guaranteed effects. All of the elements that go into Hemp Bomb pet CBD oils are human-grade. They also conform to the same manufacturing guidelines as their human CBD products.

Hemp bombs CBD oils come in a range of delicious flavor options. This includes chicken and beef, making CBD something that your pet enjoys and looks forward to each day.

PureKana Hemp Dog Treats (Large Dog) – Blueberry & Chicken

PureKana’s delicious blueberry and chicken treats for large dogs are an excellent way to reward your dog. Treats are made using 100% natural ingredients, with an ingredient list that reads more like a cookie recipe than a dog treat, including cinnamon and real blueberries.

All of the ingredients used are guaranteed as being non-GMO and completely organic. Pure ana also uses third-party lab testing to check the quality of its dog treats and ensure that it always delivers the very best.

PureKana also offer their tasty dog treats for small and medium-size dogs, containing a slightly lower dose of CBD.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops with 17mg CBD for Dogs

Hemp extract drops are made using full-spectrum derived from hemp plants allowing your pet to benefit from the entourage effect without having to worry about the risk of THC. Charlotte’s web uses natural flavorings and real ingredients to flavor their oils with tasty options such as chicken to choose from.

Charlotte’s web sources all of its hemp from US farms. These farms are known for their high-quality organic plants and environmentally friendly ethos.

Joy Organics’ CBD Tincture for Pets 250 mg

Joy Organics’ CBD oils have been designed to provide a quick and simple way to give your pet CBD on a regular basis. Each bottle comes with a specially designed dropper so that you can easily measure out a precise dosage. Clear instructions help you to work out the perfect dose for your pet.

Joy Organics guarantee that their pet oils are 100% THC free and that they contain phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil for fast and effective results.

Green Roads CBD Drops – Cat 60 mg

CBD drops for cats are made using natural feel-good ingredients, including coconut oil and hemp seed oil. Drops come in original flavor designed to be mixed with your cat’s food and go almost unnoticed.

Green Road uses third-party lab testing to ensure that all of their pet products are free from contamination and that they contain the precise dosage stated on the label. Lab reports are accessible on Green Road’s website so that you can make an informed decision as to which CBD products are right for your cat.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet Tincture for Dogs + Cats 15mg

Lazarus Naturals CBD oils for dogs are made using full-spectrum hemp sourced from US farms that guarantee their crops to be free from harmful chemicals and vegan-friendly. The company’s oils are free from gluten, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Rather than creating a CBD oil just for pets, Lazarus Naturals have taken their popular human CBD oils and changed the ratios to make them safe for dogs to consume. With Lazarus Naturals CBD oils, you can rest assured that you are not giving your dog anything that you would not consume yourself.

CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture – 150 mg – 30ml

CBDistillery pet CBD oils are made using cold-pressed hemp seed oil and have been designed to work perfectly with your pet’s digestive system for effective results. The company use full-spectrum CBD so that your pets can take full advantage of all of the health benefits that hemp plants have to offer.

All ingredients are sourced from organic farms that guarantee their hemp plants to be GMO-free. CBDistillery also uses third-party lab testing to check the quality of their oils before sending them out to customers.

Palmetto Harmony Paws (30ml)

Palmetto Harmony has designed its pet-friendly CBD oils using all-natural healthy ingredients so that your pets are able to benefit from CBD in the same way that you can. These CBD oils have a natural flavor, making them ideal for mixing with your pet’s meals and ensuring that your pet never misses a dose of CBD.



Palmetto Paws oil comes in a convenient bottle with a built-in dropper making it easy to ensure that your pet always takes a precise dose of CBD.

Medterra’s CBD Pet Chews

Medterra CBD pet chews are a quick and simple way to give your pet CBD without any mess or fuss. Chews can either be provided with your pet’s food or on their own as a treat.

Medterra uses non-GMO hemp that has been sourced from US farms and guarantees that their CBD contains zero THC. All of the ingredients used by Medterra have been carefully chosen to work with your pet’s digestive system for fast and effective results that you can trust.

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