When to integrate CBD into your sex life

When to Integrate CBD into Your Sex Life

Cannabis and sex have been a combination going back millennia. It’s no secret that sex while high on Cannabis improves the entire experience, but is it actually the THC that does the work?

It turns out that it could be CBD that’s actually “affecting” you, with the THC-induced high being an added bonus.

However, if you suppose that CBD helps improve your sex life, how should you integrate it to experience the maximum effects? At what point should you incorporate CBD into your sex life? Let’s take a look.

What is CBD from the Cannabis Sativa Plant?

CBD is one of the principle cannabinoids within the Cannabis sativa plant; though lesser known compared to its more “fun-loving” and psychoactive cousin THC, CBD has a variety of useful medicinal properties.

When you imbibe CBD, it interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), a health system that exists within all mammals and works to regulate a variety of different functions depending on which receptors are triggered.

The ECS has two primary receptors, the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are located in different places throughout the body, with the CB1 receptors being primarily located in the brain and the central nervous system, and the CB2 receptors being located in the immune system and other areas.

This allows them to create different reactions from CBD based on their location. For example, the CB1 receptors are primarily responsible for regulating the release of important neurochemicals, as well as promoting healthy neurocellular health and mood elevation.

The CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are responsible for actual cell regrowth and regeneration, as well as healthy bodily functions in general, such as the inflammation response.

CBD shares the ability to trigger the ECS with other cannabinoids like THC, but is usually preferred over THC due to the fact that it doesn’t cause the trademark psychoactive high.

This famous high is due to the way in which THC and other cannabinoids work with the ECS; THC attaches itself to the receptors and constantly stimulates them, causing the psychoactive high and leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

Instead, CBD stimulates the creation of endocannabinoids which can trigger the receptors naturally and gently.

This is especially useful when you consider taking CBD for sex, as you ideally don’t want to become over-stimulated or lose awareness – especially if you’re with a new partner.

However, how can CBD actually help with sex? Could CBD improve sex at all?

How Can CBD Help with Sex?

CBD’s ability to help improve your sex life is only recently being researched, due to the nascent nature of the CBD industry.

Thanks to a few landmark cases, CBD is slowly becoming more recognized but it’s the major conditions that get the majority of the research and the funding – things like heart disease, diabetes and general inflammation are the first things to be looked at.

However, over time, this research will filter down to smaller, seemingly less significant uses for the substance. In the case of sex, there is actually a lot of CBD research already existent, because the way in which CBD can help with sex is actually a composite of all the ways that CBD can positively help you anyway.

Due to the varied way in which CBD interacts with the human body, it can help with a variety of different issues, both improving your sex life and helping deal with issues you find difficult to treat or discuss.

Let’s take a look at a few of the things that CBD can help treat to improve your sex life, and more specifically, when you should start using it.

If you have trouble relaxing…

This is something that primarily affects “first-timers,” but can also be a recurring problem if you’re having your first time with new people – as the first time is easily the scariest, there can always be a little bit of trouble relaxing.

When you don’t relax, your whole body resists your partner and you make the entire experience unpleasant for the both of you. However, it’s not your fault; it’s just how you feel. There’s nothing you can do, right?

Well, CBD is actually well established at helping you relax and calm down, thanks to its reaction with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Several studies, such as this one for the Journal of Neurotherapeutics, found that CBD worked to help relax and soothe your psyche after imbibing.

This was discovered as a side effect to trying to treat anxiety disorders; it turns out that, while CBD is great for treating those with anxiety, it also works well to just relax you in general.

The CB1 receptor is responsible for the release of serotonin and melatonin, as well as numerous other chemicals within the brain that are responsible for making you feel happy and calm. By promoting the release of this important neurochemicals, you can allow yourself to stop worrying and actually just enjoy the moment.

This is especially useful for anyone who just generally feels anxiety about having sex, especially for those who face the prospect of their very first time.

If you struggle with anxiety…

Anxiety is a mental condition that makes it extremely hard to relax. The issue with anxiety is the inability to escape a negative chain of thoughts. You begin to spend so much time fixating on the possible negative outcomes of something that you fail to actually enjoy or appreciate what’s in front of you.

Anxiety comes in many forms, but its general process is pretty much the same; when it comes to sex, it’s the same story as struggling to attend a social outing.

Anxiety and sex don’t mix together very well, so it is unsurprising the number of people who take anti-anxiety medications to try and treat it. Most anti-anxiety medication is focused on the release of positive chemicals in the brain, in a similar way to which CBD helps you.

However, most common medications for anxiety have the problem of being either addictive or having significant side effects. With CBD, however, you can enjoy the effects of removing anxiety, all while not becoming addicted.

In a seminal study published in 2014, researchers found that, after ingesting CBD, patients felt the same effects as if they were taking an anti-anxiety medication. CBD worked to create the exact same target effects, without the unwanted side effects or risk of addiction.

When it comes to sex, CBD may be able to help you both relax and also escape your negative thought patterns.

If you are experiencing pain…

Pain is a very general term, but the types of pain that can be felt during sex are multiple and varied. At first, the mind might assume pain with sex to mean the common pain associated with first having sex. For inexperienced users without the necessary preparation, the first time can sometimes be a painful experience.

However, pain during sex is sadly far more common than you might think. Some people simply have different sized sexual organs that make sexual compatibility a difficult obstacle. Others (only women in this case), suffer from a condition called Vaginismus, wherein muscles involuntarily contract and prevent the actual process of sex.

No one wants to experience pain when getting intimate, so it’s a good thing that CBD is there to help. In a 2017 study conducted for the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Society, researchers delved into why CBD could help to mitigate pain. They explored the how and the why of CBD actually helping disrupt the sensation of pain.

In the study, researchers discovered that when the CB1 receptor was triggered, it sent a signal along the central nervous system, telling the body to stop creating the sensation of pain. Due to how pain works within the body (namely to act as a signal to your conscious mind that you are injured in some way and need to be careful), this pain signal can actually be simply turned off.

By triggering the CB1 receptor, CBD allows you to essentially flip the switch on your feeling of pain. It obviously doesn’t deaden it completely, as that could be dangerous, but it allows you to help reduce the feeling.

Final Thoughts on Integrating CBD into Your Sex Life

Though CBD and sex might not be the first thing you think to combine, CBD can potentially help improve your sex life. Whether you’re suffering from mental blocks like issues with relaxation, actual mental disorders like anxiety or are simply suffering from any number of different types of pain, CBD might be able to help you calm down and enjoy the experience.

After all, the majority of the enjoyment in sex is simply being relaxed and able to get into it – if you can’t get over your own insecurities or are too busy suffering from pain, you can’t enjoy yourself. Thankfully, there exists substances like CBD that can help make the whole thing a lot more pleasant.

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