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CBD Dabs: Are They Worth It?

CBD has ceased to be something niche and confusing in the last decade or so. Instead of appearing to be some secretive, clandestine practice, there are now people using CBD every single day.

However, within every hobby, there is always going to be that one particular method that seems to be confusing.

CBD dabs are the most confusing, slightly off-putting looking method of imbibing CBD; to those that don’t understand it, it almost looks like a scientific experiment rather than a way of imbibing CBD.

CBD dabs may look like an ancient, deviously constructed contraption, but it is an incredibly simple method of imbibing CBD.

You can use a variety of different types of dabs, including CBD wax, CBD crystals, and CBD shatter. Users heat their dabs on something called a water pipe, allowing them to inhale the dab after sufficient cooling.

So what are CBD dabs and CBD wax, and are they worth it?

What Are CBD Dabs?

A CBD dab itself is an incredibly pure concentrate of CBD. It has been carefully tempered and prepared to be almost wholly CBD and nothing else. Whereas most CBD products contain other ingredients, like CBD oil or other terpenes, CBD dabs are completely distilled CBD, making them easily vaporizable.

To use CBD dabs, you place them onto your water pipe and inhale deeply. The trick with a water pipe is to heat it to glowing red hot. You then let it cool a little bit, then place your CBD dab on top.

It is then instantly vaporized and cooled by the water within the pipe, resulting in a pure CBD experience.

The interesting thing about CBD dabs is their sheer variety of different types. While the most common type is undoubtedly CBD wax, there are so many other types available. The main differences between all the different types are the degree to which they are heated and cooled.

For example, CBD shatter wax is created using a rapid cooling method. This gives it a signature texture and appearance, causing it to shatter when broken literally. The different textures and types of CBD dab all provide slightly different flavors, feelings, and effects, allowing you to customize your dab experience truly.

You only need to choose which kind of CBD dab you best prefer and buy them at your local dispensary.

Dabbing CBD has always been considered the best way to get the effects of your CBD as quickly and efficiently as possible. It allows you to feel its effects almost immediately.

But what are the effects of CBD dabs? Is there a risk that they could get you high?

What Are the Effects of CBD Dabs?

Despite what many people fear, CBD dabs will not get you high whatsoever. This is because CBD dabs contain zero THC, which is the primary cannabinoid responsible for cannabis’ psychotropic effects.

CBD dabs have pretty much precisely the same effects as regular CBD. However, trying to consider all the impacts of dabs can be pretty tricky. This is because CBD can affect all manner of different bodily functions.

CBD has an ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system, particularly the CB2 receptor. CBD is thought to facilitate a myriad of intriguing changes in the human body.

For example, CBD is well known for acting as a potent anti-inflammatory. It encourages the body to shut off its inflammation response.

Additionally, CBD is used as an antioxidant, with a myriad of potential uses. Many believe it slows the development of neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease. This is shown in studies like this one by Peres F.F. for the Journal of Frontiers in Pharmacology. However, much more research is needed to determine its impact on our bodies.

The primary reason for CBD dabs’ popularity is due to how easy it is to use. But also how pure it is.

Instead of being filled with all kinds of different terpenes, cannabinoids, and other ingredients, CBD dabs contain 99% CBD and very little else.

If you have ever watched someone use a water pipe and take a dab, it likely looks almost impossibly difficult to master.

However, it is incredibly simple to do. It just takes a little practice and know-how to be able to do it properly.

But how do you take a dab? What are the steps necessary to be able to enjoy a full CBD dab experience?

How Do You Take a Dab?

To start with, you need to take your pipe torch, which is usually a regular blowtorch, and aim the flame right on the nail. The nail is the outcropping piece of metal that your dab will eventually sit on; you want to heat the dab until it begins to glow red hot.

For the best experience, as soon as it turns red hot, shut off the torch and wait about 20 seconds. This will allow the heat to subside a little bit. And it brings it to the correct temperature so that it doesn’t overheat the dab.

Once it is the right temperature, take your dabber and get ready. You need to place the CBD dab right on the nail and begin inhaling very slowly. As soon as the dabber touches the nail, it will instantly vaporize. This gives you the chance to inhale slowly through the pipe, at which point the waiting water will cool the smoke. From there, you just need to keep inhaling until you feel the need to exhale.

Dabbing CBD may seem complicated and otherworldly. Still, it is really is not that difficult from shisha pipes or even a regular water bong.

While giving it a try and enjoying your very first CBD dab, you might begin to wonder about what actually goes into a CBD dab. So, how are CBD concentrates made?

CBD concentrates are the proper name for all of the different kinds of CBD dabs commonly available. All CBD concentrates start off the same way. Hemp goes through a variety of different heating, cooling, and processing efforts, and it is turned into different types of CBD concentrates.

And there are many varieties of CBD concentrates, such as wax, dabs, and crumble. But how are they actually made?

How Are CBD Concentrates Made?

To start with, the CBD needs to be extracted. The most common method is CO2 extraction. This uses superheated carbon dioxide to extract the CBD and any other desired cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

However, there are other methods of extraction, including a myriad of different solvents like ethanol or butane. Still, the CO2 supercritical extraction method is by far the most common and the safest.

Once the CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it needs to go through a secondary process known as winterization. This method is what helps refine the finished product, helping to remove any traces of other terpenes or cannabinoids that the extraction process extracted as well. Most commonly, this occurs using an ethanol solution, sort of like making brandy from wine.

The resulting paste is a raw CBD concentrate that can then be molded into whatever else you want. Using crystallization and gradual cooling, you can create different types.

To make CBD wax, you need to encourage its crystallization and cooling, which gives you its signature waxy texture. For CBD shatter, you need to cool it too fast and allow it to settle after vigorous stirring. With this type, you can actually break it into tiny shards, like glass.

Another popular type of CBD concentrate is CBD live resin, which is derived from frozen buds. This freezing process maintains a variety of other terpenes and cannabinoids, which helps improve its flavor and aroma.

CBD budder is another popular variety, which is made by heating it under vast temperatures and pressure during the extraction process. It is similar to CBD wax, but it is far more supple, feeling very similar to actual butter.

The final typical concentrate is CBD crumble, which is a good deal thicker than CBD wax and contains fewer CBD crystals.

Final Thoughts on CBD Dabs

CBD dabs are a bit of a weird thing in the CBD world – they represent not only ingenuity and innovation, but also a deviation from the norm. Instead of taking a regular CBD oil or a CBD capsule, you instead gain a typically very waxy and somewhat strange looking CBD dab and inhale it from a water pipe.

Even those very entrenched and familiar with the cannabis world find CBD dabs a bit off-putting, which only means that there are a vast number of people out there that are missing out.

CBD dabs are not only extremely easy to use, but they also offer one of the cleanest and best-tasting methods of enjoying some CBD. It does tend to require some specialized equipment, with a water pipe and a handy blow torch for enjoying most CBD dabs.

You can also make some CBD budder and enjoy it on toast for a rustic and strong tasting CBD experience.

CBD dabs are worth it for those that have never tried it, but they can tend to be a bit complicated. If you are looking to experiment with a different CBD imbibing method and want to give this mystical looking contraption a try, then definitely find some CBD dabs near you and give them a try.

CBD Types
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Nancy Bivona

Got to know clearly between a dab, a shatter and sugar. I think your website is doing a lot of good to people like me, who are not new to CBD and weed, but are continuing to take all these without the concepts being clear. Just based on the effect and the efficacy.

Lloyd Clark

CBD Dabs are becoming more and more popular. My college going son introduced me to this, as some of his friends were doing this at college. It is kind of a chain that is spreading fast, but the experience is quite enjoyable I must say.

Carolyn Faulkner

Someone in my family has used Dabs for years. He is young has problems physical as well as bipolar and anger to a danger point. He has gone through weight loss locking himself in his room for a year at a time, and his coloring has turned a gray at times. He has moved from his Sisters home , now lives alone now have gone to a doctor and recieved a card to buy Dabs for
pain in his legs and ulcer caused by poor circulation. How is why does he have to get high to relieve pain with Dabs?