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CBD Failed Drug Test: Know How to Avoid It!

With the rise in CBD use across the country, and indeed the world, there has also been a concurrent rise in another system; drug testing.

There is perhaps nothing more utterly horrifying than the prospect of failing your drug test. Whether you have been forced to take one as a result of your job and your employer’s strange drug testing requirements, or because the police are testing you, there is just something awful about receiving that failed test result.

What makes this even worse is the possibility of failing a drug test through no fault of your own as a result of taking CBD.

So, how do you avoid that unfortunate failure on a test result, especially when you haven’t taken any actual drugs other than CBD? 

So What Is a Drug Test & When Are You Likely to Be Forced to Take One?

The very first thing that likely runs through your mind when the idea of a drug test comes up is of a criminal, being forced to take a drug test to figure out whether or not they are on some kind of serious drug.

In reality, drug tests are actually conducted in all manner of different places across the world; the most common one is in the workplace, as many different companies are hugely concerned with what their employees are doing in their free time.

An important thing to keep in mind is that a drug test isn’t an instant ticket to jail based on whether or not you pass or fail it – instead, it is more about creating a catalogue of what is actually inside your body, as well as what you have put in your body in the last few months or so.

It might seem a bit odd to imagine that your boss or the government should care about what you take in your private time, but unfortunately it is completely legal and allowed. This is the reason why so many different employers seem to conduct drug tests on their employees; it is practically encouraged by the US government!

Unfortunately, the sheer number of different tests that get conducted across the USA means that there are far more opportunities for mistaken drug test results, including false positives.

This is why it is absolutely imperative to properly understand what a drug test actually is. In essence, a drug test is an examination whereby some kind of sample from your body is used to compare against samples containing noted hallmarks of other drugs. What this means is that, if you have traces of a narcotic in your body, the testing company can compare your body sample against another sample that they know has that narcotic within it, allowing them to usually predict that you have recently taken that drug.

However, this becomes a massive problem when it comes to many over-the-counter or even more normal medication, especially prescription medication. Remember, when these drug tests are conducted, they are not made with the existence of other drugs in mind.

This means that, were you to be taking a painkiller frequently that had been prescribed to you by your doctor, the drug test would not be able to differentiate that with another drug test subject that is regularly taking heroin.

The consequences of this are obvious; you could be unjustly fired, incarcerated and shamed by your family and friends, all because of a mistaken drug that you had no control over.

This is especially a problem for those that take CBD, as there is always an element of uncertainty and confusion about whether or not you can safely take and use CBD or other cannabis products when you are at risk of being drug tested.

So, how do you actually go about avoiding a failed drug test when you are using CBD?

CBD & Its Place in Drug Tests

The first thing to consider when trying to avoid failing a drug test is where your drug test is being conducted. Although you might imagine that all drug tests are the same, there is a myriad of different potential types of drug tests administered by all kinds of different laboratories.

While you can rely on the federal government generally using the same testing system, you also cannot trust that your employer uses the same one. This makes each and every single drug test you might ever be forced to take in your life almost completely random in what they are testing.

The thing to keep in mind is that, when you take a drug test, they are comparing your sample against another sample containing THC; this means that they are only really looking for THC in their drug tests as a way to determine whether or not you have smoked weed in the last few months.

The exact amount of time that marijuana stays in your system varies between the different methods of testing – for example, hair tests can reveal marajiuana for up to 90 days after using it. In contrast, urine tests only work for a few weeks.

However, it doesn’t matter if you have been using CBD, as there isn’t any THC within your CBD, right?

The Inherent Problem with CBD & Drug Tests – Trace Amounts of THC

When you imbibe oil, you are taking the extracted cannabidiol from the cannabis plant, as well as, usually, additional terpenes and other chemical compounds found within the same plant. You can get CBD isolate, which contains nothing but pure CBD, but most products and indeed most CBD users prefer to take oil that is made from all manner of different cannabinoids so as to boost its effect through the entourage effect.

This means that, no matter what you originally wanted, your oil likely has at least some small amount of THC within it. Despite all the filtration, balancing, and quality control, there is likely always going to be a very small amount of THC hidden within your CBD oil.

This amount of THC is so utterly inconsequential, so completely miniscule, that it could never possibly get you high. However, different states have different legal limits on what they consider an appropriate amount of THC within all CBD products.

This carries over into the testing world, with different drug tests having different levels of acceptable levels of THC that is considered a pass or a fail.

So, you could take a dozen drug tests with no problems whatsoever while you are enjoying CBD oil, but then suddenly fail it on a new drug test because their threshold for THC is lower. This makes it incredibly important to know what to do so as to avoid suddenly failing a CBD drug test.

So How Do You Avoid a Failed CBD Drug Test?

The best tips to avoid failing your CBD drug test are ones of either abstinence or of clear and open communication.

The first thing to consider is the type of the test you are taking – as mentioned, if it is your hair being tested, then you run the risk of failing if you imbibed your CBD oil in the last 90 days. However, other methods are far less sensitive, with some of them only being able to test your THC content within about 3-7 days.

So, the best way to avoid failing is to be prepared and knowledgeable before hand; if the method of testing only checks for recent cannabinoid usage, simply abstain for a few days or at most a week or two before the test.

If, however, the test is going to cover a longer period, such as a hair test, you might just need to speak to your boss.

If your drug test is being administered by your work, simply speak to them and explain that you use CBD oil to treat a specific condition and you are concerned it might flag up on the test. By being forthright, you might just be able to get through your CBD drug test without failing.

Final Thoughts on Knowing How to Avoid Failing Your Drug Test

The idea of having to justify your CBD usage can feel incredibly insulting and infringing on your personal rights.

However, it is sadly completely legal to carry out these and encouraged by the US government. Even though more and more states are accepting marijuana and all cannabis-related products, the government and many employers throughout the country are still very hesitant to accept any kind of cannabinoid-laden products in their employees.

If you find yourself being tested for drugs at your place of work and you use CBD oil, there is obviously going to be that immediate fear that you are going to be summarily fired.

However, as long as you prepare in advance, you should be able to avoid that awful failure; even if you cannot avoid the result, based on the type of testing they are using, it is best to speak to your boss and try and convince him that you are using CBD oil medicinally.

Though many employers hate all things marijuana, if you can definitively prove that it is for the purpose of treating a legitimate condition (especially if you have some evidence from a doctor!) then you might just be in the clear.

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