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How CBD Helped Me with Anxiety [Personal Story]

It had happened again. I was out with friends in a crowded bar, and while everyone else was chatting and enjoying themselves, I was sat alone in the corner, as far away from the madding crowd as possible. But it wasn’t enough. A wave of fear came over me, and I had to leave… immediately. I approached one friend, made my excuses and left. She knew what was going on and as usual, she, along with the rest of my friends, understood.

That was the story of my life. A complete inability to socialize due to a paralyzing fear was ruining my life, and it seemed as if there was nothing I could do. That is until CBD came along to rescue me and finally allow me to advance in terms of my career and interpersonal relationships.

What is Anxiety Anyway?

Good question because it is a misconstrued set of conditions. That’s right; anxiety comes in many forms including PTSD (it’s not just soldiers you know), OCD, and my demon, social anxiety disorder which is aptly known as SAD. I read that anxiety rates in America alone had doubled in the last 20 years. While some research suggests the number of adults with an anxiety disorder is 40 million, the true figure could be over 100 million which is damn near everybody!

SAD robbed me of so many great experiences. I was too afraid to go out most of the time while my friends partied and made more friends. I was a modern-day version of Emily Dickinson as I stared at the four walls and became a social recluse in my twenties. There were days when I wasn’t far from the stereotypical madwoman who went back and forth on a rocking chair knitting an invisible sweater.

Did You Try Any Forms of Treatment?

Of course! I had a go at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which worked well enough for a time. However, I still had those dark days when I allowed my mind to become a prison. I was prescribed Klonopin, a popular benzodiazepine, and it did help. The problem was, it also sapped the little energy I had and made me look and act like a character in Night of the Living Dead.

While it made me feel a little better, I was now a prisoner of the potentially addictive benzo in what was an obvious case of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire.’

CBD to the Rescue

I don’t use the word ‘rescue’ lightly here because that’s precisely what it is. Although CBD is gaining popularity because products made from it are legal in most states, a lot of people don’t know about it or are misinformed.

CBD is cannabidiol which is a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis. This is very important because it means you get all the medical benefits with none of the ‘high’ (THC is the compound that gets you high by the way). To get around legal restrictions, companies get their CBD from industrial hemp, so it has hardly any THC.

Apparently, it can help a number of conditions ranging from chronic pain to arthritis, but its impact on anxiety is obviously what was relevant to me. Saddle up because there’s a small bit of science coming up!

How Does CBD Work to Help Anxiety?

The 5-HT receptor family receptors, or serotonin receptors, play a huge role in anxiety. They bind to CBD, and when it activates them, the result is a notable anti-depressant effect. Endocannabinoids (ECS) are cannabinoid receptors that impact memory, mood, drug addiction, energy balance and brain reward systems.

They are our body’s endocannabinoid system, and benefits include fighting anxiety, depression and promoting feelings of well being. CBD acts on the ECS system’s signals to enhance the function of the receptor, and the result is, you feel awesome!

CBD & Me

Rather than look at the host of studies that show CBD works great for anxiety, allow me to describe what it did for me. There are loads of different ways to consume CBD ranging from edibles like gummy bears to balms you rub on the skin. I opted for the most common option which is CBD oil.

I gazed at the tiny bottle for a second as I wondered if it was capable of changing the way I felt for the better. I placed a few drops under my tongue and held them there for up to 60 seconds as per the directions. The oil had a mint chocolate taste, but you could also get a hint of coconut oil.

I really didn’t know what to expect but within a few minutes (I chose a strong tincture), I felt unusual. Things felt a little bit foggy, but overall, I believed my mood had been elevated. Nonetheless, I was cautious and continued taking the oil for the rest of the week (I started on Monday).

Friday evening was drinks with the girls, an occasion I routinely miss and hardly ever enjoy when I do appear (I’m lucky my friends are a patient bunch!) This particular Friday, it was different. I was eager to go out and socialize, and when I was at the bar surrounded by people, I didn’t feel my usual urge to hide in the corner.

Indeed, I even chatted with a stranger or two (while still reasonably sober) which is something I never do. Okay, I wasn’t dancing on tables or being the life and soul of the party, but I was a normal human being enjoying a night out; something that was alien to me not so long ago.

I’m not going to lie and say that CBD is some miracle cure because no such thing exists. I still have bad days, but they are far less frequent since I began taking CBD. It is part of a treatment plan that includes therapy, yoga, and meditation and I no longer take other medication. It’s a long road ahead, but with CBD by my side, I feel that I have a chance of traversing it safely and happily.

Customer Reviews Based on 22 reviews

  • Jenna
    I am the new guy

    CBD is a life changer!

  • Pauline Smith
    Great Product

    Anxiety is engulfing more and more people of our generation, and it is like no one is left behind. And CBD has come like a great rescuer for this, I have personally tried it, it acts very fast, and it relieves most of the stress with just a few drops. Great product!

  • Henry Caraway
    Much recommended

    I have used CBD for reducing the withdrawal symptoms, when I quit weed about 3 years ago. I am clean since then, quite CBD also last year, and so for me, nothing reduces stress as this compound does. Much recommended.

  • Louise Grahem

    Hi Jonathan – thank you fo sharing your story, I know ut is hard to do so. I used to have anxiety, then it went away for 5 years However, 2018 saw it come back with a vengeance, and CBD has helped me immensely in recovering and taking back control.

  • Sally Jones
    So wonderful

    It is great to hear positive stories of CBD use – keep it up

  • Kevin
    The Alcohol

    As someone who’s had anxiety my entire adult life (and plenty before then too, but it’s hard to know what was anxiety vs. the general stresses and awkwardness of being a teenager) and who’s tried to focus on reducing it more recently, I have one suggestion. Try cutting out the alcohol entirely, if you think you can do it and still have fun with your friends and such. Try it for a month as an experiment and if you like the results, just keep adding another week.

    I was using alcohol as a ‘medicine’ to aid with social anxiety and general anxiety, but realized it’s a depressant and was actually *causing* as much or more anxiety than it was preventing overall. Since dropping the alcohol I’ve felt less anxious, healthier, have saved money, have had a clearer head, and more.

    Now I’m adding CBD as well as an experiment and am looking forward to seeing the results. Best of luck to you!

  • Martha Williamson
    Thank you for sharing

    Your journey is painfully familiar – thank you for sharing it. I will do some research into the different CBD products, and give this a try. Thanks again for your bravery.

  • Miley Green
    I am worried to try

    I have anxiety very badly, I wont go out on my own, i hardly like to go out with others either now. I havent been to my doctor because i am too anxious of the germs in a waiting room. I am worried to eat most foods and have lost much weight. I am scared to try CBD but worry about not doing it and getting worse….help?

  • Angela
    Spinal issues

    I read the article on spinal cord injuries. I’ve had two neck surgeries, born with spinal stenosis combined with tmj and fibromyalgia and now am disabled. If I could find something to help fibromyalgia (nerve issues) and muscle spasms while giving me some energy yet help me sleep. Right now I take gabapentin to sleep with sleeping pills and have muscle relaxers and use percoset if I do to much (which is more than 3 hours total all day of anything. I know there are 100s of different versions of this stuff and have no way to sift through this. Any suggestions. Thank you.

  • Julie Nichols
    This means so much

    I can relate to this story so much, as someone whose daughter was plagued with increasingly severe anxiety for 4 years before eventually seeking help. It is so important and special to share these personal stories, and I can’t thank you enough for spreading awareness. We as a family have been using Green Roads in the recovery of Sarah’s anxiety and it makes a world of difference.

  • Chester
    try CBD

    I am a veteran having served in the army for 24 years. During my time I have seen some pretty awful scenes, and after leaving back in 2009 I have struggled with my mental health. The thing with anxiety and PTSD and all those other mental health issues is that it creeps up slowly and is hard to recognise in yourself. Eventually after years of suffering I was recommened cannabis, but I am not keen on smoking, so instead tried CBD. I can really realte with your comments about being unsure what to expect, but I have to say that CBD was like a weight off my shoulders that I didnt know I had. It has helped me connect with services that can help, and reach out to loved ones from whom I had shyd away from. I would certainly try CBD for anxiety if you are struggling to cope

  • Emilia
    Thanks for your story

    Thank you Jonathan for your story – this is really hitting home for me as I too struggle with anxiety. I have had social and general anxiety for as long as I can remember and have always been to worried to contact my doctor for help, knowing that medication can be harmful and addictive. I cannot contest for CBD as I have yet to try it, however after reading your story I am going to give it a go. Could you recommend a good brand?

  • Katrin
    CBD capsules helps me

    Travelling with anxiety is by far one of the worst experiences anyone could go through. The none-stop adrenaline is both mentally and physically demanding, and so CBD was an obvious choice for me after reading stories like yours and scientific reports on the matter. I now use CBD capsules on the bad days, and it really helps me get through it with less than half my usual worries.

  • Scott
    CBD oil Helps

    I can relate to this so much. I have been having CBT for 2 years, I stopped in February of this year because it felt to be getting me nowhere. I have only recently started with CBD oil, and so far I love it! When you have friends who don’t understand anxiety, it can be a very lonesome life. CBD has helped me become part of life again.

  • Tim

    In 2014 I began to have anxiety attacks outdoors, particularly in crowded spaces which led me to become really withdrawn. For 5 months during 2015 I didn’t leave the house at all. It was during this time that i took to the web to find out if anyone else felt the way I did, and that is when i came across CBD. I have been using CBD for 2 years now, I still have times where things can become overwhelming but as a rule it is so much better than ever before! I would certainly recommend CBD oil.

  • Angela
    Help with PTSD

    What a great story of honest representation and accurate portrayal of how anxiety can really impact someone, especially a young woman! I have a 3 year old and I am 28, I have been using CBD since my girl was born as I had PTSD from pregnancy, it has helped me cope so much!

  • Bradley
    Let's try

    I have never actually tried CBD before, however after reading this I am going to try it! I have also got SAD and feel that at times it can completely dominate my entire life. I never could afford CBT, so CBD may be the option for me – thank you!

  • Arnold
    Save my life

    When I first started suffering from anxiety, I thought it would pass by itself, and eventually when it didn’t I turned to alcohol. For 2 years I drank every day to try and cope with my feelings, and I lost a lot in this time. I have also tried marijuana however that seemed to make matters worse. CBD has been an absolute life saver for me – I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it.

  • Marcus
    Great story!

    What a great story – I like how it is straight to the point, honest and not making out CBD to be something it isn’t like so many other anecdotes do – great post!

  • Manda

    I am doing research and trying to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil as well as trying to find a reputable company to buy product for my 9 year old son for his anxiety. I appreciate all of your testimonials. What different companies have you tried for CBD oil and are there specific companies that you prefer or would recommend over others? Thanks for your advice.

  • Louisa

    Evening Johnathan
    I’m interested in taking yourCBD oil for pain relief, but I’m on ezetrol Ezetimibe 10mg peroxtine 20mg and clopidogrel 75mg. Is it safe to use with this combo ? Would love to hear your comments Re natural life bio 5mg.

  • Renee Harrison

    Hi. I suffer from insomnia (had a hysterectomy) from anxiety, PTSD and depression. I was car jacked at gun point and hate large crowds and an event happened recently that triggered all the memories again really bad. A patient of mine gave me some CBD oil to try. But I don’t know how much or how often I can take it. A friend recommended a brand (company) from Kansas I think, but there’s so many out there how do I know which to buy? I take Topamax for migraine 100 mg twice a day. Have been for over 10 years. Suffer with this over 20 years. I take Cymbalta 60 mg in the am for migraine and depression. Then I take Clonidine 0.01 mg st night to help with sleep, along with magnesium and a supplement from Amazon calked Rest to help with sleeping. You can see I’m desperate.

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