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CBD-Infused Tea: What Is It and How Does It Fare?

If there is one thing that has remained constant throughout nearly all of human society, it is tea. Whether brewed from herbs and plants or made from real tea leaves, everyone loves a good cuppa.

Another popular product that more and more people are trying and using regularly is CBD, But it is such a shame that we cannot combine the two.

Or could we?

Could you get some CBD infused tea and enjoy your CBD oil and your tea at the same time? How would that taste? Would it be even slightly enjoyable?

What Is CBD Tea?

CBD tea is pretty much what it says in the name. It is a blend of tea leaves and CBD oil.

There is a wide variety of different CBD infused tea options. From chamomile to regular English breakfast tea, but all of them come with a blend of CBD oil.

While many people may be frightened at the concept of including anything made from cannabis plants in their tea, it is really safe.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants that are naturally low in THC. The CBD itself is entirely non-psychoactive or addictive. What’s more, CBD oil also undergoes a whole litany of advanced filtration steps and mechanisms to make sure you are getting only what you intended.

CBD tea bags are generally made from CBD isolate. This means that the CBD has undergone the maximum amount of filtration possible to ensure that it has no other cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, or terpenes included.

The actual tea component is entirely up to what brand you buy. You can get teas for all kinds of moods, emotions, and desired effects. If you want soothing calm with your CBD oil, look for chamomile. But if you want a burst of energy and invigoration, then look for regular English breakfast in your CBD tea bags.

Herbal teas, adequately known as tisanes, use natural herbs and plants to help create a specific sensation or emotion when you drink them. For example, if you are looking to feel more relaxed and fall asleep easier, making a lavender tea will allow you to naturally feel more sleepy.

But what is the reason we want to combine them at all? What is CBD tea good for?

What Is CBD Tea Good for?

CBD is an incredible chemical compound, as it affects a whole host of different bodily functions across the body.

Found within the cannabis plant, CBD has all kinds of beneficial effects on our health. For example, one of the most common uses of CBD is to treat pain or inflammation. Studies, such as this one by Hammell et al. for the European Journal of Pain, have shown that CBD is able to interact with the body’s pain and inflammation response and, in effect, shut it off when it is unwanted.

It has even been used as an effective treatment for many forms of epilepsy. Studies like this one for the Journal of Epilepsy Research by Emilio Perucca, show that CBD is able to work in tandem with Clobazam, a conventional anti-seizure medication, to help drastically reduce the frequency of seizures and other symptoms.

By combining CBD with tea, it becomes incredibly easy to take it, either in the morning or evening. Instead of having to consume CBD oil, you can drink and enjoy your favorite type of CBD tea.

This also has the added benefit of being able to enjoy all the meditative benefits of the tea itself. While most people think of tea as just being an enjoyable hot drink, it has a variety of useful benefits.

This is the same logic for why CBD oil tea works so well. You get to combine the benefits of plants, herbs, and teas with the beneficial effects of CBD.

However, considering CBD tea is nothing more than CBD oil and tea, couldn’t you just make it yourself? Do you need to buy a branded CBD oil tea bag every time you want to dose yourself? 

Can I Put CBD in My Tea?

Considering the popularity of CBD tea, it would seem to make sense to make it yourself. Surely it would be cheaper and easier just to do it yourself? Well, you absolutely can do it yourself – however, be prepared not to get the same effect.

To make your own CDB tea, add a few drops of CBD oil into your favorite type of tea. Whenever you brew it, allowing you to make a quick and easy CBD oil tea.

However, something to note is that CBD oil is not water soluble. This means that water does not act as an active carrier for CBD oil, making it pretty difficult for it to be metabolized by your body.

CBD-infused teas are often designed to counteract this. They either get made with a soluble fat for the CBD oil to attach itself to, or they are made from something called nano CBD. Nano CBD is essentially CBD oil that has undergone cellular changes to break apart the compound into a much smaller cell size.

This helps increase its bioavailability, as well as helping to improve the speed with which your body assimilates it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the CBD teas that you can buy from brands have been designed explicitly with specific effects in mind. It is a bit like Michelin restaurants creating flavor combinations. That is why you put your faith in a chef and trust the waiter staff to treat you properly.

Final Thoughts on CBD Infused Tea

CBD infused tea is not the type of product that you would expect most people to use. After all, conventional wisdom dictates that all cannabis product users are nothing more than hippies and druggies, right? In actuality, there are far more CBD users than you could imagine.

For those just getting started with CBD, or even those looking for a more convenient and seamless method of imbibing, CBD oil tea will likely be perfect for what you need.

By buying your CBD teas from an established brand, you can ensure that you are getting something that works.

Whether you decide to make your own using CBD oil and your favorite tea blend or decide to put your faith in a CBD brand and buy your CBD tea, you will likely find what you like. Just like shopping for regular tea, there are millions of different flavors and desired effects. All it requires is the willingness to experiment and deviate from the norm.

CBD Types
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