CBD Water: Is This Going to Be the Next Big Thing?

CBD Water: Is This Going to Be the Next Big Thing?

With the rise of CBD taking over the world (or at least in America), we have seen an increase in quirky and innovative products hitting the shelves over the past few years. It seems like states are beginning to embrace the wonder that is cannabidiol, and as such, it means companies are rolling out new trends on a monthly basis!

While some CBD products have indeed flopped, CBD water seems to be in it for the long haul, but does it have the potential to be the next big thing? We have taken a look at all you need to know about CBD water, and whether you need to make it part of your daily hydration!

What is CBD Water?

By now we assume that the vast majority of our readers are familiar with CBD, but for those who are just dipping their toe into the CBD water (do you get it?), let’s quickly run through things!

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found within the marijuana plant. Yes, the very same plant that can be the product of a mind-altering high, but don’t worry – CBD has no part in the high, so it makes an excellent treatment for those who don’t want their day-to-day life affected!

Over recent years, we have seen CBD infused-everything! From pizza and butter through to beer and soap, some of these products have managed to stick around, but many have been less than a success, so what about CBD water?

Unsurprisingly, CBD water is merely water infused with CBD; it is as simple as that! While some brands may choose to include other factors, big brand Kind Water also incorporate terpenes in their CBD water (terpenes are part of the marijuana plant that gives it its smell and taste, but they are also responsible for controlling how the cannabinoids function). However, in its basic form, CBD water is precisely what it sounds like!

What are the Benefits of CBD Water?

You may be wondering how CBD water is any different to taking normal CBD, and in a way you would be right in thinking there was very little difference! However, CBD water does offer specific benefits that regular CBD oil does not.

Let us explain: CBD water is not only full of the usual benefits of CBD, but it also interacts with our bodies more effectively, and this is where things can become slightly confusing!

CBD molecules in their standard form are basically too big for our bodies to effectively process, meaning that when we consume CBD through an edible (which is one the most popular methods of consumption, as it is known for tasting pretty bad on its own), we lose up to 90% of the CBD itself.

In the case of CBD water, the CBD compounds are first broken down into what are known as nanoparticles, which are then a hell of a lot easier for our bodies to absorb. This process is known as homogenizing, and it results in an extremely bioavailable product!

When we consume CBD in its bioavailable form, the nanoparticles are better able to cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning that we can benefit much more from the effects of the cannabinoid.

Pretty nifty, right?

Who is CBD Water for?

The main benefit of CBD water for the vast majority of consumers is the apparent increase in absorption, and therefore better results for those suffering from various medical complaints.

However, there are other benefits to taking CBD water that make it an ideal choice for many people. We have seen a pretty obvious direction for many brands that have chosen to target those in the sporting industry. CBD water has shown real potential as a hydration method for athletes, and many brands market their water as both a great way to hydrate on the go while easing sore muscles, stiffness and generally benefitting from CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD water is also great for those who are a little wary of cannabis products! CBD is fairly well-known now, and most people accept that although it comes from the cannabis plant, it will not result in a high. However, for a lot of people, consuming CBD as oil or as an edible is too close to home, especially if they aren’t cannabis supporters.

CBD water is a new way to consider medicating with CBD; it is nothing like other products that are associated with the marijuana industry (unlike CBD edibles, which can often be compared to edibles that contain THC), CBD water is a product in and of itself. It is discreet and has no aftertaste, so really if it weren’t for the labeling, you would never even know you were consuming CBD at all!

Final Thoughts on CBD Water

CBD water is still in its infancy, so it is essential that we don’t get too carried away just yet! However, we have seen dozens of CBD products come and go, so you get a feel for those that are going to make waves in the industry, and for us, CBD water is indeed one to watch!

Discreet, medicinally beneficial, and hydrating! We have seen water infused with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes for years – it is time to make way for CBD!

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