How Do You Take CBD Isolate?

How Do You Take CBD Isolate?

When shopping for CBD products, many people hit a familiar hurdle and end up asking themselves – what is CBD isolate, and how are you supposed to take it?

Well, CBD isolate is sometimes just another type of CBD oil available, made in a different way to regular, full-spectrum CBD oilHowever, CBD isolate is often taken in a few different ways when compared to regular CBD oil. This can prove pretty confusing to those new to the CBD world, leaving them without any clue as to how they’re supposed to get the medicinal benefits of CBD.

Well, worry no longer because in this article, we tell you everything you ever wanted to know about CBD isolate: What it is, how it’s different from other CBD products, and of course, how you take it.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is one of the two methods of imbibing CBD oil, the other being full-spectrum oil. The primary difference between the two is that CBD isolate contains nothing at all in the oil except, well, CBD.

In the case of full-spectrum CBD oil, cannabis and hemp plants are treated using something called supercritical CO2 extraction, which is where carbon dioxide is pressurized to a supercritical state. Once it reaches this state, it has the properties of both a liquid and a gas, allowing it to permeate through the cellulose walls of the hemp plant and carry with it a variety of compounds.

This allows it to take the cannabinoids out of the plant, but it also removes a variety of other plant matter such as terpenes and other cannabinoid compounds. When this is then processed into CBD oil as is, with no further alterations or removals, it is full-spectrum CBD oil (“full-spectrum” because it contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids in the cannabis/hemp plant).

Many people, including cannabis researchers, find that the inclusion of these additional cannabinoids and terpenes aid in the medicinal effect of the CBD oil. However, some still prefer to just take CBD, without any other cannabis compounds. For these people, you have CBD isolate.

CBD isolate undergoes a relatively simple extraction process wherein only the cannabidiol is carried forward into the eventual oil, creating a CBD oil that is entirely, wholly CBD, with no other cannabinoids or terpenes present.  Many people prefer to only take CBD in their CBD oil, choosing to prioritize the CBD content and enjoy the medicinal benefit that way.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that CBD isolate is a bit different to regular full-spectrum CBD oil in terms of the final product; in fact, it’s sometimes taken as a powder, rather than oil. This begs the question, ‘how the heck do I consume a CBD powder?’

How to Take CBD Isolate — Finally EXPLAINED!

If your CBD isolate comes as a regular CBD oil, meaning it is an oil with an attached dropper, allowing you to put it in your mouth or in food, then you can just follow the package instruction and copy what people have been doing ever since CBD oil was first invented over 40 years ago.

However, if your CBD isolate comes as a powder, you can do a few different things with it. What follows are some of the most common methods for how to take CBD isolate, depending upon what type of product it exactly is. 


If you just want to access the CBD in the isolate as quickly and easily as possible, you can simply use your white powder the same as you would with CBD oil – put it under your tongue.

Simply take a small pinch of the powder, usually around 10mg worth, and put it directly under your tongue. It’s usually recommended to do this just before having a meal, so as to best allow the powder to be processed into your body. The powder might feel a bit dry on your tongue, so make sure you wet your mouth around with a glass of water or something similar first, to make sure you don’t get a dry throat.

This method allows the CBD to begin entering your bloodstream quickly through the capillaries in the mouth, but it also allows it to be easily taken into the stomach and begin being digested.  This is the easiest way to consume your CBD isolate, but there are more “interesting” ways as well. And not only are these methods a good deal more interesting and creative, but they’re actually a more efficient way to get the CBD into your system.

As CBD is lipid soluble, it does not enjoy being mixed with water; this is why we often mix CBD with oil, so as to make it easier to digest in the end product. However, this problem goes away if you put it with fats.


It is a well-established principle that there is a significant crossover between CBD or general cannabis users and smoothie drinkers. Whether this is your generic healthy, kale-infused smoothie, or simply a yogurt and cocoa powder infused monstrosity, CBD goes extremely well with either.

Simply mix in the same amount of CBD isolate that you would add if you were administering it orally into your smoothie and blend away. As it is a powder, CBD isolate mixes extremely well with liquids like a smoothie.

Additionally, CBD is a lipophilic, meaning that it actively wants to bond with any fats around it. Mixing it into milk or otherwise a fat-based smoothie like this allows for you to get the absolute best benefit and effectiveness from your CBD isolate possible. Of course, if you’re not a smoothie fan, there are always other ways to enjoy CBD as a liquid.


As strange as it might seem to make a tea from cannabis compounds, CBD isolate is excellent to use as a tea ingredientSimply soak your CBD isolate powder into tea, exactly the same as you would when making cannabis tea. However, you need to make sure you don’t just use hot water and CBD isolate. If you do that, you won’t get tea, you’ll just get water with a harsh, bitter aftertaste.

Mix your CBD isolate with your favorite tea leaves or just a good old fashioned tea bag to get the medicinal effects of CBD isolate, all while enjoying a good cup of tea. Just make sure you add your CBD isolate once the water has cooled down a bit from the normal boiling temperature – the powder can sometimes become scorched if heated too much, too quickly.

There’s actually a lot more you can do with CBD isolate than just make tea with it, however.


As CBD isolate is a white powder without a pretty strong flavor (depending on the brand), it works extremely well as a general cooking ingredient.

Though you won’t get any of that delicious hemp flavor, CBD isolate dissolves very easily into any kind of recipe, allowing you to imbue your food with CBD and medicate yourself while you eat dinner.

To get the best effect from it, make sure to use CBD isolate in a recipe involving fats, like oil, butter. Try to incorporate it at the stage wherein you’re adding the fats, as this ensures that you will get the CBD isolate mixed properly into your food.

While some of these methods could be used with CBD oil as well, this last method is very much unique to powdered CBD isolate.


CBD isolate is a white powder reminiscent of sugar, so why not make it into sugar? Well, you can’t “literally” make it into sugar, but you can mix it with sweeteners and make it essentially just like a sugar substitute. You can either mix it directly with powdered sugar, using it as a sweetener for things like tea or coffee, or take it a step further and make a CBD isolate liquid sweetener.

Simply heat honey in a pan or, if you hate honey, use sugar syrup over a double boiler. Allow it to cool slightly before adding the CBD isolate – this heating process allows the sugar solution, whether honey or sugar syrup, to loosen up and more easily accept the CBD. Use this sugar solution as a spread on food or even just as a sweet snack during the day.

Final Thoughts on How to Use CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is an incredibly versatile way to add CBD into your diet, whether you intend to use it as a medicinal treatment or as a nutritional supplement. Or if you’re just interested in adding only CBD (with none of the other cannabinoids or terpenes usually found in cannabis) to your daily regimen, then CBD isolate is the option you want to look out for when shopping online or browsing retail stores.

Measuring out dosages is extremely easy as well, as CBD isolate is essentially 100% pure CBD, meaning you can weigh it out and receive exactly that much CBD, in contrast to full-spectrum CBD oil where you need to make sure you’ve got your dosages exactly understood so as to ensure you don’t take too little or too much CBD.

All in all, we hope this quick guide on how to take CBD isolate was helpful, and we hope that it can help send you on your way to discovering the helpful, healing benefits of hemp-base CBD extract!

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