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CBD Growth: Here is What’s Going on in the Market

For the majority of the last century, it was almost impossible finding anyone in the USA with CBD knowledge.

Maybe a few illicit marijuana smokers might make mention of it as something to do with weed. Still generally speaking, no-one had any clue that marijuana contained anything other than THC.

However, thanks to recent changes in the marijuana market, as well as massive legislative changes, CBD is now more prevalent than ever. This has caused a myriad of different companies, scientific development, and progress in the marketplace, creating an economic boom of possibilities.

Let’s take a look at the current CBD growth and determine what is going on in the CBD market.

What Started All This CBD Growth?

It might seem pretty strange to think that all of this CBD growth could have occurred so suddenly, especially considering how unknown it was beforehand.

However, the majority of this explosion in CBD popularity is due to one simple thing: the 2018 US Farm Bill. 

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, or just the 2018 Farm Bill, was a bill passed last year that changed up the laws governing a variety of different legislative restraints in the agricultural sector. Most importantly of all, however, were the changes it made to the hemp industry.

The legality of hemp has always been in something of an awkward position, as it is both an illegal plant that is classified as a narcotic, while also being a useful textile crop with thousands of farmers farming it every year.

This 2018 Farm Bill regulated the confusing position that hemp exists in, rescheduling a myriad of different cannabis products, including CBD oil, from the Controlled Substances Act. The Farm Bill was put forward and ratified primarily because of the massive nature of the CBD market – at the time of its proposition, the CBD market was at roughly $2.3 billion, but some estimates expect that the market might grow to as large as $23 billion by the mid-2020s.

This legislative change is the main reason why, all of a sudden, the CBD market has begun exploding in size and popularity. Although CBD oil was not illegal prior to this legislation, it was always in a sort of legal quagmire due to the questionable legality surrounding marijuana as a whole.

You can expect to see a massive quantity of different CBD producers, as well as the number of investors and dollars in the CBD market, grow exponentially in the USA.

However, what kinds of things are going to be developed? What kind of new products are going to appear on the market this coming year?

Latest CBD Developments

It isn’t especially easy to try and predict what kind of new and exciting developments are coming in the CBD market, as if we knew about them already, we would have already patented it and started making money.

However, the majority of new developments in the CBD world this year aren’t necessarily going to be brand new inventions or scientific discoveries. Instead, older companies such as Coca-Cola could be branching out into CBD products.

It is almost impossible to predict exactly what companies are going to be doing, but one of the most likely advancements is CBD nano.

CBD Nano – What is It?

CBD nano is something that is still only being slowly looked into, though there is a myriad of CBD retailers that currently stock it.

CBD nano is, in essence, the method of reducing the total particle size of CBD, so as to encourage better assimilation into the body.

The reason this is so significant is that CBD is a naturally hydrophobic particle, meaning that it does not readily bond to water. By reducing the total particle size, the individual particles have a much easier time assimilating into the body.

Though there are a few retailers that do offer CBD nano, this kind of technology is still relatively nascent, meaning that there is still plenty of manufacturers that might begin using it. For example, soft drink companies like Coca-Cola might use CBD nano to encourage better assimilation in any future CBD soda products they create.

Additionally, CBD nano allows regular oil users to use CBD in water, making for an easier and more enjoyable method of intake, even if you are just putting your CBD in water.

While soft drinks through Coca-Cola are certainly a feasible option, it is also possible that simple water bottle companies might start to begin packaging their water bottles with CBD. Though this might seem strange to imagine nowadays, as the CBD market continues to expand, CBD is only going to continue developing and becoming more socially acceptable.

What other kinds of products are going to enter the public domain?

CBD Topical Products – Expect to See Them Everywhere

CBD topicals are currently the primary way to apply CBD to a specific location, such an area that is experiencing inflammation or any particular part of your body struggling with arthritis.

At present, the only real reason to buy any topical product is to act as a topical treatment. However, the massive range of different CBD topical products has recently started to become even more widely used – not as a medicine, but as a moisturizer.

Since CBD topical manufacturers are continually trying to make their products as attractive and exciting as possible, they have been in a hypothetical topical arms race. They are continually upping the quality of their products by enriching them with jasmine, tea tree oil, and all kinds of different terpenes to make it as fruity and enjoyable an experience as possible.

This has eventually created a huge line of different CBD topical products that are incredibly useful as everyday moisturizers, or just generally as skincare products that you can use as and when.

There are going to be even more kinds of topical products on offer, thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. You can expect to start seeing an impressive number of different CBD topical products being sold in all kinds of high street stores.

The main difference is that, instead of it offering a medicinal treatment option, these topical products are all going to be focused on treating your skin and looking after yourself.

Expect to suddenly find that all of your favorite moisturizer brands begin offering CBD topicals, so look forward to trying them out for yourself.

CBD Nutritional Labeling

Although far less exciting than a brand new range of different CBD products, one of the most significant changes is that companies will begin providing proper nutritional information on their labels.

This might not seem that interesting, as CBD is CBD – what else do you need to know? However, CBD at present is an extremely unregulated, unsupervised industry with no real governmental oversight. This means that, in the present market, it is rather difficult to ascertain the value of any individual product accurately.

Though one product says that it contains X amount of CBD and all kinds of useful and pleasant terpenes, unless it comes with a provided lab report, then it is essentially impossible to know whether or not they are telling the truth.

This is because there isn’t any governmental mandate that requires them to be precisely true in what they sell. With the rise of the new CBD industry, however, this is likely going to change.

As there is going to be a massive range of new CBD products suddenly available on the world market, there is also going to be a larger amount of government interest in generating revenue from taxes as a result of increased CBD sales. Though it might be annoying to think that CBD manufacturers have to conform to government regulations, it is extremely good for the consumer.

By imposing regulations on CBD manufacturers, consumers are going to be able to more comfortably rely on their products being what they say they are.

Customers can look forward to finding a lot more information about your CBD products on their labels, allowing you to predict the effects each product will have on your body.

For those that care about what they put in their body, this can only be a good thing.

Final Thoughts on What’s Going on in the CBD Market

The CBD market is something that is growing at a massive rate, partly due to the 2018 Farm Bill, but also partly due to rising social awareness of the usefulness and non-psychoactive effects of CBD.

As more and more people become aware of CBD as a useful, enjoyable product, the more products are going to be bought and, thus, the more products that will eventually be developed by various manufacturers.

These next coming years are going to be a golden age of exploration and achievement for CBD, so if you have had a great idea you’ve been waiting for the right time to show, now is absolutely the time.

If you just want to try new and interesting CBD products, all you need to do is wait; they’ll start appearing soon.

CBD Laws
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