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Is CBD Oil on Amazon Real? [Hitting You With the FACTS!]

Is CBD Oil on Amazon Real? [Hitting You With the FACTS!]

CBD oil has become one of the most popular therapeutic products available these days. With uses ranging from treating inflammation to helping push back anxiety, CBD oil has quickly become a frequently used medicine all across the world. However, despite its popularity, it is important to remember that its legality is still very much in question. This means that it isn’t as easy as you might think to find CBD oil commercially.

One of the first things people will do when they decide that they want to try CBD oil is to look it up on Amazon – where they will find hundreds of options, so what’s the problem?

And is the CBD oil commonly listed on Amazon actually real?

So, what CBD Oil is currently being sold on Amazon?

The world of online shopping is perhaps one of the most significant additions to modern life, at least when it comes to convenience. Instead of having to go all the way into your nearest supermarket or shopping center, you can just go online and order whatever you need. After all, you can trust online marketplaces, right?

Well, this is generally true – online retailers like Amazon will remove false listings and try and keep things as legally correct as possible, but they are pretty much powerless to the most prominent marketing trick around – intentional mislabeling.

Go on Amazon and search for “CBD oil.” Alongside a myriad of sponsored listings, all with convenient promotions available, you will find absolutely hundreds of different listings – all of them claiming to be CBD oil. They will have hemp leaves in the background, or claim to have “2500 mg of Pure Hemp Oil”, or feature the word “cannabis” proudly on the label. They certainly look good, so they must be useful – at least, that’s what the marketers want you to think.

In actuality, most of the products you are looking at on Amazon isn’t CBD oil at all; it is hemp oil. Though they might sound the same, they are incredibly different products with entirely different uses, so the intentional mislabeling of these products on Amazon is nothing more than a simple trick. It is all an effort to try and get you to buy something you don’t understand because they are intentionally subjecting you to erroneous information.

So what is the actual difference between CBD oil and hemp oil, and why does it matter?

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil & Hemp Oil?

To be able to understand the distinction between CBD oil and hemp oil correctly, it is essential to know what each of them is.

CBD oil is made using the cannabinoid known as cannabidiol or CBD, which is extracted from the cannabis plant. This can be from cannabis plants that are also used to create THC-rich marijuana, or they can be from industrial hemp with little to no THC whatsoever.

The CBD is extracted from the leaves, stems, and buds of the cannabis plant, using a process known as supercritical CO2 extraction. This is done by subjecting the cannabis plants to a superheated solution of carbon dioxide, which allows the gas to enter into a supercritical state. Which means it has both the properties of a gas and of a liquid. When in this state, it is able to essentially sneak through the plant’s cell walls and pick up certain compounds along the way, such as cannabinoids.

These extracted cannabinoids are then carried away and suspended within inert oils, both for stabilization and preservation, and also to make it taste better – if you ever get the chance to taste pure extracted CBD, you will likely regret it. This CBD oil is then taken orally, or mixed into edible foods and ingested. Once it enters your body, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is a health system that is responsible for a vast number of different bodily functions.

Once there, it works with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, encouraging the body to help heal itself, whether through increased rates of cellular regeneration or through the release of helpful neurochemicals in the brain. CBD is thus used to treat all kinds of different conditions, despite its current, somewhat questionable legality.

Although the federal government recently legalized a specific ratio of cannabis for use with treating epilepsy, CBD oil is still technically not a legal medication. This is why what you see for sale on Amazon isn’t actually CBD oil, but is instead hemp oil. So, what is hemp oil?

Now We Know what CBD is…What is Hemp Oil?

Though it might sound like it is the same thing, the products being sold on Amazon are hemp oil, better known as hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is extracted oil made from the seeds of the hemp plant, in much the same way as olive oil is made from the pits of olives.

Within the seeds of the hemp plant is a huge variety of different substances and nutrients; the plant keeps them there for when the seed would be planted in the ground – the growing plant would essentially use the oils and nutrients stored in the seed as its first food source and help it grow into a healthy plant.

However, this nutritional oil is also usable by us when extracted. This is why we have hemp seed oil, it is a fantastic dietary supplement, as well as generally being a healthy food additive to add to your diet. The oils of the hemp seed are a complete protein, which means that they contain all seven vital amino acids that humankind needs to survive.

This means that hemp oil is fundamentally different from CBD oil. While it is true they are from the same plant, they are also from drastically different parts of the plant and contain radically different substances. Think of the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil as being the same thing as the difference between nightshade poison and potatoes: they both come from the potato plant, but one is harvested from the plant’s root structure, and the other is harvested from the flower.

If Amazon hemp oil isn’t at all similar to CBD oil, then why is it being sold at all? Is there any actual medicinal benefit to hemp oil?

If CBD Oil on Amazon Isn’t Real…Why Do They Sell “Hemp” Oil?

As mentioned earlier, Amazon hemp oil products are hugely nutritional when taken as a food additive. If added to your food or used as a supplement, like with cod liver oil, you can enjoy a more varied and balanced diet, which is something that is essential to good health. However, one of the most common uses of hemp seed oil is to use it as actual cooking oil.

Though it doesn’t have anywhere near the smoke points of other cooking oils like vegetable or peanut oil, hemp seed oil does have the benefit of being rich in both nutrients and flavor. Many people use it as finishing oil, similar in use to extra virgin olive oil, as a final dressing over already cooked food, or just to lightly toast some ingredients such as garlic.

However, considering the prices of the hemp seed oils that you can find on Amazon, there is no way you could use them as a cooking oil – well, you could if you really wanted to, but you would be bankrupt before long. The prices of the hemp seed oil you find on Amazon are frequently priced far too high to use them as anything other than individual drops for a nutritional supplement. However, there are some few that are sold by the pint, making them at least a little bit more economically efficient.

Ultimately, the only real use of hemp seed oil is as a nutritional supplement, both for its incredibly high amino acid and omega acid content. But also for its massive quantity of essential vitamins like potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Final Thoughts on…Is CBD Oil on Amazon Real?

When you are looking for CBD oil on Amazon, it is incredibly easy to fall into the trap that marketers have laid out for you and believe that the products being sold there are actually CBD oil.

Instead, they intentionally mislabel hemp seed oil and hope to sell it to you as CBD oil. While this is pretty unscrupulous behavior, it isn’t actually illegal, mostly because they are very smart. If you pay attention to their product listings, especially in the item descriptions, they will never actually state that it contains CBD, or refer to it in any way as a medicine.

This is to avoid the FDA cracking down on them and issuing them huge fines. Instead, they will use words like “100% Real” and “Beneficial!” and other vague terms like that. These words might seem like they imply a medicinal benefit, but hemp seed oil has essentially no therapeutic benefit unless you count nutrition.

While this might seem rather depressing, you can still buy CBD oil from select retailers online, though this will vary depending on the state that you live in. Additionally, you can still buy the Amazon hemp seed oil and use it for nutritional purposes; just don’t think that you are going to enjoy the medicinal effects of CBD oil when using it.

Though the world of online marketing has become more nefarious and confusing than ever, it is essential to know whether or not what you are buying is actually what you think it is. In the case of Amazon hemp oil…it sadly is not. But at least now you know!

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  • Stanley Marshall
    A very happy customer

    Read above. Cool! Is there any chance that the reputation of amazon is contested? Not in my version. I am a fan of amazon.com, order many products from it each month, and the cbd oil is one of it. I would say that amazon.com is one of the best e-commerce stores around, and I am a very happy customer.

  • Nicole Taylor
    Good it is

    I think it is. But I have never tried any other CBD, so cannot give an exact comparison. I am satisfied and would continue to buy more from amazon though.

  • Lois Nelson
    Buy directly

    I like to buy CBD from authentic websites where they also offer money back guarantee. I am not saying amazon is not genuine, but I feel these websites are much better when we are to order something specific.

  • Sam wallace
    Cbd oil


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