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CBD Oil for Increased Appetite

There are a few things in life that are considered to be basic givens, no matter what. You need to eat, you need to drink, and you need to sleep. However, no matter how completely simple these needs may seem, there are still some people that struggle with them.

But this is not because of something that is their fault. Some people do not make a conscious choice to not eat, drink, or sleep properly. Instead, it is part of a medical problem that often requires immediate attention.

Suffering from chronically low appetite, whether as a result of an eating disorder or any other medical condition, can be severely debilitating. While there are a whole host of different options for treating an eating disorder, so many of them seem to fall short of what is needed.

Some people struggle with adequate appetite after chemotherapy, and no matter how many drugs they take, they cannot recover their full appetite. Others suffer from mental illnesses that make it challenging to intake food, and to enjoy the act of eating.

So what else can we do?

Some people have begun using CBD oil for increased appetite. The idea of using CBD oil to increase appetite isn’t something that most people would immediately consider. It’s a common perseption that marijuana gives you the munchies, sure, but does CBD have the same effect?

Let’s take a look at whether or not you could be using CBD to increase your appetite.

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

The first thing to consider about using CBD oil for trying to increase your appetite is finding out whether or not CBD actually makes you hungry. The very concept of getting hungry is intrinsic to all animals and life itself, yet it is not such a simple process.

Our bodies crave food to try and provide fuel for ourselves; this hunger is the driving force behind all evolution, and without food, we would simply be unable to continue living.

However, there are plenty of people who need a greater appetite to maintain a healthy weight and diet. Some people struggle with appetite due to a previous mental health issue, whereas others suffer from a different condition that induces a reduced appetite. For example, many illnesses related to food poisoning or gastronomical distress result in a reduction of appetite, entirely out of the control of the sufferer.

So, if you wanted to use CBD as an appetite stimulant, what would it actually do?

Most people think of cannabis as being a hunger-causing substance, considering the munchies are pretty much expected whenever you smoke weed. However, the same does not entirely hold true for CBD. CBD munchies don’t exist, which means that CBD does not actually make you hungry.

The reason for this discrepancy between CBD and THC is due to the precise interactions the two cannabinoids have on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This internal system that runs across the entire body is responsible for all manner of different bodily functions. The primary receptors in the ECS, CB1 and CB2, are triggered differently by the two different cannabinoids.

CBD works mostly with the CB2 receptor, while THC interacts primarily within the CB1 receptor. It is the overstimulation of the CB1 receptor that induces the infamous munchies, so that is why it is only THC that causes profound hunger.

So what about weight gain? One of the main reasons to try and use CBD as an appetite booster or treat it in other ways is to try and increase your weight.

Could CBD help you gain weight?

Can CBD Lead to Weight Gain?

Unfortunately, in precisely the same way that CBD does not make you hungry, CBD will not make you gain weight either. However, this does not mean that CBD oil is useless for weight gain.

While there are plenty of reasons for people to suffer from a reduced appetite as a result of medical conditions, the primary reason for a reduced appetite is psychological disorders. Whether this is due to anxiety or other varying psychological problems, sometimes people find eating an adequate amount very challenging.

CBD could help with this, as it has been shown to be an effective treatment for anxiety and all manner of mental illnesses. Various studies, such as this pivotal one by Blessing et al. for the Journal of Neurotherapeutics, have shown that CBD oil could be an effective treatment for anxiety.

So, for those that suffer from mental disorders like anxiety, especially those who find it interferes with their appetite, CBD could undoubtedly be an excellent treatment option.

Another way that CBD could help you gain weight is through its effects in fighting against nausea. Nausea, as a result of various illnesses or treatments, such as chemotherapy, is an incredibly common reason for suffering a loss of appetite. When you feel so nauseous that you could not possibly keep food down, it is hard to convince yourself to eat.

CBD can be used to help combat nausea, as it works in a similar way to how it treats anxiety. Through interacting with the CB1 receptor, you can diminish your nausea by taking regular doses of CBD oil.

In this way, CBD oil can aid with weight gain indirectly, encouraging you to eat more by getting rid of the things that get in the way of a healthy appetite.

Although it is important to note that there is a severe lack of studies to show the specific relationship between nausea, appetite, and CBD. That’s why it’s essential to monitor how your body responds to consuming CBD and make the right choice for yourself.

What about your actual metabolism, though? When trying to gain weight and recover from low appetite, you need to consider the effect that various substances have on your metabolism. So, how does CBD oil affect your metabolism?

CBD and the Effect on Metabolism

While CBD does seem to be pretty beneficial for treating appetite loss when it is a result of nausea or mental disorders, there is bad news when it comes to your metabolism. It would appear, according to a few studies, that CBD is actually an appetite suppressant, at least when it comes to your metabolism.

CBD has a mild tendency to reduce the amount you want to eat, even if it is only a slight amount, while also increasing your metabolism. When your metabolism gets increased, you are more likely to lose weight as part of your healthy life, as your body becomes more efficient at breaking down foods and utilizing its energy better.

So, while the direct use of CBD as an appetite stimulant might not be completely effective due to these metabolic increases, it is still a useful way to treat low appetite. As long as your appetite loss is due to an external or mental issue, you should be fine using CBD oil.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil for Increased Appetite

The concept of using CBD oil for increased appetite is easily the least likely thing that people would consider when it comes to trying to improve their appetite.

CBD oil has many uses, but the idea of trying to use it to manage weight would not be top of the list. However, it turns out that you can indeed use CBD oil to affect your appetite and even your weight gain, but only through indirect ways.

While CBD oil does, in fact, increase your metabolism and act as a mild appetite suppressant, it is also an effective treatment for various psychological disorders, as well as nausea. If you suffer from a mental issue, or nausea as a result of other medical ailments, then CBD might just be the thing you need to use to help make eating easier.

However, if you intend to increase your appetite more generally, CBD oil might not work super well. Perhaps consider THC, the other primary cannabinoid in cannabis, for some of the munchies.

Regardless, make sure you consult with your doctor before trying to induce any significant weight alterations. While it might seem a simple thing to reduce or increase your appetite, it can have vast reaching implications. In fact, most drugs that are intended to help improve your appetite tend to have all kinds of unpleasant, unintended effects as well.

At least with CBD, you know you won’t really suffer many side effects.

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Nathan Schlaak

Thanks for your dedication to the research on CBD oil for appetite enhancement. My dad is 94 years old and has been loosing 10 lbs a month for the last 7 months. He was overweight to begin with but suddenly lost his desire to eat due to feeling full and bloated. His GP is now as concerned as I am now that he is below a satisfactory weight for his height and age. His lower extremities have lost so much muscle mass that he has to use a walker and cannot walk 700 feet without having to sit and recover… Read more »