CBD Pet Shampoo: Is it Worth the Money?

CBD Pet Shampoo: Is it Worth the Money?

CBD is such a prolific medication these days that it almost seems like every single type of product has a CBD variety. Whether it is because of the hemp taste that people seem to enjoy, or just as a way of self-medicating themselves with CBD without having to take CBD oil, is not really clear. But the fact remains that people are using CBD substances more than ever and these can be found in the strangest of products.

One of the many different types of products that have recently begun being associated with CBD is pet products, specifically pet shampoo. Hang on though…pet products? Shampoo? Surely CBD doesn’t have any kind of effect on pets!

Let’s take a look at the surprisingly large market of CBD pet shampoo to find out whether or not it is worth the money.

What is CBD Pet Shampoo?

CBD pet shampoo is pretty much what it advertises itself as – pet shampoo that contains CBD oil or most usually coconut oil that has been enriched with cannabidiol. It is probably somewhat difficult to imagine exactly what a CBD pet shampoo would be like, but thankfully there are many examples out there that make it easier. One such example is the ZenPup Dry Shampoo, which is designed to clear up a dog’s fur without having to actually wash it under a shower and suffer the odor of wet dog.

The product is essentially foam that is cut with CBD oil, with the intention to help relax your dog by calming its anxieties. While at the same time merely making it easier to keep your dog clean.

Putting CBD inside your pet’s shampoo is actually an excellent way to get your animal to imbibe CBD oil as a medicinal treatment, as it can be difficult to get pets to understand the importance of taking their medicine. If you have ever had to try and convince your dog to take their pills without them spitting it right back out, then you will understand.

But wait, CBD and pets? How does CBD help treat animals; isn’t it only for humans?

Will CBD Pet Shampoo Actually Help Pets?

As strange as it might seem, CBD could be as useful for pets as it is for humans. Well, at least mammalian pets – this is because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is what CBD is able to interact with to produce its therapeutic effects.

Once any mammal imbibes CBD, it interacts with the ECS and triggers the CB1 and CB2 receptors, encouraging both the natural release of helpful neurochemicals and an increase of cellular regeneration. CBD is able to impact a vast number of different bodily functions and help treat a variety of different ailments due to the fact that the ECS exists throughout the entire body.

This is the same for cats and dogs as it is for humans; in fact, the things that CBD is able to help treat is the same for pets as well. The only real change in effectiveness between animals and humans with regard to cannabinoids is the fact that, due to their much-reduced weight, they require far less CBD to be effective. It’s the same reason why many pain medications that are meant for dogs are just reduced dosages of regular, human-version painkillers.

So what kind of things can CBD help animals with?

CBD Pet Shampoo…Could It Help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is usually something that people think only humans suffer from; the concept of an existential, irrational fear and panic seems like a distinctly human quality. However, it turns out that animals can suffer from anxiety in much the same way humans can.

A big part of this misconception is the fact that most people who own pets like dogs and cats will typically buy theirs as a puppy or kitten; if you have ever had the opportunity to look after a previously abused, re-homed animal, then it would immediately become clear to you what an animal with anxiety looks like.

According to a variety of different studies into anxiety, including this one by Schmidt et al. for the Journal of Behavioral Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, anxiety is nothing more than the unnecessary triggering of the fight or flight response, something that all animals need to have in order to survive.  

When an animal has been abused or has otherwise suffered from events that cause them to suffer anxiety, then how they act around people is forever changed. Picture a dog being taken to the vet, its tail quivering and the dog barking far more than usual; imagine that an anxious dog merely is like that all the time.

CBD is able to help treat anxiety in both humans and animals, as discussed in the study by Blessing et al. for the Journal of Neurotherapeutics. By encouraging relaxation and a general calming down of the fight or flight response, CBD is able to help reduce feelings of anxiety in all manner of mammals, including cats and dogs.

The only problem is that it requires an exceptionally high dose in order to be absolutely useful, but that’s not a problem monetarily speaking, as dogs and cats need a much smaller dose to begin with due to their weight.

CBD Pet Shampoo & Epilepsy

Another condition that many people think of as only affecting humans is epilepsy. This ailment is actually a broad condition that can be caused by a considerable number of other and more specific conditions, with the critical similarity being that they all cause seizures. When a human has seizures, it can be prepared for by taking anti-seizure medication and just generally making sure that they are not in a position where they could injure themselves by falling. However, when it happens to a dog, it can be an entirely different story.

The problem is that pets are generally not aware of why they are having seizures, so are unable to care for themselves. Leaving both them and their owners in a panic, wondering what they can do about poor Fido and his constant seizures. Thanks to the efforts of the Stanley Brothers and their breeding of a high-CBD marijuana strain to help treat the famous epilepsy sufferer Charlotte Figi, we now understand how surprisingly helpful CBD can be at helping reduce seizures.

A study by Emilio Perucca found that, by mixing CBD with the standard anti-seizure medication Clobazam, seizures could be massively reduced at a rate never before seen. This applies to pets as well as humans, being that animal epilepsy can be successfully dealt with by regularly using CBD.

CBD Pet Shampoo for Pain & Inflammation

As most people will know, pain is the worst. Though it might be an extremely natural thing, a way for our bodies to tell us that something is wrong, it is absolutely awful to suffer from pain no matter what the circumstance. Especially if it is a pain that never, ever leaves.

As humans, we are able to treat ourselves through self-medication, so as to help combat the constant pain that many conditions cause, like arthritis. Inflammation-causing diseases such as arthritis are frequently associated with long-lasting pain. However, these kinds of pain are not just limited to humans – animals get arthritis just as much as humans.

Unfortunately, a dog doesn’t understand how to treat himself to get rid of the pain – instead, he is forced to suffer quietly, which could lead to a rapid decline in their health.

One way to combat this is by using CBD, thanks to its ability to both tackle pain and help treat inflammation. The primary receptor that CBD interacts with is the CB2 receptor, the part of the ECS that is responsible for the inflammation reaction in the body. By imbibing CBD, we can effectively shut off the inflammation response of the body, allowing us to both treat the symptom and also mitigate the cause.

This is just as effective with pets as it is with humans, and it works doubly well when applied locally to the injured area. This makes using CBD pet shampoo one of the best options for treating issues arising from inflammation. As you can focus on the a particularly painful area and thus help alleviate their pain.

Is CBD Pet Shampoo Worth the Money?

The question of whether or not it is worth the money is a tricky one, as the individual value you place on your pet’s life and happiness is a very subjective thing.

For some pets, CBD might only help them relax when dealing with a stressful situation, such as with going to the vets, or even just bath time. However, other pets can be treated with CBD products to help combat epilepsy, as well as more severe and chronic anxiety.

The real question is whether or not you think it is worth it for your pet – unless they are struggling with severe epilepsy or other conditions that cause them a tremendous amount of pain, it is likely that they will survive just fine without CBD, as billions of other pets do around the world. However, if you are genuinely concerned with your pet’s wellbeing, both its physical health and its mental happiness, then you might consider trying some CBD pet shampoo for yourself and finding out whether it could be just what your pet needs.

It is impossible for anyone else to tell you what is right for your pet – only you know what is best for them.

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