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Best CBD Vape Pens: The Top Contenders

Vaping and CBD have evolved together in the public consciousness. And they have grown gradually more and more acceptable in the last decade at roughly the same pace. CBD capsules and CBD oils will always remain a popular method of imbibing CBD. But it is CBD vape pens that are swiftly becoming the trendy method.

You can enjoy a fresh burst of CBD but also a whole host of varying flavors at the same time. This makes CBD vape pens one of the most enjoyable methods of getting CBD into your system.

But how are you supposed to be able to pick from all the different CBD vape pens on offer? How do you know which ones are going to be right for you?

Here’s a list of some of the very best CBD vape pens available at the moment. But first, let’s examine what CBD vape pens are.

What Are CBD Vape Pens?

CBD oil vape pens are, as the name might imply, pen-shaped devices that carry CBD. Using vaporization rather than combustion, these CBD pens allow users to imbibe all the CBD they want, with all kinds of different and exciting flavor combinations alongside.

The benefit of avoiding combustion is that you don’t have to deal with the health consequences associated with conventional smoking. Vaporization is a far smoother experience. It gives you all the benefits of whatever cannabinoid you are imbibing, without that unpleasant burning sensation.

Generally speaking, vapes can be broken down into two distinct categories: refillable cartridges and disposable cartridges. They each have their advantages, with certain people preferring one over the other.

So, what are the differences between the two? Which should you choose?

What Is a Refillable CBD Vape Pen?

A refillable CBD vape pen is any kind of vape pen that can be refilled with new CBD vape juice. It is usually composed of a tank to store the vape juice, along with a convenient rechargeable battery.

The primary benefit of these vape pens is that you get to keep them after finishing the cartridge them. You can vape to your heart’s content, finish off the vape juice inside it, and then fill it up again once you are done.

You choose to refill it with whatever vape juice it came with. But you can also select a different type of vape juice with a completely different flavor.

Refillable CBD vape pens offer the most choice for the consumer. However, they also tend to be the most expensive option. That is only in the short term. If you are vaping over the long run, then it can work out cheaper. It is far more cost-effective to pay for a refillable vape pen, then only buy vape juice to refill it.

Pros and Cons of Refillable Vape Pens


  • More cost-effective in the long term, due to refilling them with vape juice once you are done.
  • Far more choice is available for consumers in terms of choosing their vape juice.
  • Stylish and attractive design.


  • While they might be more cost-effective, they aren’t great for those looking to give vaping a try. They cost a lot more for the first purchase, making them very off-putting to try for the first time.
  • They require making more choices, as well as an increased amount of maintenance.
  • Usually a little bit bigger, so less discrete.

What Is a Disposable CBD Vape Pen?

Disposable CBD vape pens are, very obviously, a disposable version. This allows you to simply throw your vape pen away after you are done with it.

They are typically composed of a pure battery, an atomizer for vaporization, and come pre-loaded with vape juice. They are thus usually a lot smaller in size, as their preloaded vape juice takes up less room than providing a refillable vape juice storage.

You can typically expect only a few hundred puffs of CBD vape before needing to throw it away. The main benefit of this type of vaping is that you can easily buy it from your chosen store at a reduced price, use it, and then throw it away.

You don’t need to invest in a full vape set up with a battery and atomizer. Instead, you can just buy it at the counter and use it until it runs out.

They also don’t have any complicated buttons to use. This allows you to breathe in and use it as you like.

Pros and Cons of Disposable CBD Vape Pens


  • Far more affordable than buying a whole CBD vape pen setup.
  • Almost no maintenance required; you can just use it and throw it away.
  • Often more lightweight and easy to use.


  • Less cost-effective than actually getting a proper CBD vape pen setup.
  • No real customization options, you can only breathe it in and nothing else.

How Do CBD Vape Pens Work?

CBD vape pens are one of those really complicated contraptions because they look incredibly confusing and complicated. However, they are actually straightforward to understand once you examine them.

The base process of how vaporizers work is through the heating of an electric coil. The coil heats up the hemp but separated from direct heat so that it doesn’t burn directly. After being heated, the plants turn into an exceptional vapor, which is then easily inhaled.

The whole mechanism is powered using an electric battery; if it is a refillable, reusable vape pen, then you can quickly charge them up. However, if it is a disposable vape, then you usually can’t recharge them.

During the heating of the electric coil, the hemp within the vaporizer is heated and decarboxylated. This allows the myriad cannabinoids within the plant matter to change form. This is what turns the cannabinoids into their inhalable, useable forms, rather than CBD-A and THC-A.

Best CBD Vape Pens

Finding the very best CBD vape pens can be a difficult challenge. This is because there are simply so many different options available. Every single CBD brand seems to want to sell the best CBD vape pen. But there are surprisingly few brands that are actually trustworthy and reliable.

Here are a few of the very best CBD vape pen brands that you can rely on to give you the best vaping experience possible.

CBD Infusionz CBD Disposable Vape Pen

This full-spectrum CBD vape pen from CBD Infusionz celebrates a diverse range of cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN, and CBV.

Designed as a disposable, easy-to-use vape pen, CBD Infusionz utilizes CBD oil and simple ingredients. This allows you to choose from such flavors as Harlequin, OG Kush, Power Cherry, and Tangie.

Their range of vape pens may not be the most affordable products on our list, but they certainly contain more CBD than most. Customers can choose between a potency of 200mg and 500mg.

PureKana Blue Raz CBD Vape Pen

With a tantalizing blue raspberry flavor, this CBD vape pen will take you back to being a child with its distinctly youthful taste and its elegant simplicity. It’s made using MCT CBD oil, essential oils, and nothing else. The 200mg pure CBD vape pen is not only incredibly stylish, but it is also super tasty.


Made entirely from American hemp, PureKana is an incredibly reliable brand, so you know that this CBD vape pen will be as well. PureKana sells their vape pens to try and cultivate a specific mood or feeling. This one in particular is designed to induce “Calm”. After first imbibing the smoke of this small vape pen, your muscles will almost physically sink into perpetual calm and relaxation.

Provacan CBD VapePod

Provacan’s VapePod uses haptic control to offer an easy and optimized vaping experience. You can forget the frustration of over-heating and low oil saturation as the CCELL atomizer and ceramic porous core work in perfect harmony.

The design of the pen itself is incredibly sleek, making it easy to slip into a pocket or bag. And, you shouldn’t have any anxiety about taking it out and about, as the battery is long-life.

While the pen is already pre-filled with CBD, Provacan sells two terpene oils, which can be used in collaboration. So, even if you are using a CBD vape for the first time, you can refill with the company’s high-quality oil.

Social CBD Relax Lavender CBD Vape Pen

Ready to use straight after taking it out of the box, these Social CBD vapes are designed for disposable use. With a clean turquoise design and a clear ingredient list, these vape pens are perfect for those that don’t want to deal with fiddly bits or cleaning maintenance. Simply pop it out of the box and enjoy your new vape!

The unique lavender flavor is both earthy and sweet, making for an interesting experience that is all-natural. However, if you are looking for more conventional flavors, you can find them. Social CBD infuses their vape oil with flavors such as cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, spearmint, and grapefruit. So, you can find a flavor to suit any mood.

These affordable pens can be bought in two potencies 125mg and 250mg. While this certainly isn’t the strongest on our list, the ceramic core technology should make it one of the smoothest vapes.

KoiCBD Koi Stik by Boulder

If CBD vape pens were only evaluated based on style points, then you would be hard-pressed to find a better option that KoiCBD’s Koi Stik vape pens. Containing either 500mg or 1000mg, these vape pens are easily charged using a USB charging port.


If CBD vape pens were only evaluated based on style points, then you would be hard-pressed to find a better option that KoiCBD’s Koi Stik vape pens. Containing either 500mg or 1000mg, these vape pens are easily charged using a USB charging port.

The CBD vape pen is both reusable and refillable. This allows you to choose from one of their six different flavorings, or even just make your own choice and fill it with your own vape juice.

Looking just like a slightly elongated memory stick, this vape pen is the ultimate tool for CBD vaping discretion.

Palmetto Harmony Aura Pre-filled Vape Pen

Palmetto Harmony offers a pleasing compromise between disposable and refillable vape pens with their Aura vaporizers.


Shipped with two pre-filled 1ml cartridges, these CBD vape pens are designed only to be used with their own proprietary vape oil, though you can still refuel it whenever you want. This allows you the joy of being able to use your new vape pen again and again. But only from a limited range of vape oils.

While not as stylish as other brands, it is extremely small and convenient. And it seems to work without much bother.

Ignite CBD Mango Disposable Vape Pen – Calm

Each disposable pod of Ignite’s CBD mango vape pens is designed to calm and soothe you. They offer both intense mango flavor and plenty of CBD.


With 150mg per tiny little vape cartridge, these little vape pens are truly small. But they come prepared with everything you need to use them. Instead of looking like a long pen, as with most other brands, these CBD vape pens are small. This allows you to quickly and conveniently imbibe your CBD without anyone noticing.

Though the ingredient list isn’t anything special, it does have a really intense mango flavor while also being super discreet. This makes it an excellent purchase for those with a desire to keep their CBD use hidden from those around them.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Top Flow Vape Kit

This product is less of a specific vape pen, and more of an all in one, everything included vaporizing kit. Pure Hemp Botanicals offers not only a distinctly recorder-looking vape pen, but also a USB charger, a handy little case, and either 250mg or 500mg of CBD.


With a standard 510-thread battery and a decently resilient hardshell case, this is the kit to get if you are planning on imbibing CBD while on the move. With tons of delicious flavors to choose from and excessive convenience, this is an excellent option for those frequent travelers that also enjoy CBD.

Be warned, however, that the packaging is less than discrete, with their logo and branding emblazoned everywhere it can.

Try the CBD Vape Pen

With precisely calculated dosages and strangely beautiful packaging and design, Try the CBD is certainly a way to express yourself while enjoying some CBD.

Made from only hemp plants from Colorado, these vape pens are designed to celebrate delicious flavors. To that end, they come packed with useful terpenes; the flavors include Gorilla Glue #4, Green Crack, Pineapple Express, and more.

This smart metallic pen contains up to 100 puffs and features a micro USB portal in case the power runs out. And interestingly, this product uses Tec Temper as a base, which they believe is higher quality than PG or VG.

CBDfx OG Kush CBD Terpenes Vape Pen

CBDfx prides itself on offering up great varieties of flavors and choice in their products. They choose to do that through natural terpenes.



Instead of artificial flavors or essential oils, CBDfx prefers to include terpenes from their favorite marijuana strains. This allows you to get the flavor and aroma of your very favorite strains while you imbibe CBD.

Though each disposable vape pen only comes with about 50mg, they are worth it just for the sensation of being able to enjoy the flavor of OG Kush at the same time as your CBD.

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