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What is CBD Wax – And How Do You Use It?

Of all the types of CBD available, CBD wax is perhaps the most off-putting and confusing. Compared to the simplicity of CBD oil or even just smoking CBD-rich marijuana, CBD wax looks like some sort of alien substance that might be dangerous.

In actuality, CBD wax is one of the easiest ways to get a hefty dose of CBD into your system, and all it requires is a bit of setup.

Let’s take a look at what CBD wax actually is, and how you use it.

What is CBD Wax Made of?

Though CBD wax might look a lot like it is made from some disgusting substance, it is actually nothing more than an extremely purified extract of CBD.

The most common method of consuming CBD is generally considered to be CBD oil, which involves an intense extraction process wherein manufacturers remove the CBD from hemp plants and then suspend it within inert oil.

In the case of CBD wax, however, this extraction process is continued until you are left with entirely pure CBD, known as CBD isolate. This means the extract of CBD that only contains the cannabinoid CBD, with no additional terpenes or other cannabinoids. Some manufacturers will add in terpenes later in the process, to give their CBD wax a more delicate flavor.

After that initial extraction, instead of immersing it in an inert oil like coconut oil, you instead process it further through heating until it begins to clump together and form wax.

Though the final product might look like a particularly resinous globule of snot, it is actually extremely pure CBD. It generally looks either brown or yellow, which develops as a result of the extraction process.

You can actually tell if the CBD wax isn’t perfect by its color, as the less expensive, poorly made CBD wax is usually darker and feels especially tacky. This is typically the result of improperly using butane in the process of creating the wax.

A good quality CBD wax will resemble a solidified piece of yellow colored beeswax, as well as having a slightly sticky yet crumbly texture. You will generally be able to buy it in a small, rolled up sleeve containing a certain number of doses, usually with an explanation of how much CBD you can expect per gram.

Interestingly, CBD wax is actually only one specific type of CBD product within the general group of CBD dabs. All CBD dabs are made similarly, essentially cooking down CBD until you end up with an extremely concentrated, easy to use CBD dab.

The main difference between different types is the process you use to produce it.

Let’s take a look at a few of the different ways it is made and understand what makes CBD wax different from other CBD dabs.

How Do You Make CBD Wax?

The initial process of making CBD wax is much the same as the regular extraction process for producing CBD oil – you are generally looking to remove the CBD from the hemp plant and purify it further until you can utilize it as a wax.

If you are looking to make it at home, the most common method is using butane. Butane acts as a solvent, allowing the CBD to be leached from marijuana using a unique extraction tube. By immersing the marijuana slowly in butane, you can remove the CBD and end up with a CBD-rich pool of butane.

This butane solution is then evaporated through indirect heat, resulting in the butane itself disappearing and leaving you with a sticky, resinous substance known as a CBD dab.

Your next step will determine what your final product will be. If you leave it alone for several hours, it will eventually cool into what looks like glass. If you then remove it from the pan, you are left with CBD shatter, which is another popular CBD dab.

If you are looking for CBD wax, you need to agitate the CBD mixture after the butane has left it, continually stirring until swirls and imperfections occur in the mix. The resulting contact with cold air will cause the substance to develop a waxy, sticky texture that you can then harvest as CBD wax.

It is surprisingly easy to make it yourself as long as you have CBD-rich marijuana – if you use any standard strain of marijuana, you will end up with marijuana dabs.

Many people consider CBD wax a more straightforward way of using dabs, as CBD shatter requires you to crush it before you can effectively utilize it, whereas CBD Wax can be used just as it is.

So, how do you actually use CBD wax? How different is it from regular methods of imbibing CBD?

How Do You Use CBD Wax?

CBD wax is a member of the CBD dabbing family, so you take it similarly as you would any other type of dab.

There are generally two methods of consuming CBD dabs – a vaporizer and a water pipe.

A vaporizer is the same as vaping regular CBD oil. You can buy vaporizers specifically designed to accept CBD wax as its input, so you only need to open up your vaporizer, insert the wax, and begin vaping.

If you are looking for a slightly more exciting method, then you will likely use the water pipe instead. To use a water pipe, you first heat your water pipe nail, which is the area that holds your CBD wax. Use a butane torch or other heating element to heat it until it begins to glow fiery hot. This means it has reached the desired temperature of roughly 800 Celsius. To bring the temperature down a bit so that the CBD Wax doesn’t instantly disappear, leave it for about 50 seconds to air cool until it reaches 650 celsius.

This is the sweet spot for CBD wax, as it means the wax is vaporized more slowly and can be easily imbibed.

Once it is heated, put your CBD wax on the nail and position the breathing pipe against it. The CBD wax will vaporize and, through controlled breathing, it will pass through the breathing tube and be cooled even further by the water inside the water pipe. This makes the entire process very similar to a bong, but a bit more complicated.

The reason you use water as a cooling mechanism is to avoid the unfortunate consequences of inhaling hot smoke directly into your lungs; instead, you get a cooler hit of instantly vaporized CBD wax.

This avoids the extremely unpleasant side effect of a massive coughing fit – instead of spluttering your lungs out for the next ten minutes; you can instead enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD.

So, if using a water pipe is so complicated, why do people use it at all? Why use CBD wax instead of just using regular CBD oil?

Why Do People Use CBD Wax?

The primary reason people prefer to use CBD wax over other, more traditional, methods like smoking CBD-rich marijuana or using CBD oil is that of the concentration.

Marijuana that is rich in CBD might still only have about a 20% CBD content, meaning that you need to imbibe quite a lot of it to get a decent enough medicinal effect, especially if you are trying to treat a condition that requires a high dosage of CBD, such as anxiety.

CBD wax, however, is substantially pure, concentrated CBD and contains quantities of up to 95% of its total weight. This means that you can easily consume near-pure CBD directly into your body and begin getting the effects right away.

CBD wax concentrates also contain absolutely no trace of the plant material that some other forms of CBD can have; this means there is no risk of various conditions like Lipoid Pneumonia, caused by undesired amounts of fat particles (from either the surface of marijuana buds or the oil in CBD oil itself) settling in your lungs and obstructing the air pathways.

CBD wax is an entirely pure CBD experience, allowing users to medicate themselves without the complications inherent in other varieties. You are also able to avoid any of the acrid, burning sensation associated with smoking regular CBD-rich marijuana through combustion, as this pure form of CBD contains no plant matter or other substances necessary to be burned.

Final Thoughts on CBD Wax

CBD wax might seem like an otherworldly, alien-looking substance, but it is an extremely versatile and useful method of consuming CBD. CBD wax provides a risk-free alternative for those looking to avoid any of the side effects associated with the other ways of getting CBD into your system.

Though it lacks the subtlety of smoking or taking CBD orally, CBD wax is the method of choice for those looking for a simple and straightforward, if somewhat obvious, way of imbibing CBD.

What’s more, CBD wax is exceptionally high in its CBD concentration, making it perfect for those that suffer from a severe condition and require a high dose of CBD. For many sufferers of mental conditions like anxiety, or neurodegenerative diseases, the amount of CBD found in most CBD oils simply isn’t enough.

For those struggling through ailments, or even just those who want a way to avoid taking CBD oil – CBD wax is there to help.

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