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OG Kush Terpenes: Fully Explained

If you have spent any amount of time looking on cannabis retail websites, you have likely seen a few cannabis terpenes for sale.

Sold usually as either a supplement, an e-liquid, or just as a stand-alone product, these terpenes are often named and flavored with your favorite strains, with the most popular and well-known being OG Kush.

But just what are these terpenes that you can buy online? Are they the same things as buying regular marijuana? For that matter, why is it important that they are OG Kush Terpenes?

What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

The idea of there being other chemical compounds within your cannabis aside from the expected cannabinoids might be alarming to some inexperienced marijuana users.

As is the case with most people, you only really expect the pleasant flavors of your marijuana along with the cannabinoids that get you high – you don’t want anything else, right? Well, it turns out that, without the inclusion of terpenes in your weed, you wouldn’t have any flavor at all.

Terpenes are the organic compounds that all plants produce; they aren’t just limited to weed, but they are found in pretty much all terrestrial plants. To best understand them, think of them as the source of everything that creates aroma – they are essential compounds that have evolved to be as volatile and aromatic as possible, which is why they are commonly seen as the reason for particular plant smells.

If you have ever smelled the fresh, herby and slightly umami notes of a rosemary bush or enjoyed the bright and joyful scent of lavender, then you have experienced the aroma of terpenes.

But why on earth do plants want to smell nice?

Like pretty much everything in nature, though humankind enjoys terpenes, they were not designed for us – in fact, they were probably intended to deter us, and other animals like us. Most of the time, a particular plant’s terpenes are created to ward off predators by creating a potent smell or strong taste when the plant is eaten. An animal would probably prefer not to eat it and, thus, be more likely not to kill the plant.

Ever tried to eat a large number of herbs at once, or bitten straight into the rind of an orange? That immediately painful, almost overbearing feeling was the terpenes.

Additionally, terpenes produce resin in certain plants, which is an integral part of their structure and key for maintaining their shape and their place within the environment. This resin is what helps hold them up, as well as acting as an integral part of their whole ecology.

So, terpenes are responsible for pretty much every flavor and aroma that we enjoy that originates from plants and the main reason why different marijuana strains have different smells rather than all smelling the same.

But why is it that people consider these terpenes so important for marijuana? Are they anything more than just flavor and smell?

How Do These Terpenes Affect the Cannabis We Enjoy?

Alongside being the principal reason we can enjoy a million different blends of flavors and aromas of marijuana, terpenes are also responsible for a good deal of the effects that we commonly associate with marijuana.

The terpenes within any particular strain of marijuana can vary widely, based primarily on its individual genetic history, but these terpenes do a lot more than just smell good.

For starters, terpenes contribute to something known as the entourage effect which, as a landmark study by Ethan Russo for the Journal of Frontiers in Plant Science. Discussed is an interesting reaction in the body that occurs when several different chemical compounds work together, especially when they come from the same source.

With cannabis, when you imbibe a mix of different cannabinoids – including the more obvious THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids – alongside other compounds found within the cannabis plant like terpenes, the medical and physical effects felt from the cannabinoids are multiplied.

So, when you smoke all-natural cannabis filled with different cannabinoids and terpenes, you get more of an effect than you would have if you had just imbibed cannabinoid extracts.

Terpenes contribute to this in many ways, all working to increase the efficacy of cannabinoids within your body, making it easier for the body to assimilate and utilize them.

There is one more key effect frequently noticed when terpenes are imbibed along with cannabis: The base effects of the terpenes themselves. Terpenes don’t just smell good and work well with cannabinoids; they have several therapeutic and practical purposes of their own.

For example, if you have ever purchased a sleep aid that contained lavender extract, or used rose leaves to make a tea to fight fever, you have been unknowingly using the physical benefits of terpenes to your advantage. You can find examples of this throughout human history and in pretty much every culture – plants and their terpenes are an integral part of human medicine.

Plants evolved these terpenes to act as a natural defense mechanism. Still, we evolved alongside these plants, and gradually, over millions of years, we have learned to be able to utilize these terpenes to our advantage.

Terpenes found within the cannabis plant can also work on our bodies, just as if we were imbibing them as an extract.

This is why, very frequently, strains that are well known for their relaxation properties tend to contain more herbaceous or otherwise floral aromas, as they contain those terpenes that naturally create that effect anyway.

Certain strains have unique blends of these beneficial terpenes that create all manner of effects and physical reactions in our bodies, one of the most popular being the Terpenes found with OG Kush.

So, what kinds of terpenes can you expect to find in OG Kush, and why are OG Kush terpene extract products so popular?

What Terpenes Are Found in OG Kush?

OG Kush is a strain well known for its classic, intense flavor, as well as its enjoyable relaxation and general euphoria-inducing sensations. This strain is considered one of the most landmark, must-try strains in the entire world. Most people would agree that you haven’t experienced all that the world of marijuana has to offer until you try some OG Kush.

The predominant terpenes found in OG Kush are limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and terpineol, as well as myrcene. These are all terpenes with incredibly well known, highly pronounced effects.

The Pain Relieving Terpenes:

The Beta-Caryophyllene Terpene – Complete Pain Relief

Beta-caryophyllene is a terpene with a worryingly scientific-sounding name, but it’s one of the most common terpenes around.

This terpene has an incredibly familiar, sweet flavor and aroma – it has all the ingredients of a very traditional pie with its high levels of clove-like smells, along with copious black pepper aromas and just a touch of that slight flavor of softwood. This terpene is responsible for that slightly harsh, slightly spicy flavor that you get in so many oriental spices, as well as most wooden furniture.

The primary effects of this strain are to act as a pain reducer – this terpene works exceptionally well as a pain suppressant, responding almost immediately to stifle the sensation of pain and make injuries or long term conditions more bearable and pain-free.

Many common herbal remedies focused on pain relief usually involve some concentration of this terpene. If you were ever forced to rub clove oil on your teeth to fight toothache, you were using the beta-caryophyllene terpene.

The Myrcene Terpene – Pain-Free Slumber

Myrcene is another common terpene, one that smells of fresh hops, recently picked thyme, and newly mowed grass. This olfactory association is because all of those things contain high concentrations of the myrcene terpene; in fact, many vibrant, fresh smelling fruits and spices smell that way because of their myrcene content.

The primary effects of this terpene are twofold; firstly, it acts as a strong sedative, making it so that any marijuana strain with sufficient concentrations of this terpene tend to make you overwhelmingly sleepy. Secondly, this terpene works alongside beta-caryophyllene to act as an analgesic, acting as a cure for pain.

It interacts with the body’s nervous system. It helps dull the unpleasant sensation of pain, making it a lot easier to get through whatever physical or neurological pain you might be experiencing.

Without this terpene, you wouldn’t get to drift off to peaceful slumber at the end of your high, nor would you be able to feel that dampening of pain that you would expect from smoking OG Kush.

The Calming Terpenes:

The Limonene Terpene – Lemony Fresh & Incredibly Calming

Limonene is one of the most common terpenes found within all strains of cannabis. It has its origins in citrus plants, like lemon or orange, or instead, it is most noticeable in these fruits. Just because this terpene is responsible for that familiar lemon flavor doesn’t mean that it only exists in lemons, as OG Kush so clearly demonstrates.

Limonene produces a powerful aroma of a mixture of both lemon and lime, though not so much the juice; it is far closer to the wafting scent of freshly peeled lemons and limes and piles up together, producing a pungent mix of sharp citrus.

Concerning its medical benefits, or rather its physical effects on the body, limonene is well known for helping to suppress feelings of unpleasant anxiety or low mood, primarily when related to prolonged mental conditions. You can commonly find limonene products that contain this extract that is designed to help brighten your day and leave you feeling happy and contented.

This is primarily the reason that many hybrid and indica strains like OG Kush tend to provide that sensation of joy and euphoria, as they contain plentiful amounts of the limonene terpene.

What about beta-caryophyllene?

The Terpineol Terpene – The Source of Sleepiness and Couch-Lock

Terpineol is a terpene with a thoroughly unique flavor profile – at first, it presents that assumed flavor of pine. Still, the primary aroma is one of flowers and slightly sweet nectar, as well as just the hint of a background flavor that reminds you of the pungency of oranges.

Concerning its actual flavor, it is oddly astringent, tasting a bit like eating raw mint leaves, or perhaps the flavor of a persimmon. It is commonly used in perfumes and other cosmetic products, along with its copious, pleasant effects.

The main effect induced by the terpineol terpene is one of intense relaxation, as well as that almost inescapable desire to sit down, close your eyes, and drift off to sleep.

This isn’t to say that terpineol is, strictly speaking, a soporific – it doesn’t actually send you to sleep. Instead, it acts as a relaxant and is the main reason why so many hybrids and indicas possess that incredibly familiar sensation of forcing you into the nearest comfortable surface. You can’t help but feel both slightly sleepy and intensely calm and tranquil, naturally inclining you to recline wherever nearby happens to have a pillow.

Without this terpene, most indicas would be pretty dull and lack a great deal of both flavor and their pleasant effects.

Final Verdict About OG Kush Terpenes

When people think of the OG Kush strain, they primarily think of its well-known effects, as well as its world-famous reputation. They likely look forward to those effects, as well as enjoying the prestige of finally being able to take part in this part of marijuana history. After all, if you can’t enjoy OG Kush, have you tried marijuana properly?

However, while these things are entirely accurate, a great deal of them are due to the terpene profile of this strain.

If you are looking for some of the enjoyable effects of OG Kush without experiencing the high, or if you want to add the terpene effects from the OG Kush strain into your favorite vape e-liquid, then you should find some OG Kush terpenes to try out.

It might seem strange to buy only the terpenes from a marijuana strain, but they pack a sizeable punch with regard to their effects – plus, they smell absolutely amazing.

CBD 101
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