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Having a pet that is anxious or in pain can be extremely upsetting, especially when you’ve already tried all the medication that you can think of, and it just isn’t working. Over the past few years, there has been a rising trend for holistic alternatives to treating anxiety and chronic pain in our furry friends. Treatibles is one of the brands which specializes in pet CBD products, and they’re serious about pet health.

Their full-spectrum CBD oil products are stocked in veterinary practices throughout the US to aid animals who are suffering from a variety of health issues. The Treatibles brand is aligned with several core values. These include; quality ingredients, integrity, compassionate care, and reliable information.

Treatibles are made with CBD and only other non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids. This means that these products won’t get your pet high. The hemp that they use to produce their products is grown in Colorado and is registered as medicinal grade hemp. It’s specifically grown for medicinal purposes. But just who is Treatibles, and why is it such a popular brand?

Who Is Treatibles: Ethos and More

Founded in 2013 by Julianna Carella, Treatibles was the first company to develop organic full-spectrum CBD products for pets. They have their own farm in South Carolina, which allows them control and oversight over the entire growing process. Their products are made for dogs, cats, horses, and more.

Not only do Treatibles use 100% organic practices, but they also implement sustainable permaculture in their indoor/outdoor operation. Permaculture is a practice of agriculture that mimics the characteristics and patterns of natural ecosystems. Of course, you won’t find any herbicides or pesticides anywhere in their products.

As stated on the company website, the Treatibles mission is to promote harmony for the whole family through the health and happiness of each pet with its revolutionary organic broad-spectrum hemp oil products. The aim of these products is to instill calm, balance, and ease for pets.

This brand thrives on consistency. The process in place is very rigid, working on a bag to bag, capsule to capsule, bottle to bottle, and application to application basis. They go on to say that their chews are manufactured in Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified facilities by using GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). This is done to ensure accurate dosing and product uniformity, which can’t be replicated in a commercial kitchen.

Treatibles Highlights: What Do They Offer?

Treatibles is one of the top CBD pet brands on the market. Their mission is to make life easier and happier for pets, and their owners, and this mission is reflected in the quality and effectiveness of their products.

Here are some of the reasons that Treatibles is so well-loved.

  • Top-Quality: Treatibles has all of their products third-party tested in a lab, from the raw ingredients to the final products. This is done to ensure that their products are free of heavy metals and other contaminants and meet the company requirements. Customers can receive the lab reports via email on request.
  • Villalobos Rescue: Treatibles is very into “giving back” to the community. After hearing the story of Tater Tot, the company partnered with the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans to make a chew in his honor.
  • Rescue Partners: Treatibles is very passionate about the fact that every cat and dog deserves love, care, compassion, and a forever home. They’re proud to be a part of this transformation and partner with shelters and rescue centers across the US to help bring calm, balance, and ease to dogs and cats in their care.
  • 100% Organic Hemp: All Treatibles products are infused with exceptional hemp oil that is sourced from their own 100% organic hemp farm in South Carolina. As stated on the website, their organic practice exceeds USDA organic regulations.
  • Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil: Together with their superior cultivators, Treatibles has created a proprietary formula that features a valuable blend of naturally occurring CBD, supporting terpenes, cannabinoids, and antioxidants, resulting in a truly distinct oil.

Treatibles Infusion Method

The Treatibles infusion method is on the cutting edge of purity. This proprietary solventless method is what helps to produce the highest levels of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that are infused directly into the carrier oil; MCT coconut oil.

This process involves the heating of the hemp in order to access the increased levels of the naturally occurring compounds of the plant while combining it with the MCT coconut oil. The oil infusion is then heated between 140 – 160 degrees to protect and enhance the properties of both pure oils.

The rich infusion process requires no further processing, ensures the stability of the cannabinoids, and helps to provide the greatest and most consistent levels of beneficial compounds that are found in all the Treatibles products. Compared to other extraction methods, infusion has proven to retain nearly 100% of the profile of all the over 300 compounds that are present in the hemp plant. This results in a true entourage effect, which, according to many studies, provides the greatest benefits.

The proprietary aspect of the infusion method is what allows them to adjust levels as needed so that they can produce an accurate, consistent product with excellent efficacy.

What Can Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Do for Pets?

So we already know that Treatibles produces broad-spectrum hemp oil, but what does this matter? How will this help your pet? Well, these products are known to be highly beneficial in helping to ease anxiety, address discomfort, promote healthy joints and digestion, treat nausea and loss of appetite, maintain the body’s normal inflammatory response, offer end of life comfort, and lots more.

Furthermore, broad-spectrum hemp oil is perfectly safe for pets to consume. These products are non-toxic and non-psychoactive. The unique source material of Treatibles is registered as hemp due to its low THC content (less than .3%).

Final Thoughts on Treatibles

Treatibles is certainly one of the top CBD retailers and is dedicated to using healthy and quality ingredients, organic hemp, and they have a solid commitment to the welfare of animals. We love this brand, and it’s not hard to see why everybody else does too. 

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