Why I Regularly Take CBD Oil [Confession]

Why I Regularly Take CBD Oil [Confession]

Despite all of the world’s advances in cannabis, both in its legality, morality and science, some people still consider it a bit taboo to actually use it. For a long time I was put off of using CBD oil out of fear that I would be judged by my peers, or even risk police interference due to the questionable legality of CBD oil where I live.

However, thanks to endless testimonials, scientific journals and a host of brand new CBD retailers, it became apparent to me that CBD oil had the potential to help me improve my life. To add to this long series of testimonials, this is my story – in a way, my confession – of why I regularly take CBD oil.

How CBD Oil Affected Me

As with any kind of medicine, CBD oil will affect everyone differently. This is also dependant on everyone’s individual reasons for taking CBD oil. Some people suffer from mental disorders, others from chronic pain, and still others from far worse conditions.

In my case, it was the former two. In other words, the primary reasons I started using CBD oil were to treat my anxiety and my chronic back pain. Let me try and explain the background of each, and how CBD has helped reduced symptoms over the last several years.


Anxiety is one of those terms that you hear bandied around frequently; people will often say that they are feeling anxiety, or that they’re anxious about something.

Before I developed anxiety, I often thought the same. I thought anxiety was only something that you felt in the moment, but then it passed when you dealt with the situation. Essentially, I thought anxiety was something rational. After developing actual, medically diagnosed anxiety, however, I realized that it was anything but.

Anxiety is difficult to categorize, but quite easy to diagnose; the feeling of continuous, intense dread, stress and worry that plagues you every day. Often triggered by seemingly random things, anxiety’s roots aren’t easy to figure out, but often come about as a result of periods of intense stress.

Medically speaking, anxiety is a result of negative thought patterns due to reinforced negative emotions. Basically, someone with anxiety almost rewards themselves for becoming caught in negative thought patterns, making their day to day life difficult and distressing.

For me, my anxiety came about almost randomly, but likely as a result of work stress. It began with a feeling of discontent and confusion, eventually morphing into intense anxiety and worry over the very smallest of things.

To treat anxiety, it is typically recommended to take a larger than normal dose of CBD oil, as anxiety requires a high quantity to really experience an effect. After beginning my regimen, I at first didn’t notice much of a difference, other than the large quantities of CBD oil I was taking twice a day. However, after several days of this CBD oil course, I slowly started noticing the difference.

It began with an easier time falling asleep (and waking up in the morning), eventually shifting gradually into a general feeling of contentedness. Whereas before CBD oil my life was filled with endless anxieties and worry, I found myself not over thinking my life anymore. It didn’t happen suddenly or immediately, but once the CBD oil began working, my anxiety noticeably improved.

Though I would still have “off days” where I reacted poorly to external situations, I began to feel overall more confident in myself, as well as just generally not feeling as anxious about day to day tasks. Without a doubt, the CBD oil had begun to affect my endocannabinoid system, helping me beat back my anxiety.


The other primary reason why I began using CBD oil was to help treat my back pain. Back pain is another one of those issues that people are frequently misdiagnosed with, or just generally thought of as embellishing the severity of the condition.

Many people suffer from back pain, so much so that one study found that it was the leading cause of disability worldwide. However, there is back pain, and there is back pain.

Some people will suffer little more than vague twinges in their backs when they sit up or lift heavy objects, whereas others will suffer extreme pain at even the slightest movement and struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

Though I wasn’t completely incapable, my back pain definitely fell into the latter category – I was in agony throughout the day and incapable of carrying out any kind of task that required me to lift my arms above my head or bend my back. The pain was so intense that I was usually utterly useless when it came to helping around the house.

This pain was even more important to treat than my anxiety, as my anxiety was a mental disorder, whereas my back pain was something that followed me with my every waking moment.

Though I was initially dubious about CBD oil’s ability to help treat my back pain, on reading a variety of different studies, I learned that it could actually change my life.

Back pain is typically caused by inflammation of the muscles and tendons around the back, causing sudden or strained movements to overly tax the inflamed muscles in your back, causing intense pain and frustration. To combat this, CBD oil’s oldest and most tested effect on the body is what saves the day – reducing inflammation.

By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil triggers the CB2 receptors and encourages the body to, in essence, turn off its inflammation response.

Many studies, such as this one for the Journal of Future Medical Chemistry, found that CBD oil acted as an effective anti-inflammatory drug, beating out regular drugs used for this purpose and leading to researchers actually recommending that CBD oil be used for patients suffering from all manner of inflammation.

My response to the CBD oil for back pain was a lot faster than with my anxiety; in contrast to treating anxiety, only a relatively small dose of CBD oil is needed to treat back pain. I began to notice the effects within only a couple days of taking CBD oil; at first, getting up in the morning was not as taxing as I had come to expect, followed by a gradual easing of the pain throughout the day.

Though it still wasn’t a sudden, miraculous cure, I slowly but surely began to suffer less pain and difficulties lifting things. The pain in my back still definitely existed, flaring up especially badly if I overtaxed myself, I found that I was able to operate normally and carry out my day to day chores without difficulty.

Not only did the pain abate, but I found myself more able to handle physical stress throughout my day, most likely as a result of the reduction of inflammation. I’ll admit that I did initially worry about the long-term effects on my body by removing my inflammation response – after all, what if I got injured and needed my inflammation?

However, I began to realize that it was exactly the same as taking a fever suppressant or a regular painkiller; I was taking a supplement to get rid of a bodily function that existed to cause me pain.

My Current Life With CBD Oil

Before I began taking CBD oil, I lived a life of pain, both physical and mental. I struggled with coping with every stresses in my life thanks to my anxiety, as well as struggling with basic physical tasks thanks to back pain.

After taking CBD oil, however, my life completely changed. With my worries out of the way, I began enjoying my life far more easily, no longer having to worry about my life situation and dealing with my anxiety. It felt, both literally and figuratively, like a massive weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

CBD oil might not be for everyone – some people might be allergic, others unwilling to try out medicine not fully and completely approved by the government, but I have found that CBD oil has improved my life tremendously.

Though some people still look disbelievingly at me when I tell them I regularly use CBD oil, likely assuming I have some kind of drug problem or that I am a frequent cannabis user, the relief I feel when using CBD oil far outweighs any social difficulty I’ve experienced.

Additionally, taking CBD oil has given me a new purpose in life – I want to try and spread both awareness and acceptance of CBD oil, getting more people to try this medicine and seeing if it will help treat and deal with their medical issues.

Though CBD oil is not some kind of cure-all miracle medicine, it still has the potential to help so many people deal with their conditions. The only thing stopping them is local legality or, if it is legal, social pressure and fear.

CBD oil is not only safe and non-addictive, it is healthy and has the potential to help treat an untold number of conditions. So why not give CBD oil a try – if you have back pain, trouble sleeping, or anxiety like I did, it might just be exactly what you need.

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