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3Chi Hemp Brand Review

3Chi Hemp Brand Review

All of the healthy cannabinoids found within CBD products are often merely an afterthought that many brands place very little focus on. Many people don’t realize that all of these different cannabinoids work together to trigger their own health-boosting effects.

Unlike so many other brands, 3Chi Hemp focuses on the full range of cannabinoids found within hemp plants. They believe that this combination benefits a product’s quality. Through research and product trials, 3Chi Hemp has found ways to use all of these cannabinoids to their full potential. And this has resulted in a range of efficient and easy-to-use cannabinoid products.

3Chi Hemp Quick Summary


  • Interesting array of cannabinoid products, such as CBN: CBD blend
  • Attractive and accessible website
  • All products lab-tested at extract level
  • Products made using hemp grown in Oregon, California, and Colorado
  • Specializes in broad-spectrum products
  • A brand with 15 years of product formulation experience


  • Shipping only available in the US
  • Limited variety of product types


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Who Is 3Chi Hemp?

3Chi Hemp, also known as Three-Chee, was initially founded by a biochemist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. As a passionate CBD user and having experienced its powerful effects, the 3Chi Hemp brand was born as a way of sharing the healing power of CBD with others.

Since its early days, 3Chi Hemp has gone on to be a lot more than merely a CBD brand. It has become heavily focused on research and using science to create the best possible products. In particular, 3Chi Hemp has become extremely interested in Delta 8 THC and how it can be used to enhance the benefits of CBD.

Delta 8 THC is one of the many naturally occurring cannabinoids found within both hemp and marijuana plants. As a result of existing in an activated state, Delta 8 THC does not need to be decarboxylated in order for its effects to be felt. This makes it an extremely useful tool for 3Chi Hemp.

3Chi Hemp has worked tirelessly to develop a pure version of Delta 8 THC. In 2019, 3Chi Hemp created the first federally legal THC-dominant product in the US since the cannabis prohibition started. Thanks to 3Chi Hemp’s hard work, you can enjoy Delta 8 THC’s benefits for the first time.

The company has different product combinations to suit your every mood, including options such as:

  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Focus
  • Sleep
  • Soothe

With 3Chi Hemp’s unique blends, you can easily customize your cannabinoid intake to match your desired effects. Most of 3Chi Hemp’s blends are available in both oil tinctures and vapes. Their range gives you the freedom to enjoy CBD in a way that works for you.

3Chi Hemp Highlights

  • Different Cannabinoid and Terpene Blends: 3Chi Hemp has carefully researched the effects of all the different cannabinoids found within hemp plants. This includes those that are often entirely forgotten, such as Delta 8 THC. As a result of their research, 3Chi Hemp has created a range of varying cannabinoid blends resulting in different effects and experiences.
  • Free Shipping Options: 3Chi Hemp offers free shipping on orders over $99, helping you save money when you shop in bulk. Free shipping is always an excellent way to reward customers who spend a little extra.
  • Informative Website: 3Chi Hemp’s website is packed with useful and easy to understand information. It’s designed to teach you everything that you need to know about their products. In particular, 3Chi Hemp includes a great deal of information about Delta 8 THC. They work to educate customers about one of the lesser-known cannabinoids found within hemp plants.

3Chi Hemp Negative Thoughts

  • Limited Range: 3Chi Hemp has an extensive range of cannabinoid blends to choose from. However, there are very few options when it comes to the way that these blends can be enjoyed. Most blends are only available as oil tinctures and vapes. This results in a somewhat limited shopping experience.
  • USA Only: 3Chi Hemp products are currently only available to those customers who live in the USA. The company does not offer international shipping options, limiting the reach of its products.

3Chi Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

3Chi Hemp has 12 CBD oil blends to choose from, with each one available in several different concentration options to provide an extra layer of customization and control. A really nice feature is that you are presented with a pie chart clearly showing the cannabinoid breakdown within a particular oil when you scroll over each tincture.

All of 3Chi Hemp’s oil tinctures are made using 100% natural ingredients. In addition, they have undergone independent lab testing to ensure that they are as pure and potent as possible. 3Chi Hemp provides a clear ingredient breakdown for each tincture. This means that you can see exactly what goes into the making of your chosen product.

3Chi Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

Most of 3Chi Hemp’s oil tinctures contain a base formula that consists of hemp extract and medium-chain triglycerides. This results in a smooth and enjoyable oil. 3Chi Hemp adds natural terpene blends to some of their oil, helping to enhance both their flavor and effects.

The company never adds artificial flavorings to their oil tinctures. Instead, they rely on natural flavorings for the hemp plants’ terpenes. This natural approach to flavoring oils helps to create a smooth, subtle flavor that does not overwhelm your palate. In other words, these oils can be enjoyed alongside food.

3Chi Hemp pays close attention to even the smallest details with their tinctures. Everything is packaged in discreet, beautifully designed glass bottles. With a built-in dropper, it is easy to measure out precise amounts of oil so that you are guaranteed an accurate and reliable dose with each use.

3Chi Hemp CBD Vapes

3Chi Hemp offers its most popular cannabinoid blends in the form of vape cartridges. The one-time-use cartridges come ready to use straight out of the box. This makes it super simple to unwind with your favorite cannabinoid blends.

Among the range of vape cartridges, you will find the trendy Delta 8 THC blend, Comfortably Numb, Focused, and CBC blends. Each combination has its own unique color making it super easy to tell vape cartridges apart when stored next to each other.

3Chi Hemp CBD Vapes

Again, 3Chi Hemp includes handy pie charts so that you can easily see the cannabinoid breakdown within each cartridge. 3Chi Hemp packs each product page full of helpful information. This means that you can shop with confidence and find the right vape cartridges to suit your taste and style.

3Chi Hemp uses a natural base to form all of their vape cartridges. The traditional blend of vegetable glycerin vs. propylene glycol is thought of as a contentious choice to many. As with the oil tinctures, 3Chi Hemp aims to keep the vape products healthy and close to nature.

3Chi Hemp’s vape cartridge formula is one of the most simplistic on the market. But it is very popular with their customers. With a base of just hemp extract and terpenes, you can vape away with confidence.

3Chi Hemp CBD Focused Blends

Browsing 3Chi Hemp tinctures and vapes can feel a little daunting as a new customer. To make shopping more of an enjoyable experience, 3Chi Hemp also features a way to view products based on their focused blends. Being able to narrow down the list of available products based on their effects and the different blends makes it much easier to understand each item. And you can gain a better understanding of what you can expect in terms of results.

As you scroll through the different blends, you can quickly learn how the varying cannabinoid combinations cause slightly different effects. 3Chi Hemp clearly shows all of the available products for each blend, making it super easy to find the effects that you need.

Within each blend option, you will find a range of oil tinctures as well as vape cartridges for the most popular of blends. All of the blend oil tinctures are made using 3Chi Hemp’s high-quality and independently tested formula for a cannabinoid experience like no other.

As you search through each blend, you will also notice that some of 3Chi Hemp’s oil tinctures are suitable for humans and pets. Thanks to 3Chi Hemp’s very natural and carefully researched formulas, they have been able to craft oil that can be enjoyed by every member of the family.

How to Buy 3Chi Hemp Products

You can purchase 3Chi Hemp’s products directly through the online store. This gives you access to the entire range of cannabinoid blends and products. 3Chi Hemp has created their website to be as simple to navigate as possible so that you can focus on finding the perfect product.

Free shipping is available on orders over $99. Customers are rewarded for placing larger orders while also helping them save a little extra money each time they shop. 3Chi Hemp has a detailed page that lists all of the different shipping options and their prices. It is excellent to see 3Chi Hemp make shipping prices easily accessible so that you can factor the cost into your order total while shopping.

The easy to navigate store also includes an entire section dedicated to educating customers about cannabinoids, how they work, and their different effects. 3Chi Hemp places a great deal of importance on research. And so, it is nice that they go the extra mile to share this information with their customers.

Final Verdict on 3Chi Hemp

3Chi Hemp offers a very different CBD experience than other brands. They place a significant focus on all of the cannabinoids found within each product rather than just CBD. 3Chi Hemp is an excellent brand for those who are looking to take CBD to the next level with the brand’s very scientific approach.

With 3Chi Hemp’s products, you can control the specific cannabinoid that you put into your body. And as a result, you can tailor the effects felt. By offering most of their products in a range of different strengths and concentrations, 3Chi Hemp has further enhanced the level of control you have regarding CBD.

If you are looking to learn more about the science behind cannabinoids and how different combinations can change the way in which you experience them, then 3Chi Hemp is the perfect place to start. 3Chi Hemp has a range of high quality and genuinely unique cannabinoid products for you to choose from.


Final Verdict: 8/10

3Chi is a brand that specializes in interesting cannabinoid blends. You can learn more about the 5 most crucial cannabinoids in our in-depth article.

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