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Air Vapor Brand Review

Air Vapor Brand Review

Vaping CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to add a healthy CBD dose into your everyday life. While CBD oil tinctures offer an enhanced level of customization and control, vape products are much more discreet, simple, and, most importantly, enjoyable.

As more and more people look to vaping products as a simple way to add CBD into their supplement routine, an ever-growing number of brands are creating their very own vape products. What is slightly harder to find are brands that specialize in CBD vaping, offering customers expertly crafted CBD vaping solutions.

Air Vapor is one of these rarer brands that, rather than offering a wide range of different CBD products, focuses solely on vape products and getting them 100% right.

Let’s take a closer look at Air Vapor as a brand and why you should check their CBD vapes.

Air Vapor Quick Summary


  • Variety of cartridges, batteries, and disposable pens
  • Affordable prices, two vape pens start at $12
  • Simple and easy-to-use website
  • Wholesale options available
  • Manufacturing equipment available, such as manual filling machine


  • Little shipping information
  • No flavored oils available


If you are new to vaping, vape pens are a great place to start. Take a look at our top 10 list of vape pens, to get an idea of what you should expect from a product.

Who Are Air Vapor?

Air Vapor is a CBD brand focused on everything vaping. When it comes to vaping, Air Vapor has you covered with a range of cartridges, pens, and all the kit for those working in the industry.

Focusing entirely on vapes has allowed Air Vapor to really focus on perfecting each item. All of Air Vapor’s products have been created with simplicity in mind so that they can be enjoyed straight out of the box.

Air Vapor understands that not everyone enjoys vaping in the exact same way and therefore offer two options for enjoying their premium CBD vapor oils. Air Vapor’s disposable vape pens are the perfect solution for maximum convenience. However, the cartridges have been designed for experienced vapers with their own equipment.

No matter which vape products you choose, Air Vapor guarantees the same exceptional high-quality vaping experience packed with rich cannabinoid blends.

Air Vapor Brand Highlights

  • Vapor Specialists: Air Vapor specializes in creating CBD packed vape products. Therefore, they have been able to perfect their products to deliver the best possible CBD experience.
  • Affordable Pricing: Air Vapor aims to make its products as accessible as possible. One way in which they do this is by working to keep prices as low as possible. A pack of two vape pens can be purchased for as little as $12.
  • Simple Website Design: Air Vapor has designed its website using a simple format that makes it easy to navigate. And this results in a fun shopping experience. While many brands pack their website with information that can make it feel a little overwhelming to find exactly what you are looking for, Air Vapor has managed to create the complete opposite experience.

Air Vapor Brand Negative Thoughts

  • Limited Range of Products: Air Vapor has what feels like a minimal selection of products to choose from. Air Vapor is missing many of the fun flavor options that make vaping CBD such a popular hobby.
  • Little Product Information: It would be great to see Air Vapor include a little more information about its products. They could include a detailed ingredient list and how each item can be used.

Air Vapor Brand CBD Vape Cartridges

Air Vapor has a selection of different vape cartridges, all of which ship in packs of 5. Each pack of cartridges comes with clear instructions for those who are new to vaping. This helps to build confidence and a sense of independence even with new products.

Air Vapor Brand CBD Vape Cartridges

Most of Air Vapor’s cartridges use a ceramic core and heating element, making them highly efficient and easy to use. The clear glass casing on all of Air Vapor’s cartridges allows you to easily see how much liquid you have left inside. This also adds to the overall ascetic of Air Vapor cartridges.

Not a lot of people prioritize visual ascetic when it comes to vape, but it is actually a serious consideration. When you are using something as often as you use a vape cartridge, especially in public, why shouldn’t you get the best looking option?

To help you get started, Air Vapor cartridges also come with a filling syringe so that you have everything you need to fill your cartridge and start vaping away. This makes it incredibly easy to refill as and when you need it, without any irritating complications.

Air Vapor Brand CBD Disposable Pens

Air Vapor’s disposable vape pens are available in packs of both 2 and 10, giving you the ability to stock up on your favorite pens easily. The company has different capacity pens to choose from, adding an extra layer of customization.

Air Vapor Brand CBD Disposable Pens

There are two different designs to choose from: A clear glass casing, which allows you to see inside the pen; and a metallic coating, offering a much sleeker appearance. Air Vapor uses a dual wick design, which helps to create a smoother overall experience and pleasurable vapor.

These pens are slick, sleek, and extremely practical. They give you the best of both worlds; an attractive and useful device.

Air Vapor Brand CBD Filling and Capping

Air Vapor has an entire section of its online store dedicated to those within the CBD vaping industry. So, if you want to create your own vape products at home on a seriously large scale, you can.

Under the filling and capping section of Air Vapor’s store, you can find a ton of handy tools. This includes heating pads, arbor presses, and capping machines.

Air Vapor Brand CBD Filling and Capping

It is rare to find vape stores that also sell such specialized equipment. And they are an excellent example of just how focused Air Vapor is as a brand on everything CBD vaping.

All together, Air Vapor is combining to create an image of themselves as a one-stop-shop for all of your vaping needs.

How to Buy Air Vapor Brand Products

Air Vapor products can be purchased from the brand’s online store, which can be found at air vapor store. The simple website design makes it easy to find precisely what you are looking for and work your way through the store to quickly check out.

However, the Air Vapor online store feels a little empty in places, with some of the key shopping information that you find on most sites seemingly missing. Exact shipping times and pricing, for example, are hard to find, making it difficult to calculate the precise total of your order.

This is presumably going to be improved with time. But it would be great for all of the info to be made immediately available when you need it.

All of Air Vapor’s products are sold in USD, and it appears as though shipping is currently only available to USA based customers. As Air Vapor continues to grow as a brand and expand its reach, it could expand its shipping range. Or at least, we can only hope so!

Final Verdict on the Air Vapor Brand

Air Vapor is very much a brand that believes in simplicity, and this is reflected throughout the site and all of its products. Shopping with Air Vapor is a simple experience. They ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed by pages and pages of information that hinders your ability to find the products that you need.

For those who enjoy vaping and like to keep things as simple as possible, Air Vapor might just be the perfect brand for you.

You can also treat Air Vapor as being a retailer that contains absolutely everything you need when it comes to vaping. It isn’t just a place to buy more CBD cartridges or refills, but a place to get literally every element of the vaping process.

Make sure to head over to Air Vapor’s online store and check out the range of vaping options in a little more detail.


Final Verdict: 7.5/10

It’s no revelation that vaping has been a subject of controversy over the last few years. So how safe are vape pens, and where should you buy them from?

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