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ApexXx CBD

ApexXx Review

The UK is currently playing catch up in an attempt to compete with the ever-growing CBD industry in America. With an increasing number of studies taking over the headlines and bringing the health benefits of CBD to the UK’s attention, more and more people are becoming aware of CBD and looking to try it for themselves. Recent studies have found CBD to have a positive impact on both mental and physical health, helping to maintain inner balance and give your immune system a helping hand.

ApexXx is a UK-based company looking to show the UK that 100% natural forms of medication are the future and that CBD is something that should be used by everyone as part of a balanced diet and health regime. Always on the lookout for new health supplements and ways to stay fit, I decided to try out ApexXx’s CBD range for myself.

Let’s take a look at ApexXx and find out why it has become such a popular brand and whether you should give it a try. 

Who Is ApexXx CBD: From Top to Bottom

ApexXx is a brand focused solely on CBD and is proud to only promote and sell the highest quality products sourced from around the world. Their range of CBD products currently includes oils, bath bombs, gummies, freeze roll, and many other exciting ways to try CBD.

ApexXx products stand out due to their advanced nanotechnology; this carefully designed formula ensures that CBD has the ultimate bioavailability, and can be instantly absorbed as soon as it enters the body. ApexXx research has shown that the body actually absorbs only 10% of traditional forms of CBD, and that the rest passes through and is turned into waste. ApexXx’s nanotechnology results in 99% of the CBD that enters the human body being passed into the endocannabinoid system, resulting in stronger and longer lasting effects. Nanotechnology means that not only do you have to consume a lower dose of CBD, but also that the effects of what you do take will be much more noticeable. 

ApexXx is a brand that is determined to bring their customers the very best, and so have worked with industry leaders to create products that actually work for regular people who live busy lives. Products have been designed for maximum convenience and results, placing customer satisfaction at the very top of their priority list. ApexXx believes that in order to achieve the very best of the best, all of the ingredients that go into ApexXx products must be 100% organic and free from potentially damaging chemicals. ApexXx closely controls and monitors the entire process from seed through to packing. All plants are handpicked, naturally dried in the sun, and crushed using gentle pressing methods. Every item sold by ApexXx is guaranteed as being GMO-free, organic, vegan, and 100% natural.

ApexXx CBD has created their own CBD Learning Hub integrated into their website, where customers can learn about the science behind CBD and all of its health benefits. The information within the Learning Hub is presented in a clear and informative way so that it can be easily understood by everyone, even those who are new to CBD. ApexXx hopes that by providing people with easy-to-digest information they will be able to make informed decisions about their own health, rather than being solely reliant on doctors who only know what your medical records tell them. I personally found this an extremely helpful feature, and it gave me the confidence to try new forms of CBD. 

ApexXx CBD Highlights: Why We like Them

  • 100% Natural Ingredients: ApexXx only uses 100% natural ingredients in its products because it understands that customers are turning to CBD and other natural forms of medication as a way of avoiding putting harmful chemicals into their body.
  • Wide Range of Products: ApexXx offers its customers a wide range of products, meaning that you are sure to find the perfect CBD solution to suit your body. ApexXx believes that choice is essential and that, while CBD oils might be right for some people, others may find that edibles work much better for them. ApexXx CBD is all about taking control of your health and body.
  • Nanotechnology: ApexXx’s exclusive nanotechnology ensures that your body is able to efficiently absorb CBD rather than it merely passing through your body with no effect. Nanotechnology means that the effects of CBD are much more noticeable, even with smaller doses.

ApexXx CBD Oils

ApexXx CBD oil

CBD oils are the most traditional and versatile way to make CBD part of your daily health care routine. Oils can be quickly consumed by placing a few drops under your tongue or can be added to your favorite foods for a slightly more enjoyable experience. Oils are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to take CBD discreetly, with the option of adding it to your pre-prepared lunch, for example, before heading off to work in the morning. ApexXx has formulated its own 100% natural, full spectrum CBD oil, designed to improve overall wellness as well as targeting specific health conditions. 

If you are someone who does not like the idea of filling your body with unknown substances and tries to stay away from foods with a never-ending list of ingredients, then ApexXx CBD oils are the perfect solution for you. CBD oils are made from just two ingredients, 5% CBD and 95% organic hemp seed oil so that you do not have to worry about filling your body with unnecessary extras.

ApexXx CBD oils are available in two different strengths; a 150mg option and a robust 1,500mg version for those looking for a stronger dose. Each bottle comes with its own 1ml dropper, making it easy to use APexXx oils and ensure that you are correctly measuring each dose.

ApexXx Bath Bombs

ApexXx CBD

ApexXx bath bombs are the UK’s first luxury CBD bath bomb, offering a completely new way to enjoy a therapeutic bath. There is nothing quite like a calming, candlelit bath after a long and stressful day at work, and now thanks to ApexXx, bath time just got a whole lot better. As the bath bomb fizzes and dissolves into the water, the CBD mixes with the water and fills the entire tub with its soothing, healing power. And the hot water from the bath increases the size of your pores so that you are able to absorb the CBD much faster than you would with other topical methods.

You can choose from four different and indulgent fragrances, including Amber Bergamot, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Coconut Lime. Each fragrance provides a completely different bath time experience and allows you to vary up bath times depending on your current mood. Each bath bomb contains 60mg of Nanotechnology CBD for maximum absorption, meaning that your body is able to soak up every last drop of CBD infused water.

ApexXx Pain Patches

ApexXx CBD reviews

ApexXx pain patches are the perfect way to manage long-term pain because they are effective all day as a result of slowly releasing 60mg of CBD over the course of several hours. Patches are the perfect solution when you have a long and active day ahead of you and you do not want to have to keep stopping to top up your CBD dose in order to prevent pain from returning. With pain patches, you just stick a patch directly onto the painful area in the morning and you are set for the rest of the day. Medical grade adhesive is used so you do not have to worry about your patch falling off halfway through the day, meaning you can go about your day with confidence.

Each patch contains 60mg of full spectrum cannabidiol extract as well as lidocaine and menthol in order to increase the analgesic effects of the patch. ApexXx’s patches take advantage of this, meaning that CBD is easily absorbed from the patch and into the bloodstream; this allows CBD to be transported around the body acting as a general health boost.

ApexXx Gummies

ApexXx CBD review

Gummies are one of the most popular forms of CBD edibles; they can be easily carried around in your bag or pocket and can be discreetly enjoyed throughout the day for an extra dose of CBD. Edibles are one of my top ways to consume CBD, as they are a fun experience and give you something to look forward to throughout the day, just like regular snacks.

Gummies come in packs of 30, with each gummy containing 10mg of CBD. The small packaging makes it super easy to keep them with you at all times and is perfect for those moments when you just need an extra dose.

ApexXx Capsules

ApexXx capsules use the same nanotechnology as other ApexXx products, meaning that they are able to be absorbed much faster than regular CBD capsules and also have improved bioavailability. A huge bonus of ApexXx capsules is that they are soft gel, making them super easy to swallow, and they dissolve much quicker once they enter your system. Each capsule contains 25mg of full spectrum CBD offering the plant’s full range of health benefits, which is definitely a plus when comparing ApexXx capsules with CBD isolate capsules. 

ApexXx Freeze

ApexXx Freeze combines a regular pain-relieving freeze patch, something that is commonly used to ease muscle and joint pain, with the healing power of CBD. Topical forms of CBD are often used as alternatives to regular pain killers because they only affect the areas of your body that they are applied to and tend to work much faster than ingested CBD.

ApexXx’s Freeze Roll-On has quickly become the company’s most popular product, made from 100% organic ingredients. The combination of CBD and cooling therapy has become an instant hit. Packaged in an easy to use roll on all you have to do is apply a small amount to the affected area and wait a few minutes for it to absorb through your skin, it really is that simple. Unlike CBD lotions and creams, you do not even have to get your hands covered in lotion, making it the perfect topical to use while out and about. It also does not leave your skin feeling greasy, as is a common problem with topical CBD products.

ApexXx is ideal for athletes or anyone who has an active lifestyle, offering hours of relief at a time. ApexXx advertises its freeze roll on as being suitable for treating pain, swelling, and stiffness, providing almost instant relief.

ApexXx CBD Costs

  • ApexXx CBD Oils

Full Spectrum Oil 500mg – £36.99

Full Spectrum Oil 1500mg – £71.99

Full Spectrum Oil 500mg Pack of 5 – £185.00 reduced to £148.00

Full Spectrum Oil 1500mg Pack of 5 – £375.00 reduced to £300.00

  • ApexXx CBD Patches

Pain Relief Patches Pack of 5 – £109.99

Pain Relief Patches Pack of 10 – £199.99

Gummy Bears (30 per pack) – £40.00

  • ApexXx CBD Capsules

Nano Technology Capsules | 25mg (30 per container) – £79.99

  • ApexXx CBD Other Products

Freeze Roll on – £39.99

Freeze Roll on Pack of 5 – £200.00 reduced to £164.00

Bath Bomb | Available in 4 different fragrances – £18.99

Pain Relief Bundle (Full spectrum CBD oil 150mg and CBD Freeze relief) – £99.99

Final Thoughts on ApexXx CBD

The wide selection of products available on ApexXx’s online store means that you are sure to find the perfect way to work CBD into your everyday health care routine with ease. There are currently very few UK-based companies that offer such as wide selection, and extra choice is always something that is welcome in any industry.

The major selling point of ApexXx is their nanotechnology, introducing the next generation of CBD products designed with efficiency in mind. Thanks to nanotechnology, every milligram of CBD that enters your body is able to be processed, meaning that you get more from every dose. This led to me taking a reduced dose as effects felt are more intense and meant that my tiny bottle of oil lasted for ages.

ApexXx brings CBD as an all-natural daily health supplement to the UK market and shows that CBD can be more than just a small capsule or a bottle of oil, it can be enjoyed in a number of creative and fun ways. The next time you are shopping for CBD supplements, why not try ApexXx CBD for yourself? It’s never too early to start treating your body right.

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