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Apical Greens Review

Apical Greens Review

Shopping for CBD products can sometimes feel a little frustrating. Finding a brand that offers exceptional quality, affordability, and a wide range of different CBD products is not always the easiest of tasks.

Luckily, Apical Greens is a brand that aims to solve the problem of having to order from multiple different sites. It offers its customers an extensive range of CBD products. Apical Green is a brand that understands that every customer is an individual and that no two people enjoy CBD in precisely the same way.

From dry flowers to CBD edibles, Apical Greens has almost every area of the CBD industry covered so that you can shop for all of your CBD needs in one place. Let’s dive a little deeper into Apical Greens as a brand and find out what you can expect from its products.

Apical Greens Quick Summary


  • A broad range of products on offer including strain flowers and decarbed hemp capsules
  • Detailed lab-reports easily available
  • Affordable prices
  • Full-spectrum and isolate products on offer
  • Detailed terpene results
  • High-strength tinctures available, including 3000mg


  • Limited shipping destinations
  • Product descriptions could be more detailed


While Apical Greens does sell capsules, there is a lack of edibles on the site. To find some delicious and fun examples of CBD edibles, check out our best gummies picks. Which brand comes out #1?

Who Are Apical Greens?

Apical Greens is a CBD brand based in Pullman, West Virginia. And it is committed to delivering potent products at an affordable price.

A family-run business, Apical Greens started with a selection of dry flowers and has slowly expanded to contain everything from edibles and topicals to vape products and concentrates. Over the years, Apical Greens has been able to create a fully integrated manufacturing system.

Apical Greens is passionate about CBD and working to make it accessible to everyone regardless of their background and financial situation. By keeping both the growing of plants and the manufacturing as local as possible, Apical Greens can keep costs low without cutting quality.

One of the main things that make Apical Greens stand out from many other CBD brands is its wide range of products. Apical Greens values each customer and understands that everyone requires a slightly different combination of CBD products. This is something it tries to reflect through the products on offer.

Apical Greens’ online store makes it easy to quickly view all of the different CBD options and find the perfect CBD solution for you.

Apical Greens Highlights

  • Wide Range of Products: Apical Greens has an extensive range of products to choose from, including everything from whole flowers to tasty edibles. It is always great to find a store that covers all of your CBD needs. This allows you to purchase absolutely everything you need in one place.
  • Shipping Cost: Apical Greens aims to keep the price of shipping as low and as easy to understand as possible. Apical Greens offers free shipping on orders over $60. All other orders cost $4.99 regardless of your order size, offering simplicity when shopping.
  • Affordable Products: Apical Greens aims to make its products as accessible as possible without compromising on quality. This is something that you can see across Apical Greens’ entire range, with products to suit even the smallest of budgets.

Apical Greens Negative Thoughts

  • USA Only: Unfortunately, Apical Greens are currently a USA-only brand and do not offer international shipping options. As Apical Greens continues to grow as a brand, it is possible that this could change as the brand opens up to other countries.

Apical Greens Flowers

Apical Greens’ dried flowers are the brand’s flagship product; they were the first CBD products offered by this company. While Apical Greens may have come a long way since these days, it has not forgotten its founding product and now offers over ten different strains.

Apical Greens Flowers

Available in glass pots, it is possible to find all of your favorite strains at Apical Greens. Options include:

  • Cherry Mom
  • Sour Space Cowboy
  • Hawaiian Haze

Every strain is available in a range of different qualities so that you can customize your order.

For all of the dried flowers, Apical Greens provides a complete cannabinoid breakdown. This is so that you can see the average level of CBD and terpenes within each bud. The detailed analysis certificates ensure that you can easily select the dried flowers that are right for you.

Apical Greens’ dried flowers can be used in a number of ways. And they are ideal for those who want to experience the entire plant before any manufacturing and filtration has taken place. Apical Greens’ dried flowers provide the highest level of customization of control. In essence, they are perfect for the more advanced CBD users shopping with Apical Greens.

Apical Greens Vape Carts

Apical Greens have an extensive range of ready to use CBD vape cartridges.

To help you find the perfect CBD vape cartridge, Apical Greens has broken down the different options into five main categories, which all contain a range of strain options. The main types include:

  • CBG concentrates
  • Concentrate cannabis strains (CBD)
  • Concentrate fruit flavors (CBD)
  • Fully involved terps (CBD)
  • Concentrate hemp strains (CBD)

All of Apical Greens’ vape cartridges are made using full-spectrum CBD so that you can enjoy the benefits of the entire plant complete with its plentiful cannabinoid and terpene profiles. You will find many strain options: Sour Grape Candy, Sunset Sherbet, and Sour Diesel.

At Apical Greens, it is essential to keep all products as natural as possible, allowing the health benefits to shine through. One of the ways in which Apical Greens has done this with its vape cartridges is with its pure CO2 hemp extract and simple vape formula.

Apical Greens’ vape cartridges are entirely free from vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and other thinning agents. All of the vape products are also guaranteed to be free from residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Apical Greens’ vape cartridges are super simple to use straight out of the box. This allows you to enjoy all of your favorite strains in a hassle-free and fun way.

Apical Greens Tinctures and Edibles

Apical Greens has three main categories of CBD products that fall within the tinctures and edibles section of their online store:

  • CBD oil syringes
  • Traditional oil tinctures
  • Hemp capsules

In keeping with the theme across Apical Greens’ website, all three of these CBD products are available in a range of popular strains, including Sour Space Cowboy and Pineapple Express.

Apical Greens oil tinctures provide a straightforward yet effective form of CBD. Oil tinctures can be used on their own in drop form as well as being added to all of your favorite recipes. Apical Greens uses a simple formula, blending coconut oil with CBD extract to create its vibrant and cannabinoid-packed oil tinctures.

Apical Greens Tinctures and Edibles

At Apical Greens, they understand that while CBD tinctures offer a great deal of customization and control. However, they are not the easiest to use in every situation, and this is where Apical Greens’ syringes are a great alternative. Ready to use straight out of the box, Apical Greens’ syringes provide a very similar experience to oil tinctures. But they have the benefit of a precise, pre-measured dose of CBD oil.

Apical Greens’ hemp capsules are an excellent way to fill your body with cannabinoids in a quick and discreet way. Each capsule contains a pre-measured dosage so that you are guaranteed the same reliable effect with each capsule. In essence, these CBD capsules are a great choice for those with busy lifestyles.

Apical Greens Topicals

When shopping with Apical Greens, there are two excellent topicals to choose from: A hemp oil high potency roll-on, and a hemp high potency salve. Both topical options are packed with 1000mg of vibrant CBD, providing your skin with a powerful cannabinoid boost.

Infused with peppermint and copaiba essential oils, Apical Greens’ CBD roll-on has been designed to interact directly with the body’s CB2 receptors for fast-acting effects. Packaged in a beautiful glass roll-on, it could not be easier to use. Simply apply to the target area of skin and leave to absorb.

Apical Greens Topicals

Apical Greens’ CBD salve comes in a 2-ounce tin that has been designed with discreteness and portability in mind. Using just four ingredients, Apical Greens has kept its salve as simple and effective as possible. Within each tin, you will find a balanced blend of organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, essential oils, and winterized hemp oil extract.

Both of Apical Greens’ topicals have a delicate wintergreen aroma that stems from the balance of natural ingredients used to create both products. Apical Greens’ topicals have been designed to be effective both on their own and as part of a more varied CBD routine.

How to Buy Apical Greens Products

Apical Greens’ online store offers USA based customers full access to all of its CBD products. Apical Greens has divided the store into different categories so that you can browse products in a clear and easy to understand way. In other words, they create a quick and straightforward shopping experience.

Apical Greens has opted for minimalist website design. Many brands tend to pack their websites with educational information designed to teach you about CBD while you shop. This is excellent but can quickly feel overwhelming for newcomers.

Apical Greens understands the value of being discreet. That’s why they ship all of its products in plain packaging for a no-hassle delivery. The discreet packaging is perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without drawing unwanted attention.

Apical Greens tries to keep its shipping costs as low as possible. The company has therefore set the price of shipping at $4.99 regardless of how large your order is, with all orders over $60 eligible for free shipping.

The ‘Fire Sales’ section of Apical Greens’ website features all of the latest deals and is a great place to start. Apical Greens continually updates this section of the website so that you can easily find all of the latest dealings and savings.

Final Verdict on Apical Greens

Apical Green is an excellent option for anyone who likes to have as much choice as possible. Whether you are looking for a tasty CBD edible or a powerful CBD topical, you are certainly sure to find exactly what you need when shopping with Apical Greens.

Apical Greens is the perfect example of how affordability and quality can work side by side and that you do not need to compromise on one to satisfy the other.


Final Verdict: 7/10

We think Apical Greens represents an affordable brand. If you want to know more about prices within the CBD industry, take a look at our review.


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