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Aura CBD

Aura Review

With more and more hemp websites popping up like daisies in the UK, it is harder than ever to shift through the pile looking for premium quality products. But we are here to make the process as painless as possible. After 5 years of development, Aura CBD is a company that has created a solid foothold in the UK hemp industry. The aim of the brand is to provide a holistic experience through their use of their high-quality products including oils, balms, pastes, and edibles.

The Aura CBD brand is about cheering for holistic and natural remedies, that can be just as effective as some of the solutions we are using today, but without any of the unnecessary chemicals. Their products are all organic and full-spectrum because they believe that cannabidiol is more powerful when used together with other cannabis compounds.

To gain an even greater understanding of the ethos behind the company name, let’s take a look at Aura CBD’s origin.

Who is Aura CBD: How Was the Company Formed?

Aura CBD oil

Founded five years ago by Aura Lakshmi, the brand has since become a small success. When Aura first began experimenting with the effects of CBD in 2013, she quickly discovered that it helped to treat various ailments that she had been suffering from.

Aura CBD isn’t only about producing effective products, they also believe in looking after our environment. That’s why they always try to use recyclable materials when possible, and are 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free. The company, of course, ship within the UK and luckily to many other places too, but make sure to email the company first to make sure they can definitely ship to your location.

Over the past year, Aura CBD has taken great steps to solidify their presence in the UK market, and they now offer more products than ever! On their website, you can find hemp pastes, skincare products, and edibles, in addition to their variety of top-class Aura CBD tinctures.

Aura CBD highlights: What They Bring to the Industry

We could list plenty of highlights when it comes to Aura CBD but here are the ones that really stood out for us:

  • Customer care: They create effective, innovative and enjoyable cannabidiol products with the purpose of improving people’s lives
  • 100% plant-based: All of the Aura CBD products are free of both herbicides and pesticides. They seek high-quality organic, plant-based ingredients to make sure that their products are free of all contaminants
  • Returns and refunds: If you aren’t happy with your purchase you have 30 days to return or exchange your purchase.
  • Environmentally aware: All of the Aura CBD products are grown organically, and recyclable materials are used for their packaging. They believe in environmentally friendly and sustainable business that leaves the least impact on the planet.
  • Informative: Since the brand message is about clean, raw consumption, they are exceptional at listing all ingredients on products to ensure that customers know exactly what they are purchasing.
  • Purity: Their full-spectrum CBD hemp extract is always triple-tested through third-party lab tests for purity and strength. While the majority of products on the market are about 60 – 70% pure, the Aura CBD sources are 99% pure, potent, and effective, and have a high bioavailability rate.
Aura CBD review

Aura CBD Oil Review: CBD Products

While Aura CBD doesn’t have a huge variety of products, they certainly have enough to give them a solid reputation as a seller. Their stand-out range on the website has to be the Aura CBD oils, with 6 different oils to choose from, customers can pick out the perfect potency to suit their lifestyle. Other products you can find on the site are pastes, chocolates, and a balm. To find out how more about each of these items, keep reading this review.

  • CBD Oils

As we mentioned before, the Aura CBD Oils are vast in quantity! Leave yourself some time to explore the selection, so you know exactly what you are buying. The oils themselves are split into two different ranges, the Raw CBD Drops, and the regular CBD Oils.

Their raw drops differ from the traditional oil as they have not been heat-treated, meaning the oils have gone through less processing and have a higher level of CBDa. You can find the raw drops in a 10%, 20%, 30% potency, all stocked in a 10ml bottle. There is an even greater ranger for the regular drops that come in 2.5%, 5.0%, 10%, and 30% potencies.

Unlike a lot of CBD oils on the market, these products are full-spectrum and are rich in terpenes, fatty acids, and flavonoids. While there aren’t any flavored oils on the website, which are helpful for customers who dislike the bitter taste of hemp, we appreciate that the company have tried to keep their oils as natural as possible.

Most of these oils are available to purchase in lots of four, which means if you like the oil, you don’t have to buy as frequently and you can stock up! You may find that occasionally some of the oils have a discounted price, so keep checking the website for any potential sales.

  • CBD Paste

There are only two Aura CBD Pastes on their site, a 3-gram and 10-gram product. Again these harness the power of the whole hemp plant, meaning they are completely full-spectrum. While these products may seem intimidating at first sight, the website does a wonderful job at explaining how to use them. They suggest using a grain of rice-sized amount of product, and similar to the oils, place it underneath your tongue no more than 4 times a day.

The CBD Pastes are both 16% CBD in total, so we definitely don’t see as much range as the oils. This product is great if you are looking for a slightly different texture than the oils, and want to experiment with some new products.

  • CBD Edibles
Aura CBD discount code

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Probably the most exciting product on the site is their Aura CBD edibles, the chocolate squares. You can find a total of 30 chocolates in each bag – which is more generous than most other companies.

It’s a little disappointing that the website doesn’t specify how much cannabidiol is present in each chocolate. But it is great to see them using such simple ingredients in the product itself, organic raw cacao butter, organic raw agave nectar, organic raw cacao powder, organic CBD extract.

We would love to see an even greater variety of CBD edibles on the site and hope that the company are going to expand in the future.

  • CBD Skin Products

If you are looking for Aura CBD skin products on the website you might be surprised to learn that there is only one product. This is their CBD Skin Balm, which is contained in a 30ml tub. While they can’t boast a varied range, the product itself is very diverse. It can be used on all skin types, and can even replace your daily moisturizer.

The balms silky texture can be credited to simple yet effective ingredients, such as organic lavender essential oils. Skin products containing cannabidiol can be a great way to give yourself a boost for the day, and this product is of no exception. The balm itself contains only 3% CBD, so it might not be the most potent but you can be sure it will be one of the most natural topicals you will find.

Aura CBD Oil Review: Costs

If these products sound interesting to you, here is a quick breakdown of prices you can expect to find on the website.

  • Aura CBD Oils

CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml – £17.99
CBD Oil 5% 10ml – £27.99
CBD Oil 10% 10ml – £45.00
CBD Oil 30% 10ml – £75.00
Raw CBD Drops 20% 10ml – £59.99

  • Aura CBD Paste

Whole Plant CBD Paste 16% 3g – £45.00
Whole Plant CBD Paste 16% 10g – £99.00

  • Aura CBD Edibles

CBD Raw Chocolate One a Day – £28.00

  • Aura CBD Skin Products

CBD Skin Balm 30ml – £25.00

It’s refreshing to know that the Aura CBD ethos isn’t only based on profit, instead, they want to create good-quality, natural products. And although Aura CBD has only been around for five years, they have already made a name for themselves in the UK market. With their beautifully designed bottles and a strong sense of ethics, this is a company we hope will continue to thrive in the industry.

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