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Biofield CBD Review

Over the last decade, we have seen a massive rise in the popularity of CBD. New research is continuously becoming available, highlighting how CBD has the potential to benefit our health.

If the health benefits of CBD aren’t enough, it is also one of the few natural supplements widely available. This natural approach to the supplements that we take gives us more control than ever before over our health.

CBD is also an extremely versatile supplement. While most supplements come in capsule form or soluble tablets, CBD can be enjoyed in an almost endless range of different ways. Whether you are looking for a tasty edible or a quick and straightforward capsule that you can take while on the go, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

To understand why it has become such a popular supplement option, we have to look at the brand. It is essential to find a CBD brand that is passionate about delivering the best that CBD has to offer. Biofield CBD is a brand that believes in CBD and its ability to shape the future of modern medicine.

Let’s take a look at the Biofield CBD brand and find out if they deliver.

Who Are Biofield CBD?

Biofield CBD believes that CBD has a vital role to play in the future of medicine. The Biofield brand was fuonded from a desire to contribute to the future. They want to show people that healthy options are accessible to everyone.

A key element of Biofield CBD’s mission is to remove the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds CBD. They want to show that there is a CBD option for everyone. Biofield CBD are hoping to reshape the fundamental way in which we think about our health. They do this by creating both high quality and effective products and education.

Biofield CBD believes that one of CBD’s main strengths is the fact that it is a completely natural supplement. But, CBD is not always easy to find. Biofield CBD’s want their products to stay as true to nature as possible. 

All of Biofield CBD products are made using 100% organically grown, non-GMO CBD. Biofield CBD has worked closely with farms in Kentucky, so they know that only the best CBD is used in their products.

Kentucky is known for its mineral-rich soil, which produces potent CBD. But by sourcing it from local farms, Biofield CBD keep their carbon footprint to a minimum.

Delivering exceptionally high-quality products is essential to Biofield CBD. In order to ensure that this happens, their products are tested by third-party labs. Thorough testing includes checking the precise CBD content of each product. They do this to sure that they are 100% THC free.

The results from the lab tests carried out are available to customers through Biofield CBD’s website, even before you purchase.

Biofield CBD Highlights

Biofield CBD’s commitment to transparency is rare to find in an online retailer. This commitment means that you are able to shop with peace of mind and confidence. Here are some more examples of their excellence:

Guaranteed to Contain Zero THC: Biofield CBD only uses the finest Kentucky grown hemp in their products, ensuring that each item is 100% THC free. THC can cause psychoactive effects and often puts people off trying CBD. With Biofield CBD, this is something that you never have to worry about.

Full Transparency: Biofield CBD believe in complete transparency and that customers should know exactly what they are putting into their body. Biofield CBD makes the lab results from every product tested available on their website. The company also provides detailed information about every single ingredient.

Organic CBD: All of the CBD used in Biofield CBD products is sourced from organic farms. Farms that believe in using sustainable methods. Not only are Biofield products helping to protect the environment, but that they are also 100% free from harmful toxins.

Biofield CBD Tinctures

Biofield CBD has designed its CBD oil to be as natural as possible, keeping the ingredient list to a minimum. There are only two things that go into each bottle of Biofield CBD oil: Organic, high-quality CBD, and 1% MCT oil.

Biofield CBD Tinctures

Each bottle of oil is subjected to in-depth lab testing to ensure that they are as pure as possible. The company wants to ensure that you are only putting the ingredients that you know of into your body. Biofield CBD sourcing all of its CBD from trustworthy organic farms. You can use CBD oil with confidence, knowing that it only contains natural, feel-good ingredients.

There are three different strength oils for customers to choose from, starting with a 500mg bottle – perfect for those who are looking for a small dose that can be taken daily. Other options include a 1500mg bottle and a much stronger 3000mg bottle.

Biofield CBD aims to make its products as user-friendly as possible. An example of this can be seen in the design used for their tinctures. Each bottle comes with a secure lid and is crafted with portability and convenience in mind. A built-in dropper means that the bottles are a convenient way to enjoy a dose of CBD.

CBD oils come in 30ml bottle, the perfect size for keeping in your pocket. The size also means it won’t quickly disappear into your bag. The compact design of Biofield CBD oils means that you can go about your daily life with confidence.

Biofield CBD Capsules

Biofield CBD understands that while CBD oil might provide the most natural CBD experience, it is not always the most convenient of ways to take CBD. That is why they have used their famous CBD formula to create capsules. Biofield CBD’s capsules pack the same high-quality CBD as their CBD oils only in a super convenient capsule form.

Biofield CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are created to be discreet so that you feel confident taking them no matter what the situation. Capsules look just like regular pharmaceuticals, rather than a CBD product, helping you to stay in control of how you manage your health.

Just like Biofield CBD’s oils, their capsules only contain two active ingredients: CBD and MCT oil. Biofield CBD’s minimalistic approach ensures that you know exactly what you are putting into your body and that you are able to experience CBD in its most natural form.

In order to make their capsules as accessible to as many people as possible, Biofield CBD has used a soft gel formula. Unlike regular capsules, soft gels are more comfortable to swallow, ideal for those who struggle with more traditional tablets.

Each soft gel capsule contains precisely 25mg of high-quality CBD. One of the great things about Biofield CBD’s capsules is that they guarantee that each capsule contains the same precise dose. Measuring out your dosage of CBD each day leaves room for error and inconsistencies, but with Biofield CBD capsules, this is something that you never have to worry about again.

Biofield CBD Cream

Biofield CBD Cream

Biofield CBD rapid cooling pain cream has been designed to deliver the same high-quality natural experience, only in topical form. Topicals are the perfect CBD solution for those who want to ensure that their skin stays as healthy as the rest of the body.

In keeping with the theme of Biofield CBD, their CBD cream only contains five active ingredients for a natural feel-good experience. Biofield CBD uses a formula which consists of 99% CBD isolate, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract, arnica Montana flower extract, menthol, and purified water.

Biofield CBD’s natural mix of ingredients results in a cream that feels light on your skin. Many creams can leave your skin feeling heavy and weighed down, but with Biofield CBD cream, your skin instead feels smooth and healthy.

Their rapid cooling pain cream comes in a 3.4-ounce bottle with a built-in pump. The attention to detail and features such as the built-in pump really showcases Biofield CBD’s customer-first approach. The pump allows you to easily measure out the same amount of cream with each use, while also ensuring that you do not make a mess.

Each bottle of CBD rapid cooling pain cream contains precisely 200mg of organic, feel-good CBD isolate. Biofield CBD made the decision to use CBD isolate. You are guaranteed a real experience and do not have to worry about the effects of other cannabinoids.

Biofield CBD Costs

CBD Topical Cream (200mg) – $49.95

Oil Tincture (500mg) – $49.95

CBD Gel Capsules (25mg per pill) – $64.95

How to Buy Biofield CBD Products

For US customers, Biofield CBD products can be purchased directly through their online store. The company’s website offeres detailed information about each item, hemping you to make an informed decision about which products are right for your needs.

Biofield CBD has included links to detailed lab reports, allowing you to see exactly what goes into each item before you click order.

As all of Biofield CBD’s products are made using CBD isolate, meaning that they are completely THC free, they can be shipped to all 50 US states. Biofield CBD even offers customers who spend more than $99 free shipping, helping to make CBD accessible to even more people.

The company is aware that there is still a stigma associated with CBD, and while they are working to change this, they also know that they have to work to meet the needs of present-day society. Biofield CBD ship every order in a discreet package and include all of the necessary lab reports to prove that their products are THC free.

Biofield CBD uses specific packaging methods so that their products are less likely to be flagged by postal works. By doing this, they ensure that you receive your package in a timely manner.

They want their customers to be happy with their purchase. Biofield CBD is, however, aware that this is not always going to be the case. Therefore offers a question free 30-day refund policy.

The hope is that by allowing customers to return products, they are not happy with, they will feel much more confident trying a range of different CBD products, resulting in them to find the perfect solution.

Final Verdict About Biofield CBD

Biofield CBD is more than just a brand offering their customer novelty products. They are committed to creating high-quality products that have a real impact on their customer’s lives. Biofield CBD is helping to shape the future, showcasing the natural side to CBD.

All of Biofield CBD’s products use high quality, organic CBD that is grown using sustainable methods. Biofield CBD wants to do more than produce and sell products; they want to make a real difference both to the future of medicine and also the environment.

Biofield CBD is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer every single customer a 30-day refund guarantee. This shows that Biofield wants customers to find the right products.

Why not head over to Biofield CBD’s website and check out some of their products for yourself?  

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