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Blue Moon Hemp Review [My Personal Experience]

Blue Moon Hemp Review [My Personal Experience]

Like many other CBD companies, Blue Moon Hemp’s aim is to enlighten the public on all that CBD has to offer in terms of medical value and general well-being. Although, it has to be said that they don’t offer an abundance of information; by that we mean there is only one article. This article does, however, provide the customer with some basic information, explaining what CBD is and how it impacts the body.

They claim to reach a compromise with their customers, selling at a fair price considering the high-quality of their oil – something we will investigate later in the article!

Who Are Blue Moon Hemp?

Blue Moon Hemp deal exclusively with hemp crops, which is not surprising considering the name! They use no pesticides or herbicides on the crops, as their aim is to keep the hemp as natural as possible – they believe this will create the best quality hemp oil.

The website itself has a very cool, ethereal design. Clearly inspired by space, you’ll find a variety of star constellations and moon images. And there are plenty of products to choose from. In fact, after a first glance it all feels quite overwhelming. The website stocks hemp oil e-blunts, CBD gummies, salves, shatters, and much more.

If this has peaked your curiosity, keep on reading to find out some of the company’s best qualities.

Blue Moon Hemp Highlights

With so many products on offer, Blue Moon Hemp have obviously had the commercial success to develop such a large variety of stock. These may be some of the reasons why they have resonated positively with the CBD industry:

  • Free shipping over $99: If you are a fan of buying in bulk, then this deal may be just what you are after. Obviously, it isn’t a small minimum amount to spend, so it’s likely that customers won’t be trying the deal on their first purchase. But it could be a great investment if you find their products effective.
  • Lots of variety: One of the best aspects of the company is their large variety of products. It really gives the customer freedom to choose exactly what method they want to use when imbibing CBD.
  • Quality grown hemp: The hemp used is non-GMO, organic, and free of any chemical pesticides and herbicides. This means you are consuming the cleanest oil possible.
  • Strong social media presence: Companies these days are often expected to represent their brand through a variety of social platforms. Blue Moon Hemp have certainly achieved that, making the company feel very much like a community.

Negative Thoughts on Blue Moon Hemp

Something that the company could develop are their product reviews. While they offer customers the chance to view a general selection of reviews, there are a lack of reviews on individual products – which we think is pretty essential! Normally when you are browsing an item on a website, you want to know specific opinions about that one product, rather than generic views of the brand. While using the website, we also found that some of the links, such as ‘Store Locator’, had difficulty loading or in some cases didn’t load at all.

My Personal Experience with Blue Moon Hemp

One of the products I thought I would try is the Tru Blu Tuna (Cat Tincture 150mg). As many cat owners know, they have a tendency to take over your life, and any sign of ailment can become an immediate worry! I thought this product would be ideal for my cat’s vet anxiety. Consuming the oil didn’t seem to be a problem for her, as I would add it to her regular food. The effect itself was noticeable, and although she would still make a lot of noise while we were waiting inside the vet, physically she seemed much less agitated than she normally would. Rather than continuous pacing, she would sit quite comfortably in her cage. Overall, it’s probably a product I would keep in the cupboard for when she does experience bad days, or just occasional bouts, of anxiety.

Blue Moon Hemp Products

We know that Blue Moon Hemp sell a huge variety of CBD products, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular in greater detail.

Blue Moon Hemp Oil E-Blunts

blue moon hemp

There is a significant lack of information about the e-blunts on the website. What we can see is that they come in 3 different flavors: Flan, Red Devil, and Kush. On the website they are advertised as containing 560mg, with a 42% CBD content. But the lack of information on both how the product works and what ingredients the product contains could be disheartening for new users of e-blunts.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD & Oil Tinctures

blue moon cbd

The CBD and oil tinctures can be a great introduction to anyone not confident with CBD use. They are very accessible to beginners, and on the Blue Moon website you can find 3 different flavors to choose from: Berry, Natural and Peppermint. One massive positive for the website is they have an amazing choice of potency! Which means you can tailor the CBD very closely to your ailment. You can find 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 3000mg tinctures on the site.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Pet Tinctures


You can purchase two types of pet tinctures, one tuna flavored oil (aimed at cats), and one bacon flavored oil (aimed at dogs). Both oils come in a 250mg potency and are made with organic, cold pressed hemp oil. It can be difficult getting your pet to take any kind of medicine, but I found that the flavored oil makes it much easier for owners to add CBD to their pet’s food.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salves

bluemoon hemp

For those who work out or suffer from an uncomfortable skin condition, you may find yourself drawn to a CBD salve. And you’ll be happy to hear that these come in no short supply on the website! You can choose from three different flavors: Natural, Limonene and Eucalyptus. These contain 0% THC, so customers don’t have to worry about a psychoactive high, and the salves can also be purchased in a variety of sizes including 10oz, 20oz and 40oz.

Blue Moon Hemp Oil Review: Costs

  • Blue Moon Hemp Oil E-Blunts

Aqua Drops E-Blunt Single – $19.00

Flan E-Blunt Single – $19.00

Red Devil E-Blunt Single – $19.00

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD & Oil Tinctures

Tru Blu Berry CBD Tincture (100+ mg) – From $19.00

Tru Blu CBD Tincture (100+ mg) – From $19.00

Tru Blu Peppermint CBD Tincture (100+ mg) – From $19.00

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD & Hemp Vape E-Liquids

Flan CBD Quarter Moon (100mg) – $29.00

Red Devil CBD Quarter Moon (100mg) – $29.00

Kush CBD Total Eclipse (100mg) – $29.00

Black Kat CBD Quarter Moon (100mg) – $29.00

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

Gummies (10mg) – From $9.00

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Pet Tinctures

Tru Blu Tuna CBD Cat Tincture (250mg) – $39.00

Tru Blu Bacon CBD K9 Tincture (250mg) – $39.00

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salves

CBD Salve Eucalyptus (10oz) – $25.00

CBD Salve Natural (10oz) – $25.00

CBD Salve Limonene (10oz) – $25.00

  • Blue Moon Hemp CBD Shatters

Blueberry OG CBD Shatter (0.5 grams) – $39.00

Pineapple Express CBD Shatter (0.5 grams) – $39.00

Sativa AK47 CBD Shatter (0.5 grams) – $39.00

Final Verdict on Blue Moon Hemp

The Blue Moon Hemp site looks promising; they offer some of the most varied CBD tinctures that we have seen so far. And choice is always happily received within the CBD industry. Equally, their prices seem very fair, especially considering how confident they are with the quality of their oil. However, it’s impossible to ignore that some of the product descriptions need much more information, and the website in general needs some attention. Whether it’s broken links or more information on CBD in general, there is some work to be done.

We are excited to see what this CBD company has in store for us within the next couple of years!

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