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Blue Moon Hemp Review

If you want a useful Blue Moon Hemp review, especially if you want to learn more about their oils, look no further. We are here to investigate exactly what CBD products they sell, how they manufacture them, and why.

Let’s drive-in!

Blue Moon Hemp Quick Summary


  • Lab-tested for quality, cannabinoid content, and safety
  • Hemp is locally sourced from Kentucky farms
  • Great range of products, including CBD e-liquids
  • A confident 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Highly potent oils available, such as 3000mg
  • Winner of “Best Hemp Company” at the 2019 Cannabis Awards
  • Products sold both online and in-store


  • Expensive international shipping

Blue Moon Hemp sells a range of tasty CBD e-liquids, but the competition is fierce. Find out which brand claimed our #1 spot for the best CBD vape oil.



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Blue Moon Hemp – All You Need to Know

One of the trickiest things about finding a new CBD, or cannabidiol, oil brand for yourself is actually being able to understand and differentiate any particular brand from any other. When it comes to oils, there are so many different brands available, but there is always never enough information out there to make an informed decision.

Just how are you supposed to find your new favorite oil brand if you can’t find any useful reviews?

Well, Blue Moon Hemp is one brand that doesn’t make it easy; although the Blue Moon Hemp story is undoubtedly interesting, it is pretty difficult to find much information on their website. But, we have tried our very best to bring together as much information as possible on this brand.

Who Is Blue Moon Hemp: The Mystery Revealed

Blue Moon Hemp is a brand that is heavily focused on their hemp, both by improving its reputation in the world and fighting against prejudices, and in making sure that all of their products are sourced from responsible, environmentally friendly growers.

All Blue Moon Hemp oil products are made with the consumer in mind. Which means making sure the company produces only the very best possible oil. How do they do this? They start by ensuring that they only use Kentucky-grown hemp, sourced locally by Blue Moon Hemp themselves.

All Blue Moon Hemp products are broad-spectrum, which means they contain a reduced mixture of additional cannabinoids alongside regular CBD. This allows Blue Moon Hemp oil to work far more effectively in the human body thanks to the entourage effect.

Blue Moon Hemp is also a brand that seems to consider themselves somewhat elite as a producer. Instead of bandying coupon codes and heavily marketing themselves, they are far more secretive about their discounts. Preferring that the value and integrity of their products speak for themselves.

Blue Moon Hemp Highlights: What Did We Find Out?

  • Huge Range of Different Products: Blue Moon Hemp has an absolutely massive range of different products, all with their own helpful reviews and incredible effectiveness.
  • Locally Sourced, Responsibly Grown Hemp: One of the most significant benefits of Blue Moon Hemp, and indeed one of the main selling points in any Blue Moon Hemp review, is their choice of hemp. This brand carefully selects each plant, with careful attention to detail for both cannabidiol content and environmentally friendly growing practices.
  • Reliable Self Reporting: Blue Moon Hemp’s biggest strength is its confidence in their own products. Presenting little to no side effects and freely offering all kinds of lab reports and independent testing of their products to verify that they contain exactly what they say they will.

Blue Moon Hemp Products: Testing for Quality

One of Blue Moon Hemp’s greatest qualities is its sheer diversity of products. While they are all focused around the Blue Moon Hemp Oil, customers can choose to consume it in different ways from e-liquids to topical salves.

When a brand has so many different options to choose from, it can feel incredibly daunting to try and pick just one type to try for the first time. So, let’s take a look at the individual products available on the Blue Moon Hemp site and examine which of their products are the very best.

Alongside that, keep an eye out for an elusive Blue Moon Hemp 10% discount, which they will occasionally release to the public to entice new users to try their unique products.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD E-Liquid

Blue Moon Hemp e-liquids are available in five different flavors, each with its own distinctive and surprisingly original name.

You can choose from the following:

  • Mango Moon: which is a sweet and fruity mango-inspired flavor
  • Flan: which tastes like you’d expect, with a strong flavor of vanilla and caramel
  • Kush: which is the closest in flavor to smoking regular marijuana
  • Red Devil: flavored with strawberry and vanilla
  • Pure: which has no additional flavorings and instead tastes like hemp itself.

All of Blue Moon Hemp e-liquids are made from a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol so as to provide the clearest and smoothest smoking experience possible.

One of the more interesting features of Blue Moon Hemp e-liquid products is that each flavor is available in the same size denominations, all costing exactly the same. What’s more, they name them according to their size in relation to the moon.

The only size you can buy Blue Moon Hemp’s e-liquids is 1000mg. And this is sold at $49.

This combination of both an impressive moon-based name system and sizing consistency makes it easy to choose your favorite e-liquid, without having to suffer a reduction in choice just because you want a particular flavor.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Tinctures

Blue Moon Hemp’s CBD Tinctures are available in precisely the same size denominations and pricing as their e-liquids. However, Blue Moon Hemp Tinctures take it to the next level, offering increased dosage options, including a 2000mg version that costs $109 and a 3000mg version that costs $149.



As before with their e-liquids, Blue Moon Hemp offers a variety of differently flavored tincture options. However, their tinctures differ in that they are based on hemp seed oil and thus have a much stronger, more hemp-like flavor. This is most noticeable in their base tincture, TruBlu Natural, which contains nothing but cold-pressed virgin hemp seed oil, along with cannabidiol and a few natural flavorings.

Blue Moon Hemp offers other flavors for those that don’t enjoy the base intensity of hemp seed oil, with flavors like Peppermint and Berry, but you don’t have to pay any increased price to avoid that unpleasant flavor of hemp if you don’t want to.

Blue Moon Hemp definitely focus on their tinctures, as this range has the most extensive variety of different strengths. Making it very easy to choose precisely how much cannabidiol you want from each drop of oil.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Pet Tinctures

Blue Moon Hemp doesn’t just offer tinctures for humans; they also provide CBD pet tinctures.



Blue Moon Hemp Pet Tinctures don’t come in as much variety as the regular tincture but come with the added benefit of more dog-friendly flavorings. They offer TruBlu Bacon, which is a bacon-flavored tincture, available in either 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg varieties, costing $19, $39 and $59 respectively.

They also offer a cat-friendly option, which is something that most CBD retailers completely forget about. Often only making products for dogs or one oil for all animals under the umbrella of ‘pet’.

The TruBlu Bluefin Tuna is available in 250mg and costs the same as the equivalent doggie dosage, $19.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salves

Although tinctures are by far the most popular method of imbibing oil, there are those that prefer applying their oil directly to their skin. For those people, Blue Moon Hemp also produces a line of CBD salves, once again in a variety of flavors and intensities.


You can get their salve in either basic, natural flavor, or you can choose between Eucalyptus or Limonene. Giving you the choice between smelling like an Australian forest and attracting every Koala bear you see, or like a lemon tree.

The pricing and sizing for each flavor remain the same as with each of the other Blue Moon Hemp CBD varieties; you can pick up salve in either 2oz or 4oz versions, costing $35 or $59 respectively.

The key thing here is that the price and sizing difference between products isn’t dependant on their individual intensity, as it is with other types. Instead, the different choices of salve merely differentiate between the actual sizes of the jars, allowing you to either pick up a small 2oz jar for a sample try of salve, or a much larger 4oz jar for regular use.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is definitely one of the lesser-known varieties of cannabidiol available on the market these days. Blue Moon Hemp CBD shatter is available in much the same way as other options are on their website. Namely, you can pick it up in a variety of different flavors and intensities, all of which are priced in the same way.

All Blue Moon Hemp CBD Shatter is available in 1.0-gram varieties, that costs $39.00.

With regard to flavor, all shatter is flavored according to popular marijuana strains, rather than any particular artificial flavors. This is why you can choose between Sativa AK47, Pineapple Express, or Sour Diesel for your shatter flavors. This is because Blue Moon Hemp can use the natural terpenes found within those cannabis strains to flavor them, rather than having to rely on any kind of artificial flavorings.

All of their shatters have a massive 99.6% purity, making this the purest and most simplistic way to imbibe cannabidiol. Simply get yourself a water pipe and imbibe your CBD hassle-free.

Blue Moon Hemp: CBD Gummies

Finally, Blue Moon Hemp also offers a limited range of CBD gummies. Unlike their other products with a variety of different flavors, Blue Moon Hemp offers three different types, regular gummies, melatonin, or sugar-free.

Their regular gummies are available in either a 100mg bag costing $9.90 or a bag with either 150mg or 250mg of CBD, costing $14.90 and $19.90 respectively. The Blue Moon Hemp gummies with melatonin only come in 150mg.

Their gummies all have the same taste, offering a blend of sweet and sour flavors that make each bite an explosion for your taste buds. The gummies dosed with melatonin are simple, all you need to do is take a single gummy before bedtime, making the whole experience of getting to sleep that much easier.

How to Buy Blue Moon Hemp Products

In comparison to other retailers, Blue Moon Hemp is incredibly easy to buy for yourself. They sell all of their products on their own website, making it incredibly easy to order and you can receive all of your products through a variety of different delivery options.

Additionally, Blue Moon Hemp is available in a variety of different commercial, brick, and mortar retailers across the USA. Allowing you to not only buy their products online but also to view them in-store and make your purchase in person.

Instead, consumers can make the choice that is right for them and not have to suffer the potential of not enjoying their chosen type of CBD; they can just choose what works for them.

Not many brands do this, so this is definitely something that Blue Moon Hemp does which sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

Final Thoughts on Blue Moon Hem

One of the very best features of Blue Moon Hemp is the sheer consistency of their pricing. By allowing you to choose between all kinds of different flavors and levels of intensities, but remaining completely consistent in their price options, prospective buyers don’t have to feel pressured to get any particular brand or flavor simply because it is the best-priced option.

When shopping through the Blue Moon Hemp catalog, you can’t help but feel like this is a brand that really, truly cares about the consumer. The sheer quantity of choice, the logical consistency, and fairness of their pricing and even their helpful instructions for all their products make Blue Moon Hemp a brand that seems determined to not only provide you with high-quality products but also to help you enjoy them as well.

The vast variety of different products means that you will always find something to grab your attention.

Official Site: bluemoonhemp.com
15% Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

Final Verdict: 9/10

If Blue Moon Hemp hasn’t grabbed your attention, we have plenty of brands that will. From CBD oils to topicals, have a look at the top 5 brands making a splash in the CBD industry.

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Ryan Husband

I find vaping Blue moon to be a very controlled and subtle kind of experience. It deep relaxes my system slowly, much better than smoking weed I’d say. I have not quit weed, but when I wish to have something moderate, I go with it. As a brand I rate Blue Moon very highly because they’ve always been producing the same quality with consistency and no side effects ever.

Carmen Hall

Blue Moon hemp has debunked all my myths and misconceptions on CBD. Earlier I was very hesitant to try CBD even for once. Then, my mother, who was already on Blue Moon convinced me that it is very useful in pain management and that there is no harm trying it. I did so when she got very persuasive about it. And yes, from the very first use, I felt relieved and worry-free. There were no side effects or discomforts at all.

Nicki Jackson

I often buy certain items from them with desperation, they’re all so appealing. I use them regularly now, just because I want to enjoy the excellent consistency of Blue Moon Hemp CBD products. I call it desperation, not because they’ve addicted me, but because they work very well in my epilepsy problem.

Hortensia Valdez

I am an athlete and have frequent shin splints and calf muscle pull pains. Blue Moon oil massage over the affected area helps a lot. I warm the oil a bit, mix it in Aloe Vera and then massage it stroking gently in one direction only for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then I cover the area in a crepe bandage and leave it like that for about 2 hours. Works very good.

Christopher Kerr

Blue Moon Hemp has helped me quit weed. Could I be more obliged with this brand? It brought down the withdrawal symptoms to such an extent that I could quit. The journey was still very tough, but all is well that ends well. And I give all the credit to the anti-depressant pills and BlueMoon Hemp.

Gloria Lopez

Blue Moon saves me from my chronic pains that I have due to arthritis. I would not comment on how much it helps each time, that varies. But it helps. Make all the CBD and weed legal everywhere I would say. This should be available freely and at reasonable rates as I classify it to be a necessity and not a choice.

Kevin Maes

The shatter form this one is an exemplary product. I have used it many a times and it always is the same great experience. I use Blue moon for their salves as well, and I think it is a great CBD brand that delivers quality products very quickly. One of the best options to buy CBD near me.