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BlueBird Botanicals CBD Review [My Personal Experience]

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Review [My Personal Experience]

Focusing on accessibility, BlueBird Botanicals are a CBD oil company that aim to give as many people as possible the chance to get their hands-on CBD. That’s why they ship nationwide in the United States and have teamed up with a sister company, called CannaWell, which supplies CBD internationally as well.

But why would you buy from BlueBird Botanicals? The company excel in providing a decent variety of CBD products, including hemp oil, concentrated CBD oil, isolates, capsules, vape oils and CBD pet products. So, no matter what your preferred way of consuming CBD, BlueBird Botanicals have got you covered!

Today we are going to give you a full BlueBird Botanicals CBD review and answer some of your questions; why is this brand award-winning, how effective are their products and what mantra does the company follow? To view BlueBird Botanicals’ range of CBD products, check out the link below.

Who are BlueBird Botanicals CBD?

BlueBird Botanicals was first launched in early 2012 by Brandon J. Beatty, who is both an entrepreneur and hemp advocate, and in the past 7 years he has developed and shaped the company into an award-winning endeavor.

At the 2016 Cannabis Awards, Bluebird Botanicals was declared the #1 Hemp CBD Company because of their high-quality oil. They have managed to achieve this by their rigorous control during each stage of the CBD process. From their trusted Colorado farms, they grow hemp with a specifically high terpene and cannabinoid content. The flowers are then run through either environmentally-friendly alcohol or CO2 extraction process, ensuring that the oil stays as natural as possible.

During the final stage of manufacturing, BlueBird Botanicals make sure that every CBD batch is lab tested and all final products are made in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) – ensuring they are 100% safe. It sounds like the company have a very solid reputation in the CBD industry, one that potential customers can trust.

Keep reading this BlueBird Botanicals CBD oil review to find out about our selected company highlights!

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Highlights

BlueBird Botanicals have earned clear distinction in the industry, but what are the reasons why they have attracted so many customers? We are going to look at some of the company’s strengths below.

  • Assistance program: The company seem to be very conscious of people who are in a vulnerable position, specifically those that are reliant on medicinal relief. That’s why they have the ‘Assistance Program’, which gives special discounts for low-income families, veterans, and people who live with long-term disabilities.
  • Lab results: When a company publishes the lab results for each CBD product, it fills us with confidence. Not only because we can see what cannabinoids are present in each product, but it also shows us that BlueBird Botanicals care about being as transparent as possible.
  • CO2 extraction: The company use this method – for some of their products – to extract the important chemicals from the hemp plant. By extracting it this way, the oil retains the full variety of cannabinoids, which many believe to be essential for a fully effective oil.
  • Award winning: In 2016, the company were awarded the title of #1 Hemp CBD Company at the Cannabis Awards, run by The Denver Post. The fact that the company are being applauded for their quality by other industry professionals is a great reflection of how well they are doing.
  • CBD information: Not only is the website a great source for CBD products, but it also supplies great information about CBD, especially for beginners. They discuss a variety of topics on both the ‘Common Questions’ and ‘Media’ sections of the website.

Negative Thoughts on BlueBird Botanicals CBD

While the products that BlueBird Botanicals sell on their website are all high-quality, there isn’t a great variation in what they sell. Anyone familiar with the modern CBD market knows that both edibles and CBD drinks are currently  a massive trend in the industry. It would be great to see the company branching out and developing some exciting, and less conventional, products like these.

Another issue we could talk about is their lack of international shipping. While they do have the sister company CannaWell, it could be nice for the company to promote under the same umbrella. And it seems a shame, since their products are so highly praised, but potential customers outside of the United States can’t easily get their hands on it. However, the different CBD policies in each country can make selling internationally difficult, so it’s understandable why they don’t ship abroad. Hopefully as laws become more liberal globally, international CBD distribution will become much easier.

My Personal Experience with BlueBird Botanicals CBD

I was really eager to try BlueBird Botanicals CBD Vape Oil, not only because I haven’t vaped CBD before, but also because the reviews for this particular vape oil were so good. I was a little disappointed that the website didn’t supply any vaping equipment. As a vaping newbie it meant I had to look elsewhere to find a vaping pen, which was quite inconvenient. But I did appreciate that they advertised places you could buy vape pens on their website.

In terms of the vape itself, I found the smoke to be incredibly smooth and fast acting. I enjoyed the act of vaping, and it didn’t take me long to recognize I was much more relaxed than I had been an hour before. So overall, I would say I had a positive experience with BlueBird Botanicals, but I would love to see their own range of vaping products or even some flavored vape oils. 

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Products

After sampling the vape oil, I was intrigued about the other products that BlueBird Botanicals sold. Below are some of their most popular CBD products.

BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Oil

If you want to purchase BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Oil, you can find it in 3 different variations. The first being their Classic oil – this is a full-spectrum oil, so customers can expect a complete range of cannabinoids and terpenes. It also contains over 80 different phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBC and CBG.

The second oil is labelled ‘Complete’ and contains 50% decarboxylated CBD and 50% non-decarboxylated, which encourages the entourage effect. Lastly, you can purchase ‘Signature’, this is also a full-spectrum oil but its infused with frankincense and black cumin seed oil. All of their oils are vegan, GMO free, gluten free and sweetener free.

BlueBird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Oil

The concentrated oils can be bought in the same 3 variations as the normal hemp oils; Classic, Complete and Signature. But like the name suggests, they are simply concentrated versions of these, 6 times concentrated in fact. Of course, each bottle is more expensive than the regular version – for a 1oz bottle, expect to pay $109.95. You can also purchase a concentrated starter pack, where you can try each of the different oils in a 10ml bottle – this will set you back $109.95.

BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Capsules

If the idea of consuming oils seems too intimidating, then the capsules are a great alternative. They are a tasteless and subtle way to take a dose of CBD, while still containing the beneficial blend of cannabinoids. The capsules can be purchased in two different sizes and potencies; the 30 count capsules, containing 450mg; and the 60 count capsules, containing 900mg. The 30 count capsules will set you back $39.95 and the 60 count capsules cost $74.95. The capsules are non-GMO, and gluten and sweetener free, too!

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Isolates

Another CBD alternative is the isolates. These are developed in a slightly different way compared to the oils, instead it is extracted with an ethanol extraction system, and is then winterized to remove fats. It then has to be decarboxylated and transformed into a crystalline structure with a proprietary post-processing technique. It all sounds a little complex! But it can be an extremely effective method of consuming a high CBD dose. You can purchase the isolates in a range of grams, starting from $24.95.

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Vape Juice

If you are already a vaper, want to try a new method or already enjoy the act of smoking, the CBD vape juice may be the product for you. Currently, there is only one oil available to purchase, which is unflavored. Luckily you can add other flavors to the smoke, meaning you can enjoy the CBD and a tasty terpene flavor too. The vape oil can be purchased with a potency of 333mg for $29.95 or 1000mg for $74.95. And of course, the vape oil is third party and lab tested.

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Pet Products

Worried your pet is suffering from pain or anxiety? BlueBird Botanicals currently sell two types of CBD pet products: Companion Oil and Companion Capsules. Both products can be bought in a range of potencies, with the oil starting at $9.95 and the capsules at $39.95. Although the website doesn’t specify the range of pets you can give the CBD to, they do mention both dogs and cats. It might be worth emailing the company if you have a slightly unconventional pet!

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Oil Review: Costs

  • BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Oil
    Classic Hemp Extract Oil (250+ mg) – From $9.95
    Complete Hemp Extract Oil (250+ mg) – From $11.95
    Signature Hemp Extract Oil (250+ mg) – From $11.95
    Sample pack Hemp Extract Oil (250+ mg) – From $24.95
  • BlueBird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Oil
    Classic Concentrated CBD Oil (1500+ mg) – From $44.95
    Complete Concentrated CBD Oil (1500+ mg) – From $49.95
    Signature Concentrated CBD Oil (1500+ mg) – From $49.95
  • BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Capsules
    Hemp CBD Capsules (450+ mg) – From $39.95
  • BlueBird Botanicals CBD Isolates
    Pure Isolated Cannabidiol – From $24.95
  • BlueBird Botanicals CBD Vape Juice
  • CBD Vape Oil (1000+ mg) – From $29.95
  • BlueBird Botanicals CBD Pet Products
    CBD Companion Oil (250+ mg) – From $9.95
    CBD Companion Capsules (15+ mg) – From $39.95

Final Verdict about BlueBird Botanicals

So, what is our final review of BlueBird Botanicals? Their reputation really speaks for itself, as a Cannabis Award winner, the CBD experts have already given them the seal of approval. They are clearly selling a top-quality oil, at a reasonable price. One of their most attractive qualities is also their ethical view on CBD. Their Assistance Program really speaks volumes about their CBD ethos, in that, they believe everyone should have access to this important medicinal oil.

The only improvement we hope they make is simply developing a bigger range of products, not only expanding on the ones they already have but perhaps, branching out into the edible market.

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