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Bluebird Botanicals Review

BlueBird Botanicals is one of many oil retailers available online, however, they have been able to stand out from some strong competition in the industry. Aside from having a pretty special BlueBird Botanicals CBD story, the company also maintain a strong mantra of giving back to the community. They support many non-profit organizations, including, American Cancer Society and Global Fund for Women.

What’s more, BlueBird Botanicals’ reviews are consistently positive, and that alone merits a far closer look at this brand. So, let’s investigate the BlueBird Botanicals CBD oil and find out what all the fuss is about.

Who is BlueBird Botanicals: All You Need to Know

BlueBird Botanicals is a family-run business with a mission to make natural forms of medication accessible to all so that everyone can enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle. BlueBird Botanicals was originally founded in 2012 by Brandon Beatty, and the brand has since gone on to become one of the world’s highest leading manufacturers of high-quality oils.

BlueBird Botanicals won the Cannabis Award for best hemp CBD company in 2016, recognizing the high-quality of their products and their excellent customer service. Additionally, BlueBird Botanicals also won first place at the 2018 Cannabis Business Awards for a Hemp Company/Product. Even more proof of the incredible waves they are making in the industry.

BlueBird Botanicals reviews are almost always exemplary, probably due to having gone from success to success since the company’s launch in 2012. This comes as a result of its high-quality products and careful attention to detail. Each BlueBird Botanicals item comes with a unique lot or batch number, which can be used on the website to search for a detailed Certificate of Analysis. These certificates show the results of the third-party lab testing that is carried out on all of BlueBird Botanicals’ products. Within these lab results, you can see the exact potency of your chosen products, as well as their purity and any potential contaminants.

BlueBird Botanicals CBD oils are made from hemp oil that has been extracted from hemp plants, which contain cannabinoids and other naturally occurring compounds that boost your health and immune system. BlueBird Botanicals works closely with the farmers who grow these plants to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained throughout the entire growing process, reflecting the expectations of BlueBird Botanicals.

BlueBird Botanicals believe that it is important to only produce and deliver the very best products possible, and this is something that is reflected in the price of the products. While the high price tags may appear daunting at first, you soon realize that it is worth it for the exceptional quality of the products. It is always worth keeping an eye out for coupon codes as these can be a great way to save on your next order. For the first-time shopper, make sure to use the BlueBird Botanicals coupon code ‘CBD15LIFE’ for 15% off your first order.

BlueBird Botanicals Highlights: The Road to Success

  • Wide Range of Products: BlueBird Botanicals understands that choice is important, and therefore offers all of its products in a range of different sizes and strengths, making for a wide selection to choose from.
  • Third-Party Lab Testing: BlueBird Botanicals reviews every single product before it is shipped, and each batch is subjected to third-party lab testing. A nice touch is that BlueBird Botanicals makes the results of these lab tests easily available to customers so that you can see exactly what is within each product on a micro-level.
  • Simple Ordering Process: BlueBird Botanicals CBD makes the ordering process super simple, with each step feeling informative and helpful. Each product page contains detailed information too, helping you to make the right decision about which products are right for you.


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15% Coupon Code on all products: CBD15LIFE

BlueBird Botanicals Products: From Oils to Topicals

BlueBird Botanicals CBD offers a wide range of different products that are designed to easily and conveniently fit into your daily life, while helping to boost your health and help you feel better than ever. BlueBird Botanicals CBD oil is available in a range of different mixtures and sizes; each bottle of oil has been carefully formulated to maximize quality and enhance your health.

If you are looking for something a little bit different and want to try other forms, BlueBird Botanicals uses its high-quality oil to make a wide range of other products. BlueBird Botanicals oils are used to make capsules and vape juices, giving you the choice as to how to work cannabidiol into your daily routine. BlueBird Botanicals has even thought about the welfare of your pets, with an entire range dedicated to your lovable companions.

You can even save money on your first order with the BlueBird Botanicals CBD 15% discount code, by using ‘CBD15LIFE’ at the checkout. Giving you the chance to try BlueBird Botanicals for yourself and save a little extra money at the same time.

  • BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Oil

BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Oil comes in a range of different strengths and sizes, as well as three different blends: The Classic Oil, the BlueBird Botanicals Complete Oil, and BlueBird Botanicals’ Signature Oil. All of these oils are made from high-quality hemp plants and are produced in line with BlueBird Botanicals’ rigorous standards.

BlueBird Botanicals’ Classic Hemp CBD Oil contains full-spectrum hemp extract, including over 80 different cannabinoids. Classic BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Oil tinctures manage to pack in not just a range of different healthy cannabinoids, but also amino acids, vitamins, and omega fatty acids, all of which help your body to stay healthy and feel great.

BlueBird Botanicals’ Complete Hemp CBD Oil packs all of the same goodness as the Classic Oil, but with a few added extras that really work to enhance your overall health. Organic extra virgin olive oil is used, making it easier for the CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream, as well as giving your body a few extra nutrients. The Complete range also contains 26 different terpenes, adding a pleasant scent and an extra healthy boost.

BlueBird Botanicals’ Signature Oils add a little extra luxury to the Classic Oil blend, not only smelling wonderful but also containing added health benefits. Wild frankincense extract and black cumin are added to the oils, both of which add some extra valuable nutrients into the mix and work alongside the naturally occurring cannabinoids found within hemp plants.

  • BlueBird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Oil

BlueBird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Oil manages to pack all of the same health-enhancing goodness as BlueBird Botanicals’ regular oils but into a much smaller bottle. Carefully formulated so that none of the naturally occurring cannabinoids are lost, the oils are concentrated down, meaning that much less oil is needed for a similar effect when using the regular oils. Concentrated oils are a great alternative when combining with foods and topicals, as you only need to use a small amount. And, concentrates are also ideal when traveling, as it means you need to carry much less liquid around with you.

BlueBird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Oils are available in the same three options as the regular oils: Classic, Complete, and Signature, as well as a range of different strengths and size options.

  • BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Capsules

BlueBird Botanicals Hemp CBD Capsules are the perfect alternative for those who want all of the positive effects that come with BlueBird Botanicals oils but do not want to be messing around with bottles of oil. Hemp CBD Capsules are available in both concentrated and non-concentrated form, meaning that you can easily combine a combination of BlueBird Botanicals oils and capsules as part of your daily routine.

BlueBird Botanicals CBD capsules come in soft gel form, making them super easy to take, and are great for when you are on the go and need a quick boost. Each capsule contains at least 5mg of CBD, making them perfect for providing your body with a small dose of throughout the day.

  • BlueBird Botanicals CBD Isolates


BlueBird Botanicals understands that everybody’s needs are different, and for some people, natural medication is all about putting the bare minimum into their body with maximum results. This is why BlueBird Botanicals has carefully formulated its isolates to ensure that its customers have access to the very purest CBD possible. BlueBird Botanicals CBD Isolates contain 99.9% pure isolated cannabidiol. They come in crystalline form for maximum convenience.

BlueBird Botanicals uses an ethanol extraction process to separate the naturally occurring cannabidiol from the rest of the plant; the substance then undergoes multiple rounds of rotary evaporation to make sure that all components have been removed. The product that is left is then turned into a crystalline structure, ready to be packaged and shipped to your door.

BlueBird Botanicals CBD Isolates are also available for purchase in bulk, for those who are looking to stock up and ensure that they do not run out of their favorite isolate.

  • BlueBird Botanicals CBD Vape Juice

Vaping has easily become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabidiol, being super convenient, fun, and a great alternative to smoking. BlueBird Botanicals CBD Vape Juice contains all of the same goodness as the company’s CBD oils, but as a vape-ready solution that is compatible with most regular vape pens. CBD Vape Juice is available in a range of different strengths, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to match your health needs.

BlueBird Botanicals Vape Juice is not flavored, making for a smooth experience that does not overwhelm your taste buds, as is the case with some flavored vape juices. All juices are subjected to third-party lab testing so that you are guaranteed the very best quality vaping experience.

BlueBird Botanicals does not sell its own vape pen, but does recommend Aspire Breeze, a brand that is guaranteed to work with the Bluebird Botanicals CBD Vape Juice. This is worth checking out if you are brand new to vaping and are looking to invest in a vape pen.

  • BlueBird Botanicals CBD Pet Products

BlueBird Botanicals offers a few different options when it comes to pet products, allowing you to choose the best option for your furry family members. Just like with the regular oils, BlueBird Botanicals pet oils come in a range of different sizes and are designed to be super easy to add to your pet’s food. Oils are an excellent way to treat your pets to a daily dose, as they can be easily added to food and it very quickly becomes part of their mealtime routine.

Pet-friendly capsules are also available in both the Companion and Concentrated ranges. Capsules are designed to be given to your pets just like regular medication and are ideal for pets who might be lacking in appetite.

All of BlueBird Botanicals CBD pet products have been specially formulated with your pets in mind and contain less than 0.3% THC, meaning that you do not have to worry about your pets experiencing any psychoactive effects. As well as health-boosting CBD, BlueBird Botanicals pet products also contain omega 3 and 6 – helping to keep your pets healthy and happy.

BlueBird Botanicals CBD: Costs

BlueBird Botanicals CBD products are available across America as a result of them being made from hemp plants rather than THC-containing cannabis plants. Hemp is legal throughout the entirety of the United States, meaning that you do not have to live in one of those wonderful states where medical marijuana is legal, nor do you have to hold a medical card in order to shop with BlueBird Botanicals.

We want to give you an idea of what kind of prices you can expect to see on their website.

  • BlueBird Botanicals Oils

Classic Hemp Extract Oil (1/3oz) – $9.95

Classic Hemp Extract Oil (1oz) – $24.95

Classic Hemp Extract Oil (2oz) – $44.95

Classic Hemp Extract Oil (4oz) – $79.95

Classic Hemp Extract Oil (8oz) – $139.95

Complete Hemp Extract Oil (1/3oz) – $11.95

Complete Hemp Extract Oil (1oz) – $29.95

Complete Hemp Extract Oil (2oz) – $49.95

Complete Hemp Extract Oil (4oz) – $89.95

Complete Hemp Extract Oil (8oz) – $159.95

Signature Hemp Extract Oil (1/3oz) – $11.95

Signature Hemp Extract Oil (1oz) – $29.95

Signature Hemp Extract Oil (2oz) – $49.95

Signature Hemp Extract Oil (4oz) – $89.95

Signature Hemp Extract Oil (8oz) – $159.95

Hemp Extract Oil Sample Pack – $24.95

Classic 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (1/3oz) – $44.95

Classic 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (1oz) – $109.95

Classic 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (2oz) – $199.95

Classic 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (4oz) – $349.95

Classic 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (8oz) – $599.95

Complete 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (1/3oz) – $49.95

Complete 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (1oz) – $119.95

Complete 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (2oz) – $219.95

Complete 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (4oz) – $379.95

Complete 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (8oz) – $649.95

Signature 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (1/3oz) – $49.95

Signature 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (1oz) – $119.95

Signature 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (2oz) – $219.95

Signature 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (4oz) – $379.95

Signature 6X Concentrated CBD Oil (8oz) – $649.95

6X Concentrated CBD Oil Sample Pack – $109.95

  • BlueBird Botanicals Capsules 

Hemp CBD Capsules (60 capsules) – $24.95

Hemp CBD Capsules (120 capsules) – $48.95

Concentrated CBD Capsules (30 capsules) – $39.95

Concentrated CBD Capsules (60 capsules) – $74.95

  • BlueBird Botanicals Vape Products

CBD Vape Oil (333mg) – $19.95

CBD Vape Oil (1000mg) – $49.95

  • BlueBird Botanicals Isolates 

CBD Isolate (1g) – $24.95

CBD Isolate (2g) – $44.95

CBD Isolate (5g) – $99.95

CBD Isolate (25g) – $399.95

Bulk CBD Isolate (100g) – $1,000

Bulk CBD Isolate (250g) – $2,250

Bulk CBD Isolate (500G) – $4,000

Bulk CBD Isolate (1kg) – $7,500

  • BlueBird Botanicals Pet Products 

Companion CBD Pet Oil (1/3oz) – $9.95

Companion CBD Pet Oil (1oz) – $24.95

Companion CBD Pet Oil (2oz) – $44.95

Companion CBD Pet Oil (4oz) – $79.95

Companion CBD Pet Oil (8oz) – $139.95

Companion CBD Pet Capsules (60 capsules) – $24.95

Companion CBD Pet Capsules (120 capsules) – $48.95

Concentrated Companion CBD Pet Capsules (30 capsules) – $39.95

Concentrated Companion CBD Pet Capsules (60 capsules) – $74.95

THC-Free CBD Oil (1/3oz) – $29.95

THC-Free CBD Oil (1oz) – $74.95

THC-Free CBD Oil (2oz) – $134.95

THC-Free CBD Oil (4oz) – $234.95

THC-Free CBD Oil (8oz) – $399.95

How to Buy BlueBird Botanicals CBD Products: As Easy as 1-2-3

BlueBird Botanicals products can be purchased directly from the website, with a user-friendly store area that makes it super easy to choose the right products for you. Free shipping is available on orders over $49 dollars, which covers the majority of BlueBird Botanicals’ CBD products, meaning that you should have no trouble avoiding shipping fees.

Unfortunately, BlueBird Botanicals is unable to ship its products to those who live in South Dakota due to particular state legislation which prohibits such sales. This is, of course, something that could change in the future, so make sure to keep an eye on BlueBird Botanicals’ website for updates. For those who live in Europe, BlueBird Botanicals products are not directly available through the website but can be purchased from Cannawell, an-EU based CBD Company.

BlueBird Botanicals offers high-quality products that you can trust, and that have been carefully designed to work seamlessly with your current healthcare routine. Dedicated to making CBD something that is accessible to all and showing that natural forms of medication can be just as effective as those packed with chemicals, if not more so, BlueBird Botanicals has formulated a great range of products that are sure to enhance your health.

Why not give BlueBird Botanicals a try for yourself and experience the amazing health benefits of cannabidiol? It might just turn out to be your new favorite brand.

Official Site: bluebirdbotanicals.com
15% Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

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Steven Evans

I was visiting a hospital under the American Cancer Society for a survey of cancer patients. Most of my questions were related to their psyche, the emotional aspect of dealing with such diseases. And many of them I found were taking the bluebird botanicals CBD for mood upliftment. It is that the company helps such patients and thus keeps on organizing events too, so most of them knew this brand and thus used this brand. Nevertheless most of them who used Bluebird were satisfied with the results.

Paul Whitchurch

Although the classic and complete range is also good, but the signature is just outstanding. Bluebird Botanicals offers discounts and promotions most of the times, so the prices are quite competitive. Their customer support is 24 cross 7 and the team is really knowledgeable. I love them altogether.

Stephen Gonzales

From a thorough market research and some self experimentation, Bluebird botanicals appears to be a good company. I’ve used the oil. I choose to vape this now often, instead of a pot. It is outstanding.

Rebecca Velazquez

I could fall asleep, that was not a problem. But the issue was, I used to wake up again and again. Sometimes a nightmare and sometimes simply sleeplessness. Bluebird Botanicals has come to my rescue as a fulfilling option. It helps me sleep sounder and for longer.

Andre Fogle

I use Bluebird Botanicals oil for all my massage needs. I get a full blown body massage once every week from a professional masseuse. Earlier it was Jojoba and Olive, now it is coconut and bluebird. My skin feels more nourished and more hydrated if I compare then and now. And this can be easily ordered online. So no problems sourcing it at all.

Earline Lee

Isn’t it amazing the way CBD has evolved and become so popular in the last couple of years! I am a CBD fan too, especially for the brand Bluebird Botanicals. They are not only an upper hand at quality, their products act very quickly too. I wish the effect would last longer, in terms of overall duration, but still, I am very satisfied even now.

Tamara Felix

Last week I told my mom that I am was going to try CBD finally. She asked me which brand I was going to choose and I had no answer! I had actually not thought of this and how difficult it is to come down to one choice. She suggested Bluebird Botanicals because the brand is great in all aspects. Very good indeed.