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Boots CBD [Which Brand is Boots Stocking?]

Boots CBD [Which Brand is Boots Stocking?]

Every place has its own signature chemist – the place where you go to pick up prescriptions, get over-the-counter medication and even sometimes buy Christmas presents. In the USA, this is typically places like Walmart, Duane Reade or a million small ‘mom and pop’ style pharmacists.

In the UK, we have Boots.

Though there is still a myriad of different, small-scale pharmacists that operate throughout the country, you will never find a British person who hasn’t spent a good portion of their lives in their local Boots.

You can expect to find all manner of different medicinal supplies at your local Boots, but what a lot of people don’t know is that they also sell CBD supplies. Of course, due to the fact that it is the UK, there aren’t a huge number of options available for CBD, so what you get is a typically reduced selection.

Let’s take a look at what kinds of CBD brands Boots are stocking.

Dragonfly CBD Oil – What Is It?

boots cbd oil

The primary type of CBD oil being stocked by Boots in the UK is Dragonfly CBD Oil. These are available in three different concentrations:

  • 300mg of CBD, costing £24.99
  • 500mg of CBD, costing £39.99
  • 1000mg of CBD, costing £69.99

This CBD oil is strangely enough marketed as a food supplement, which is likely due to trying to circumvent the rather stringent laws around CBD and all cannabis-related products in the UK. As per UK regulation, all Dragonfly CBD contains less than 0.2% THC, as well being basically nothing more than just CBD oil.

In contrast to many other types of CBD oil that are commonly sold, Dragonfly CBD Oil uses hemp seed oil rather than coconut oil, perhaps so as to get as strong a hemp taste as possible. On the actual Boots website, there is basically no information other than its basic ingredient list. Thankfully, however, Dragonfly CBD has to come from somewhere, so we can go to the Dragonfly website to find out more.

Dragonfly actually sells their CBD oil in a far larger range of different strengths than just the three available in Boots, as well as providing a great deal more information. Their CBD oil is narrow spectrum, which means it is not full spectrum – this necessarily means that it only contains cannabidiol, rather than any other additional cannabinoids or terpenes.

More information is available on their lab reports, which detail all of the individual cannabinoid content, as well as any testing for metals or other contaminants. Thankfully, all of their testings are conducted by a third party analysis team and all have found that the oils basically only contain CBD.

However, despite the narrow spectrum description, it does contain almost comparable quantities of CBG and CBL, which are other cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. These are useful for the entourage effect, which is a phenomenon wherein additional cannabinoids work alongside CBD within the CBD oil, allowing for the impact to be noticeably increased.

Interestingly enough, the CBD oil sold on Boots’ website is actually considerably cheaper than the very same CBD oil sold on the Dragonfly website. Boots apparently got a bulk discount!

Something Boots provide on their CBD oil webpage is an instruction not to exceed more than 200mg of CBD usage per day. This isn’t something that is commonly told to customers, as 200mg is pretty much two-thirds of the entire bottle, something that most people wouldn’t consider taking in one day.

Dragonfly CBD oil is the only type of CBD oil offered on the Boots website, or at least all that is shown if you search for CBD oil .However, there is another supposedly CBD product that Boots offered. Only… it doesn’t seem to be CBD ‘oil’ at all.

Eco Style CBD Oil – What Is It?

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Alongside Dragonfly CBD Oil, Boots sells one more product that is related to cannabis, called Eco Style CBD Oil.

Considering the name of “Eco Style CBD Oil,” you would expect that this would be no different to their Dragonfly CBD Oil and, if so, why does it not come up when you search for CBD oil?

Well, this Eco Style CBD Oil is not really CBD oil. It is seemingly made from “cannabis oil,” as well as a whole host of different oils, including Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, and a vast array of seeds and nuts pressed into more oils than you have probably ever heard of.  Cannabis oil is hidden in the middle of the ingredient list, with no mentions whatsoever of its actual cannabinoid content.

The most likely meaning behind “Cannabis Oil” is that it is made from hemp seed oil, which is an oil that is derived from the pressed seeds of the cannabis plant. This has almost no THC or CBD content whatsoever, and is advertised as an extremely nutritious food supplement.

The use of this Eco Style CBD Oil doesn’t seem to be to medicate whatsoever; instead, it is designed to “nourish and protect your hair, body and mind”, at least according to the website. This means that is essentially a glorified shampoo bottle with the label of CBD oil, but it has no medicinal properties whatsoever.

You need to watch out for these kinds of shady marketing practices, as they are designed to confuse you into buying the wrong thing entirely. Make sure you are only ever buying CBD oil that is actually CBD oil, not any kind of imitation product that is designed to trick you.

Final Thoughts On Boots CBD – Is There Anywhere Else You Can Get CBD in the UK Easily?

If you live in the UK, you are going to generally have a bad time if you want to try and get any kind of CBD products. Thanks to the rather stringent CBD control methods in the UK, it is almost impossible to find CBD that is legitimate and trustworthy in brick and mortar retail establishments.

While it is good that Boots sells their singular Dragonfly CBD Oil, it would be nice to know where to get other CBD products, wouldn’t it? The only other place to get CBD oil on the high street is Holland & Barrett, who offer a few similar types of CBD oil to Boots. Interestingly enough, their CBD oils are also narrow spectrum, only containing a few trace amounts of different cannabinoids rather than a full spectrum of different cannabinoids for the entourage effect.

Of course, as long as you don’t mind getting your CBD oil online, you have quite literally dozens of different websites to choose from. Most of the retailers online in the UK offer full spectrum oils or CBD isolates in a variety of different flavor profiles.

The only issue is that you need to trust the websites and what they say – it is easiest to do this if you find reviews online to help back up what they are claiming, as well as reading websites like TrustPilot. Ultimately, there is some small element of risk that you might not get what you think you are buying.

However, the legal situation of all cannabis-related products is improving in the UK. It is taking quite a long time, and it is likely being slowed down by all of the problems associated with Brexit, but Parliament is slowly beginning to change their opinion.

It might take several more years, but eventually, CBD will be available more easily and freely in the UK. Until then, of course, it is good to know that there are still a few options available at everyday places like Boots.

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