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Taiga Labs CBD Skincare Review

Taiga Labs Review

Taiga Labs is a brand that’s dedicated to natural hemp cosmetics and skincare products. As firm believers in caring for your skin, Taiga Labs specializes in creating high-quality, all-natural hemp skincare products.

Taiga Labs Quick Summary


  • A unique approach to skincare
  • Products are free from chemicals
  • Consistently designing new and exciting products
  • 100% plant-based ingredients
  • All orders insured up to $50
  • Beautiful and easy-to-use website
  • Affordable prices


  • Little product variety

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Taiga Labs Full Review

Taiga Labs CBD products are designed to give you the power to genuinely care for your skin in the way that it deserves.

CBD skincare products and cosmetics typically fall under the category of ‘topicals.’ Unlike oils and gummies, topicals often go unnoticed and/or overlooked. Switching out your regular cosmetics and beauty products for those infused with CBD is an excellent way to include a healthy boost into your daily hygiene routine.

We all know, of course, that CBD has become popular as a daily dietary supplement and CBD capsules and oils are two of the most popular being two of the widest sold hemp products on the market. While there has been a trend among people switching out ‘traditional’ supplements for CBD supplements, few people realize that they can do the same for their skincare and hygiene products.

So, who is Taiga Labs, and how are they revolutionizing the CBD skincare routine? Let’s take a closer look.

Who Are Taiga Labs?

Taiga Labs CBD was founded by an expert within the health and wellness field. Samantha Smith, the brand’s Chief Product Officer, first became interested in the science behind clean beauty while studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Unable to find the exact products that she desired, Samantha decided to create her own – and Taiga Labs was born.

Taiga Labs was officially launched in 2015 (under the brand Novo Naturals) as a clean skincare company. In 2018 Smith merged her brand with Taiga Labs and teamed up with hemp experts and scientists around the world. Taiga Labs has gone on to create and manufacture clean, quality skincare products infused with robust amounts of hemp extract.

Still a Growing Brand…

Taiga Labs is still very much a growing brand and has recently redesigned the website and entire product line. There are currently three natural health hemp masks to choose from when shopping with Taiga Labs. As the brand continues to expand, customers can expect to see even more clean hemp skincare products become available.

The skin is the largest and most important organ on the body, and at Taiga Labs, they believe that it deserves to be treated as such. All of Taiga Labs’s products are made using healthy natural ingredients that allow you to take the very best care of your skin.

Every single ingredient that goes into Taiga Labs’ masks is sourced from sustainable farms that guarantee their crops as being completely free from chemicals. Each ingredient is carefully selected based on its potential effects and its natural scent.

Taiga Labs’s products are suitable for vegans as they are made from 100% plant-based products. Taiga Labs are also against using animals to test products, instead opting to try their products themselves.

Let’s take a look at Taiga Labs’ hemp masks in a little more detail and find the perfect mask for your skin.

Taiga Labs Highlights

Designed by experts: All of Taiga Labs’s products have been carefully designed by industry experts. The Taiga Labs team consists of both hemp and skincare experts who together create some of the best and cleanest skincare products on the market.

Affordability: Taiga Labs also believes that everyone should have access to the tools necessary to meet their health needs. Taiga Labs aim to keep the price of all of their products as affordable as possible. This way, everyone can benefit from their line of clean CBD skincare products.

Vegan-friendly: In a world where so many brands and manufacturers are slapping ‘full spectrum CBD’ labels on all sorts of products, it can be tough to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, all of Taiga Labs’s products are suitable for vegans. Furthermore, their hemp CBD sheet masks are made from plant-based ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Taiga Labs CBD Tinctures… Are They Still Available?

As is the case with most CBD companies these days, Taiga Labs has evolved tremendously over the years. In fact, they no longer sell their line of CBD oil, which was once highly sought after in the domestic market.

Even lacking products in the form of CBD tinctures; however, the quality that the Taiga brand brings to the table still puts them head and shoulders above the rest in terms of the market competition.

Taiga Labs CBD Skincare

Taiga Labs CBD Skincare

Even though Taiga Labs doesn’t sell CBD cream anymore, their product range has undergone a variety of changes in recent years. In fact the brand has decided to re-specialize themselves entirely around skincare products known as CBD sheet masks. These skincare products, aptly labeled as ‘Hemp Infused Sheet Masks,’ are designed to improve skin care quality while still being distinct from one another.

Let’s take a look at each of the CBD topical hemp-infused sheet masks separately and figure out what it is that makes each one so useful.

Taiga Labs Ageless Hemp-Infused CBD Sheet Mask

Taiga Labs’ ageless hemp -infused sheet mask has been designed to gently nourish and hydrate your skin for a youthful feel and appearance.

Made using natural, mineral-rich ingredients such as seaweed collagen extract and ginseng extract, Taiga Labs’ ageless mask provides your skin with the fuel that it needs to stay healthy. Each mask contains 20mg of full-spectrum nano-emulsified premium hemp extract.

By using hemp extract, Taiga Labs can ensure that each mask is filled with a wide range of health-enhancing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Many people believe that all the different compounds within hemp help your skin to feel smooth, healthy, and youthful.

Taiga Labs’ ageless hemp-infused sheet mask is an excellent way to treat your skin after a long day. Not only does the mask help to hydrate your skin, but it also helps to flush away toxins from the day.

The combination of natural herbs and plants give the mask a natural fresh scent that cannot help but make you smile.

Taiga Labs Brightening and Hydrating Hemp Infused Sheet Mask

taiga labs

Taiga Lab’s brightening and hydrating hemp-infused sheet mask is perfect for rejuvenating your skin and giving it a healthy glow.

A combination of the toxins in the air around us and daily stress can leave your skin looking and feeling worn. The good news is that the Taiga Labs brightening and the hydrating mask has been designed and tested to help give your skin its natural spark back.

Packed with 20mg of premium hemp extract, Taiga Labs’ brightening mask is a great way to treat your skin to a healthy dose of CBD. With natural healthy ingredients such as coconut water, jackfruit extract, and ginger root, each mask provides your skin with the vital minerals and vitamins that it needs to stay healthy.

You can use Taiga Labs’ brightening and hydrating mask to give your skin it’s healthy coloring back, but has also been found to reduce redness and bright spots in some cases. Even after just one use, your skin will look and feel hydrated and bright.

Taiga Labs Calm and Clear Hemp Infused Sheet Mask

The Taiga Labs’ calm and clear sheet masks are ideal for those who have sensitive skin. The calm and clear mask is made from carefully selected ingredients, which are designed to hydrate your skin while also calming and soothing.

As with all of Taiga Labs’ masks, their calm and clear cover contain 20mg of their organically grown nano emulsified premium hemp extract. The nanoparticles are natural for skin to absorb, helping to boost the benefits.

Ingredients such as thanakha extract, pineapple extract, and rooibos tea extract have been chosen by industry experts for their naturally calming properties. Together these ingredients create a relaxing scent that will help to calm and relax.

Buy Taiga Labs: Authentic CBD Sheet Masks and More

If you’re looking to purchase CBD online from Taiga Skincare and you can buy their products from the brand’s official online store. You can buy all three CBD sheet masks individually or in packs of 3 for a reduced price. Individual masks are currently priced at just $15, while a set of 3 masks can be purchased for $36.

Shipping options are currently available across all 50 US states. But be sure to check your states rules and regulations on CBD first. Taiga Labs aim to ship all orders within 1 to 2 working days, depending on available stock.

And if you do decide to buy CBD from Taiga Labs, it’s worth pointing out that the company typically uses USPS as their preferred shipping method. However, customers can request that their order be shipped through UPS as well as other expedited services.

Free shipping is available on orders over $100, while a flat rate is charged for all orders below this amount. All orders are insured for up to $50 and can be increased upon request, giving you peace of mind that your order will actually arrive safely.

If you are looking to buy CBD skincare products that have been designed to really care for your skin, look no further than Taiga Labs.

Final Verdict on Taiga Labs CBD Skincare & Hemp Sheet Masks

While Taiga Labs might not have the broadest range of products currently available, they have set out to prove that sometimes less is more.

Taiga Labs do not believe in mass-producing a wide range of products that add little to no value to their customer’s lives. Instead, Taiga Labs carefully design, test, and adjust each product before making it available for purchase. Taiga Labs’ ethos definitely works and results in products that customers can really enjoy and benefit from.

With three different sheet masks currently to choose from Taiga Labs are an excellent pick for anyone who is looking to care for and nourish their skin using clean natural products.

If you are looking for clean skincare products that have the ability to make a feel different to how your skin looks and feels look no further than Taiga Labs. Still very much a growing brand, make sure to keep an eye on Taiga Labs’ website and be the first to know about their new and exciting products as they release.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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