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Breazy [Review of All CBD Products]

Breazy CBD Review

Too often, finding vaping products online can be frustrating and overly complicated. Breazy is a website that celebrates vaping diversity in the market, so much so, that you can find over 1600 different brands on their main site.

But that’s not all they sell. Customers can also find a full range of quality CBD e-liquids, oils, topicals, and more on their sister website, the Relaxation Company.

Take a look at how you can begin to navigate this labyrinth of smoke.

Breazy Quick Summary


  • Specializes in vape products
  • 1% of net profits is donated to charity
  • Over 1660 different brands available on site
  • A zero-tolerance policy for underage vaping
  • 10% off products when you sign up with email
  • A variety of money-saving deals
  • 100% independent of Big Tabacco


  • Lab results are not easily accessible
  • No returns on e-liquids or coils
  • Difficult to determine vape quality because of the huge range
  • Hard to find CBD products exclusively

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Breazy Full Review

As CBD becomes increasingly popular, the range of available brands is growing to match. It’s great to see new brands continuously appearing, offering customers even more choice and innovative ways to enjoy CBD.

While having a wide array of CBD brands and products available is always good, it can make shopping for CBD feel like somewhat of a chore. It’s easy to lose hours at a time, scrolling through multiple online stores comparing products and placing orders.

Luckily, Breazy offers a solution and a way to save you valuable hours when shopping for CBD. Breazy stocks a wide range of popular CBD brands, all available for purchase directly from their online store. When shopping with Breazy, you can compare all of your favorite brands with just a few clicks.

So let’s take a closer look at Breazy and find out how you can simplify your shopping experience.

Who Is Breazy?

Breazy is a US-based retailer offering its customers a wide range of branded vape and CBD products. Breazy is the ideal place for anyone who enjoys trying out different brands; you can purchase a varied range of products with just a few clicks.

The Breazy brand is broken down into two parts; a vape store and a CBD brand called The Relaxation Company. When shopping through the Relaxation Company’s online store, you have instant access to all of the major CBD brands, including Just CBD, CBDfx, Ready Hemp Go, and many more.

Breazy has carefully designed its online store to create a fun, efficient shopping experience. You can compare all of your favorite CBD products to find the perfect solution to suit your health and lifestyle needs.

To make shopping as clear and as simple as possible, Breazy provides two ways to view their products. For customers who know exactly which brands they wish to purchase, you can view available products by brand. This way, you can easily see all the products that particular brands have on offer.

The second way you can shop is by viewing products by type. For customers who know exactly what they want but are unsure which brands offer the best solution, this is perfect.

Breazy’s clear and simple website makes shopping for CBD feel like a fun and enjoyable activity. So, let’s take a deeper look at what you can exact when shopping with Breazy.

Breazy Highlights

  • Extensive Range of Brands: One of the main advantages of shopping with Breazy is that you have instant access to all your favorite brands. Not only does this allow you to easily see all your options with just a few clicks, but it also means you can save time and shipping costs.
  • Free Shipping: Breazy offers its US customers free shipping on all orders over $50. With so many brands and options to choose from, it is easy to reach the $50 target and benefit from this excellent saving.
  • The Relaxation Company: Breazy has created a specific brand to focus on selling CBD products, including gummies and oils. This is ideal because finding CBD products on their main site is far from easy.

Breazy Negative Thoughts

  • Limited Lab Results: Unlike shopping directly with your favorite brands, Breazy doesn’t make the lab results for all of its products easily accessible. It’s always helpful to have access to lab results when shopping as it allows you to see exactly what goes into each product before purchasing.
  • Confusing Website: The website Breazy focuses on vaping products with a few CBD topicals and e-liquids as well. But they also have a sister company called the Relaxation Company, which focuses primarily on CBD. All in all, it seems fairly confusing for customers to navigate between the two websites.

Breazy CBD Oils

Breazy has over 200 different CBD oils for its customers to choose from. The volume and range of CBD oils are one of the main benefits of shopping with Breazy. You can easily compare the different CBD oils on offer from different brands, allowing you to find the perfect CBD oil.

Breazy has CBD oils from all your favorite brands, including Tradewinds, Active CBD, and CBDfx. Breazy uses a set structure for all of its product pages, allowing you to easily see the difference in products and compare them on an equal footing.

The options are limitless. There is a mix of full-spectrum and CBD isolate oils available. There is also a wide range of flavors and concentration options available.

When browsing CBD oils, there is an option to favorite the oils that you like. You can then view your favorites list, making it simple for you to see all of your possible options. Rather than having to keep tons of tabs open, you can simply see which oils you are interested in and compare them on one page.

Breazy CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the most enjoyable ways to consume CBD throughout the day. Luckily, Breazy has an extensive range of CBD gummies from many different brands available for customers to choose from.

CBD gummies not only provide you with a small and discreet dose of CBD that you can consume at intervals throughout the day but also help to satisfy your desire for something sweet. Rather than snacking on sugary candy, CBD gummies are an excellent alternative and tend to be made using much healthier ingredients.

Breazy stocks over 40 different CBD gummies, from CBD isolate gummy bears to full-spectrum sour worms, Breazy has a sweet treat for everyone.

Just like shopping for CBD oils, you can work your way through the many options and add your favorite gummies to a list. You can then work your way through all of your top picks and decide which gummies to purchase.

Breazy understands that everyone has a different budget when shopping for CBD products, and this is reflected in the range of CBD gummies available. They start at as little as $7.99, stretching all the way up to $88.

Breazy CBD Vapes

Breazy CBD Vapes

Breazy and The Relaxation Company work in partnership, delivering both CBD and vape products to your door. So it’s no surprise that one of the largest product ranges available is vapes. Breazy not only stocks an extensive range of CBD vape oils and liquids but also has all the vaping hardware that you could possibly need.

For those who are new to vaping and do not want to spend large amounts of money upfront, Breazy has simple and affordable solutions. Equally, Breazy understands that there are many people who are passionate about vaping and want to purchase the very best equipment. For those customers, Breazy has a range of professional vape pens and kits.

Breazy has options for every level of vaping. CBD oils and juices are available in both ready to use cartridges and disposable pens, as well as tinctures that allow you to measure out and customize your vaping experience.

For those looking to add to or start their very first vape kit, there are many different options available. Many of the brands have been chosen because they work seamlessly together, meaning that you can mix and match your favorite items.

Breazy CBD for Dogs

No one is left out of the shopping experience at Breazy, and that includes your pets. Breazy is committed to providing for all of your CBD needs, so you don’t have to waste time shopping on many different sites.

When it comes to your pets, Breazy has every base covered, from tasty dog treats to CBD oil tinctures that you can subtly add to your pet’s food. As with all of the CBD products, Breazy has options from all of your favorite CBD brands, making it easy for you to pick the very best products for your dogs.

How to Buy Breazy Products

Shopping with Breazy is not always simple. But once customers reach the Relaxation Company site, it is, thanks to the carefully designed website and online store. Breazy understands that people do not want to waste hours at a time trying to find the perfect CBD solutions and that people would much rather be out enjoying themselves and benefitting from CBD. And the ability to add items to your favorites list means that you can compare all of your top options with ease.

Breazy also understands that not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on CBD products every month and that it is important to offer products that cover every price range. You can choose to order products based on their price, even filtering the products that you see to suit your budget.

Breazy is always running a special offer and featuring discount codes to help you save a little extra. Currently, the brand is offering its customers 20% off their next purchase when they use the code ‘SITE20’. It is worth checking Breazy’s website on a regular basis so that you don’t miss out on valuable offers.

To help you save even more when you shop with Breazy, there is free shipping on all US orders over $50.

Final Thoughts on Breazy

Shopping with Breazy is the perfect way to save both time and money while still experiencing the very best CBD products available. Having such a wide array of options at your fingertips means that you can compare and ensure you are purchasing the right CBD products for your individual needs.

Whether you are looking to try CBD for the very first time or to try out some new products, Breazy is a great place to start.

When shopping with Breazy, you can pick and choose from all of your favorite brands without feeling as though you have to make compromises.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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