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Canbiola CBD Review

Canbiola CBD Review

Cabiola CBD is a brand that offers more unusual choices than most others. Expect to find a range of CBD-inspired soaps, classic oils, and turmeric capsules on the site. Combining traditional CBD products with innovative CBD-infusions, their business-like approach often translates to quality.

Find out more about the products that Canbiola sells in our in-depth review.

Canbiola CBD Quick Summary


  • Interesting range of products such as CBD soaps
  • THC-free products available
  • All products are crafted from organic and non-GMO hemp
  • Lab reports are accessible
  • Transparent about company investors


  • The website feels overly formal
  • No FAQ section


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Who Is Canbiola CBD: Quality and Transparency

At first glance, Canbiola offers little information about the company itself. For instance, questions such as what year the company originated and the reasoning for starting the brand, are left unanswered. However, what they lack in branding they make up for in professionalism. This is reflected in the detailed information about team members, brand ethos, and even investors. Put simply, the website isn’t lacking in transparency.

So what can we say about the manufacturing process? Well, what we do know is that they specialize in THC-free products. This is great for customers who don’t want to worry about consuming any THC but want other cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG. It’s also reassuring to see that the company uses non-GMO and organic hemp to create their range of products. This means customers can feel confident that no pesticides, herbicides, or other unwanted chemicals are ruining their oil quality.

It’s clear that the company wants to establish a professional rapport with their customers. Their minimal and professional branding shows they take both the CBD industry and customer experience seriously.

But what about the products? Find out below!

Canbiola CBD Highlights: What We Like

  • Transparency for Customers: Canbiola provides information that we don’t often see on CBD websites. For instance, stock values are freely available to site visitors. The detailed information on Canbiola’s management team is also a welcome sight.
  • Lab Tested: The company lab-test their products with third-party laboratories; this is something which we come to expect from a CBD brand. Not only that, but these results are easily accessible for potential customers.
  • Innovative Range of Products: A brand is only as good as its products, and Canbiola’s range of CBD products is certainly intriguing. From pet drops to CBD soaps, the choice is certainly not lacking.

Canbiola Negatives

  • Cold Website: While professionalism is something that we celebrate in the CBD industry, Canbiola’s formality feels cold for visitors to the site. And sometimes, the information is confusing and overly-complicated to read.

Canbiola CBD Oil

CBD oils tend to be the most common form of use, and it would be unusual to find a brand without them. Luckily, this isn’t the case for Canbiola. In fact, they go above and beyond to make their products as easy-to-use as possible. That’s why you can find the oils in both drop bottles and spray bottles. While drops give you greater dosage control, they can often be messy and intimidating, so the introduction of CBD sprays is a clever one.

There is also a great variety of oil strengths to choose from. These include:

  • 500mg (spray and drops)
  • 750mg (drops only)
  • 1000mg (spray and drops)
  • 1500mg (spray and drops)
  • 3000mg (drops only)
  • 5000mg (drops only)

A choice is essential when it comes to CBD. And Canbiola’s 500mg to 5000mg oils means that whether you are a CBD newbie or an experienced user, you’ll find something suited to you.

It’s also worth noting that Canbiola’s CBD oil is made using nanotechnology. This emulsifying technique means that the oil and water solution in the product combines more easily. Many believe that not only will this make the oil work faster in the body but more effectively. This is definitely food for thought.

Canbiola CBD Topicals: Soaps, Salves, and Gels

Probably Canbiola’s most interesting range of products, their topicals are what makes them stand out from the competition. On the site, you can find products such as:

  • Muscle and Joint Salve (50mg, 100mg, 200mg)
  • CyroGel (125mg, 225mg, 300mg, 500mg)
  • CBD-infused soap (200mg)

There are plenty more products on the site. However, we wish they were organized more efficiently in the brand store. It can be difficult determining how many strengths each product has, and scanning the page isn’t very appealing for a customer.

Canbiola CBD Topicals: Soaps, Salves, and Gels

Despite this, the products themselves look intriguing. Canbiola’s CBD soaps are made from the brand’s high-quality CBD oil, and they are vegan, which is just another benefit. Each of these CBD soaps is infused with your favorite moisturizing ingredients like honey, aloe vera, and shea butter. In fact, there are so many options to choose from that you may end up buying more than you anticipated!

Canbiola CBD Pets

So how does Canbiola cater to our pets? On the site, you can find three different products intended to be used for both dogs and cats, judging by the label. Luckily, each product description provides a rough guide to how much CBD you should be using depending on your pet’s size. The two strengths you can find on the site are:

  • 250mg
  • 500mg

However, you can purchase a pet product in either drop or serum form. What’s the difference? Good question. Not much it seems, as there’s little information regarding the difference between the two. However, we can assume that the serum is a slightly thicker consistency.

Canbiola CBD Pets

Either way, Canbiola recommends using their products over your pet’s food, but at the guide of your veterinarian. Clearly, safety is the company’s top priority, which is respectable.

How to Buy Canbiola CBD Products

Finding shipping information on Canbidola’s site is no easy task. In fact, you have to trawl through lots of legal jargon just to find out shipping times. And even then, you don’t find out exact costs or available shipping locations until you create an account during check out.

We feel like an FAQ section would be invaluable for this company. It’s an easy way of displaying sensible and essential information that customers need to know quickly.

Despite this, they do provide good information about who they ship with. If you buy a Canbiola product, you can expect to receive your package through either the United States Postal Service Priority Mail or Priority Express Mail. The company is also fast at handling orders, giving you a 1-2 day time frame.

It’s also worth noting that Canbiola does accept refunds within 30 days of purchase, within certain conditions, of course.

Final Thoughts on Canbiola CBD

When it comes to quality, it’s difficult to fault Canbiola. They provide extensive lab-reports, interesting products, and impressive features like nanotechnology. Even when it comes to the hemp, they ensure it’s non-GMO and that it only contains the necessary cannabinoids.

However, the website could use some work. Its professionalism is boarding on inaccessibility for customers, not helped by much of the legal jargon decorating the site. And their business-heavy website feels like it deals in distributing CBD rather than as a consumer store.

The question is, how will they compete in an industry that depends so much on style and aesthetics?


Final Verdict: 7/10

While Canbiola does sell capsules, there isn’t a lot of strength variety. You can check out the best CBD capsules in the industry from the world’s top CBD brands on our site.

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