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Cannapresso CBD Review

Cannapresso Review

The CBD industry has changed the way that many of us think about our health and the supplements that we take each day. Gone are the days of walking into your local pharmacy and simply selecting a pack of vitamins off of the shelf; instead, we are increasingly turning to online retailers for natural supplement alternatives.

CBD, or cannabidiol, has become one of the most popular forms of a daily supplement. This is because it has a range of different health benefits and can be used in so many different ways.

Cannapresso CBD is a brand who strive to take CBD one step further and rather than just being a daily supplement that you take without much thought, they aim to create fun CBD products that turn the mundane into something exciting that you actively look forward to. Cannapresso CBD offers its customers a range of flavorful products designed with both enjoyment and health in mind.

So, have Cannapresso CBD been successful in adding a little excitement to the CBD industry; and are their products worth trying? Let’s take a closer look at the Cannapresso CBD brand and find out. 

Who Are Cannapresso CBD?

Cannapresso CBD set out with a clear goal to change the way that people use and think of CBD. The company is determined to move away from clinical feeling products such as capsules and oils and instead make CBD a treat that people actively look forward to every day. 

While Cannapresso CBD’s main goal was to revolutionize the industry, they also want to ensure that quality and effectiveness did not suffer as a result. Using all-natural ingredients and high potency CBD the company began work on creating the bright and flavorful range of products that are found on their website today.

Cannapresso CBD uses high-CBD concentrate derived from industrial hemp, meaning that it is legal to use in all 50 U.S. states. In order to ensure consistently high quality and reliable potency, they only source hemp plants from organic U.S. farms known for their strict growing standards.

In order to preserve the quality of hemp plants and ensure that none of its potency is lost during processing Cannapresso CBD use chemical-free CO2 extraction methods.

Known as being one of the most environmentally friendly and advanced methods CO2 extraction also removes impurities which can occur in plants such as heavy metals. This means that Cannapresso CBD products are guaranteed only to contain the parts of the plant that have a positive impact on your health.

Cannapresso CBD believes that it is not just the hemp used in their products that determines the quality of the final product but also all of the other ingredients that are added during manufacturing. This is why the company aims only to use organic natural ingredients where possible so that you do not have to worry about subjecting your body to artificially added extras. Cannapresso CBD also follows the Current Good Manufacturing Practices, meaning that all ingredients they use are tested and cleared for cannabinoid potency and potential contaminants.

Third-party lab testing is also used to check each batch before it is ready for shipping. This adds an extra layer of quality assurance to what is already a carefully monitored system. Customers can access some of the results from these tests on Cannapresso CBD’s website under the ‘About Us’ section, but for more detailed reports, these need to be requested through email.

Cannapresso CBD Highlights: Reasons for Success

  • Extensive Range of Flavors: Cannapresso CBD’s main goal is to revolutionize the industry and create products that people enjoy and look forward to. One way that they have been able to achieve this is by offering customers a wide range of delicious flavors throughout their entire range, including their oils and vape liquids.
  • U.S. Grown Hemp: Cannapresso CBD only source their hemp plants from organic U.S. hemp farms, this allows them to ensure a consistent level of quality throughout all of their products.
  • Multiple Strengths Available: The company understands that everybody is different, and while some people might be looking for a low dose of CBD others may need something slightly stronger. This is why Cannapresso CBD products are available in a range of different strength options, including their intense 6000mg tinctures.

Cannapresso CBD E-Liquids

cannapresso cbd

Cannapresso CBD offers a varied range of different vape-liquid that leave you wondering why you ever considered vaping regular e-liquids when you could instead be enjoying their wide range of flavors.

The company offers three different types of e-liquid; their popular full-spectrum liquids, CBD isolate liquids and terpene liquids for a little extra flavor. In keeping with the brand, all e-liquids come in a number of mouthwatering flavors just waiting to be enjoyed.

Cannapresso CBD full-spectrum e-liquids have been designed to offer all of the health benefits that make CBD so popular along with an extra burst of flavor.

Full-spectrum CBD provides not only a healthy dose of CBD but also all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes that actually naturally occur in hemp plants and are known to have their own immune-boosting effects. Full-spectrum vape liquids come in a number of fruity flavors including strawberries and grapefruit.

For those who prefer CBD isolate, the company has also created a range of vape liquids made from their high-quality isolate oils. Isolate liquids are available in a number of different strengths and flavors, including mango and grape. Isolate liquids are an excellent way to pack your body full of CBD and enjoy its healing power without all of the other compounds found in hemp plants.

Cannapresso CBD terpene e-liquids are a great way to customize your vaping experience and really take control of how you enjoy CBD. Terpene liquids can be added to other vape liquids, either CBD or regular, allowing you to experiment with different combinations and flavors. Customers can choose from four different options, including mango kush, strawberry wild, and critical mala.

Cannapresso CBD Water


Cannapresso CBD water offers customers a fast and effective way to consume CBD, helping you to get through even the toughest of days. The water comes in 10ml shot bottles, designed to make it easier than ever before to consume while on the move.

There are two different options to choose from a 10mg shot and a much stronger 50ml; this allows you to tailor your intake to meet your own individual health care needs.

The water combines 99.5% CBD crystals with water and medical atomizer, resulting in an effective and pure dose of CBD.

Cannapresso CBD Tinctures


Just like Cannapresso CBD’s vape range, their tinctures offer the same level of customization and control, with a range of different strength full-spectrum and isolate oils to choose from. Cannapresso CBD tinctures are available in all of the fun, flavor blends that make their products so popular.

The company uses high-quality U.S. hemp plants to produce all of their oils, varying the intensity of extraction and manufacturing methods to create both their full-spectrum and isolate ranges.

Cannapresso CBD full-spectrum oils are ideal for those times when you need a super healthy boost, packed with not only CBD but also a wide range of cannabinoids, vitamins, and terpenes. Oils come in two different size options a 30ml bottle and a portable 10ml bottle that you can discreetly carry about with you. There is also a number of different strengths and flavors to choose from, including mango and strawberry.

For those who are seeking a purer CBD experience the isolate oils are perfect. Available in the same size, flavor, and strength options these oils contain nothing but pure, powerful CBD. Isolate is ideal for anyone who is worried about the other compounds with hemp plants affecting their internal balance or potentially clashing with other medication.

Cannapresso CBD Sprays


Cannapresso CBD use their high-quality CBD to create a range of throat and nasal sprays, offering an excellent all-natural alternative to your regular over the counter sprays. Much like traditional sprays that you might find in your local pharmacy, they have been designed to soothe irritation while also providing your body with a healing dose of CBD.

There are currently three different sprays to choose from, each having been carefully formulated to treat a slightly different area of your sinuses.  This includes a hayfever/allergy nasal spray, a sinus congestion relief spray, and a sore throat spray.

Cannapresso CBD Creams


Cannapresso CBD’s topical range is an excellent way to treat your skin. Not only is it easily absorbed into your bloodstream, but it also works to keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy. Cannapresso CBD has created a number of different products so that every area of your skin can benefit from the healing power of CBD.

All topicals are made using a combination of full-spectru and natural plant extract, meaning that they are packed with the vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs. Free from artificial ingredients, they also leave your skin smelling fresh, leaving you feeling as though you have just enjoyed a luxury spa treatment.

The Cannapresso CBD topical range includes 50mg gentle body lotion, a 15mg hand cream, 200mg facial cream, and a 50mg eye cream.

A nice touch is that all of Cannapresso’s CBD’s topicals come in sleek packaging, allowing them to blend seamlessly among your other cosmetics. This shows that the company understand their customers’ needs and that no one enjoys their dresser turning into a more of a medical cabinet than a beauty station.

How to Buy Cannapresso CBD Products

Cannapresso CBD does not run their own online store, which can make it slightly challenging to track down some of their products. Their website has been designed to primarily act as a source of information for both potential customers and retailers looking to purchase their products wholesale.

The site contains a wealth of information about the brand, its products, and CBD in general, making it a great place to start your journey and learn about their different products.

The company does provide links to where you can purchase some of their products directing you to third-party sites such as 420 Beast. For other products, though you are left with no other option than to turn to Google and hope that your searching skills are good enough to find a stockist that ships to your area.

CBD exhibitions are an excellent way to try Cannapresso CBD’s products and talk to members of their team. Last year, the company were at both the Champs Trade Show and the Vape Jam UK.

Hopefully, as the brand continues to grow, it will expand its website to include a store, making the products much more accessible. But there are currently no plans to do so.

Final Verdict About Cannapresso CBD

The company has been successful in achieving its goal and has shown that CBD can be more than just a boring supplement, but actually something that you enjoy and feel excited to use. With a range of flavorful oils and vape liquids, and bright, eye-catching packaging to match, Cannapresso CBD gives us an idea of the way that the market is shifting and the future of natural wellness products.

It is great to see that the company has not compromised on quality in order to produce exciting products that move CBD away from its clinical origins. They have been able to do what many brands struggle to achieve, maintaining exceptional quality while also offer customers products with a twist. Make sure that you check out the full range of Cannapresso CBD products on the website and start experiencing CBD at its very best.  

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