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Cannavest review

Cannavest Review

If you are in the market for CBD products, you’ve probably heard of Cannavest. They are a producer and supplier of raw oil and end-consumer products that contain agricultural hemp-based compounds.

Cannavest is pioneering an emerging worldwide trend to re-energize the production of agricultural hemp and to promote its many uses for consumers. They use CBD to create their health and wellness raw agricultural and consumer products. They believe that they are the largest supplier of low-THC CBD oil in the world.

As part of this Cannavest review, we will tell you everything there is to know about this company.

What Can You Expect from Cannavest?

Just about everyone in the CBD market knows about Cannavest – the company that reached an all-time multi-billion dollar high in the stock market. Cannavest is best known for its excellent, high-quality CBD oil product, known as PlusCBD.

Cannavest has produced and marketed some of the highest-quality and best CBD products in the market. And, the company’s popularity seems to be growing with the expanded knowledge and legalization of medical marijuana and CBD oil benefits.

As a company, Cannavest believes that the future of hemp is unlimited. Through the innovative and responsible application of science, they aim to enhance the well-being and prosperity of customers, employees, shareholders, and communities.

Who Is Cannavest?

Cannavest is an American-based company, but they are responsible for other ventures. The company manufacture products for the brand known as PlusCBD. The Cannavest journey first began in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2010 – by operating under the name Foreclosure Solutions Inc. The company then changed the name to Cannavest corporation in January 2013. And they now trade under CANV in the OTC market.

Over the years, Cannavest has manufactured and marketed industrial hemp products to consumers in North America and is now also taking on the European market.

Cannavest is well known for its CBD oil. But they create a variety of other interesting products, via its unique CO2 extraction method. This includes Decarboxylated CBD oil, CBD powder, decarb & filtered CBD oil, RAW CBD oil, CBD water-soluble, CBD capsules, vape, gels, and balms.

Cannavest Highlights

Here are a few things that make Cannavest stand out.

Full Traceability: Cannavest is fully committed to tracking its products from seed to shelf. From the harvesting stage to laboratory testing, the whole process is monitored to ensure some of the highest-quality CBD oil.
CO2 Extraction: Cannavest uses the CO2 extraction process – the best in the industry. It’s a cold process that uses temperatures closest to its botanical material and ensures minimal thermal degradation of both the plant and extracted oil.
Third-Party Testing: Cannavest uses third-party lab testing to ensure that its products are of the highest quality. You can receive a copy of the report on request.

Review of Cannavest Products

The Cannavest PlusCBD products are available in a variety of forms and quantities. Below we will take a look at what they offer.

CBD Oil Drops

PlusCBD oil drops offer an easy way to enjoy CBD. They’re popular among athletes and those with active lifestyles. This is because they are so easy to add to food, drinks, and smoothies. These drops are available in three strengths; 250mg, 750mg, and 1,500mg and come in an unflavored, Peppermint, or Goji Blueberry variety. The price ranges between $23 – $42.


CBD capsules are made with the purest, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients. Capsules are a great way for adults that use CBD to consume it every day. The capsules include fatty acids, Vitamin E, and CBD. There are two strengths available; each capsule contains either 10mg or 15mg of CBD. You can purchase the capsules in quantities of either 30 or 60. The starting price is $29.95.


Sprays are an excellent way for newbies to start taking CBD. The sprays are available in three flavors; Unflavored, Peppermint, and Cafe Mocha and two strengths; 100mg and 500mg of CBD. To use, you spray twice in the mouth and hold for up to 30 seconds, then swallow.


The balm is ideal for skincare and is perfect for those who have chapped or dry skin, achy feet, or sore hands. It leaves the skin feeling cool, soft, and moisturized. The price ranges between $30 – $50 depending on size and strength.


Concentrates are a great option for experienced CBD users who have already determined the quantity that works for them. Cannavest sells two options of concentrate: Hemp-derived CBD oil (Green) and 250mg strength of CBD (Gold).

Final Thought on Cannavest

Cannavest’s PlusCBD is certainly worth looking into if you are interested in using CBD products. The company produces high-quality and pure products that are available to purchase in many different forms.

From oil and capsules to softgels and sprays, Cannavest CBD offers different types of products. They make products for people who are advanced CBD users, as well as newbies who are still trying to figure out the right quantities. They offer good products, and when you compare to other CBD brands, they are relatively affordable.

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