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CBD BioCare Review

CBD BioCare Review

There is now more choice than ever when browsing CBD products. Among the many new brands to enter the industry since 2016, CBD BioCare has done an incredible job of making itself stand out from the crowd. CBD BioCare offers a wide range of CBD products. All of which are designed for you to enjoy the natural benefits of using CBD.

Let’s take a closer look at the CBD BioCare brand and how it came to be.

CBD BioCare Quick Summary


  • A large selection of products, including CBD pet oil
  • Lots of CBD learning resources, such as videos and articles
  • A clear and professional website
  • CBD bundle packages to save money
  • Products tested by 3rd party labs
  • CO2 supercritical extraction used


  • Only available in the US
  • Products may be more expensive than other brands


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Who Is CBD BioCare?

CBD BioCare was initially founded by Matthew and Stacey Pitts with a mission:

“…to get CBD directly into the hands of those that can benefit from it the most.”

However, the CBD BioCare brand was not born overnight. Both Matthew and Stacey put years of hard work and research into creating the brand that we know today.

Matthew saw first hand the positive effects that CBD can have on a person’s quality of life. From this moment, he wanted CBD to become as accessible as possible. In 2016, CBD BioCare was founded, and with the help of industry professionals, Matthew and Stacey’s years of research paid off.

CBD BioCare now offers an extensive range of CBD products designed to work seamlessly into everyday life. Rather than categorizing products by the way in which they are used, as so many brands do, CBD BioCare instead groups products by their purpose. This approach allows customers to find the right items for their individual needs.

CBD BioCare has four main categories: Wellness, relief, natural, and skincare. There is also a selection of pet-focused products. When shopping with CBD BioCare, every member of the family can experience firsthand the benefits of CBD.

CBD BioCare Highlights

  • Wide Range of Products: CBD BioCare has all of your needs covered. They produce a variety of CBD products designed just for pets so that every single member of the family can reap the benefits of this compound.
  • Clear and Easy to Navigate Website: CBD BioCare has carefully designed its website so that it is easy to navigate. In addition, the brand has also included a helpful information sheet about CBD to ensure you find the perfect products.
  • In-depth Information: At CBD BioCare, they believe that it is essential to educate people about CBD and avoid misinformation. CBD BioCare’s website is filled with helpful information designed to teach you everything you need to know.

CBD BioCare Negative Thoughts

  • Affordability: While CBD BioCare’s products might offer exceptional quality, this comes at a price, with some of CBD BioCare’s products costing slightly more than many other brands.
  • USA Only: CBD BioCare is a USA-focused brand, and therefore does not have international shipping options. For those living outside of the USA’s boundaries, purchasing CBD BioCare products can be difficult and costly.

CBD BioCare Wellness Products

CBD BioCare’s wellness product range has been designed for those searching for a natural wellness solution. The wellness range includes a number of different ways to experience CBD so that no matter your lifestyle, you are sure to find CBD products that work for you.

Among the many options, CBD BioCare features five different concentration CBD oil tinctures, two different capsules, CBD gummies, gum, and CBD tea. Having so many different ways to include CBD into your daily routine is one of the things that make CBD BioCare stand out from other brands.

CBD BioCare Wellness Products

CBD BioCare’s CBD oil tinctures range from a gentle 500mg of CBD per bottle all of the way up to 3500mg of CBD for a potent dose. All CBD tinctures are made using full-spectrum CBD to experience. This means that they not only contain CBD but also the full range of different cannabinoids and terpenes that are found within hemp plants.

CBD oils are available in two flavors:

  • Original Natural
  • Peppermint

This gives you the freedom to choose flavors that you know you will enjoy. All of the CBD used to create CBD BioCare’s tinctures is sourced from USA grown hemp plants guaranteeing a consistently high level of quality.

CBD BioCare’s wellness capsules provide a very similar experience to their oil tinctures only in a compact and super simple form. Choose between 10mg and 25mg capsules, both of which are made using CBD BioCare’s CBD formula that can be found across most of their products.

CBD BioCare Pain Relief Products

CBD BioCare’s pain relief range has been designed to relieve pain through the use of natural products. With the range, you will find three different pain relief balms as well as a pain relief roll on. Within this category, CBD BioCare has also included its more potent CBD capsules and oil tincture.

CBD BioCare Skin Care Products

CBD BioCare has carefully designed its pain relief products to be simple, convenient, and as discreet as possible. All of CBD BioCare’s balms are made using a formula that guarantees no gluten, sulfate, phthalates, fragrance, silicone, and talc. The paint relief range ensures that you can experience the benefits of CBD without feeling inconvenienced.

All of CBD BioCare’s pain relief products are made using full-spectrum CBD in order to trigger the entourage effect for maximum effectiveness. The balms come in three different concentrations: 60mg, 75, and 500mg, so that you can match your CBD dose to suit your needs.

CBD BioCare All-Natural Products

CBD BioCare aims to keep all of its products as natural as possible using organic, locally sourced ingredients. However, it is not always possible for CBD BioCare to offer affordable pricing.

CBD BioCare has three products within its all-natural range, including its ageless cream, CBD scrub, and CBD pain relief cream. These three products offer a CBD solution for those who prefer to keep their CBD routine completely natural.

The all-natural range is made using CBD BioCare’s high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil along with vitamin and mineral-rich ingredients. In order to offer maximum benefits, CBD BioCare uses essential oils, aloe vera, chamomile, and honey. These ingredients help to create products that are of high quality, natural, and affordable.

CBD BioCare Skin Care Products

CBD BioCare’s skincare range is still relatively new and one that is still very much a work in progress. There are currently two different skincare products to choose from:

  • CBD BioCare’s All Ageless Natural Cream
  • All-Natural CBD scrub

CBD topicals are an excellent way to nourish your skin while enjoying the benefits of CBD. Both CBD BioCare’s skincare products are made using natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their hydrating and calming properties.

CBD BioCare Skin Care Products

CBD BioCare uses a base formula that consists of full-spectrum CBD, arnica Montana flower, and pomegranate seed oil. CBD BioCare topical is then infused with vitamins and essential oils that help to provide your skin with the nutrients that it needs to stay looking and feeling healthy.

With CBD BioCare’s skincare products, you can seamlessly swap out your regular creams, and scrubs for a CBD filled alternative without actually having to alter your skincare routine.

CBD BioCare Pet Care Products

CBD BioCare believes that CBD should be accessible to everyone, and that includes pets. Within the CBD BioCare pet range, you can find a number of simple yet effective products that your pets will love.

CBD BioCare has two different full-spectrum CBD oils that come complete with an easy-to-use dropper. There are also full-spectrum CBD pet chews and a pet spray for when you need to tackle specific areas.

CBD BioCare Pet Care Products

At CBD BioCare, they understand that it is not always easy to include new foods and supplements into your pet’s diet. That’s why they have designed their pet products as enjoyable for your pets as possible. CBD BioCare’s full-spectrum CBD soft chews come in a delicious bacon flavor providing your pets with a tasty treat that they can look forward to.

Both of CBD BioCare’s pet-friendly oil tinctures have also been designed with you and your pet in mind, whether its CBD drops to reduce mess or natural flavored treats. With CBD BioCare pet products, it could not be easier to add a little CBD into your pet’s diet.

How to Buy CBD BioCare Products

CBD BioCare’s entire range of products can be found on the website and purchased directly through the online store. CBD BioCare has made its online store easy to navigate, resulting in a fun shopping experience.

The way in which CBD BioCare categorizes its products makes it easy to find precisely what you are looking for.

CBD BioCare has a number of discounts and deals available to help you save a little extra when you shop. CBD BioCare is currently offering 20% off its summer skincare range, along with many other great discounts. Signing up to CBD BioCare’s mailing list is an excellent way to stay up to date with all of the latest offers and discounts.

To be the first to know about all of their latest offers, make sure to sign up for the mailing list.

Final Verdict About CBD BioCare

CBD BioCare is very much focused on making CBD something that’s accessible and can be enjoyed by all. One of the main ways they do this is product variety.

In addition, it’s always nice to find a brand that covers all CBD basics. This gives you the freedom to be creative when it comes to incorporating CBD into your routine. However, it’s unfortunate that the company doesn’t provide international shipping.


Final Verdict: 7/10

If you live outside of the US, you can still find great quality and value CBD products. For instance, UK brands are currently setting a premium standard for CBD oils around the world.

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