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CBD Brothers Oil [ Complete Review ]

CBD Brothers Oil [ Complete Review ]

CBD hemp oil is almost being marketed as a ‘cure all’ that can help you with everything from insomnia to depression. As you probably know, CBD is one of over 100 compounds identified in the marijuana plant. The lack of psychoactivity (unlike THC) means CBD is legal in dozens of countries around the world and almost all American states.

With so many companies producing CBD oil, it is tough to determine the difference between them. Fortunately for you, we are intent on giving you the 411 on all these companies including CBD Brothers who we review today.

Who Are CBD Brothers?

Unlike most of the companies we review, CBD Brothers is based in Europe. It utilizes an organic growing process to produce its cannabis and hemp, and it is grown across the continent on small artisan farms. It has its own special indica strains, and the CBD oil is extracted via CO2 using low heat and low pressure.

In addition, its oils contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids along with flavonoids and terpenes. The result is a unique product, but does CBD Brothers hit the mark in terms of quality and efficacy?

Review of CBD Brothers’ CBD Oils

CBD Brothers’ CBD Oils

CBD Brothers is one of the few companies to divide its offerings into sativa, indica and hybrid strains. There are a total of six CBD oils:

  • Green Edition Sativa
  • Blue Edition Sativa
  • Purple Edition Hybrid
  • White Edition Indica
  • Red Edition Indica
  • Black Edition Indica

While the six options come in different sizes ranging from 10ml to 100ml, there are also variations in strength and price. For example, the Green Edition Sativa contains 14% CBD, so the 10ml bottle (costs £7.95) has 280mg of CBD, and the 100ml bottle (costs £67.95) contains 2,800mg of CBD.

The Black Edition Indica is extremely strong with 30% CBD. As a result, the 10ml bottle (£199.95) contains 2,000mg of cannabis plant extract and 300mg of CBD. The 30ml bottle has 6,000mg of extract (£539.95) and contains 900mg of CBD. The price difference between all six options owes to the fact they are completely different strains.

All of CBD Brothers’ oils are created in the company facility in Suffolk, UK. The extracts are blended with coconut oil or hemp seed to provide a complete mix which is bottled or added to capsules. The company is one of the few that develops and extracts its oil. Most sellers rely on someone else to grow the plant before they extract it.

Not only does CBD Brothers test the quality of the oil using an HPLC machine, but it also pays for independent third-party testing. As it is naturally created, no two batches are identical, and the company includes details of the ingredients and different compound contents on every bottle. Most of its crop is grown and extracted in the Netherlands.

One of the great things about the CBD Brothers range of products is the fact you can utilize the strains for different purposes and also work your way up in term of strength. For example, we found the Black Edition Indica to work incredibly well for insomnia. The effects were fairly rapid as it promoted a feeling of relaxation within a few minutes.

The Blue Edition Sativa, on the other hand, provided a real uplift in mood with none of the psychoactive properties associated with THC. If you’re a beginner, try the Green Edition first before moving on to the more powerful strains.

Review of CBD Brothers’ Other Products

CBD Brothers’ Other Products

The firm also sells a handful of other CBD products including edibles, capsules, balm, water-soluble CBD products and high concentration CBD whole plant extracts. As is the case with the oil, the capsules come in Sativa and Indica form. The Blue Edition Sativa bottle contains 30 capsules that come in three strengths: HBC50, HBC100 and HBC 250. The Purple Edition Indica version also offers 30 capsules in three strengths: PC50, PC100, and PC250. Once again, we were impressed by the efficacy of both strains.

The CBD balm is made from the stems and leaves of the cannabis plant, CBD oil, coconut oil and bee’s wax. 30ml costs £34.95 while the large 100ml tub costs £94.95. We liked the texture and consistency of the wax which was easy to use. All it takes is a small amount to benefit from its genuine painkilling properties.

At present, the only edibles option available is the Goodness Raw Chocolate offering that provides you with 16mg of CBD in each chocolate. It contains an array of other natural ingredients including dates, cacao butter, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and more. These chocolates taste great, but you shouldn’t consume more than a couple a day, to begin with. They are ideal for relieving stress and helping you sleep, but the microdoses are probably too small to provide lasting pain relief.

Where Can I Purchase CBD Brothers Products?

Go to the CBD Brothers Shop page to get the latest deals and to find your preferred products. If you’re unhappy with the quality of your products, get in touch with the company via email within 14 days to receive a full refund. UK customers can expect to receive their delivery within two working days while European and American customers should get their package within 3-14 working days.

Final Thoughts on CBD Brothers

The company is one of the top sellers in the UK but and develops a high quality product. The only problem that I found was that their products were less effective than some of the other brands on the market, such as Provacan which is currently ranking as the top CBD brand in the UK and Hempura.

With that said, CBDbrothers does offer six different strains and a variety of strengths so you’re be more that able to quickly find out just how much CBD you need to meet your health requirements.

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Customer Reviews Based on 33 reviews

  • Beth Littler
    Advice for a newbie

    Hi all – i am new to all things weed related, including CBD. I was told to try CBD Oil to help my bad gut issues – but can anybody help advise me on the best ones?

  • Taylor Lautner
    I love the balm

    The CBD balm from CBD Brothers is great I use it every night for my arthritis!

  • Jamie Jones
    Thank you all

    These comments are so helpful, and I can’t thank you enough for this comprehensive look into this brand which I have been considering for a while now – so helpful! I think after seeing reviews, I will be going for the Black edition as i suffer from severe chronic pain and anxiety and feel I need a big boost – thanks again!

  • Omar
    Definitely worth exploring this brand

    After seeing all the positive feedback on the CBD oil, I tried the black edition,but for me it didnt help my chronic back pain as well as some other oils I have tried in the past. Not to be put off so easily, I went on to try the water-soluble CBD product, and this took effect almost immediately, and lasted for around 4 hours. I didn’t get any negative effects either, as some CBD in the past has left me feeling slightly jittery. This company is worth exploring for sure!

  • Mike
    Purple Hybrid is the best!

    I have tried all the CBD Brothers oils now, I have MS and struggle massively with pain and mobility. I found the purple edition oil to be ideal for my condition, it has really allowed me to live life more comfortably, without any huge side effects leaving me feeling even worse! Definitely recomment.

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