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CBD Daily Review

CBD Daily Review

For many people, choosing to make the switch from chemical-filled cosmetics to the much more natural CBD-infused options is about more than just the products that they put on their skin. Many people believe in caring for the environment too. CBD Daily is a CBD topical brand that understands this. As a result, they focus on sustainability across everything that they do.

CBD Daily offers a range of skincare products made using 100% natural, healthy ingredients infused with CBD’s healing power. With CBD Daily products, you can care for your skin while also caring for the world around you.

So, what exactly does CBD Daily have to offer? And how can they revolutionize your skincare regimen?

CBD Daily Quick Summary


  • Has produced a skincare line since 1996
  • A great array of product diversity that includes CBD serum, lotion, and more
  • Cruelty-free and THC-free products
  • Products have been lab-tested by third-parties
  • A member of the “Plastic, Pollution, Coalition”
  • No dyes, sulfates, or mineral oils used


  • Only ships to US customers (however, UK customers may find products in Holland and Barrett)
  • Some products may be expensive


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Who Is CBD Daily?

CBD Daily is a much-loved brand that has been offering its customers CBD infused skincare products since 1996. All of CBD Daily’s products are designed and tested with a clear goal to “soothe and moisturize while relieving overall discomfort.” CBD Daily’s all-natural skincare line offers a diverse range of ways to care for your skin and overall wellness.


Conscientious crafting…

Quality is key across the CBD Daily brand, with ingredients being chosen for their natural healing and wellness properties. Every ingredient used by CBD Daily is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This ensures that you only use the very best ingredients on your skin while also having minimal impact on the environment.

It is not just CBD Daily’s products that have been carefully designed with sustainability in mind, but also the packaging. CBD Daily uses recycled packaging to ship its products along with soy ink for labeling. CBD Daily has also refined its manufacturing methods to ensure that they are as eco-friendly as possible.


Building trust…

Building customer trust and transparency is a vital part of the CBD Daily brand, and it, therefore, uses third-party lab testing for all of its products. Tests are carried out to ensure that all of the CBD used is of the highest standard and provides a high purity level. The results from tests can be accessed by customers so that you always know exactly what you are using and ordering.

CBD Daily breaks its products down into four main categories. This makes it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Within each of these categories, CBD Daily has included a range of different topical options. In essence, they combine your all-ready favorite topical products with CBD.

CBD Daily Highlights

  • Third-Party Lab Testing: CBD Daily is committed to delivering the very best quality to your door. That’s why they use third-party lab testing to ensure that this is always the case. Tests are carried out to ensure purity and potency in every drop of CBD and to check the overall quality of the ingredients used.
  • Natural Ingredients: All of CBD Daily’s products are made using 100% natural ingredients. This means that you can always use them with confidence, knowing that you are only using the very best ingredients on your body.
  • Sustainable: At CBD Daily, it is essential to not only create high quality and effective products but also to ensure that this is being done in a sustainable way. CBD Daily has carefully crafted every element from farming to delivery to ensure that they are as sustainable as possible.

CBD Daily Negative Thoughts

  • USA Shipping Only: CBD Daily only offers shipping to those with a USA based billing and shipping address. This makes it hard for international customers to access CBD Daily’s products. Equally, free shipping is only available to mainland USA states, meaning that customers based in Hawaii and Alaska cannot benefit from this feature. For UK customers, you can find a small selection of products available at high-street store Holland and Barretts.
  • Affordability: CBD Daily products might deliver premium quality, but this comes with a slightly higher than average price tag. Of course, you very much get what you pay for. The extra time and effort that has gone into crafting every element of the CBD Daily brand definitely shines through.

CBD Daily Original Strength

CBD Daily’s original strength range features the famous CBD formula. Within the original strength range, you will find all of the skincare and beauty essentials that you need including creams, hair care products, skin balms, and even soothing candles.

CBD Daily uses all-natural organic ingredients across the entire original strength range. You can use every product without ever having to use artificial ingredients. There are several products within the original strength collection, helping to guide you towards the products that are right for you.

CBD Daily Original Strength

The CBD Daily collection, for example, offers a number of items that can be used and enjoyed every day. Meanwhile, the CBD Daily Active range has been tailored towards those who lead an active lifestyle, helping to support muscle and joint health.

A super fun collection for those who are new to the CBD Daily brand is the CBD Home Spa Collection, offering all of the essentials that you need to turn your home into your very own personal spa. Within this pack, you will find a nourishing CBD-infused shampoo, scalp therapy mask, massage oil, and massage lotion. With something for your entire body, this is the perfect pack for a home spa afternoon.

CBD Daily Triple Strength

CBD Daily understands that everybody’s natural CBD tolerance and needs are different and therefore offer a triple strength range alongside the original strength collection. Within the triple strength range, there are four fantastic products to choose from, including a mint-scented cream, a soothing serum, and an active spray.

CBD Daily Triple Strength

CBD Daily uses a blend of rich CBD oil and hemp seed oil to form the base of their triple strength products. Natural ingredients such as lavender oil and shea butter are then added for improved benefits and a beautiful natural aroma.

All of the triple strength range products have a fresh mint scent, giving them an energizing and bright feel. The company uses natural terpenes and oils to create a distinct scent profile that perfectly matches the triple strength behind these products.

CBD Daily Ultra Care

CBD Daily’s Ultra Care range focuses on improving your hand and foot health using all-natural ingredients. Within the ultra care range, you will find:

  • Cuticle oil
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Hand wash
  • Foot cream

All of the products in the Ultra Care range have been carefully crafted so that they work in harmony with each other. This makes them perfect for an at-home spa day. Equally, each product can also be enjoyed on its own, helping to target a particular area of your body.

CBD Daily Ultra Care

CBD Daily’s ultra care formula is designed to take hydration to the next level. How does it do this? The company crafts their formula using a specially crafted blend of natural oils and minerals that nourish and care for the skin. Purifying botanical extracts work to hydrate your skin, providing your skin with the helping hand that it needs after a long day.

The all-natural Ultra Care formula helps to hydrate and care for the skin. However, it has also been formulated to be fast-absorbing so that your hands are not left feeling greasy and uncomfortable. Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids are added to provide an extra boost and enhanced hydration.

The Ultra Care range can also be combined with other CBD Daily products for an enhanced skincare routine. With such a wide range of products, CBD Daily has worked to ensure that you never feel limited in choice.

CBD Daily Hair Care

CBD topicals are about much more than just your skin and can also be used to improve hair health and balance. The CBD Daily’s haircare range provides a completely natural way to clean, nourish, and hydrate hair.

CBD Daily’s mint-scented shampoo and conditioner set leave your hair smelling fresh and cared for using a blend of essential oils and minerals. The company uses a sulfate-free formula in all of its hair care products so that you can wash your hair with confidence and peace of mind.

CBD Daily’s haircare range perfectly combines a blend of hemp CBD, botanicals, and argan oil. Washing and caring for your hair should be an enjoyable experience, and CBD Daily makes it so.

How to Buy CBD Daily Products

CBD Daily’s products are all on the online store. The company provides access to the full range, with shipping options available to those customers based in the USA. CBD Daily offers free shipping to mainland USA states on orders over $30. This helps you to save just a little extra when you order in bulk.

Unfortunately, CBD Daily does not provide details on how much shipping costs are until you enter the checkout section of the website. This makes it difficult to calculate your order’s precise cost. It would be great to see more information regarding shipping fees, allowing customers to select items accordingly.

CBD Daily products can also be found in local health food, beauty, and wellness stores. CBD Daily includes a handy store locator on the website so that you can quickly and easily find a stockist near you.

When you sign up to CBD Daily’s newsletter and become an Earthly Buddy, you receive a 25% off coupon code to spend on your next order. CBD Daily will also send you a 25% off code each year on your birthday as a special treat.

Final Verdict on CBD Daily

CBD Daily’s focus on creating pure, natural, and feel good CBD topicals have allowed them to test, refine, and perfect its products. It’s something that is demonstrated across their entire range. It is rare to find a CBD brand that sells topicals solely. However, it is an approach that appears to be working for CBD Daily both in terms of quality and popularity.

With CBD Daily, you are able to easily swap out all of your old cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products. Everyone should have access to all-natural feel-good alternatives. By focusing purely on topicals, CBD Daily can offer customers an extensive range of products while maintaining high standards.


Final Verdict: 8.5/10

Want to learn even more about how CBD works in the body. Our article on the relationship between CBD and the endocannabinoids system can be found on our blog. It’s digestible, we promise!

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