CBD Essence

CBD Essence

Whether you have anxiety, stress or chronic pain, the pharmaceutical drugs you take are unlikely to do anything other than briefly mask the problem. Then there is the small matter of side effects. CBD, on the other hand, provides a genuinely useful way to feel better and relax and best of all, it is all-natural.

CBD Essence claims to be one of the top companies in the CBD selling industry and is proud to use its start-of-the-art technology to produce premium quality CBD oil. Let’s see if it deserves mention amongst the pantheon of great CBD companies.

Who Are CBD Essence?

Although CBD Essence specializes in the creation of CBD oil, it also sells edibles, topical, pastes and pet care products containing cannabidiol. It is part of NutraHemp Corp which is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Its edibles range is made from domestic or EU grown Certified Industrial Agriculturally grown hemp plants that are high in CBD and contain less than 0.3% THC. Its oil products are pure, clean and lab-tested and the CBD oil is taken from organically grown hemp that contains no pesticides and is non-GMO.

Review of CBD Essence CBD Tinctures

CBD Essence CBD Tinctures

Let’s start with the company’s specialty which is, of course, CBD oil tinctures. The company has only created one kind of hemp oil tincture which is available in three sizes: 0.5oz, 1oz and 2oz bottles. Regarding value for money, the 2oz bottle works out the best at $95.

We loved the packaging as the CBD drops are contained within a high-quality amber glass bottle, and a dropper is included. The company proudly states that it takes the ‘essence’ of the plant and each bottle contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenoids and other compounds that come from the original hemp plant.

How to Consume CBD Essence CBD Tinctures

Use the dropper to place a few drops under your tongue and hold for as long as possible to improve the absorption rate. The 2oz bottle contains 600mg of CBD and with 10mg the recommended amount; there are 60 servings in a bottle.

Efficacy of CBD Essence CBD Tinctures

It appears as if the company uses oil from Colorado AND Europe, but there’s no doubt that the oil is effective. It shouldn’t take long for you to feel calmer and more relaxed although relief from chronic pain will take longer. We are slightly concerned that the tincture contains ingredients such as Stevia and hemp seed oil because most customers don’t expect these additions.

Review of CBD Essence Edibles

CBD Essence Edibles
CBD Essence is proud of its Hemp Taffy range and with good reason; it offers you a delicious way to enjoy the healing benefits of cannabidiol. There are four different taffy flavors: Mango/Peppermint, Chocolate, Peppermint White and Peppermint Green. You can choose the 2oz option, an 8oz packet, a 1 pound package or the largest which is 2 pounds of taffy. Each piece of delectable taffy contains 10mg of CBD.

How to Consume CBD Essence Edibles

That’s easy, eat and enjoy the taffy and allow the feeling of calm to come to you naturally.

Efficacy of CBD Essence Edibles

For far too long, the marijuana edibles market has been dominated by products with a high level of THC. CBD Essence is one of the market leaders in terms of creating edibles with practically no THC that work almost immediately after consumption.

Those who have eaten the Hemp Taffy range from CBD Essence are amazed at its impact on their lives. According to one user, the taffy helped alleviate her chronic pain which had lasted for over five years; traditional therapy was ineffective, but her pain eased up after taking the CBD, and now she sleeps much better.

Review of CBD Essence CBD Topical Rub

CBD Essence CBD Topical Rub
For a long time, advocates of CBD as a pain reliever have believed that it is most effective when rubbed on the body as a cream. CBD Essence has listened to this notion and produced its Muscle & Joint Rub. It contains CBD oil and capsaicin, and this combination can help relieve muscle injuries gained from sports or exertion.

Other ingredients include vegetable glycerin, lemon eucalyptus oil, and shea butter amongst other things. The combination of capsaicin and cannabidiol produce a moisturizing cream that smells great, doesn’t leave you with rough skin and provides long lasting relief.

How to Consume CBD Essence CBD Topical Rub

It is best if you treat it as a typical muscle rub. Get someone to rub it into the affected areas and wait for it to kick in.

Efficacy of CBD Essence CBD Topical Rub

The effectiveness of this topical rub is backed up by science. A University of Kentucky Study on rats in 2016 found that when transdermal CBD gel was rubbed onto arthritis on the knees of the rats, it reduced pain and improved mobility. While research is ongoing, most users of this topical rub are delighted with how fast it works and are also impressed by how long the effects last for.

Where Can I Buy The CBD Essence Range?

The safest place to purchase your CBD goods is on www.cbdessence.net. CBD Essence charges a $5 flat rate for shipping. This includes orders from abroad although you can pay extra and receive your CBD faster.

If you are thinking of purchasing a bottle, don’t forget to use our 5% coupon code: 5OFFCBD1. At least it will save you on the shipping.

Final Thoughts

The CBD Essence website is professional looking, well laid out and the company makes the checkout process as simple as possible once you have registered. While it does not offer as large a range of CBD products as some of its competitors, it caters for all needs as it sells tinctures, capsules, edibles, pastes, topicals and even pet care products!

It is important to remember that CBD Essence is part of NutraHemp which is a large and reputable company in the industry. The CBD products are of the highest quality, and we have no problem recommending them to our readers. We are a bit concerned that CBD Essence has yet to clarify if all its products come from the USA or if it sources some items from Europe but aside from that we approve!

Visit them at www.cbdessence.net

5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1

Customer Reviews Based on 20 reviews

  • Beverlee Taylor
    Tricked by some brand?

    Have heard that some CBD companies take a lot of money from buyers in the name of free samples. I am not sure how they do it, as I have never tried any other brand than CBD essence. CBD essence is safe not only for our health, but the company is genuine too while we place online orders. Go for this, if you are one of those who have been tricked by some brand.

  • Angela Dishman
    Got my pick

    I did not know about CBDessence earlier, but now I am going to try it. I was randomly going through your website, to find something new to try, and I think I have got my pick. CBDessence appears to be the most promising, and I feel I am going to go for the Hemp Chewy CBD Candy.

  • Alma Silvers
    Vape it

    CBD essence is great for vaping as well. If you want something mild to vape, just to relax and chill, CBD essence is quite a great thing. I use this oil sometimes, instead of the vape liquid, and I find it okay.

  • Tara Ratliff
    Like the taste of the edibles

    I like to take CBD edibles, and so I keep various brands stocked at a time. Ans this is one of the best ones, among the ones I stock. I sometimes serve this to my guests as well, and CBD essence is a taste that normally people tend to like.

  • Dan Thomas

    I’ve been looking for a new CBD company to try after a few bad experiences. This review is insightful, and the discount is so much appreciated! SHARED

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