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CBD for the People Review

CBD for the People Review

One of the main determining factors when it comes to your individual CBD experience is the quality of the products that you choose. Many people wrongly believe that quality and high price tags have to go hand in hand. The idea that you have to part with large sums of cash in order to experience CBD at its very best is no longer the case, though.

Brands such as CBD for the People are changing the CBD industry. They work to ensure that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can access CBD products that deliver real quality and powerful effects.

CBD for the People is playing a huge role in shaping the CBD industry of the future and the way that we think about the relationship between price and quality items. So, who exactly is CBD for the People? What makes them so different from the other CBD brands?

CBD for the People Quick Summary


  • Affordable prices
  • A versatile range of products includes vape cartridges
  • Highly potent 7200mg CBD oil
  • Products lab-tested by highly reputable brands such as SC Labs
  • Full-spectrum and isolates available
  • CBD extracted by supercritical CO2 methods


  • Too many pop-ups on the main site


Want to know the difference between full-spectrum and isolate formulations? Learn more about cannabinoids, terpenes, and more in our overview.

Who Is CBD for the People?

CBD for the People has a clear goal to create products that combine quality with affordability. CBD for the People is a brand that very much lives up to its name, creating a service that works for each individual.

At CBD for the People, they have a simple formula that is at the heart of their brand. The brand’s priority is always transparency, ensuring that the customer comes first. At CBD for the People, profit comes second, with customers being at the center of everything they do.

CBD for the People is more than merely a brand that offers CBD products. They are also a community. They work daily to support and educate communities about the benefits of CBD and how to use it. This brand hopes to be part of shaping a world where everyone has access to CBD and understands how it can benefit them.

With quality at its core, close attention is paid to the ingredients and the manufacturing process. CBD for the People uses chemical-free formulas across the entire product range. Each product is carefully tested, ensuring that it delivers powerful effects that are entirely free from addictive substances.

Thorough lab testing also allows CBD for the People to ensure that their products are free from:

  • Solvents
  • Microbiological contaminants
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals

CBD for the People makes the results accessible to customers.

Believing that everyone should have the tools that they need to incorporate CBD into their daily life, CBD for the People offers a wide range of CBD products. Among the many options, the range includes oil tinctures, vape cartridges, and capsules.

CBD for the People Highlights

  • Customer-First Approach: At CBD for the People, the customer is at the heart of everything. Products are built from the ground up, designed to work for people by providing quality. Transparency is essential to the brand.
  • Affordability: One of the ways in which CBD for the People hopes to make CBD more accessible is through affordable pricing. CBD for the People regularly features special offers and discounts to make its already well-priced items even more accessible.
  • Wide Range of Products: At CBD for the People, they understand that every customer is different and that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach in CBD. CBD for the People, therefore, has a range of CBD products available.

CBD for the People Negative Thoughts

  • Busy Website Design: CBD for the People’s website feels extremely busy. This makes it a little challenging to find precisely what you are looking for. From the brightly colored pop-up that seems to appear every time you navigate to a new page to the cluttered home page, you can quickly feel overwhelmed as a new customer.
  • Limited Shipping: CBD for the People’s shipping options is very much focused on the USA. The free shipping option is limited to those who live within the USA. While it is great to see that CBD for the People offers its products internationally, it would also be nice to see them focus more on international customers.

CBD for the People Uncut Vape Cartridges

CBD for the People has ten uncut vape cartridges designed to make vaping fun, affordable, and simple. Different concentrations of CBD are available so that you can easily tailor your CBD intake to suit your lifestyle.

CBD for the People Review 1

All of the CBD for the People’s uncut vape cartridges are made from 100% pure, additive-free ingredients, including organically grown CBD. CBD for the People uses full-spectrum CBD as to naturally flavor the vape cartridges, while also packing each pod with a rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum effectiveness.

CBD for the People’s natural approach to CBD means that all of the vape cartridges are free from artificial flavorings, additives, and preservatives. The CBD vape cartridges deliver a potent, natural CBD dose that you can enjoy in a range of delicious flavors.

CBD for the People has over ten terpene blends for you to choose from, including popular strains such as Blue Cheddar and Pineapple Express. There are also some more unique blends, including Orange Cookies and White Fire OG.

CBD for the People Dark Softgels

CBD for the People understands that sometimes you need a super quick CBD solution to help you kick start your day. There are, therefore, three soft gel options designed just for this situation.

Using unrefined, full-spectrum CBD, these capsules contain some of the most potent CBD that can be found in capsule form. Part of the ‘Dark’ range, CBD for the People’s capsules contain CBD that is dark in coloring when first extracted from hemp plants. Due to the unrefined ingredients, it stays this color.

CBD for the People uses full-spectrum CBD across many of its products to provide the highest concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant nutrients. This basic formula can be purchased in three different strengths, providing you with complete control.

CBD for the People Dark Topicals

CBD for the People uses the same dark full-spectrum CBD formula to create a number of beautifully scented CBD balms and salves. Each scent is available in two concentrations, providing you with a total of 8 balms to choose from.

CBD for the People Review 2

CBD for the People uses 100% natural ingredients to create its topicals, meaning that you are only putting healthy, raw ingredients onto your skin. A base formula that includes unrefined organic shea butter, unrefined organic coconut oil, and candelilla vegan wax come together to create a rich balm for easy application.

By using raw ingredients, CBD for the People hopes to deliver a rich and influential balm. This product can be used both to nourish and hydrate your skin, but also provide a powerful burst of CBD.

Scent options include calming lavender, uplifting lemongrass, and soothing tea tree. All balms come in both 600mg and 1200mg full-spectrum CBD options.

CBD for the People Dark Tinctures

CBD for the People’s dark tinctures are a great way to experience CBD in its simplest form. Using the same unrefined full-spectrum CBD that can be found across the entire dark range, CBD for the People’s tinctures provide a rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes in an extremely versatile form.

Just like the CBD vape cartridges, CBD for the People’s tinctures are available in a range of different strains, including:

  • Raw Orange
  • Green Kush
  • White Widow

Having all of your favorite strains to choose from ensures that everyone can find a flavor blend that works for them.

CBD for the People Isolate Tinctures

CBD for the People places a significant focus on ensuring that everyone can find a CBD solution that works for them. While CBD for the People strongly believes in dark full-spectrum CBD, they understand that it is not right for everyone.

The isolate tinctures provide a pure CBD oil with all cannabinoids and terpenes, other than CBD, removed. These isolate tinctures are a great way to experience pure CBD. There are three strength options to choose from, providing you with the same fantastic level of choice that can be seen across the entire product range.

Choosing to use CBD isolate does not mean having to miss out on flavors. All of the isolate oils are available in the same fun flavor options as the dark oils, including popular picks such as Strawana and Super Lemon Haze.

How to Buy CBD for the People Products

All of the CBD for the People’s products can be purchased directly through the online store. CBD for the People’s website is packed with tons of information, both about the brand and their wider community. The shop feature is just one of the many tabs across the top of your screen.

The online store portion of CBD for the People’s site features a breakdown of the different categories that they have on offer. For new customers who are not 100% sure of the exact product that they want, you can also ‘view all,’. However, this feature can make all of the different options less than clear to get your head around.

CBD for the People Review 3

Affordability and accessibility are at the core of the CBD for the People brand. They have therefore included a number of ways to ensure that you can save as much as possible on each order. CBD for the People offers free shipping on all USA orders over $100. They also provide reasonably priced options for those spending less than $100.

Signing up to CBD for the People’s newsletter is a great way to save money and ensure that you never miss on their fantastic deals. As an extra reward CBD for the People give all new members a 10% off code to spend on their next order.

CBD for the People also offers discounts on many of its products when purchased in bulk. An excellent example of this feature is the uncut vape cartridges; when purchasing more than two at a time, you save $4.

Final Verdict on CBD for the People

CBD for the People is more than just a brand name; it is also the company’s motto and is reflected across the entire product range. From affordable pricing to detailed and transparent lab results, CBD for the People works to ensure that everyone has access to the products that they need to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

All of CBD for the People’s products are made using the highest quality ingredients. This guarantees that you can experience CBD at its very best, no matter which products you choose.


Final Verdict: 8/10

Never over-pay for CBD products again! Find out more about average CBD oil prices, so that you can spend your money wisely.

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