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CBD Infusionz Review

CBD Infusionz is an American company that specializes in products that are infused with pure, Colorado-grown hemp CBD. Each of their products is infused with active cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids extracted from verified, high-quality sources of organic industrial hemp. Each batch of hemp has been lab-tested for purity, CBD content, and also to show that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of products CBD Infusionz sells.

CBD Infusionz Quick Summary


  • Uses a state-of-the-art purification process
  • Renowned for their passionate customer service
  • Affordable products available
  • Easy access to their lab-results
  • A unique range of products, including tonic and lollipops
  • Useful dosage guide on their website
  • 10% discount code below!


  • Inconsistent product branding
  • No international shipping

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CBD Infusionz Full Review

While self-claims in the world of cannabis can only be taken at face value, it’s worth noting that CBD Infusionz claims to provide their consumers with the highest quality, best value CBD infused edible products.

If you are looking for some legit hemp-based CBD products at some of the more attractive prices in the industry, CBD Infusionz is certainly a company worth checking out. Let’s take a look at what they’re all about in this complete, in-depth CBD Infusionz review.

Official Site: CBDInfusionz.com

CBD Infusionz Review: About the Company

CBD Infusionz is a Denver-based company that has a real sense of family. As stated on their website, the company’s mission is to provide the American CBD community with top-quality CBD products that they are sure they can count on. They go on to say that they know and appreciate how much CBD means to their customers, which is why they are committed to providing the highest quality CBD products, delivered quickly right to your door.

Established by a group of passionate leaders who are devoted to bringing about education and awareness on how people can live long and healthy lives. CBD Infusionz hasn’t been around for all that long, but they’ve already managed to establish a solid foothold in the market.

The company is privately owned, trusted by thousands, and uses third-party lab tests for analysis of their products. They’ve got a huge selection of products on offer, with potentially the widest range of CBD edible options online.

| With more than 40 custom made edibles to choose from, no company other than CBD Infusionz compares when it comes to CBD edibles.

The firm has also been expanding their product range recently. They now include products such as CBD isolates, tinctures, CBD capsules, pet treats, and more.

Also, the source of CBD Infusionz’s active ingredients is among the highest quality available anywhere. The hemp they use is grown on several Colorado farms located in Boulder, Eastern Plains, and Pueblo.

Throughout the course of our CBD Infusionz review, it was clear that the company is committed to providing only the highest quality products. We love the wide range of products that are available, and how customer-focused the company is. Here are a few other reasons that we are firm supporters of CBD Infusionz.

CBD Infusionz brand review: Product highlights

  • Customer testimonials: Loyal customers have shared stories of healing from severe anxiety, trouble sleeping, chronic pain and joint pain, and more.
  • Purification process: The company uses a state-of-the-art purification process, as well as rigorous testing procedures to ensure that their products contain the highest concentration of pure CBD-rich hemp oil.
  • Quality controlled and tested products: The company understands that their customers want peace of mind knowing that they are consuming CBD that is safe and high-quality. This is why they test all products for quality and dosing accuracy and take pride in producing CBD products that hold up to the highest standards.
  • Customer service: CBD Infusionz is known for exceptional customer service, showing customers love and care through speedy delivery time and a responsive team that can help at all times with orders.
  • Value for money: The company offers great prices compared to other online competitors. With sample packages that include 2 x 10mg CBD gummy bears for only $0.99, they are brilliant at offering great products for beginners, as well as people who use their supplements frequently.

Negative thoughts on CBD Infusionz

There are two main things that we are not crazy about when it comes to CBD Infusionz: firstly is the fact that they don’t have much information on their site about who they are. There’s no indication of who the founders or owners are when the company was established, or who the team is. We prefer a lot more transparency since it’s always nice to know who we are dealing with – and adds an element of trust.

Secondly, the brand’s layout isn’t the easiest to navigate, especially for CBD newbies. For instance, they have separate categories for CBD edibles, CBD edibles with a 100mg strength, and CBD lollipops. Logically these all should be contained under one category, CBD edibles. Despite this, we are always pleased to see a website providing lots of product choices.

My personal experience with CBD Infusionz

I tried the 600mg triple-layer bears and honestly, was pretty impressed. They taste delicious but are more like a handmade candy rather than the classic “CBD gummy bear” flavor that so many people are getting these days.

I also had a good experience with customer service, and I’ll say that shipping was super fast – I got my CBD gummies literally two days after placing my order. I also got a fast response to a product-related question. With a three-in-one flavor, the Gummy Bears were super tasty – almost tantalizing.

| The 600mg CBD Infusionz Gummy Bears included 30 pieces, with each containing 20mg of CBD.

CBD Infusionz has a dozen different kinds of CBD gummies on offer; from “Sour Apple Rings” to “Starfish Gummie Yummies,” you certainly won’t get bored of the selection.

And lastly, in addition to the regular CBD Infusionz products, they also sell AM gummies which include a little hit of caffeine, as well as PM gummies that contain a small dose of melatonin for added sleep therapy.

CBD Infusionz: Products review

CBD Infusionz has a huge selection of products to choose from. In fact, it can be overwhelming when you click on the “shop” section of their website and come across so many different choices.

As such, we’ve broken everything down into broad categories to give you a better overview of their products. Here is a rundown of the complete CBD Infusionz product range.


The standard CBD oil tinctures are available in several different options. They offer either full-spectrum oils or CBD isolates. Each of these options is available in four potencies; 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg. The CBD isolates are THC-free and infused with MCT oil. You can also purchase the oil in Natural, Chocolate, and Vanilla flavors. The flavored oils are great if you don’t enjoy the earthy bitter taste of hemp, and they can inject added pleasure into CBD consumption! The tinctures also consist of pet CBD options.



The tinctures offer an easy and convenient way to consume CBD and are great to use on a daily basis. You should shake the bottle well and administer the drops under the tongue – hold for 30 seconds before you swallow. The recommended serving size is one dropper (1ml)


The vape pens are available in over ten different flavors; this includes Strawberry Lemonade, Grandaddy Purple, Vanilla Lavender, Classic Grape, and Gorilla Glue #4. Each of the vape pens is available in a variety of strengths, 200mg, 220mg, and 500mg. This gives you the freedom to design your CBD routine around you and your lifestyle. CBD Infusionz has seemingly revolutionized vaping technology and is known for their high viscosity extracted oil.

The vape pens are 100% free of PG, VG, and MCT, and are also an antioxidant and anti-irritant. They use Tec temper oil which is becoming a popular alternative, over other cutting agents including triple distilled MCT oil. Vaping provides convenient and quick relief and allows users to be discreet when consuming CBD in public. The vape pen contains a battery, a heating element, a mouthpiece, and a chamber to hold the material that is being vaped. The heating element is used to vaporize whatever material it comes into contact within the chamber and you can simply inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece

CBD INFUSIONZ | CBD Edibles (Gummies)

There is an incredible amount of CBD edibles on offer – it would be barbaric to try and list them all here. CBD Infusionz has plenty of different sweets and gummies to choose from this includes:

  • Chewing gum
  • Hard candy
  • CBD lollipops
  • Pistachio bites
  • Fruit snacks

You can find sugar-free options, vegan CBD options, gluten-free options as well. And, CBD edibles don’t only mean candy-style snacks, the company also sells some granola “health bites” which are listed as “natural” edibles. From green apple drops to organic gummy bears, sugar-free peach rings, and blue sour sodas, you are sure to come across something that appeals to you.

Since there are so many different edibles to choose from, these methods will vary. But the great thing about edibles is that they are very much discreet. You can consume them in public and most people will assume that you are eating regular candy or chewing gum. Simply eat your CBD-infused product as you would any other food, just take note of how much CBD you are consuming.


The CBD capsules are available in full-spectrum (FSO), CBG, and gel options. You can purchase the FSO capsules in bottles of 10, 20, or 40, and each capsule has 25 mg of CBD. The CBG capsules, on the other hand, only come in bottles of 20, and each capsule contains 18mg of CBG and 8mg of NANO water-soluble CBD.



Made from only the finest CBD source, the capsules are a great way to use CBD on a daily basis. Capsules are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to take CBD. You can take the capsules just as you would any other pill – simply pop it in your mouth and wash it down with water. They especially handy for those who don’t like the taste of the oils and edibles.

CBD INFUSIONZ | Concentrates

CBD Infusionz offer a wide selection of CBD concentrates that can be used in vaporizers and dab rigs. From 99% CBD wax, shatter slabs, CBD isolate crystals, and CBD powder, they sell some pretty potent stuff.

CBD concentrates are a great way to get higher doses of CBD into your system quickly and efficiently with each use. You can consume CBD concentrates in a few different ways, from vaporizing them using a vape pen or standalone vaporizer, smoking them with with your favorite CBD Flower, smoking dabs using a dab rig, and some can even be added into your food or drink. By dabbing or vaporizing your CBD concentrate, you will feel the effects almost instantly.


Although chewing gum technically falls under edibles, it’s worth noting the different varieties of gum on offer. There are three different flavors available; spearmint and grape. Each of these is also on offer as a full-spectrum product. Each flavor is available in either 100mg, 200mg, 600mg, or 1200mg, and you can also choose from PM or regular CBD.

All you really need to do here is choose your favorite flavor and then get chewing. Chewing gum is a discreet way to consume CBD and also have a fresh breath. For anyone who finds other methods of consuming CBD messy, inconvenient, or simply unpleasant, CBD gum is a promising option.

CBD INFUSIONZ | Topical Lotion

On CBD Infusionz’s website, you can choose from four different topicals, all designed to do something unique. They are:

  • Hemp CBD Massage Oil
  • Hemp CBD Muscle Freeze Gel
  • Orange Cinnamon Spice CBD Body Butter
  • Unscented Hemp CBD Lotion

Each of these four products is available in quantities of either 500mg or 1000mg.

Topical CBD lotions seem to be one of the most versatile applications for this very versatile compound. You should apply the salve directly to the affected area, whether it’s for muscle and joint pain, eczema, or general pain relief. You can apply it as you would any other moisturizing cream and let it work its magic.


Aside from the Pet CBD tincture that we have already mentioned, CBD Infusionz has a whole page of pet-specific CBD products. These include bacon, cheddar cheese, and peanut butter-flavored treats, as well as FSO, ISO, and gel capsules. So, you can decide exactly what flavor and application your furry friend will prefer.



There are plenty of different pet products and CBD Infusionz gives you some direction on how to administer the products on their website.

CBD Infusionz review: Final thoughts

Overall, we are very much impressed with CBD Infusionz. The company seems to offer a high-quality, affordable, and pleasant experience for buyers of all sorts of products. Also, the range of products on offer is truly incredible. And it’s great to have a one-stop-shop option for everything you could possibly need or want when it comes to CBD.

The process, if you want to buy CBD Infusionz products online, is very simple. You can simply head to their website, add products to your basket, and proceed to the checkout. Check their website and browse the massive range of products that they have on offer.

Additionally, the brand’s selection is among the most extensive that we have seen in recent years, and their commitment to excellent customer service makes for amazingly effective and tasty products. We hope that this complete CBD Infusionz review has been helpful and informative. And as always, feel free to get in touch if you have any specific questions!

Final Verdict: 9/10

If you want to browse CBD Infusionz’s entire list of CBD products, which includes delicious fruit snacks and topicals, click on the link below.

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Robin Garcia

Now this is what I call to be an ethical and a responsible company. CBD infusionz came as a brand that was there to boost the immune system, so that people fell sick less often. I too purchased it and started using it in this awe. Regular intake of the full spectrum infusionz has not only cut down my yearly antibiotic intake this year, it has also helped me stay more cheerful and happy.

Tracy Smith

CBD infusionz has become a natural companion besides yoga and meditation. It took me some time, about 4 months, but the entire thing came out to be a very positive and a very transforming practice. I take 500 mg twice daily about 10 to 12 drops each time.

Dennis Mattison

I always felt drained and lost after exercising. Not sure why this happened to me, but it happened always. I sought CBD infusionz to lower pain and discomfort. This worked very well. Not a treatment 100%, but it operates to an acceptable level.

Audrey Bennett

I used to use compression socks for vericose veins. It was okay in winters but during the summer season, it all felt very difficult and hot and sweaty. I tried CBD infusionz if it could help in lowering the pain in my lower legs and feet. It worked good. Not a 100 percent cure, but works to a level that is pretty much acceptable.

Richard Lusk

Have you seen their packs? So cool and totally funky. I take no more than their chewing gum, just to be cool in my guy gang. So not going to comment anything on the quality at all. The chewing gum is nice by the way. But check them out, it is a brand that would appeal.

Celine Johnson

I purchased infusionz after reading a lot many real life stories and how the brand helped many people all across the states. After using it for about a month I say it is an above-average brand and is quite pure and organic. They kind of underpormise and overdeliver I guess.