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CBD Juul Pods Review

JUUL has gone through a drastic re-branding in the past few years. The once-popular teen gadget has had a sophisticated makeover with more adults than ever investing in a JUUL product. And the company sure doesn’t mess around when it comes to their target audience, “Designed for smokers, by smokers”. JUUL has even committed to restricting underage usage of their products.

Let’s find out how this has affected their products.

JUUL Quick Summary


  • Great battery life and recharge only takes 60 minutes
  • Routinely perform toxicology tests
  • 3 delicious pod flavors, including Menthol
  • Discreet vaporizer
  • 1-year limited warranty in the US/ 2-year limited warranty in the UK
  • Sleek and professional website
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Products only designed for active smokers
  • The US site has little choice on pod flavors


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JUUL Full Review

JUUL has had a fight on their hands when it comes to proving safety and quality. And the press has previously taken a critical approach to their idea of “a smoking alternate”. It’s certainly a difficult concept to sell to the conservative crowd. Despite this, JUUL has been some-what successful at proving their critics wrong.

Committed to challenging criticisms, JUUL sticks to ingredient and vapor testing standards. They also implement a strict protocol with their suppliers, all with the aim of producing high-quality and safe products.

Over the last year, they have also tackled the stigma of underage vaping. JUUL products used to be found most frequently in school bathrooms, with a veritable gaggle of teenagers using these small, metallic devices, puffing small clouds of smoke out of the windows, and having a good time. However, what once was a juvenile hobby has now taken the adult world by storm. This is in no small part due to their heavy re-marketing strategy.

But just what are these JUULs? What’s all the fuss about?

Who Is JUUL?

Determined to design an alternate product to traditional smoking, Adam Bowen and James Monsees founded JUUL in May 2015. While JUUL is a nicotine product, the founders have always insisted their goal is “eliminating cigarettes among adult smokers”. So what makes the JUUL device different?

For all its seeming complexity and intrigue, a JUUL is nothing more than an extremely portable vaporizer.

At its core, a JUUL is a single small vaporizer which contains just enough power to heat up a cartridge containing tobacco oils. This creates a vapor that is easily inhaled. The core idea of a JUUL pod is that the vaporizer is sleek and simplistic, easy to conceal up your sleeve in your pocket.

While it is true that they contain less tar and other dangerous compounds, that accompanies regular smoking, customers are still consuming nicotine. Its harmful properties are shown in this landmark study by Mishra et al. for the Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology. They found that nicotine poses several health hazards. This includes an increased risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as a reduced immune response.

JUUL has always made it clear that their products are for people who already consume nicotine. However, this vision hasn’t always reflected reality. They have even made public appearances requesting people NOT to buy their product if they haven’t consumed nicotine before.

Despite the controversy, the company still remain popular with their customers. Let’s find out why.

JUUL Highlights

  • Demonstrates Transparency: The company provides lots of information on the site about their ethics, testing processes, and members of the JUUL team. As a customer, it’s comforting knowing that the JUUL site answers each query or concern you may have.
  • Focused on Education: One of JUUL’s greatest battles has been preventing underage vapers from using their products. To do this, they have limited their flavors, exited social media platforms, and created an online age verification process. Arguably they have done this with great risk to their brand, and that shows a great deal of commitment to social health.
  • Military, Veteran, and First Responder Program: JUUL wants to show their appreciation to personnel who have sacrificed their time and safety for others. To do this, they offer special discounts, discounted replacements, and more.

JUUL Negatives: Nicotine Salts & Health Risks


Many believe that JUUL pods are somehow inherently safe because there is no combustion involved in creating their vapor. But unfortunately, there are still problems.

For starters, JUUL pods are unique in that, instead of using freebase nicotine that is commonly found in other commercial e-liquid products containing nicotine, JUUL pods include nicotine salts. These nicotine salts allow the nicotine to be absorbed into the system much faster than regular e-liquids.

This is excellent news for those that are looking for an easier way to imbibe nicotine. It means that the nicotine hits you faster as it doesn’t go through the process of absorption.

However, this can have some severe health implications. If you are taking JUUL pods at too fast a rate, you might find yourself getting way more nicotine than you expected. This could potentially cause serious health issues

Additionally, alongside the nicotine salts, JUUL pods are made from a 30/60 mix of Propylene Glycol and Propylene Glycerin. These two compounds are used to make it easier to vape a desired chemical compound (in this case, nicotine). But they also pose health risks to your lungs.

Some e-liquid manufacturers understand this, choosing to create more natural – if more expensive – thinning agents. But JUUL prefers to use their tried and tested chemicals.

Despite all this, many people are using JUUL pods as an easy and convenient way to imbibe nicotine. JUUL allows users to experience a variety of tasty flavors, and it offers a level of convenience and secretiveness.

JUUL Products

Each JUUL pod is charged using small cartridges that are about the size of a USB stick, with each one containing roughly 200 puffs. Customers have a choice of three different flavors, this includes:

  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Menthol

Although it’s worth noting that the flavors differ depending on which site you are on. For instance, the UK site boasts over five different flavors. You can also purchase the vape pods with either 3% or 5% nicotine. These pods work in harmony with the JUUL devices, which can be bought in a Slate or Silver color.

The critical element of JUULs is the fact that they are charged with the individual vape cartridges, which look exactly like a tiny USB thumb drive. This not only aids in concealment, but it also means that it is incredibly easy to interchange the cartridges used on the fly, allowing you to take one puff flavored like vanilla, then another puff flavored with orange.

This versatility is one of the main reasons why people are using JUUL pods. By being able to not only conceal the pen in a small pocket but also carry around a multitude of different flavored cartridges, JUUL pods allow people of all ages to keep their vaporizer safe and secure.

Can You Put Marijuana in JUULs?


Despite other devices available, many people have devised ways to, mostly, ‘hack’ JUUL pods into allowing marijuana e-liquid cartridges.

JUUL pride themselves on only selling nicotine products, preferring to avoid the association with cannabis. However, that doesn’t stop millions of marijuana smokers from finding a way to be able to imbibe their marijuana e-liquids using whatever vaporizing pens they want.

Some companies, such as PureCBDVapors.com, offer a variety of CBD JUUL compatible vape pods, each with their own flavor profile and quantity of CBD. They are designed to completely mimic the cartridge design of JUUL cartridges, only instead of containing nicotine; they contain CBD.

Others have managed to do the same thing with THC, or even a THC/CBD blend, though there is always the fear that JUUL might come crashing down on the developers for infringing their copyright. As strange as it might seem, JUUL has actually patented their signature cartridge design, making the legality of these marijuana-filled cartridges some-what uncertain.

However, until JUUL does anything decisive about it, it remains possible to buy all manner of different cannabinoid-filled cartridges that can be loaded into your JUUL pod. But if you are using your JUUL pod for multiple uses, then you need to be careful.

Thanks to the rather tricky legal situation of marijuana in the USA, you could be putting yourself in serious trouble if you are using a JUUL pod that has traces of marijuana products still within it. This is even a problem if you live in a state that has wholly legalized marijuana, as there are still some jurisdictions that ban any kind of marijuana products in certain areas, such as schools.

To be absolutely safe, it is probably best that if you buy a separate device for your cannabis consumption.

Final Thoughts on JUUL

JUUL pods represent something that smokers have wanted for decades: A simple, easily concealable device to imbibe their chosen substance, while at the same time having total control over its features, flavor and look.

JUUL pods are unique in the world of vaporizers due to a combination of their sleek, sophisticated aesthetic and their unmatched concealability and convenience of design. They contain just as much nicotine as regular cigarettes, while also being just as fast as regular cigarettes at getting the nicotine into your system.

The only problem is the health risks that the combination of high-intensity nicotine salts and the use of propylene glycol has on your body; if you are a regular, experienced smoker, then you are probably going to be fine, as you can pace yourself and know what you are getting into. However, if you are a teenager who doesn’t know any better, as so many JUUL pod users are, then you are putting yourself at a significant risk of health complications.

With the combination of a futuristic, convenient design and the possibility of using JUUL pods for marijuana, although not being officially recognized by the JUUL company themselves, it is easy to see why JUUL pods are so famous.

Just make sure you are careful!


Final Verdict: 7/10

Interested in how JUUL vapes compare to the best CBD devices in the industry? Find out which CBD pen ranked #1 for quality taste, and performance!


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Christelle Batz
Rating :





I feel lucky to have started vaping when JUUL was fully developed as a brand and when the starter kit was available on the market. I had picked this up from a head shop upon the recommendation of the seller. This was one of the best decisions of my life that I made as it really helps me chill out. Boosts up my drive and the ability to take on adventurous tasks! I am no more a just a dam sucker, as my friends used to call me all the time earlier.

Anthony Fortenberry

JUUL Pods are a perfect mid way in between the high and potent THC from weed and the absolutely mild CBD oils. I use these all the time. I work as a stock broker and the way JUUL keeps me cool and calm is worth appreciation. Easy to carry, leakproof, fast acting and fun to smoke. An all in one package kind of deal with JUUL pods.

Dave Storrs

They got little Nicotine. I decided to go for them recently. It was cool. Nicotine can be harmful if it goes out of limits. And so we must be careful choosing the right products like JUUL. Furthermore even JUUL must be used in a very limited fashion. I puff it once or twice a day and I am done. It is just amazing!

Joan Brown

JUUL has got some latest and the most outstanding technology when it comes to Vape Pens. Almost all who smoke, come across JUUL as a name at some point or the other. I too am a strong advocate of these vape pains. Be it pain or be it lethargy, be it stress or be it recreation, these help in all aspects.

Kevin Baldwin

This is a non-refillable closed pod vape system. They can be purchased directly from Juul. The Juul pods come pre-filled with the nicotine salts of 3% and 5% strength in different tastes. It is the most suitable for both beginners and advanced vapers. It lasts for close to 200 puffs.