CBD is becoming increasingly popular within the UK as a result of increased awareness of the compound and all its health benefits. This has led to new brands claiming to sell the very best, life-changing CBD products popping up across the UK. While some of these brands genuinely are committed to producing high-quality CBD and making it something that is accessible to all, other brands are merely trying to cash in on the trend, providing low-quality CBD for maximum profit. Telling a genuine CBD brand apart from the rest is not always an easy process, but there are a few key things to look out for when shopping for CBD that really make a company stand out.

CBD Life UK is one of those brands that stands out from the crowd thanks to its exceptional quality and commitment to ensuring that every customer has a positive CBD experience. It is a brand that ticks all of those important boxes when trying to determine whether you should trust a company or not. 

So, who is CBD Life UK, and what sets it apart from the myriad of CBD brands popping up across the UK?

Who is CBD Life UK?

CBD Life UK was founded on a dream to make CBD accessible to everyone in the safest yet widest way possible. Having tried CBD for themselves and being blown away by the positive impact it had on their health, the founders of CBD Life UK took a brave step leaving their day jobs and committing their time instead to designing and producing high-quality CBD products.

CBD Life UK is a founding member of The Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTAUK), who work with all areas of the CBD industry to promote good practice and to give expert advice on everything CBD. CBD Life UK works closely with CTAUK to ensure that they are continually improving and moving the UK CBD industry forward, making it more accessible and raising the bar when it comes to quality.

CBD Life UK products are designed to be used as natural supplements, providing a daily immune boost and helping you stay fit and healthy for longer. All products are made from organically grown, low-THC hemp, ensuring both high quality throughout and absolutely no psychoactive effects. The lack of THC in CBD Life UK’s products means that you can take CBD with confidence and experience firsthand the difference that just a small daily dose can have on your health. 

At CBD Life UK, they understand that taking that first step and moving away from traditional pharmaceuticals in order to enhance your health and improve your lifestyle can be scary, especially when you have been taking the same supplements and medication for years. The journey to a healthier, natural lifestyle is, however, made more comfortable when you find a brand that you can trust; a brand who creates high-quality products that actually do what they claim on the packet. This is why CBD Life UK makes a promise to all of its customers that all of the products are safe, natural, 100% non-toxic, and non-psychoactive, so that you can start your CBD journey with confidence.

CBD Life UK has created its entire brand based on the idea of sustainability and hopes to show that it is possible to build a successful business that is 100% sustainable. CBD Life UK wants to show that success does not have to come at a price and that it is everybody’s responsibility to take care of the planet. CBD Life UK only uses organically grown hemp, as well as refining every aspect of production to ensure minimal waste.

CBD Life UK Highlights

Eco-friendly: At CBD Life UK, they believe that our planet should not pay the price for success and so only use eco-friendly, sustainable methods during manufacturing. CBD Life UK aims to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum while keeping your health at its maximum.

Wide Selection of Products: CBD Life UK offers its customers a wide range of different products, including dabs, topicals, and edibles. It is always great to see a brand diversify its CBD range, as it shows an understanding that not everybody wants CBD in the same form.

Affordable: CBD can often be extremely expensive and this puts many people off trying CBD for themselves. CBD Life UK has worked to keep the price of its products as low as possible while still maintaining high standards in order to ensure that money is never an obstacle to good health.

CBD Life UK CBD Products

CBD Life UK offers its customers the ability to experience CBD at its very best and in a variety of different forms. All of CBD Life UK products are made from organic natural ingredients so that you can enjoy CBD with confidence, knowing you are not filling your body with potentially dangerous chemicals.

CBD Life UK understands that everybody is unique and that not everyone wants to take CBD in the same way; the brand has therefore created a range of CBD products that provide maximum choice and control. The CBD Life UK range is constantly growing, so make sure to keep an eye on the website in order to be the first to try their new products.

Topicals are a popular form of CBD, as they allow you to treat specific areas of the body with CBD without having actually to ingest it. Topicals are also the perfect way to address problem areas of your body with an extra dose of CBD when you do not want to mess your regular CBD supplement routine up. CBD Life UK has carefully formulated its 100% natural CBD-rich hemp balm, containing 100mg of health-boosting CBD. A 30ml tub of balm costs as little as £19.95, making it great value for money.

No CBD brand would be complete without a range of edibles. CBD Life UK Gummy Rings are the perfect way to treat yourself to a small dose of CBD throughout the day and make for a delicious fruity treat that you will never want to stop eating. The gummy rings are peach flavored and are infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning that none of the plant’s natural healthy goodness is lost. Gummies are available for just £9.95 for a pack of 5, with the ability to save when you order in bulk.

CBD Life UK has an ever-expanding range of dabs available on their online store. The current range includes a mix of CBD isolate and crumbles of varying strengths. The price of dabs varies, with options available for as little as £17.50 and prices as high as £449.95 depending on quantity. You can also purchase a CBD Life dab pen for just £39.95. Let’s take a closer look at some of CBD Life UK’s most popular products.


CBD Life UK oil

CBD Life UK CBD oils are made from the very best high CBD, low THC hemp. CBD is extracted using environmentally friendly methods retaining all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes within hemp plants. These extracts then go into the making of CBD Life UK’s high-quality oils so that you can experience CBD as it was meant to be experienced.

CBD Life UK oils include a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and a full-spectrum of terpenes giving you access to all of the health benefits that make CBD such a popular form of natural medicine, as well as the full flavor profile from the terpenes.

All of CBD Life UK CBD oils have been designed with convenience in mind and are available in both spray form and bottles with a dropper built into the lid. The choice in packaging allows you to decide how you wish to use CBD without having to worry about the mess and wasting time transferring oils to easy to use containers.

CBD oils start at £29.95 for a 500mg bottle, with there also being a 1000mg option for £49.95 and a 2000mg bottle for £89.85.

CBD Life UK CBD Capsules

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CBD capsules offer all of the same health benefits as CBD oils but with the added benefit of being super convenient. Capsules also mean that you do not have to worry about measuring out exact dosages, because all of the hard work has already been done for you. CBD Life UK has carefully formulated their capsules with the help of experts to ensure that they are both vegetarian-friendly and easy to swallow. Even a great deal of thought has gone into the packaging of CBD Life UK capsules, with discreet tubs that allow you to take your favorite CBD capsules with you wherever you go.

CBD Life UK capsules are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain full-spectrum hemp extract for maximum health benefits. In fact, the list of ingredients that goes into the making of CBD Life UK capsules is impressively short, being just hemp extract and coconut oil. The hemp extract is subjected to as minimal processing as possible with absolutely no heating; this means that all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids remain in the final product, including CBDa. It is becoming increasingly popular to avoid heating hemp extract (which removes CBDa) due to the health benefits of the acidic compound and the fact that it helps the body process CBD. CBD capsules are available in two different strengths, with the small dosage being available for just £24.95 and stronger capsules retailing at £49.95.

CBD Life UK CBD Vapes

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CBD Life UK vape oil has been carefully designed to offer all of the same health benefits as regular CBD Life UK oils, but in a form that allows it to be vaporized. CBD Life UK vape oils provide some of the fastest-acting effects possible with CBD as a result of the extract being broken down into small particles before being absorbed straight into your bloodstream. The almost instant effects that are felt with CBD Life UK vape oils make them a popular choice for those who are looking to experience the effects of CBD fast; for example when treating conditions that can hit you suddenly.

With CBD Life UK, you can choose from prepared CBD cartridges that have been specially designed to refill CBD Life UK pens, or e-liquids which you can use with your own traditional vape pens. Each cartridge contains 1ml of CBD with a variety of different strength and flavor options available. Start benefiting from the effects of CBD vaping for just £14.95 with a 100mg CBD cartridge.

As well as the vape oils, CBD Life UK offers a range of ready to use vape products such as ePens, which come ready loaded with your chosen dose of CBD for you to enjoy. The price of ePens varies depending on your required dose, but they are available for as little as £29.95. Each mixture has been formulated with flavor in mind, helping to create a relaxing and enjoyable vaping experience. Flavors include Strawberry, Spearmint, and Black Ice, as well as many other wonderful flavors to explore. The price of cartridges starts at just £14.95 for 10mg of CBD and £24.95 for 200mg.

Vape e-liquids give you much more control over your vaping experience, allowing you to mix different flavors and measure out exactly how much you want. CBD Life UK vape liquids are available in all of the same delicious flavors as the pre-filled cartridges and are made from full-spectrum hemp extract. Vape e-liquids are available for between £14.95 and £29.95 depending on your preferred strength and come packaged in easy-to-transport and simple bottles.

How to Buy CBD Life UK Products

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You can purchase CBD Life UK products directly from the website, giving you access to the entire range of high-quality CBD products. CBD Life UK provides free shipping when you spend £75 or more for customers who live in the UK.

While CBD Life UK is proud to be a British brand, it truly is passionate about ensuring CBD is accessible to everyone and therefore offers worldwide shipping. The brand aims to keep shipping costs to a minimum, with tracked options available for as little as £9.95 even for those who live in Australia and New Zealand.

When you sign up for CBD Life UK’s mailing list, they will send you a 10% off discount code which you can use to save on your next CBD order. This also means that you will be the first to know about new CBD Life UK products, as well as any other huge updates.

Final Verdict About CBD Life UK

CBD Life UK is a UK-based brand with a global presence and passion to match. Determined to reach as many people as possible, CBD Life UK has created a worldwide brand, showing that high-quality, sustainable CBD products can be produced and shipped across the world without the need for unachievable price tags. CBD Life UK’s products are accessible to all thanks to their affordable prices and reasonable shipping costs.

When you shop with CBD Life UK, you are making a life-changing decision to take control of your health and to start treating your body as it deserves to be treated. Rather than filling your body with potentially toxic chemicals, choose CBD Life UK and treat yourself to a 100% natural health boost to start feeling better than you ever have before.

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