CBD Living Review [My Personal Experience]

CBD Living Review [My Personal Experience]

If you are looking for a company that are completely passionate about the science behind CBD, look no further. The foundation of CBD Living’s ethos is their unique nanotechnology process, which heavily increases the quality of their CBD oil. And they aren’t shy about producing it either!

On the site you’ll find a huge variety of different products, to suit every single preference and need. Their ‘Edibles and Drinks’ section is impressive enough on its own, boasting 7 different types of products – far more than most of the other CBD companies we have reviewed.

Who Are CBD Living?

Established in 2013, the company itself is based in Corona, California. It’s built on a team of industry professionals, described as “Global scientists, business minds and thought leaders”. Sounds pretty promising, and what is even more welcoming is that the customer is able to view the whole team on their ‘The Team’ page. They boast transparency, which is exactly what we want from a CBD website. But, what about the products?

Their CBD products are derived from hemp plants rather than marijuana, but the company assures us that all the crops are organically grown and state licensed. If this doesn’t convince of the company’s quality, then maybe their success within the CBD industry will. CBD Living currently distribute more than 62 products to 2500 stores, as well as shipping all their products globally – a position that would be hard to achieve without an extremely effective CBD oil.

CBD Living Highlights

Let’s discuss some of the most important reasons behind CBD Living’s global success;

  • Plenty of reviews: If you want to hear some reviews from your fellow buyers, the website provides a ‘Testimonials’ page. This is where you can read reviews and past experiences of CBD Living’s products. And although it’s unlikely they would place a very negative review on their website, it still gives the buyer an impression of individual products.
  • Passionate about science: The company creates their oil using a unique method, where the CBD molecules are reduced into nano-sized droplets – this makes CBD absorption into the body much easier than other methods, which means a much more effective oil for the buyer!
  • Clear website: The website itself is incredibly clear and concise in terms of layout. And it has everything you hope to see from such a successful company, including social media links and account creation – we approve!
  • Worldwide shipping: A true global company, CBD Living provide international shipping, so no matter where you are in the world, you can get your hands on some quality CBD products.
  • Variety of products: As mentioned above, the company’s range of products is definitely one of their strongest assets. And not only that, but the type of products they sell are very interesting compared to a lot of the competition.

Negative Thoughts on CBD Living

When a company reaches this level of success, it becomes hard to point out many negatives. However, there is one aspect of the website which could be more accessible – their articles. CBD Living offers visitors a variety of information onCBD topics; these come in the form of articles which are published on the CBD Living magazine. This is run very much like a blog, which means its difficult to search for particular topics. Instead, you have to aimlessly scroll through the latest articles.

My Personal Experience with CBD Living

Because of their extensive edibles collection, I thought I would try CBD Living’s Dark Chocolate – I couldn’t help myself! I loved the simple packaging, and at 15mg per chocolate square, I thought it would be the perfect potency to help me de-stress during the work day. The taste itself was pleasant and I especially enjoyed the tasty crunch in each segment. The effect of the CBD wasn’t particularly fast-acting, but that’s expected from an edible. When it did finally begin to take effect, it was calming and I felt more relaxed than I had during the morning, but it was very subtle. I would suggest this product to someone who is looking for a delicious but slow-acting CBD product.

CBD Living Products

The company has plenty of different products on offer. Let’s review some of the most interesting and most popular that they are currently selling and see if we can unravel their secrets!

CBD Living Tincture 

cbd living review

If your CBD preference is tinctures, then you are in luck! The website offers potential buyers four different potencies for their CBD Tincture: 250mg, 500mg, 750mg and 1000mg. Each bottle comes with a dropper, making it easier and faster than ever to consume, especially when you need it the most. The CBD in these products is extracted using CO2 methods and without using any potentially dangerous substances. The final product has also been infused in MCT oil, a typical substance for CBD use.

CBD Living Bath Bombs

cbd living chocolate

We love to see new and exciting CBD products like bath bombs, and they make the perfect addition to an already relaxing bath. Customers have an option of four different scents; Amber Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Coconut Lime and Lavender. The bombs are designed to absorbed through the skin to help induce relaxation and de-stress either before or after a stressful day.

CBD Living Chocolate

cbd living product review

Whether you enjoy milk or dark chocolate, you can buy it on the CBD Living website. The twist is that they contain CBD, so you can enjoy both taste and effect. There are 8 segments of chocolate on each bar, and each segment contains 15mg. From my personal experience, the CBD in the chocolate is slower to take effect than other products such as tinctures, but you get the addition of a tasty, chocolatey flavor.

CBD Living Loose Leaf Tea

cbd living sleep aid

This product is perfect if you are a passionate tea drinker and want to get your daily dose of CBD. And there is not a lack of choice – customers have the option of 8 flavors, including Berry Black Tea, Passion Green Tea, Matcha Instant Green Tea and Chai Turmeric Tea. It’s important to remember all these teas are loose leaf, apart from the Matcha, which means you will have to invest in an infuser to use the product. Each serving of tea contains 7.5mg of nano-CBD, which should give customers a pleasant and subtle buzz of CBD.

CBD Living Oil Review: Costs

  • CBD Living Oil Tinctures

CBD Living Tincture (250+ mg) – From $40.00

  • CBD Living Concentrates

CBD Living Isolate (500+ mg) – From $40.00

CBD Living Shatter (500+ mg) – From $40.00

  • CBD Living Topicals

CBD Living Bath Bombs (60mg) – $14.00

CBD Living Freeze (120mg) – From $30.00

CBD Living Lotion (250mg) – From $40.00

CBD Living Topical Patch (60mg) – From $25.00

CBD Living Soap (60mg) – From $14.00

CBD Living Suppositories (50mg) – From $60.00

  • CBD Living Edibles and Drinks

CBD Living Milk Chocolate (10mg) – From $9.00

CBD Living Gummies (300mg) – From $40.00

CBD Living Gel Capsules (25mg) – From $25.00

CBD Living Syrups (120mg) – From $26.00

CBD Living Lozenges (25mg) – From $20.00

CBD Living Water – $3.99

CBD Living Loose Leaf Tea (7.5mg) – From $30.00

  • CBD Living Vape Products

CBD Living E-juice (250mg) – From $40.00

  • CBD Living Pet Products

CBD Living Pet Capsules (25mg) – From $80.00

Final Verdict on CBD Living

It is clear that CBD Living are in full control of their company; this is obvious from the range of quality products, the professional website and the impressive physical presence they have in over 60 stores.

What’s even more exciting is their passion behind the science of CBD extraction. The nano-technology they have been using makes their oils more effective than they ever have been, and they are completely free of any harmful solvents or chemicals.

This company is worth trying, even if it’s just for their range of interesting CBD edibles!

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