CBD Medic Review [My Personal Experience]

CBD Medic Review [My Personal Experience]

One of the most important things that customers look for when choosing a CBD website is reassurance that they are purchasing a CBD product made from the very best ingredients. It’s more important than ever to be conscious about the substances we consume on a daily basis, and unfortunately, it’s not a rarity for many CBD products to be filled with unknown chemicals and solvents. 

CBD Medic is a company determined to calm those anxieties by not only their passion for the medical benefit of CBD itself, but by ensuring only the very best and most effective ingredients go in their products.

Who Are CBD Medic?

CBD Medic describe themselves as an ‘experienced pharmaceutical manufacturer’ with 15 years of experience at their disposal. They have effectively married together the power of CBD hemp oil and active pharmaceutical ingredients. This idea is summed up in their motto:

Advanced Science Powered by Nature.

One thing that sets CBD Medic apart from other CBD websites, and what becomes clear as soon as you visit their site, is the huge importance they place on the use of quality ingredients in their products. They claim that they only infuse their products with natural ingredients. In fact, on the website you can explore all the different ingredients they use with a fun visual aid, that gives you interesting information on each element. This includes tea tree oil, menthol, organic beeswax, and much more.

CBD Medic Highlights

If you are intrigued by what you have read so far, take a look at some of the reasons we think this website makes a great choice for CBD users:

  • Sold in physical stores: If you haven’t quite caught up with the modern world and invested large portions of your time into online shopping, its ok. CBD Medic products are sold in various CVS pharmacies around North America. Take a look at their store locator online to find your nearest store.
  • Large range of skincare: It’s unusual to see such a large range and focus on CBD products for skincare, but we are not complaining. With more research than ever indicating the benefits of using CBD during your skincare routine, it’s appealing to see a company put in the time to produce medicinal products specifically for skin conditions.
  • Informative blog: The company currently hosts their own blog on the website. You can find topics relating to the company itself and a few on CBD use. The only issue is that there aren’t many articles – only 4 in fact – but we hope they will post more soon.
  • Passionate about ingredients: As mentioned before, the company believe in infusing only natural ingredients into their products, keeping them free of artificial dyes, steroids, phthalates, petrolatum, and even more harmful substances.
  • Website clarity: A massive positive for the site is how clear they make product information. On each product page you can find visual directions on where to apply the product, as well as ‘key benefits’ – so you can make a informed choice on which item is best for you.

Negative Thoughts on CBD Medic

One issue we had while navigating the CBD Medic site was that none of the products described how much CBD they contained – something which is not typical of a CBD website. However, it’s not until you search through their FAQ page that you see each product contains 200mg of CBD hemp extract; except for the Acne Prone Skin Foaming Facial Cleanser, which contains 50mg, and the Muscle & Joint Deep Rub Ointment 10-Pack, which contains less than 150mg. Because of this, choosing products won’t be based on potency but instead on the condition you are hoping to remedy.

This isn’t the end of the world, as the company seem confident enough in their expertise to know how much CBD to put in each product. And certainly, from individual product reviews there isn’t any animosity or disappointment, in terms of effectiveness. It’s just something to be aware of when you do visit the site in the hopes of picking out an effective product.

Another negative is that a lot of the products seem to be ‘out of stock’. It’s impossible to say how long for or why they aren’t available. Regardless, it’s pretty inconvenient for the customer.

My Personal Experience with CBD Medic

In my family, we are unlucky enough to suffer from bouts of eczema. So, when I saw that CBD Medic have a line for skincare, and more specifically a product for eczema itself, it seemed like fate. I was pleased when the website described the ‘Eczema Medicated Ointment’ as gentle, because eczema can be very aggressive and painful in areas that it does effect. And luckily, this information was accurate! On application, the ointment absorbed really quickly, which meant the itchiness subsided quickly too and the relief lasted for a long time afterwards. All in all, I’m really pleased to have found such a good product for this condition. I only wish they sold it in larger tubes!

CBD Medic Products

cbd medic

CBD Medic’s products fall into two different categories on the website: ‘Pain Relief’ and ‘Skincare’. Read about the most popular products from each of the ranges below.

CBD Medic Active Sport Products

This range specifically tackles sport related injuries or ailments. If you are tired of crawling home from the gym because of aching muscles or want a pain free recovery from a sports injury, this is a great choice for you. The website currently sells two different products, the ‘Solid Sport Stick’ and the ‘Deep Muscle Rub Ointment’. The stick containers can be helpful for avoiding a mess in your sports bag and its anti-irritant quality can help numb painful areas. The ointment works in a similar way, but its application is used like any traditional CBD rub.

CBD Medic Arthritis Products

cbdmedic pain relief cream

The ‘Moisturizing Hand Cream’ and the ‘Deep Joint Rub’ are both aimed at those suffering from arthritis. The hand cream deals directly with the most common area of painful arthritis, which tends to be the fingers. It’s a menthol-based cream which is numbing to the user and increases blood flow to the area it is applied to. The rub is intended to be used in a variety of different areas on the body, including; elbows, feet, hands and hips. It’s also designed for speedy absorption and its versatility can be very helpful.

CBD Medic Acne Treatment Products

Acne, while not life threatening, can be an extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing problem to live with. It’s unusual to find CBD products directly relating to this problem, so it’s inviting to see them on this website. They stock two different products; the ‘Medicated Cream’ and the ‘Foaming Facial Cleanser’. Both are intended to be used on the face and because of this they both contain purely natural ingredients. After use, your face should feel revitalized and any unwanted blemishes should be on their way out the door.

CBD Medic Oil Review: Costs

cbd medic pain cream
  • CBD Medic Ointments

Active Sport: Deep Muscle Rub Ointment (40g) – $39.99

Back and Neck: Pain Relief Ointment (40g) – $39.99

Foot Pain: Deep Rub Ointment (40g) – $39.99

Muscle and Joint: Deep Rub Ointment 10 pack (30g) – $39.99

  • CBD Medic Sticks

Active Sport: Solid Sport Stick (30g) – $39.99

Foot Pain: Solid Stick (30g) – $39.99

  • CBD Medic Spray

Muscle and Joint: Medicated Pain Spray (50g) – $39.99

  • CBD Medic Arthritis products

Arthritis: Moisturizing Hand Cream (48g) – $39.99

Arthritis: Deep Joint Rub (40g) – $39.99

  • CBD Medic oils

Massage Therapy: Deep Absorbing Oil (100g) – $39.99

  • CBD Medic Skincare

Acne: Medicated Cream (40g) – $29.99

Acne: Prone Skin Foaming Facial Cleanser (50g) – $19.99

Eczema: Medicated Ointment (40g) – $39.99

Itch & Rash: Medicated Ointment (40g) – $39.99

Final Verdict about CBD Medic

The CBD Medic site is perfect for customers suffering from certain conditions, without any clue of how to remedy them – which is many of us. Not only is it a refreshing experience for expert users of CBD but incredibly helpful for the novice buyer. However, the website isn’t free of faults, it’s lack of stock feels frustrating and a greater quantity of articles on their blog would make the company seem more active.

Their dedication to the science of pain relief, or as they describe it ‘The Pain Relief Revolution’, is admirable. So is their commitment to only creating products with top-quality ingredients, to ensure a natural experience for the customer.

Are you ready to join the CBD Medic revolution?

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