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CBD For Life Review

The CBD industry has come a long way in just a few short years, with new research showcasing the health benefits of CBD and promoting it as an all-natural medicinal alternative. Regular CBD has been proven to improve overall health and help you stay fit and strong for longer. CBD is also extremely effective at targeting injuries and speeding up recovering time, both internally and externally. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of CBD make it ideal for treating skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. The health benefits of CBD have not gone unnoticed, with there being an ever-growing number of companies selling CBD health products.

CBD For Life launched in 2015 and is a female-owned and female-operated company that works tirelessly to spread its message; that the products are alternatives to chemical-filled medicines and beauty products. And that CBD is quickly becoming the number one medicine of the future. With all of the products being made from 100% natural ingredients, CBD For Life is helping to shape a healthier, chemical-free future.  

Who is CBD For Life?

In 2013, Beth, the company’s founder, began researching the healing properties of CBD and the impact that CBD can have on our overall health when infused with essential oils. Having always suffered from chronic back pain, she decided to try CBD oils out for herself to see what all of the fuss was about. She was shocked to experience immediate pain relief and after regular use, started to notice a drastic improvement in her skin, with it feeling softer and being noticeably clearer. Beth decided to carry out further research into CBD and the different ways that it can be used. Working with chemists and other industry experts, she began creating luxurious mixtures, and two years later launched CBD For Life, selling both health and beauty CBD products. Beth is determined to share the health benefits of CBD and how it has changed her life. Through CBD For Life, she hopes to make CBD accessible to all, so that no one has to suffer in pain as she had to for years.

Passionate about creating CBD products that can change the lives of all and not just the rich, Beth has worked to ensure that there are no unnecessary costs incurred during production so that she can offer her customers the best price possible. CBD For Life’s entire range is priced at $35 or less, so that everyone, even those on a tight budget, can benefit from the powerful health benefits of CBD in some way.

While CBD has a number of health benefits, they can easily be outweighed by the negatives that come from the dangerous chemicals and toxins that are all too often used in CBD products. That is why CBD For Life has carefully worked with experts at every stage of manufacturing, from the farms that grow hemp to the factory where products are packaged and shipped. The company ensure that only natural, pure ingredients are used for maximum health benefits. CBD For Life uses the highest quality and organically sourced CBD that comes from the plants stem and stalks. Environmentally friendly methods are used to extract 99% of the plants’ CBD, reducing waste and helping to keep the price down for everyone. All of CBD For Life’s products are vegan and are guaranteed to be 100% GMO-free. Furthermore, they are free from parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and artificial colorings.

Highly innovative, natural, and luxurious, CBD For Life believes in accessibility for all. Let’s take a look at some of the company highlights.

CBD For Life Highlights

No added chemicals: CBD For Life only use the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in their products, so that you are not subjecting your body to unnecessary, harmful chemicals.

Organic hemp: CBD For Life source their hemp from organic, GMO-free farms, meaning that all of their products are made from only the finest, natural hemp plants.

Affordable: With all items priced at $35 or less, CBD For Life is one of the most affordable CBD options available online.

CBD For Life Beauty

cbd for life discount

CBD For Life believes that caring for your outer body is just as important as maintaining a healthy interior; that is why they decided to launch their CBD For Life beauty range so that your entire body can benefit from the medicinal effects of CBD. From bath bombs to foot cream, CBD For Life has every inch of your body covered.

CBD For Life bath bombs are infused with CBD, making them the perfect way to relax after a busy day. All bath bombs are handcrafted, with added essential oils and enriched with minerals which leave your entire body feeling smooth and calm. The CBD within the bath bombs helps to relieve muscle and joint pain, as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Pure CBD Eye Serum is the ultimate anti-aging skin care product which works to shrink lines, reduce dark circles and eradicate puffiness. Suitable for all skin types, Pure CBD Eye Serum is lightweight and does not leave your skin feeling greasy, as far too many face creams so often do. Pure CBD Face and Body Cleanser is your skin’s best friend, reducing clogged pores and acting as an anti-inflammatory; it leaves your skin feeling smooth and blemish free.

Pure CBD face and foot creams offer an intense moisturizing experience, infused with nourishing essential oils; they leave your skin feeling youthful and smooth. The CBD within the creams helps to numb pain and fight skin irritations. Pure CBD Hand and Body Massage Lotion work well alongside Pure CBD creams, offering a deeper and luxurious level of hydration that leaves your skin feeling softer for longer. It also targets areas of pain, helping to ease pain from the very source and reducing recovery time.

Pure CBD Lip Balm is a must-have for anyone who suffers from dry and cracked lips. It conditions the outer layer of your lips, as well as providing a deeper level of hydration throughout, so that you never again have to wake up to painful, bleeding lips that are agony to move. With intense hydration and a gentle color tint, your lips will look and feel better after just the first use. 

CBD has proven to have a number of benefits for our hair, restoring its natural strength, preventing split ends, and even encouraging fast growth. A special blend of CBD, essential oils and natural botanicals work together to replenish your hair and protect it from environmental damage. Pure CBD shampoo and conditioner are also available in travel size bottles so that your hair does not have to suffer when you go on vacation.

CBD For Life Health

cbd for life reviews

CBD For Life’s Health range is targeted at maintaining inner balance and health, with a range of CBD formulas that help you stay fit and healthy so that you can enjoy life to its fullest.  

For a traditional CBD experience, CBD For Life sells a range of tinctures that are available in both Peppermint and Original flavors. Made from CBD isolate and phytocannabinoids, you do not have to worry about subjecting your body to any unnecessary byproducts that are found within hemp. Blended with coconut oil, the CBD works quickly to provide you with long-lasting relief with just a few drops. Tinctures can be used to provide relief from physical pain as well as stress and anxiety. Including CBD in your daily health care routine can also help to keep your body at its most optimal, so that it can fight off illnesses and pain before you even become aware of them.

Pure CBD Roll-On Oil is an external form of CBD that can be applied to any part of the body, offering fast-acting relief from pain and helping to maintain overall health. Roll-Ons are a quick and convenient way to apply CBD without having to worry about bottles of oil that might leak or rubs that leave your hands feeling greasy. This product is ideal for combating minor aches and pains that can occur after exercise, or if you feel restricted by stiff joints. Pure CBD Roll On can also be applied to your forehead, as a natural way to fight migraines and headaches.

Pure CBD For Life Rub comes in three different options; Lavender, Lemongrass and Original Unscented. These rubs are ideal for targeting specific areas of pain and inflammation without consumers having to ingest CBD. Experience instant relief as you massage the rub onto your skin, with effects that can last for hours and give you the freedom to carry on as normal. Rubs can be used before exercise to prevent muscles from becoming stiff, and limiting how far you can push your body.

Pure CBD Oral Spray offers fast-acting pain relief in a high dose, perfect for general pain management when you need to target multiple pains across your body, which is often the case with a condition such as arthritis. When used regularly, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD work to target the source of pain and prevent further aches throughout your body. Pure CBD Oral Spray can also be used as an effective way to manage anxiety, due to the calming effects of CBD. For a spray that can be applied directly to your skin, giving you instant targeted pain relief, why not try Pure CBD Extract Pain Relief Spray? Containing 99% pure CBD extract, this spray offers exceptional pain relief without potential side effects.

CBD For Life Packages

CBD For Life sells a range of packages that bundle some of their most popular products together, according to different themes. CBD For Life packages make for the perfect present to introduce others to the natural healing power of CBD and show that there are alternatives to filling our bodies with harmful chemicals. Packages are also a great way to treat yourself and try out products that you might not at first think of. All of the products within the packages are full sized because CBD For Life understand that there is nothing worse than opening the box to find mini versions of everything that you know will not last past their first use.

The Let’s Get Beautiful package includes Pure CBD Face and Body Cleanser, CBD Face Cream and CBD Eye Serum. This is the perfect package for a friend, packed with everything that they need to rejuvenate their skin; you might just permanently alter their skincare routine. 

The Hydration Package is designed to give you everything that you need to get through a long winter and keep your skin feeling smooth and silky. Complete with CBD Lip Balm, CBD Body Massage Lotion and CBD Foot Cream, every inch of your body will be left feeling hydrated and youthful.

Knock Out The Pain is the ultimate CBD pain relief package, including CBD Extract Pain Relief Spray, CBD For Life Rub and CBD For Life Lemongrass Rub. With this package, you have everything that you need to target even the most persistent of pains so that you can live your best life, free from pain and worry. 

The Beauty and Wellness Package offers the ultimate CBD For Life experience, including everything that you need to ensure that you stay healthy both internally and externally. Included in the package you will find CBD Eye Serum, CBD Face Cream, CBD Lip Balm, Pure CBD Body Massage Lotion, Pure CBD Face and Body Cleanser, Pure CBD Foot Cream, CBD Oral Spray, CBD For Life Rub (original) and Pure CBD Extract Pain Relief Spray. This is the perfect package for a pamper weekend with friends, giving you the chance to try out the entire CBD For Life range.

CBD For Life Costs

  • CBD For Life Oils

Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Tinctures – Non-Flavored 300mg (30ml) – $40.00

Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Tinctures – Non-Flavored 600mg (30ml) – $75.00

Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Tinctures – Peppermint 300mg (30ml) – $40.00

Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Tinctures – Peppermint 600mg (30ml) – $75.00

Pure CBD Roll On Oil – Lavender – $30.00

Pure CBD On Oil – Lemongrass – $30.00

Pure CBD Roll On Oil – Original – $30.00

Pure CBD Oral Spray (10ml) – $25.00

Pure CBD Extract Pain Relief Spray (120ml) – $26.00

  • CBD For Life Topicals

Pure CBD For Life Rub – Lavender – $25.00

Pure CBD For Life Rub – Lemongrass – $25.00

Pure CBD For Life Rub – Original – $25.00

Pure CBD Hand and Body Massage Lotion (200ml) – $22.00

Pure CBD Eye Serum (15ml) – $32.00

Pure CBD Face Cream (50ml) – $35.00

Pure CBD Face and Body Cleanser (200ml) – $17.00

Pure CBD Foot Cream (147ml) – $20.00

Pure CBD Lip Balm (10g) – $9.00

  • CBD For Life Health and Beauty Products

CBD Infused Bath Bomb – Combo Pack – $42.00

CBD Infused Bath Bomb – Eucalyptus and Peppermint – $12.00

CBD Infused Bath Bomb – Fresh Bamboo – $12.00

CBD Infused Bath Bomb – Lemongrass Kiwi – $12.00

CBD Infused Bath Bomb – Pink Salt and Citrus – $12.00

Pure CBD Shampoo (295ml) – $25.00

Pure CBD Conditioner (295ml) – $25.00

Pure CBD Shampoo Travel Size (60ml) – $10.00

Pure CBD Conditioner Travel Size (60ml) – $10.00

Let’s Get Beautiful – $84.00

Hydration Package – $51.00

Knock Out the Pain – $76.00

Beauty and Wellness Package – $211.00

CBD For Life Snapback (Various Colors) – $28.00

Final Thoughts on CBD For Life

CBD For Life is a company that is focused on more than mass producing CBD products for maximum profits; they are a company who care about their customers and what to ensure that everyone is able to access the healing power of CBD. The company’s ethos is demonstrated by their commitment to keeping prices as low as possible; with all items being priced at $35 or less, they show that CBD products can be sold at similar prices to other pharmaceuticals and accessed by all.

Despite being a company that is committed to its customers and offers only the highest quality products, they do not make the lab reports for their products openly available to customers. As the number of CBD distributors continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to advertise lab reports so that customers can see exactly what they are putting into their body, including the cannabinoid content of each item. While the lack of reports is not as much of a problem for their external products, you might want to shop with caution when it comes to the products that you will be internally consuming.

CBD For Life packages are an excellent addition to their product range, making for the perfect gift or just a way to treat yourself, because there is nothing more exciting than receiving a box of beauty products in the post just waiting to be enjoyed.  

CBD For Life’s beauty range is an excellent alternative to the traditional chemically filled products that we are so used to subjecting our bodies to. So, if you are looking to freshen up your beauty cabinet, with all natural products that are gentle on your skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated, it is worth heading over to CBD For Life’s website and checking out what they have on offer. 

Customer Reviews Based on 7 reviews

  • Rose Miller
    Some professional recommendation

    I was looking for some useful and actually effective beauty cream for my skin irritation. I used to buy from a very premium cosmetic brand earlier. However, it was of little to no help as far as the irritation was concerned. It was that I was out to buy and one of the company representatives was demonstrating on how to use the cream the right way. I spoke to her in detail of my problem and she was the one who recommended CBDforlife products to me.

  • Gerald Phan
    Now with confidence

    When it comes to CBD, I was always there to find products like conditioners, shampoos, bath bombs, etc. I’ve always been concerned about the impact it would have on my body. I never preferred to take the oral type. The unregulated market was also another factor. But once I experienced cbdforlife, I now use other oral CBD formulations with confidence. Thanks so much to this great brand.

  • Skip
    We'll See

    I have arthritis pretty severely in my hands and feet/ankles. I just starting using the CBD Tincture 300mg. I am very hopeful. I’ll keep you posted.

  • John Cisneros
    Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs. I use CBD infused Bath Bombs from a number of CBD brands, but I use all in the premium category. I am a fan of CBD bath bombs as I love the aromas and I love the overall feel. It infuses kind of a new life into me. Gifted it to my spouse to, who also loved it. We have CBD bath bomb baths together sometimes and cross therapies in spas with this oil in the tub too.

  • Steve Watkins
    Let's Get Beautiful

    They got some appealing packages in CBD. I am using the let’s get beautiful these days. I am a scrooge of a person when it comes to throwing away some words of appreciation, but for this one, I have been most tempted to! It is a one of its kind CBD brand, use it to get to know the exact goodness.

  • Eugena Woods
    A natural thing to help

    A female owned and run brand. Inspired me to go for it. I am not sure why people are not going in for CBDs! Why are they so hesitant! I realized after using cbdforlife is that, it has helped me a lot in my daily anxiety issues. All of us know how stressful life has become for all of us these days. And if something natural can help us, it is always good to use it.

  • Laurel Farrington
    Many thanks

    I was always in for products like conditioners, shampoos, bath bombs etc. when it came to CBD. I never liked to take the oral form as I was always apprehensive about the effect it would have on my body. Also another reason was the unregulated market. But, once I tried cbdforlife, I am now confidently using other CBD oral preparations as well. Many thanks to this awesome brand.

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