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cbdMD Review [My Personal Experience]

cbdMd Review

cbdMD has taken the CBD, or cannabidiol, industry by storm over the last few years as a result of their extensive range of products and customer-focused approach.

cbdMD aims to push the boundaries when it comes to cannabidiol-use and make it more than just another form of natural medication but instead something that can be enjoyed and looked forward to.

Who exactly are cbdMD, and why have they become such a popular brand? Let’s find out.

Who Is cbdMD: The Art of Branding

cbdMD has a very clear mission that is reflected throughout all of the products, as well as the website and the exceptional level of customer service that you receive.

cbdMD has carefully crafted every small detail of this brand to ensure quality throughout, from visiting three continents in order to find the perfect hemp farms to investing in state-of-the-art equipment for maximum potency and quality. 

cbdMD strives to create products that care for not only your body but also the environment. With this in mind, all of cbdMD’s products are made from natural ingredients and are completely GMO-free and vegan-friendly.

cbdMD believes in retaining as many of the nutrients found in hemp plants as possible, and so only uses broad-spectrum cannabidiol in its products. Broad-spectrum has the benefit of containing all of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes that are found within hemp plants and has been proven to have a positive effect on our health.

cbdMD has invested a great deal of money into ensuring that its production facilities have the very best machinery and equipment, ensuring that the brand is able to use the gentlest and most advanced extraction methods.

The result of cbdMD’s advanced methods is that they are able not just to extract the purest cannabidiol, but also save all of the vitamins and other compounds from within the plant. 

Committed to only delivering the highest quality products to their customer’s doors, cbdMD not only carries out its own lab tests to check the quality but also uses third-party lab testing as a double guarantee. All of these lab results are available on cbdMD’s website so that you can check precisely what is in each product before purchasing. 

cbdMD offers customers a wide selection of products so that you can choose what best suits your lifestyle. When shopping with cbdMD, choice goes beyond just the different forms of cannabidiol but also includes a full menu of flavors for the majority of their products, so that consuming never feels like a chore. 

Even the bath bombs are available in a vast range of aromas, including Lavender for Relaxation, Eucalyptus for Energy, and Frankincense to add a little spice to your bath.

Want to skip this long review, then simply check them out at their online store: www.cbdmd.com

Otherwise, let’s take a look at cbdMD in a little bit more detail and explore some of their popular products.

cbdMD Highlights: The Positives

  • Extensive Range of Products: cbdMD offers everything from bath bombs to infused peanut butter for your dog. It is always great when a brand understands that not everyone wants to use traditional products and that having a choice is essential when it comes to your health.
  • Free Shipping: cbdMD offers free shipping on all purchases, regardless of how much you spend.       
  • Accessible Lab Results: While most brands advertise the fact that their products are lab tested to ensure high standards are maintained, very few actually make these results available to customers. cbdMD uploads all lab results to the website so that customers can shop with confidence and not be expected to take products without knowing exactly what they contain blindly. 

cbdMD CBD Oil Tinctures


cbdMD CBD oils are made from 100% organically grown Kentucky hemp, with all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and essential oils from the plant being retained. Each drop of cbdMD oil contains hybrid broad-spectrum cannabidiol, that includes amino acids, terpenes, and essential oils.

cbdMD is all about choice, and this is reflected in the wide selection of oils that they have on offer. When purchasing oils, you not only have a wide selection of strengths to choose from, but also a number of delicious flavors.

The oils range from 300mg per bottle all the way up to 7500mg per bottle, with a number of other options in-between. The huge selection really places control in the hands of the customer, allowing for a personalized experience.

Oils come in four different flavors, including Mint, Berry, and Orange – so that you are sure to find a cbdMD oil to suit your taste. The ability to purchase different flavor oils prevents you from becoming bored with tasting the same flavor every day. 

cbdMD oils are available in both 30ml and 60ml bottles; this allows you to have both a large bottle for use at home and a smaller, more portable bottle to take out during the day. 

Bottles have a convenient to use dropper built into the lid, allowing you to measure out the correct dosage without making a mess easily. cbdMD understands that quick and easy to use products are important, especially when trying to incorporate them into your busy daily routine.

cbdMD CBD Vape Oil

cbdmd cbd oil

cbdMD vape oils are made from the same high-quality ingredients that are found within their oils, with the only difference being a few added extras to make the oils suitable for vaping.

Vape oils are a great way to make taking regular cannabidiol feel as though it is a hobby rather than a daily chore.

In keeping with cbdMD’s philosophy that choice is important, vape oils are available in three different strengths; 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg of CBD. Just like cbdMD’s regular oils, the vape oils also come in a range of fun, fruity flavors to enhance your vaping experience. As part of the regular vape oil range, flavors include Vanilla, Mint, and Orange.

cbdMD has also created the Mingo Rad range of vape oils, which have been designed to be ‘Rad’ and add a little burst of excitement to your vaping experience.

The Rad range features flavors that you would not expect to see as part of a vape collection, including Mocha, Coco Key, and Electric Razz.

Mingo Rad oils are made from the same ingredients as the regular vape oils, only with the addition of all-natural flavorings to create a flavor explosion in your mouth like no other.

cbdMD CBD Topicals

md cbd oil

cbdMD has a range of different topicals on offer for customers who are either looking to treat external conditions or prefer not to consume orally. All of cbdMD’s topicals start at 300mg of CBD and go up to 1500mg, for those who need a much larger dose.

For general use, cbdMD has an infused moisturizer which can be used across your body and comes with the added benefit of leaving your skin feeling great. cbdMD topicals are made from the same high-quality cannabidiol as their oils so that you are guaranteed to experience the very best.

cbdMD has also created topicals that have been designed with a specific purpose such as their CBD Inflammation Formula and CBD Freeze. These topicals are less of a daily supplement but instead all-natural alternatives to offer the counter medications. 

One really nice feature of cbdMD topicals is that the products are offered in different packaging to suit the different ways that people will use them. For example, CBD Freeze can be purchased in both a roller for easy application while out and about, as well as a squeeze container to make covering larger areas easier. This is something that is rarely seen within the industry. 

cbdMD CBD for Animals

cbdmd products

cbdMD believes that no one should be prevented from experiencing the health benefits of CBD, and this includes our furry friends. cbdMD has carefully designed an entire range of pet-friendly products so that every member of the family can benefit.

While most brands are beginning to branch out into the pet side of the market, this only normally includes a few treats or dog-friendly oils.

cbdMD, however, has come up with a range of pet products that give you just as much choice as to how your pets take CBD as you have for yourself. cbdMD really has pushed the boundaries of the pet market with a range of products like no other.

cbdMD almost has as many pet-friendly CBD oil options as they do for humans, with separate ranges designed just for dogs, cats, and horses. Dog oils are available in five different strengths from 150mg up to 3000mg of CBD. You can also choose from a natural flavor, which blends perfectly into your dog’s food, or peanut butter flavor for a real doggy treat.

The cat oils come in two different strengths: 150mg and 300mg of CBD, so that you can tailor your cat’s experience to suit their needs. Just like the dog oils, cbdMD cat oils come in a choice of the flavors natural or catnip. The horse oil comes in a 5000mg bottle and is apple flavor, making for an enjoyable equine treat.

To treat external pains and skin conditions, cbdMD has designed PAW balm, designed to be used just how you would use human topicals. This is the perfect solution for treating irritated areas of fur and other external conditions that do not require an extra dose of internal cannabidiol.

You can also purchase CBD-infused dog treats in a range of different strengths and flavors designed to give your dog a tasty treat that they can look forward to. Dog treats come in some interesting flavors that your dogs are sure to love, including Baked Cheese, Peanut Butter, and the most intriguing Sweet Potato.

The dog treats do not stop there, because cbdMD has also created chicken and bacon soft chews for dogs, which are available in three different strengths. If treats and chews are still not enough to keep your dog happy, you can also purchase CBD-infused peanut butter specially formulated just for dogs.

cbdMD CBD Reviews: Costs

In a saturated market, price has become just as important as variety. So, what can you expect from cbdMD? Have a look at some product costs below.

  • cbdMD Tinctures

300+ mg CBD Oil (30ml) – from $29.99

1000+ mg CBD Oil (60ml) – from $69.99

  • cbdMD Capsules

450mg CBD Oil Capsules (30 count) – $35.99

1000mg CBD Oil Capsules (30 – 60 count) – $75.99

1500 CBD Oil Capsules (30 – 60 count) – $99.99

3000mg CBD Oil Capsules (60 count) – $149.99

  • cbdMD Pet Products        

CBD Oil Tinctures for Dogs (150+ mg) – from $19.99

CBD Oil Tinctures for Cats (150+ mg) – from $19.99

CBD Oil Tinctures for Horses (5000mg) – $239.99

30 CBD Pet Treats (150+ mg) – from $24.99

16oz Jar of CBD Peanut Butter (150+ mg) – from $29.99

Paw CBD Balm (500mg) – $39.99

Chicken and Bacon CBD Soft Chews for Dogs (150+ mg) – from $24.99

  • cbdMD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil (300+ mg) – from $29.99

Mingo Rad CBD Vape Oil (300+ mg) – from $29.99

  • cbdMD Gummies          

300mg CBD Gummies (30 count) – $29.99

750mg CBD Gummies (30 count) – $69.99

  • cbdMD Topicals

300+ mg CBD Freeze (Roller / Squeeze) – from $29.99

300+ mg CBD Inflammation Formula (Tub / Squeeze) – from $29.99

300+ mg CBD Moisturizing Lotion (2oz) – from $29.99

  • cbdMD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bomb – $9.99

CBD Bath Bomb Multi-Pack (6 count) – $44.99

  • cbdMD Sleep Aids

500mg Mint CBD Oil for Sleep (30ml) – $44.99

How to Buy cbdMD CBD Products

You can purchase cbdMD products directly from the website for access to the entire range. cbdMD has designed its online store to be as user friendly as possible, providing you with all of the information that you need to make an informed and rewarding purchase.

cbdMD offers all of its customers free shipping, regardless of how much they spend on their order. It is always nice to see a company that offers free shipping, as it shows that they really are a customer-first brand and understand that it can be off-putting having to pay shipping fees every time you shop.

cbdMD recommends that customers allow between 2 and 5 working days for orders to be processed, before being shipping via UPS.

Unfortunately, cbdMD’s products are only available to US customers, as there are currently no shipping options available for those who live in other countries. As cbdMD continues to grow, this is something that could change, so if you live outside of the US, make sure to keep an eye on their website.

The huge choice available when shopping with cbdMD makes for a refreshing experience. It is great to see a brand that has really thought about the products that they are selling and how their customers are going to use them.

It would be a challenge to find another company that offers not just the wide selection of different strengths and flavors but also a variety of packaging options for ease of use.

cbdMD also excels when it comes to the range of pet-friendly products, really giving owners a choice as to how they wish to medicate their pets. Even the variety of flavors shows that cbdMD really does care about its customers and wants them to enjoy their products whether human or animal.

If you are somebody who appreciates choice and likes to be in control of their own health, then cbdMD is sure to be top of your favorite brand list. Whether you are looking for the perfect supplement to boost your immune system or have been searching for a way to improve your pet’s health, make sure to check out cbdMD for more choice than you know what to do with.

Official site: www.cbdmd.com

Customer Reviews Based on 6 reviews

  • Melvin Boyle
    Demonstrates sound knowledge

    CBDmd is a mature company if we talk of CBD knowledge and the expertise demonstrated in the various product manufactures from them. I’ve spoken to them many a times and they’ve always managed to convince me with their answers, all based on scientific facts. So not only is the company good for layman people who know nothing about science and CBD, but is also able to satisfy buyers like me who carry sound knowledge on CBD and other compounds in a hemp plant.

  • Mary Jenkins

    CBDmd is the only CBD brand that I trust today. It gives me no side effects and no ulcers. Other CBD’s have done that to me earlier. It was feeling like I am trying to fight stress but at the same time I am inviting other troubles with other brands. CBDmd is a trustworthy one!

  • Victoria Moss
    A promising one

    I started to microdose CBDmd about 2 months ago. It is just recently that I have reached my optimum level, about 1000 mg suits me perfectly fine. And now it is that I have really started to enjoy the benefits of this CBD. Until now it was like, is CBD of any use or is it only hype and marketing that makes it sell? But as soon as I reached this 1000 mg level, I am now aware that CBD is actually a promising composition. Very good for the body and the mind too!

  • Jennie Cross
    Calms me

    Topicals and Gummies are something that I use in Cannabidiol. It was at office that a co-worker gave me some gummies one day. He is a friend and he was so impressed with CBDmd that he wanted to share it with me too. I am totally glad that I tried these, have been great to calm me whenever I am tensed.

  • Clara Dudley
    For your loved ones

    My dog has anxiety; she would destroy the house when I go to work, and she gets too exited in public places; a friend advised me to use CBD; I have chosen the biscuits from CBDmd because it doesn’t use harmful chemicals or solvents which is an important thing for my dog’s health. Since I started using this product my dog is more calm in public and she is less destructive; plus she has more appetite. It is a good product for your loved ones.

  • Chiara Zincone
    Thumbs up!

    I am the kind of person who likes to be in control of my own self. CBDmd has proven to be a great choice in this regard. I have tried quite a few products from them. The brand has always managed to maintain their quality in all respects. Thumbs up from my side.

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