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CBDmd Review

In the CBD industry, you have to stand out. You can do this through an innovative array of products, or by spending a ton of money marketing! cbdMD is a brand that does both to tremendous effect. It has got its name ‘out there’ and is now reaping the rewards as consumers continue to flock to its website.

Is cbdMD as good as ‘they’ say? Let’s find out.

cbdMD Quick Summary


  • An enormous array of CBD products, including a pet section, that few brands can match
  • Strong level of customer support
  • A reputable brand with a growing presence
  • All products are third-party tested with lab reports on the website
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Third-party lab reports on the website


  • It doesn’t ship internationally
  • No CBD vaping products

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cbdMD – The Full Review

When you buy any CBD product, you are investing in yourself. In that instance, it makes sense only to ‘take the plunge’ with a reputable company. There are too many CBD brands operating in the shadows at present. It is tough to get information on them, which leads one to wonder about their credibility openly.

There is no such issue with cbdMD. It is an organization looking to lead the industry, and it has the financial backing to achieve its goal. With a wide array of CBD products to choose from, cbdMD has the potential to reach the very top. In this review, we see if it has substance to go along with the visibility.

Who Is cbdMD?

It is a brand with lofty aspirations. Its co-CEOs are Scott Coffman and Martin Sumichrast, while Caryn Dunayer is the President. You can view a short bio of the company’s Board of Directors on the official website. Described by Yahoo! as “A Star-Studded Company of Firsts,” cbdMD founded the ‘National CBD Day’ on August 8, 2018, in the hope it will become an annual event.

The brand hopes to achieve at least $100 million in annual revenue ultimately. Although one could be forgiven for thinking this is a ‘Corporate CBD’ brand, it is a company that tries to do things in the right way. It pledges to provide premium-grade CBD products from ‘farm to bottle.’ It appears to favor broad-spectrum products with numerous cannabinoids and terpenes, but no THC.

All of the brand’s CBD goes through rigorous testing, and you can view the third-party lab reports on the site. cbdMD claims it visited three continents, 14 countries, and eight American states to find the best climate and soil for hemp growing. In the end, it decided to use USA grown hemp.

The company also tries to provide useful information, including details on how to spot a fraudulent CBD brand. Incidentally, you should be able to use any cbdMD product for up to two years with proper storage.

cbdMD Highlights

  • Huge Range of Products

cbdMD not only provides lots of options, but it also sells them in a massive array of concentrations. Not many brands sell 7500mg of CBD oil, for example.

  • Value for Money

The pricing is outstanding, especially when you consider the high standard of the products. It easily defeats most of its rivals on a value for money basis.

  • Credibility

There is little question as to the authenticity of the company. cbdMD is a well-known brand and has a goal of becoming the corporate kings of CBD. Even so, it refuses to allow its quality to dip and sells top-notch items with lab reports to prove its claims.

cbdMD Negative Thoughts

  • No International Shipping

It is a shame that customers from around the world don’t benefit from the cbdMD range.

  • No Vaping Products

It is a minor point. However, it is also a surprise given the number of products sold by the brand.

cbdMD – CBD Tinctures

There are four flavor options when you try this brand’s tinctures:

  • Mint
  • Berry
  • Natural
  • Orange


There is a total of eight concentrations and two bottle sizes:


  • 300mg
  • 750mg
  • 1500mg
  • 3000mg
  • 5000mg
  • 7500mg


  • 1000mg
  • 1500mg

Overall, the price point is superb, especially as you buy the larger products. The 7500mg bottle works out at around $45 per 1000mg of CBD, and offers 250mg of CBD per ml! The only ingredients are broad-spectrum CBD, MCT oil, and a flavoring for the three flavored options. To use, place the drops beneath your tongue, wait for up to 90 seconds, and swallow. The included dropper can hold up to 1ml of liquid.

cbdMD – CBD Topicals

The brand offers three distinct forms of topical products, though they are all variations on a theme. All of them contain amino acids and essential oils to help invigorate and moisturize the skin. There are three size options:

  • 300mg
  • 750mg
  • 1500mg


The CBD Freeze option comes in Roll-On and Squeeze forms. The former is the most convenient option as it allows you to use the cream without getting your hands covered in it.

All come in a three-ounce container and are entirely free from THC, like all cbdMD products. According to the brand, 40,000 customers voted the 300mg version as the 2020 Product of the Year in the CBD Topicals category. Aside from the CBD, this option contains ingredients like Menthol and Aloe Vera Extract. It is designed to help soothe pain in areas of the body, such as the tendons and joints.

The ‘Recover’ cream could help reduce inflammation. Its ingredients include MSM, vitamin B6, and arnica. cbdMD suggests that each element has a purpose. For example, arnica could help with white-cell stimulation. Meanwhile, vitamin B6 is linked with the repair of arthritic and inflammatory damage. The 300mg option is in a two-ounce tub, while the other two concentrations are in four-ounce containers.

The ‘Revive’ cream looks to moisturize the skin and leave it feeling nourished and healthy. Key ingredients include passionfruit, shea butter, and acai berry oils. The containers are the same size as the ‘Recover’ CBD topical.

cbdMD – CBD Bath Bombs

There is a growing trend towards the use of CBD bath bombs to relax. Using one is simple: Put it in your bath and allow the warm water to dissolve. Spend at least 30 minutes in the water to experience ‘invigorating’ effects. They make for an expensive, or ‘luxurious’ bath, but an increasing number of people believe it is worth the extra cash.

Each cbdMD bath bomb contains 100mg of CBD. The brand has created several bath bombs options:

  • Rise: Contains eucalyptus to help invigorate the senses.
  • Rejuvenate: Also includes eucalyptus.
  • Romance: Includes Frankincense to help get your blood running.
  • Resist: Lavender is the secondary ingredient here and should help you feel comfortable.
  • Restore: Contains a unique blend to help you recover from a hard day.

You can save a little cash by purchasing a 6-pack of bath bombs. Depending on the individual, it is possible to feel an effect immediately. However, you may not get the full benefits until near the end of the bath. Either way, it is arguably worth trying a CBD bath bomb once to see if you enjoy the experience.

cbdMD – CBD Gummies & Capsules

cbdMD caters to a wide variety of customers and includes the ‘usual’ array of products. CBD gummies have become an industry standard option, and cbdMD offers them in three concentrations:

  • 30 x 25mg gummies for 750mg CBD total
  • 30 x 50mg gummies for 1500mg CBD total

It is refreshing to see a brand provide ‘strong’ CBD gummies with 50mg of the cannabinoid in each one. They have a mixed fruit taste with ingredients such as organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup. This is a convenient way to consume cannabidiol, especially if you don’t like the taste of CBD oil.

CBD capsules offer a similar benefit but with no taste. cbdMD sells softgel capsules and ‘regular’ capsules. The only difference is the shell of the tablet. Both contain broad-spectrum CBD and are easy to swallow. You have the option of the same six concentrations for both and the same price point.

  • 30 x 33.33mg for 1000mg CBD
  • 30 x 50mg for 1500mg CBD
  • 60 x 25mg for 1500mg
  • 60 x 50mg for 3000mg

Once again, it is great to see a 50mg option.

What About cbdMD’s Other Products?

Those looking for something specific to help them sleep can count on cbdMD. It offers a CBD PM product range that consists of a tincture and softgel capsules. The tincture contains 500mg of mint-flavored CBD and a unique herb blend. This blend consists of melatonin, cascade hops, valerian root, and other products designed to help you sleep.

The softgel capsules come in 30 x 16.7mg or 60 x 16.7mg form. They also contain the herb blend and are arguably more convenient for travel. In both cases, take the product around 30 minutes before bedtime to give the melatonin time to work.

The range of pet products is far greater than most brands, and consists of:

  • Oil tinctures for dogs, cats, and horses
  • Calming chews
  • Treats
  • Calming oil tinctures
  • Hip & joint chews
  • Soft chews
  • Cat chews
  • Peanut butter
  • Topicals

Finally, you can save money with bundles or invest in cbdMD merchandise like t-shirts.

How to Buy cbdMD’s Products

You can purchase cbdMD products from its official website. It claims it is the only CBD brand to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we’re sure that isn’t the case. However, its 60-day money-back option is more generous than the industry standard. It should take no more than 3-5 business days to get your refund.

cbdMD pledges to ship all orders the same day if placed before 11 am Pacific Time on weekdays. In general, you can expect a shipping time of up to three business days, which is very efficient. The brand also ships to United States territories, though it can take up to seven business days. It takes a similar length of time if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.

Incidentally, cbdMD also offers wholesale products to CBD stores, so get in touch with the brand if you are interested.

cbdMD Product Costs

CBD Tinctures


  • 300mg: $29.99
  • 750mg: $69.99
  • 1500mg: $99.99
  • 3000mg: $149.99
  • 5000mg: $239.99
  • 7500mg: $339.99


  • 1000mg: $74.99
  • 1500mg: $99.99

CBD Topicals – All Three Options Have the Same Price Point

  • 300mg: $29.99
  • 750mg: $69.99
  • 1500mg: $99.99

CBD Gummies

  • 30 x 10mg: $29.99
  • 30 x 25mg: $69.99

CBD Capsules & Softgels

  • 30 x 15mg: $35.99
  • 30 x 33.3mg: $75.99
  • 60 x 16.7mg: $75.99
  • 60 x 25mg: $99.99

 CBD Sleep Aid

  • 500mg Tincture: $44.99
  • 30 x 16.7mg Softgels: $44.99
  • 60 x 16.7mg Softgels: $75.99

 CBD Bath Bombs

  • 100mg: $9.99
  • 6 x 100mg: $44.99

 CBD Pet Products

CBD Oil Tinctures – Dogs

  • 150mg: $19.99
  • 300mg: $29.99
  • 750mg: $69.99
  • 1500mg: $99.99
  • 3000mg: $149.99

 CBD Oil Tincture – Cats

  • 150mg: $19.99
  • 300mg: $29.99

 CBD Oil Tincture – Horses

  • 5000mg: $239.99

CBD Peanut Butter

  • 150mg: $29.99
  • 300mg: $39.99
  • 600mg: $69.99

CBD Topicals

  • 500mg: $39.99

Final Thoughts on cbdMD

Ultimately, cbdMD deserves its place as one of the finest brands in the industry. The main concern is its ‘corporate’ structure, which is undoubtedly anathema to proponents of wellness! However, we have to remember that the CBD market is bigbusiness! What’s essential is that cbdMD does everything it can to ensure its products are at the top end of the industry.

The overall cost of its products is pretty sensational. This is perhaps due to the sheer volume of sales. Its broad-spectrum CBD contains no THC and comes from American-grown hemp. It provides a clear outline as to its process and allows you to see third-party reports. The cbdMD product range is simply enormous, and caters to all needs, barring vapers. Pet owners, in particular, are spoiled for choice with more options than you’ll find almost anywhere else.

Those who want strong CBD concentrations are also in for a treat. Hopefully, the brand decides to offer international sales, but for now, American residents are the ones to benefit.

Final Verdict: 9/10

  • Official Site: cbdMD.com
  • 20% Coupon Code: CBDMD20

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Paul Rodriquez

After becoming a hot button craze for stress and pain management, CBD and vaping is now gaining ground in the wellness zone too. Some people have commented out to have felt a detoxing effect with CBDmd. I too smoke this brand because even though I am high on CBD some day, I still pass my office drug test. It makes me stay in my complete senses and still enjoy the recreational benefits of vaping.

Melvin Boyle

CBDmd is a mature company if we talk of CBD knowledge and the expertise demonstrated in the various product manufactures from them. I’ve spoken to them many a times and they’ve always managed to convince me with their answers, all based on scientific facts. So not only is the company good for layman people who know nothing about science and CBD, but is also able to satisfy buyers like me who carry sound knowledge on CBD and other compounds in a hemp plant.

Mary Jenkins

CBDmd is the only CBD brand that I trust today. It gives me no side effects and no ulcers. Other CBD’s have done that to me earlier. It was feeling like I am trying to fight stress but at the same time I am inviting other troubles with other brands. CBDmd is a trustworthy one!

Jennie Cross

Topicals and Gummies are something that I use in Cannabidiol. It was at office that a co-worker gave me some gummies one day. He is a friend and he was so impressed with CBDmd that he wanted to share it with me too. I am totally glad that I tried these, have been great to calm me whenever I am tensed.

Victoria Moss

I started to microdose CBDmd about 2 months ago. It is just recently that I have reached my optimum level, about 1000 mg suits me perfectly fine. And now it is that I have really started to enjoy the benefits of this CBD. Until now it was like, is CBD of any use or is it only hype and marketing that makes it sell? But as soon as I reached this 1000 mg level, I am now aware that CBD is actually a promising composition. Very good for the body and the mind too!

Clara Dudley

My dog has anxiety; she would destroy the house when I go to work, and she gets too exited in public places; a friend advised me to use CBD; I have chosen the biscuits from CBDmd because it doesn’t use harmful chemicals or solvents which is an important thing for my dog’s health. Since I started using this product my dog is more calm in public and she is less destructive; plus she has more appetite. It is a good product for your loved ones.

Chiara Zincone

I am the kind of person who likes to be in control of my own self. CBDmd has proven to be a great choice in this regard. I have tried quite a few products from them. The brand has always managed to maintain their quality in all respects. Thumbs up from my side.