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CBD Pure Hemp Oil

CBD Pure Review

What Can You Expect from CBD Pure?

By now you should be aware that CBD oil made from hemp is making significant waves in the alternative medicine industry. And CBD Pure is yet another brand name that claims to sell CBD hemp oil that will boost your mental and physical health. The products they sell all have a THC content below 0.3%.

However, it is important to note that dietary supplements don’t have FDA approval and most brands ensure there are multiple disclaimers with their product. In our CBD pure reviews our goal is to help you find the purest CBD hemp oil from reputable companies; so let’s see if CBD Pure deserves to be near the top of your CBD shortlist.

Who Is CBD Pure?

Is CBD Pure legit? CBD Pure comes from a company called Nutra Pure LLC that operates out of Washington, Vancouver, in Canada. The firm also has an office in England. Oddly enough, there is relatively little information pertaining to the company’s foundation, board members, etc. online.

What we do know is that the company uses industrial hemp from Colorado which ensures its products are made from organic content. We were extremely encouraged to discover that CBD Pure’s oil is backed by a certificate of analysis from SCLabs. During our CBD Pure review we found that you can check out the certificate and discover the lack of harmful chemicals and impurities, which is great to see.

From the website it seems that CBD Pure’s oil drops are one of the most popular products on the website, let’s find out why!

CBD Pure Highlights

While CBD Pure’s website is a lot less developed than the majority of other CBD websites on the internet, it still attracts a lot of customers. Here are some reasons why that might be.

  • Variety of Potency: While there isn’t a huge variety of products on the website, CBD Pure do make sure that customers still have choice when it comes to potency in their oils, selling at; 100mg, 300mg and 600mg.
  • Money Back Guarantee: The company seem confident in their products, as they currently offer all customers an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee. Which means you can get a full refund if you are not happy with the product.
  • Transparency: CBD Pure ensure that they have an official certificate of analysis from SCLabs, so you can see exactly what substances are present in their oils and capsules.

Review of CBD Pure Products

As we have mentioned before, product variety isn’t a strength of the CBD Pure company, but what they do sell seems to be well sourced, whether that be from their hemp farms in Colorado, and made to be high-quality. Currently they sell two different products, the CBD Pure oil, which comes in a range of potencies, and the CBD Pure Softgels. Let’s have a closer look at their range of pure CBD oils.

CBD Pure Oils

CBD Pure Hemp Oil

Pure CBD oils are available in 100mg ($29.99), 300mg ($54.99) and 600mg ($79.99) sizes and as you would expect, the largest container offers the best value for money.

CBD Pure’s hemp oil contains naturally occurring cannabidiol, cannabinoids, and terpenes. As well as using organic hemp from Colorado, the company utilizes cold pressing and CO2 extraction to get the oil from the plant. Interestingly, the hemp oil is manufactured in an FDA-approved lab, and the company follows strict processing standards. It is reassuring to know that while the actual product isn’t FDA-approved, it is at least produced in a high-quality facility.

It is important to note that the 100mg bottle provides you with 3.3mg of CBD per daily serving; the 300mg bottle offers 10mg while the largest version offers 20mg per day. As a result, it is best to purchase the largest version if you suffer from chronic pain.
CBD Pure also enables customers to purchase; 1, 3 and 6 month supplies. As you can probably guess, the more you buy, the cheaper it is per mg. Here is a quick look at the pricing options:

  • CBD Pure 100mg Hemp Oil: 1 month ($29.99), 3 months ($69.99), 6 months ($124.99).
  • CBD Pure 300mg Hemp Oil: 1 month ($54.99), 3 months ($129.99), 6 months ($219.99).
  • CBD Pure 600mg Hemp Oil: 1 month ($79.99), 3 months ($199.99), 6 months ($339.99).

It is also reassuring to know that you are protected by a 90-day guarantee. According to CBD Pure, if you are not happy with the results, you can send the order back within 90 days, and the company will fully refund the purchase price.

The oil comes with a dropper, and you are supposed to take 1g (half a dropper) twice a day. Simply drop the oil under your tongue and hold it there for up to 60 seconds.

CBD Pure Softgel Capsules (750mg)

One of the newest products on CBD Pure’s website are their CBD Capsules (750mg), which are sold in bottles containing 30 capsules in total. The Pure CBD capsules contain 25mg each, and the product is currently sold at $99.99, if you want to buy just one months supply.

The company doesn’t make especially bold claims about its CBD Pure Softgel Capsules (750mg); it prefers to let its customers do it instead. You can find a number of positive testimonials on the company website.

We are not surprised to learn all this. After all, CBD Pure’s product comes from naturally grown organic hemp which is completely free from pesticides and chemicals. Although research on CBD is still at an early stage, studies published in journals such as Therapeutics and Risk Management (2008) and the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (2013) suggest that CBD’s impact is real. While the 2008 study is contentious, the 2013 study appears to be on solid ground.

As always, we recommend purchasing this product from the official CBD Pure website. We also advise you to leave a review online if you get the chance because there are relatively few customer reviews available for what is apparently a very popular product.

Although the product comes from industrial hemp grown in Colorado, CBD Pure does not ship internationally, including Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, and Arkansas.

CBD Pure Product Costs

  • CBD Pure Hemp Oils

Hemp Oil (100mg) – $29.99
Hemp Oil (300mg) – $54.99
Hemp Oil (600mg) – $79.99

  • CBD Pure Capsules

CBD Softgel Capsules (750mg) – $99.99

Final Thoughts on CBD Pure

The CBD oil market has exploded in the last few years, and there are now hundreds of suppliers selling products derived from industrial hemp. The ‘food supplement’ status of CBD oil means that companies have spotted yet another opportunity in the multi-billion dollar supplement industry.
CBD oil is unquestionably one of the most exciting supplements in recent times as a growing body of science is backing it as an all-natural alternative to potentially addictive prescription medication. The growth of the market, unfortunately, means that a few products of dubious quality will slip through the net.

Fortunately, we believe that CBD Pure qualifies as a reputable company that sells a product with potential. Its CBD hemp oil is certainly one of the better versions around. We would recommend trying the smallest version first, and if you feel benefits after a month, perhaps you can opt for the 6-month supply.

• Official website – www.cbdpure.com

Customer Reviews Based on 39 reviews

  • Beverly Matthews
    Good each day!

    I was not aware that cbdpure was making so much change in my life until I quit it. And when I did I was no longer so energetic or so vibrant anymore. There were no withdrawal symptoms but there were a lot of other reverses back to my previous state for which I had first started cbd. I kind of semi-medicall resort. So what I gathered was that Purekana is to be taken each day, it is not stored in the body. And it is good to take it each day, no harm.

  • Constance Byrd
    The best among CBD's

    With just a total of 4 products in the entire produce, how can a brand do so well! Especially when the competitors are producing 20- to 30 products each on an average for the same niche. Even I was not convinced and I decided I’d try to check for myself. It was actually worth every penny that I spent on its buy and it suited me so well, I’ve dumped all my previous brands that I had used until now. This is the best among CBD’s, no doubt about that.

  • Lasonya Dixon
    Insomnia and CBDpure

    You know why I use CBDpure and CBD Pure only? This product has greatly helped in treating my insomnia. My sleeping patterns were getting worst with time until I tried this product. It is a full-spectrum organic hemp oil as its name suggests. It has helped me in falling asleep faster. This brand maintains consistent quality every time I order. It has also decreased my anxiety issues to a good extent. Great value for price! It is an amazing organic solution for insomnia sufferers.

  • Wayne Farley
    Post chemo recovery

    Chemo usually induces nausea and vomiting and headaches too. Although there are specialized medicines to work on such side effects, sometimes they do not help. My wife is doing chemo. When everything else fails, we give her CBDpure drops, from the 600 mg, quite a strong dose. It usually helps post chemo recovery.

  • Robert Richardson
    For exploration

    CBD pure has never disappointed me. Well at least til now. It has been more than a year since I’ve been using their oils. Everyone needs a different strength, you may want to check into that. When I started I started too low for my condition but after I spoke to a health expert, she recommended I upped the dose and it has worked best for me.

  • Lois Bartlett
    Soothes my skin

    CBDpure soothes my skin very nicely. I am suffering from psoriasis and it is sometimes very itchy and sore. CBDpure, the 100 mg oil, a very thin film applied over the area helps bring down the symptoms. I use steroids too, but this is more organic.

  • Stephen Williams
    Confused and Helpless

    Now this might be a bit funny to some of you but I am a very confused and helpless personality at the moment. I use CBD pure sometimes. Whenever I do, it works very good for all my sleep issues. But then I experience guilt prangs as CBD is not something permissible as per my religious belief. So I quit it. And then I am again sleepless and resort to it. What to do?

  • Marie Adams
    A narrow range

    A very narrow range in the product offering is perhaps the only drawback. But luckily, the 300 mg oil has sufficed my needs very well. I use it on a daily basis. It makes me feel happier and calmer. I think I am now more relaxed and able to focus better on my work.

  • Taylor Collier
    Cope with the symptoms

    I am 32 year old female and used to have lot of trouble during my menstruation time. It was cramping legs, paining abdomen, nausea, low mood and overall lethargy and restlessness. I used to get so irritable that I used to vent it on my 5 year old daughter. It always felt bad later, but I had nothing that could stop me. CBDPure helped me a lot cope with these symptoms.

  • Elizabeth Robinson
    Helpful as an add on

    To me CBDPure has been kind of a relief to my nausea and vomiting. I had been medicated for ulcerative colitis on and off, but sometimes the symptoms still show up mildly at a level where I do not need hospitalization. CBDPure is very helpful accompanied with some pills from the pharmacy under such conditions.

  • Marta Best
    Limited edition

    CBDPure is kind of a limited edition CBD oil that comes in very few options. But the good thing is these oils are extremely effective. I am a sufferer of sleep paralysis. With even the 300 mg oil from CBD pure I felt very good. The attacks are still there just like before, but I am not that disturbed after the attack now, as I used to be before.

  • Kyle Newberry
    Helped me regain life

    CBDpure is the CBD brand that introduced me to CBD. CBDPure is the CBD brand that helped me regain life when I was into severe depression after losing my wife Katie! CBD brand is the CBD brand that my friend gave me mixed in a health tonic, never telling me he was giving me CBD. Lol! Yes, that is how CBDpure entered my life, but now all recovered from the trauma, I am still taking it. It makes me feel more confident and happy.

  • Joseph Robertson
    Something more holistic

    What do we look for when we step out to buy something? Is is just the product quality, or say at maximum the price as well? No! Customer like me look for something more holistic in terms of great customer service too! Logistics of course as well! CBDpure has delighted me pretty well on all such grounds.

  • Allen Barber
    Try it now

    Well priced and well sourced. A very ethical company in-fact. And if you are thinking CBD is only a fashion statement for the elite, try this brand. They are amazing on the overall health of both males and females. I started last year. By now, my entire family with 4 adults is taking this on a regular basis.

  • Keva Brennan
    Hats off to you guys

    CBDpure is a top notch CBD brand. They have a limited production, in terms of variety, but whatever they produce is worth the spend and worth the try. Have never come across a brand that is so responsible towards client satisfaction and at the same time so conscious about product quality. Hats off to these people.

  • Allan Flood
    My wife introduced this to me

    CBD oils or tinctures were totally out of the question for a person like me. I simply cannot tend to have faith in something that is not proven. However, was still forced to try CBD Pure by my wife, you know how these females are! And yes, now I admit that it is quite efficient and has helped me a lot on a daily basis.

  • Marina
    Always go for these guys

    Being from LA and I think everyone knows this but CBD will be definitely here for a while. Unlike the healing crystal craze CBD has a lot of benefits to offer. It’s not just a bunch of speculations whether it works or not. Scientifically proven now and when it comes to choosing a brand I always go for them!

  • Angie Joseph

    I wish cbdpure could come up with more products like for skin care or for hair care. I am using the softgels as of now and those are good. Bert good in fact. Have heard many brands to be selling such products that are cbd infused, and so wish that mine one starts too, lol.

  • Stephanie Giguere
    Helps in Pain

    I use the CBD pure 600 mg very regularly. I take it twice daily without a gap or miss, and it helps me cope up with my joint pain that is dominantly due to arthritis. I am a 55 year old female, I weigh about 55 kilos and am taking 10 drops each time, both morning and evening. I am not sure if this is a high or a low dose, but this is working and I am satisfied.

  • Jon Pearson
    Soft Buddies

    Have you tried their latest soft gels? It is like raw hemp melting into the mouth, with a wonderful taste. I take one capsule daily before bedtime, and it helps me sleep better.

  • Deane Mason
    Daily Booster

    Even the 100 mg from CBD Pure is very very good for mild pains and mild fatigue. I am a regular user, and find it to be a great daily booster.

  • Dale Trosper

    You won’t find a brand comparable to CBD Pure when it comes to CBD oils, at least not so very easily. I am using this from quite some time, they are always consistent in preparation, and deliver what they promise in their composition label.

  • Jan
    Amount of dosage to start with.I

    I have only one more Chemo treatment. I have been feeling awful … sick, extremely weak, in bed an awful lot. I’m 77 but have always been very active until the chemo treatments started. What dosage would be a good one for me to start out with, since it will be my first time to try CBD? Thank you so much.

  • Diane Taylor
    Great products

    This brand offer one of the best values for money I have come across before – I would highly recommend. The products work well and last long, and it is very affordable, especially if you are getting through lots of it.

  • Melissa Barrow

    I bought this and the taste is not nice at all! I did think the effects were great but I cannot stand the flavor. Does anybody have any recommendations on how i can consume it to mask the flavour?

  • Bev Green
    It works!

    CBD Pure has been around for ages and always been a reliable place for me to get high quality CBD! I used to have severe depression and anxiety as part of PTSD, and after 3 years of using this CBD i can honestly say i hardly ever need it now!

  • Glenn
    An honest CBD business that is worth your time!

    I was drawn to CBD Pure because of their understated sales technique. I have been using CBD products for 5 years to help with my chronic back pain, but so many companies boast to be the best and I have found that many have fallen short of their claims. This company doesn’t do that, there is no over-exaggeration, and the comments from other users really stand up for the company. Would highly recommend, great service and quality CBD!

  • David
    I would love to get this product in Kentucky, my friends love it!

    I live in Kentucky and have been desperate to get my hands on some of this Pure CBD. I have a few family and friends dotted around America who have used many CBD products before, and have always ended up with this company. I have suffered from severe health issues since I was diagnosed with diabetes, and have done a lot of research into how CBD could help. After hearing so much wonderful stuff about this company, I am more keen than ever to get some but up til now they do not ship to where I am. Based on my loved ones reviews, I would say that if you can, you should try this brand!

  • Joe
    Well priced, and fantastic quality!

    I first tried CBD Pure’s hemp oil in the smallest size, having tested a few before, and had even fallen into the trap of buying the most expensive size before knowing if it was a good product, I wanted to be sure this was worth it. I have severe social anxiety, which has only gotten worse over the years, before finding CBD Pure I would rarely leave the house, maybe two times a month I would step foot outside and this was always suh a challenge. I found the results of the hemp oil in 100mg to be really impactful, I felt a difference within a few days and every time I used it the effects came faster. I now purchase the 600mg bottles which lasts me a long time, and I have been bold enough to start therapy too. I can now go outside pretty much every day, and I feel this is massively down to this CBD Product.

  • Rob
    As an ex-pat, this was a life changing decision for me

    I have been purchasing the CBD Pure hemp oil in 6 month supplies for around 2 years. I used to smoke cannabis to help with my PTSD, as I am an ex-military man who has struggled since coming back to civvy life. When I developed severe respiratory issues, smoking was no longer an issue and I fell into a pretty deep depression. I wouldnt leave the house or see loved ones, and really didn’t live much of a life at all. I tried CBD Oil after being advised by a friend that it has been known to help, they described it as an up and coming way of treating anxiety, and I thought that I had nothing to lose. I have been usng this companies hemp oil since, and honestly it has changed my life. Don’t get me wrong there are still many dark days, and it isn’t all great, all of the time. However, I wouldnt still be here if it werent for giving CBD a go, and they have never shipped late, always been helpful and efficient, really great service all around.

  • Matt

    I am a first time user of CBD and went for this company due to their natural background and ethics. I thought that the product was well priced and well sourced, I have now finished my bottle of 100mg hemp oil and will be repurchasing on payday!

  • Dave
    Help with social anxiety

    I was a little bit sceptical at first, there are so many great testimonials for the CBD pure product that it almost seems too good to be true. I have suffered from social anxiety for 5 years and now struggle to get out the house. I have been using CBD pure oil for 4 weeks and I cant believe how alleviated my symptoms have actually become. Believe what you read about this product!

  • Derek
    Increases activity

    I have this with my porridge every single morning. I am 79 years old and nothing helps wake my body and mind up like this product does. I don’t think I would be as active if i didn’t have it.

  • Dean
    Relieves my glaucoma

    I can get hold of this from my hometown in England, and it is wonderful. I live in a country much less accepting of cannabis based products, but this is something they have allowed in and i can’t be more grateful! It has helped relieve my glaucoma so much, I wont ever stop.

  • Ayrica

    Hi my 9 month old son had his first seizure last week and the docs. Think because of his undiagnosed neurological disorder that he is likely to have more. Any ideas on doseing for seizure disorders? I read to start with .5mg per pound. But I’m concerned that might not be enough. Thoughts?

  • Darren King

    HI Johnathan
    Interesting we are the same age and suffer the same fate. I have severe ddd in lumbar with no surgical intervention available.
    Curious what dosage you are using?
    I just received the 750mg capsules and the work well just seem to keep me up at night a little.

  • Herman
    Pain relief

    Tried all three sizes of this now, well-priced and lasts a long time, but most importantly has given me the ability to get through my days relatively pain free following a car incident I had 20 years ago that left me with severe back and hip pain.

  • Rose

    How do u know which one is right for u as far as dosage?

    • Nicholas

      Hi Rose! General guideline for oral CBD oil treatments are :
      – General Health: 2.5-15mg CBD by mouth daily
      – To treat chronic pain: 2.5-20 mg CBD by mouth daily
      – To treat sleep disorders: 40-160 mg CBD by mouth daily
      Kindest regards,

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