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Charlotte’s Web Review

Have you heard of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil? If you haven’t, you’ve probably been living under a well-secluded rock for the last several years. Read on to learn more about how this company transformed the world of CBD and how this influences the products they sell.

Charlotte’s Web Quick Summary


  • Impeccable oil quality
  • Hemp is grown on non-GMO farms in Oregon
  • A great veteran discount scheme
  • No additives or dyes used in their oils
  • A family-run business
  • Lots of product variety
  • Free shipping on all US orders


  • Pet products have limited potencies

If you want to browse their products without any hesitation, take a look at Charlotte’s Web official site. You can find a variety of oils, topicals, edibles, and more!

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Charlotte’s Web Full Review

Over the past few years, countless CBD brands have been unearthed in the industry. So much so that for a customer looking for a safe and high-quality product, it has become a minefield. And it’s an almost impossible task to choose a brand. 

Veteran CBD brands are few and far between because of the difficulty in surviving such a shape-shifting industry. And those that have thrived do so because of their ability to continually excite customers with new products. This is a testament to their knowledge of CBD.

Charlotte’s Web is one such brand. We consider them the grandfathers of the CBD industry or as they call themselves “nature’s stewards”. Either title is accurate. 

Their popularity has, in part, been due to the miraculous story of Charlotte Figi. A young girl who made national news headlines for her life-saving use of CBD oil. However, their reputation is maintained by the impressive range of products that they stock, including CBD gummies, isolates, bundles, oils, and even more. All at an affordable price, of course. 

But we couldn’t possibly write a Charlotte’s Web review without delving into their history as CBD pioneers.

To be clear, the Charlotte’s Web brand didn’t start as a brand at all. It started with the Stanley Brother’s desire to offer legitimate help to people in need through the natural power of cannabis.

And that’s exactly how their relationship with Charlotte Figi began.

Who Is Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil (All You Need to Know)

The brothers, of which there are seven, hail from the cannabis epicenter of Colorado (Boulder, Colorado, to be exact). The company wanted to try a new genetically-selected cannabis oil extract that was high in CBD and low in THC. And, this is what led them to Charlotte Figi.

Since birth, Charlotte Figi suffered from a rare form of epilepsy that would cause her to have hundreds of seizures per week. And, the CBD oil that the Stanley Brothers provided young Charlotte with drastically reduced her seizures to just a few per month.

When the freedom of widespread commercial hemp cultivation in the state of Colorado became a reality, the Stanley Brothers witnessed an opportunity to bring their genetically-selected high CBD hemp extract to folks all across the United States. And the Charlotte’s Web brand, as we know it today, found its roots.

Unfortunately, Charlotte Figi passed away in 2020, but her legacy will continue to be nurtured not only by the Charlotte’s Web brand but the entirety of the industry that she inspired.

They had a wealth of experience in cannabis cultivation and made it their mission to cultivate some of the highest quality CBD-rich hemp in the USA.

Hemp, of course, has a negligible THC content (less than 0.3%). But strains can be bred and genetically selected to contain high amounts of CBD. And this is exactly what the Stanley Brothers did. By extracting their CBD oils from hemp rather than marijuana, they made their CBD oils and other CBD products available to folks all across the country – without the need for a medical cannabis card.

And make no mistake – Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are legit. They are, without a doubt, some of the best and highest quality in the country.

Keep reading our Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil review to find out about the specific products this brand sell and at what kind of price.

Charlotte’s Web Highlights: Why Choose Them?

  • Community spirit: Well, when it comes to supporting the greater community, Charlotte’s Web sets an example for all other brands. The company is proud to support veterans, for instance, and offers huge discounts on their complete range of products (and to be sure, veterans are often some of the folks who need CBD more than anyone). This veteran discount offer exemplifies the kind of brand philosophy that CW Hemp stands behind.
  • Rewards program: If you aren’t a veteran but still want to save some money, you also have the option of joining the brand’s rewards program. This means that every time you earn 100 points, you get a real dollar amount of store credit. Simple interactions like joining their mailing list will give you 50 points all at once!
  • Quality above all else: The company also makes it clear on their website that the CBD in Charlotte’s Web is still sourced from top-quality farms in Colorado – which they believe is one of their, not so secret, reasons for their success. Since day one, the company has strived to harness all of the natural goodness that comes from their CBD-rich hemp cultivars.
  • Available lab-reports: Skeptical about their product quality? Then feel reassured that on all of their products, the company offers viewable lab reports on their website. This means that you can go on the Charlotte’s Web site, select the exact product you’re interested in, and view exactly what kind of chemical compounds are present. Sounds pretty trustworthy, right?

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of each product. Our aim in this Charlotte’s Web CBD oil review is to provide a complete idea as to the effects of the brand’s range of products. So users can determine which CW Hemp product may be best for their specific needs.

CW Hemp CBD Review: What Products Do They Specialize In?

There is so much more to CW Hemp than their iconic line of CBD oils. Over the last couple of years, Charlotte’s Web has dedicated countless resources into producing a whole range of exciting, new products.

This includes products like calming CBD gummies for sleep, CBD capsules, THC-free CBD isolates. The brand have even made CBD drops specifically for dogs (which we know is one of the biggest trends in the community over the last few years!).

Besides this, CW Hemp also sells their product range in bulk and bundle options. This means you can potentially save massive amounts of money when ordering higher quantities at a time.

So, let’s delve deeper into each product and see exactly what this company is offering their customers.

Charlotte’s Web Review: CBD Oil Tinctures


Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil is unquestionably the brand’s ‘signature’ product. Their CBD oil range is full-spectrum, meaning it includes a host of other beneficial hemp phytochemicals aside from the CBD content.

Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are currently available in four different flavors (Lemon Twist, Mint Chocolate, Olive Oil, Orange Blossom). As well as four different strengths:

  • 7mg per 1ml
  • 17mg per 1ml
  • 50mg per 1ml (Original Formula)
  • 60mg per 1ml

As you can see, the lowest milligram offering contains 7mg of hemp extract per 1ml serving. Customers can also choose between 30ml and 100ml bottle sizes.

If 7mg per 1ml serving doesn’t sound like it will quite cut it – don’t fret. We’ve made it clear in our Charlotte’s Web review that the company also offers higher-strength formulas than most other brands, including their robust 60mg per 1ml formulation.

Using CBD for the first time can sometimes be daunting, especially if the product is expensive. To overcome this challenge, Charlotte’s Web has introduced three ‘Starter Size’ bottles for their 17mg, 50mg, and 60mg oils. These 10ml bottles are the perfect introductory product for CBD newbies who want to try a premium oil. 

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil makes for a very versatile product. You can drop it under your tongue, or you can even add it to your morning tea or coffee. 

Another thing that we found during our Charlotte’s Web CBD oil review was that the oils just flat-out tasted good. They also offer bundle packs that can potentially save you a lot of money. (And remember to use our Charlotte’s Web coupon code!).

Charlotte’s Web Review: CBD Isolate Oil

If you still want to stick to the realm of oils, but prefer isolates then you’ll be pleased to learn that Charlotte’s Web has combined both.

Their 30ml bottles contain 20mg of CBD and very little else! Instead of the usual range of terpenes and cannabinoids that you find in full-spectrum, isolates single out one cannabinoid. In this case, it’s cannabidiol or CBD as its best known. 

This also means that the oil contains no more than 13 parts per million THC, or to put it simply, it can be claimed THC-free. And because this product is unflavored, it still retains an earthy flavor which many people enjoy. 

Charlotte’s Web CBD Review: Capsules


If you don’t like CBD oil but want to experience the potential health benefits of quality hemp extract, Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules are a wonderful alternative. The CW Hemp capsules range features two different milligram amounts:

  • 15mg per capsule
  • 25mg per capsule

Whether you choose CBD capsules with 15mg of hemp extract per serving, or 25mg per serving, you’ll be pleased to know that either option comes in 30, 60, or 90-count bottles. And best of all, all you have to do is take one capsule once or twice a day, and swallow it whole with a drink of water.

The company goes to great lengths to point out that its Charlotte’s Web hemp capsules are a phenomenal alternative to standard CBD oil products. Like the CBD oils, however, they also contain a variety of full-spectrum cannabinoids and phytocompounds.

Charlotte’s Web Review: CBD Gummies

We are pleased to see that Charlotte’s Web has delved into the world of edibles. Or more specifically, fruity gummies. They currently sell three different gummy products:

  • Sleep: CBD Gummies (Raspberry)
  • Recovery: CBD Gummies (Ginger)
  • Clam: CBD Gummies (Lemon-Lime)

Each pot contains a total of 60 gummies, and 10mg of CBD per serving. The gummies are made with a full-spectrum oil that encourages natural hemp biodiversity.  Yet each product is unique. 

The Sleep Gummies are intended to encourage a restful night’s sleep, which is why they contain 3mg of melatonin.  If you live an active lifestyle, the Recovery Gummies are targeted towards you. They contain an infusion of turmeric and gummer, both of which are considered a natural anti-inflammatory. Lastly, the Calm Gummies are made with a wonderful plant blend, containing most notably the amino acid L-theanine, which is considered to promote relaxation.

Each product also contains a unique and natural flavor, Raspberry, Ginger, and Lemon-Lime; lots of thought has clearly gone into each product.

Charlotte’s Web Review: CBD Topicals and Creams


Charlotte’s Web topicals are a convenient way to benefit from a CBD infusion. And the company has expanded their range drastically, with a total of five hemp-infused topicals available.

  • Roll-On w/ CBD
  • Cream w/ CBD (contains Vitamin B5, Aloe, and Coconut Oil)
  • Hemp-infused Balm
  • Balm Stick w/ CBD
  • Balm Stick Cooling Gel w/ CBD

They currently sell the cream at a price of $39.99 and the balm for $14.99. The 2.5oz tube of cream is also super easy to open (with a screw-top lid). And it contains a robust 750mg of hemp extract total.

Also, with ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, you’re giving your skin all the help it needs. Like any other topical, Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Cream w/ CBD is designed to be applied to specific areas of the body, day or night.

As for the Hemp Infused Balm w/ CBD, this can be bought in two different sizes. You can buy either the small 0.5oz container for $14.99, or the large 1.5oz for $29.99. The 0.5oz contains 150mg of hemp extract, while the 1.5oz contains 450mg.

Again, these are both products wherein the moisturizing ingredients will make your skin feel amazing. And smell great too, if you choose one of the scented options. 

The roll-on topical can be bought with either a peppermint or lavender scent, again evidence of Charlotte’s Web going above and beyond when designing their products. And at only $14.99 each, they are incredibly affordable for customers. 

 Both the CBD roll-on and CBD sticks are great if you don’t enjoy getting your hands into your moisturizer. Instead, they can easily control the product upon application and apply it to the area of skin you want it.


Charlotte’s Web Review: CBD for Dogs

It can be difficult to find product variety when its comes to CBD for dogs. And often it feels like companies are only selling a pet product to tap into the animal market. However, the Charlotte’s Web store dispels these worries immediately. In fact, they have 5 different products catered towards your pet.

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Drops w/ CBD 17mg
  • Calming Chews 
  • Hip and Joint Chews
  • Chews for Senior Dogs
  • Hemp-Infused Balm

It’s positive to see that the company has developed a product specifically for hip and joint support. Many pet owners will have experienced the dreaded cruciate ligament injury, a problem which has become so common for dogs. You have the option of purchasing 30 of the chews for $19.99 or 60 chews for $34.99.

The one disappointment we found with the pet chews is that they were very limited when it came to CBD strength. At only 2.5mg per 4g chew, it would be hard to claim these chews are as effective for the Bullmastiff breed as they are for the Chiwawa breed. But hopefully in the future we will see new strengths developed. 

Charlotte’s Web Review: CBD Bundles

CBD bundles can be a great option if you want to try a variety of different products or simply want to stock up on a favorite product. And on this front, Charlotte’s Web delivers. The company has over 20 different product combinations on their store. So, whether you want to buy a four 7mg CBD oil pack or a specialist sleep bundle, you can find something to suit you. 

Their ‘Workout Hard, Recover Harder’ package is ideal for anyone leading an active and very physical lifestyle. The bundle contains the classic 7mg full-spectrum oil (mint-chocolate flavor), with the Recovery CBD gummies (ginger). Some of the bundles even feature cool CBD merchandise, such as baseball caps, making them great for gifts. 

While the idea of a CBD bundle may sound expensive, Charlotte’s Web has used this opportunity to make the costs even lower than when purchasing products alone. Prices begin at $35.98 for the dual-product bundle.

Enjoying our Charlotte’s Web CBD oil review? You’re probably wondering how deep you’ll have to dig into your pockets to obtain them. Let’s take a look…

Charlotte’s Web Product Costs: Are They Affordable?

While Charlotte’s Web used to have a reputation for being expensive, they’ve introduced a whole range of affordable products. Here’s the current rundown on Charlotte’s Web CBD prices.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

  • 7mg / ml – from $29.99
  • 17mg / ml – from $24.99
  • 50mg / ml (Original Formula) – from $49.99
  • 60mg / ml – from $49.99

Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules

  • 15mg Liquid Capsules – $39.99
  • 25mg Liquid Capsules – $74.99

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

  • Gummies (single-pack) – from $44.99
  • Gummies (triple-pack) – from $107.97

Charlotte’s Web CBD Topicals

  • Roll-On w/ CBD – $14.99
  • Cream w/ CBD – $39.99
  • CBD Balm – $14.99
  • Balm Stick w/ CBD – $39.99
  • Balm Stick Cooling Gel w/ CBD – $39.99

Charlotte’s Web CBD for Dogs

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Drops w/ CBD 17mg- $59.99
  • CBD Chews – $19.99
  • Hemp-Infused Balm – $29.99

Charlotte’s Web Top Bundles

  • Sleep Best-Sellers Bundle – $164.98
  • AM/PM Bundle – $71.98
  • Workout Hard, Recovery Harder – $59.98
  • Freedom Service Dogs Bundle – $75.98

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review: A Final Summary

After our experience with the range of Charlotte’s Web Hemp products, we are in no doubt that this company is the real deal. As well as helping people with the usual list of problems that hemp typically helps with, we are fully adamant that the Stanley Brothers have created one of the market’s best CBD oils.

Their website is laden with positive reviews, and one of the things that surprised us the most was the sheer range of the testimonials in terms of how CW Hemp Oils help so many individuals. For example, it seems folks are using Charlotte’s Web CBD oils to help develop a more consistent sleep pattern, maintain a positive and calm mentality, and even help with things like focus on everyday tasks. 

Indeed, the world has already seen what this amazing plant can do. If you’re looking for a quality, legitimate CBD oil experience, we hope this Charlotte’s Web CBD review has helped shine a light on the benefits that consuming hemp on a daily basis can offer.

The Stanley Brothers are using their fame to help spread the word about the sweeping benefits of hemp and CBD extract. Their foundation, The Realm of Caring, is dedicated to educating the public and legislators about the benefits of cannabinoids. We wish them luck.

Final Verdict: 10/10

Did you enjoy this Charlotte’s Web CBD review? If yes, be sure to check out the full range of products on their site.

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Hello ,
I can only take soft jell capsules and would like to try your liquid filled capsules. I was thinking, to try to order the 25mg for the chronic pain that I now have constantly. Is this the correct dosage that hopefully can help me with my condition? Thanks.


I feel it’s necessary to thank Naturalwellnesscbdoil.com for educating new CBD users like me. I ordered Charlottes Web last year, it has been a real life saver. A gem of an oil! My monthly menstruation has now come back to a normal cycle, which was earlier disrupted due to extreme stress. CW helped me cope up with my issue successfully

Kaye Stephens

As a brand, Charlotte’s Web is one of the best medicinal CBD brands around. I’ve felt that for some people all CBD brands do not work well. It is only a few of the manufacturing compositions that show results. And Charlotte’s Web is a brand that shows efficacy for such people too. I really trust them as I’ve been buying from them from a lot of time and they are very potent.

Christian Stevenson

The reason why I picked up Charlotte web cbd oil was for premature balding. I am in Hollywood and it is like my entire existence and image was getting ruined because of it. I was wrong to have expected miracles from some CBD and it did not help at all in this regard. However what it did to me was give me confidence and take off some stress off my mind. I ultimately got grafts for my hair problem but I’ve used CW cbd always since then for overall well being.

Bill nichols

I experience chronic back/leg pain for 30 yrs. I have had 5 surgeries and numerous other procedures to get some relief. I have tried cbd and thc products before from other dealers. I would be willing to try your products if you think I can get so relief. Thank you!

Jose Brown

Charlotte’s Web is a brand the pioneered the CBD industry, even before the 2014 Farm Bill was passed. Talking to a few people at the manufacturing facility where the seeds are transformed into end sellables, I realized that they maintain a lot of efforts in delivering organic and sustainable healthy CBD to the end customers. I myself am into the production of jams and bread spreads. I was visiting there facility to learn more about CBD as one the senior employees there is a friend who took me for a round. But I was impressed. Completely impressed by the way… Read more »

Wanda Hart

Sometimes CBD products can be so soothing that they can have us coming back to “add to cart” again and again. Charlotte’s Web is that kind of an oil as per my experience. I was intensely sick with viral last month. I ordered this immediately as had heard a lot about it in the past. And as soon as I took the full spectrum oil, within 30 minutes I felt better. It was a peculiar strain of the viral that the fever persisted for about two weeks. Charlotte’s web was a sweet help.