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Cheeba Chews: What Are They and Are They Worth it?

Cheeba Chews: What Are They and Are They Worth it?

Cannabis has become widely accepted in the western world. Because of this, there has also been an increased diversity in different products. Although cannabis lovers were previously only limited to smoking to get their cannabinoids. But there are now more ways than ever to sate your every desire, whether that be CBD or THC-rich products.

One of the most popular ways of imbibing cannabinoids, especially for those looking for both convenience and discretion, is to partake in cannabis edibles. These allow users to enjoy the full effects, all while being able to enjoy a flavorful treat as well.

However, cannabis edibles aren’t always “special brownies”. They are sometimes specially produced products that have been designed to be as potent, effective, and delicious as possible, all while being incredibly convenient at the same time.

One such edible is the Cheeba Chew. This is an incredibly popular cannabis taffy that lets you chew a delicious sweet treat to get your cannabinoids.

But what actually are Cheeba Chews? And are they worth their price?

What Is a Cheeba Chew?

A Cheeba Chew, very simply, is a brand of taffy sweets that have been imbued with a variety of cannabinoids.

Cheeba Chew is a surprisingly small company, despite their vast reach into a variety of different US states and retailers. They operate out of a small facility within Denver, Colorado. Yet they produce several dozen thousand candies each week, being sold all across the USA.

The primary reason for the creation of the Cheeba Chew was because of the lack of sophisticated, high-quality cannabis edibles that could maintain the same dosage of cannabinoids between different batches.

This is a problem because, as any experienced cannabis user knows, it is incredibly important to know that you are getting exactly the same amount of THC and CBD every single time. No one likes trying a cannabis product only for it to cause a completely different effect to what you expect.

The creator of Cheeba Chews, James Howler, also found this a frustrating aspect. Despite the fact that they were so popular, very few cannabis edibles were able to be relied upon. And even less had consistent cannabinoid content.

To try and change this, James created the Cheeba Chew, which consists of homegrown CBD that is lab-tested to ensure that it contains a consistent quality and CBD content.

One of the most important features of the Cheeba Chew is that it never contains any more than 0.3% THC. This is thanks to its rigorous testing.

Cheeba Chews are available in a myriad of different flavor options, allowing potential users the ultimate flexibility. The base ingredients of the Cheeba Chew are actually a mix of different flavor compounds, all designed to cultivate in a uniquely sweet and satisfying product.

So, what is it about the flavor that makes them worth it?

Cheeba Chews Flavors & Types

One of the significant issues with trying many cannabis edibles is that the flavor is often awful. Many either taste like raw cannabinoids on the tongue or an awful artificial flavor.

However, Cheeba Chews are unique in that respect, as they are delightful in flavor. They are made from pretty standard sweet ingredients like sugar and corn syrup, but also a variety of individual oils and additives that make them shelf-stable. The fact is, Cheeba Chews are essentially a high-quality taffy sweet that has been enriched with carefully measured cannabinoids.

Cheeba Chews Flavors & Types

You can find them in a variety of different flavors, including Chocolate, Caramel, or various fruits. The critical difference between the different types of Cheeba Chew, however, is whether or not they are the regular CBD variety, or if they are designed to be sold in Colorado.

This difference came about because, nine years ago, when Cheeba Chews were first developed as a reliable CBD product. This was when the idea of marijuana legalization was a thing of distant imagination. There was simply no way to consider the possibility or large scale marijuana legalization, especially that which came about in Colorado.

This means that the very first Cheeba Chews were actually CBD-only, containing absolutely no more than 0.3% THC. These CBD taffies were available in a pretty big range of tastes, including Strawberry and Sour Apple. But when legalization reared its wonderful head, in some states, Cheeba Chew acted incredibly quickly in adapting their production.

Cheeba Chews: CBD Vs. THC

Alongside these CBD taffies, Cheeba Chew now makes THC-rich products that provide you with 10mg of THC per taffy, giving you a sizeable quantity considering the fact that it is a cannabis edible.

However, the very best part of the THC Cheeba Chews is the fact that they are available in a myriad of different combinations. This means that, not only can you get regular THC within your edibles, but you can actually choose between taking Cheeba Chews Indica or Cheeba Chews Sativa, as well as a hybrid variation. This allows you to not only dose yourself with valuable THC, but also to actually determine the exact kind of effect you can expect to feel after taking it.

If you don’t particularly enjoy the taste of chocolate taffy – as some people find it a bit of an acquired taste – then you can always choose from a range of other flavors, such as chewy caramel.

So, are Cheeba Chews the best cannabis edible around?

Are There Any Problems with the Cheeba Chews

Despite the many positive qualities of Cheeba Chews, there are still a few inherent problems with their design.

First of all, they are rather pricey for a cannabis edible. The brand are one of the most expensive options for those who want to enjoy their cannabis products orally and with a nice kick of flavor.

Secondly, they don’t really offer anything stronger than 10mg per taffy. Though they did use to provide a Quad Dose variety, they have since discontinued it. This has made all of their products only 10mg of cannabinoid, no matter its individual composition.

Cheeba Chews

The final negative concerning Cheeba Chews is the fact that their texture is a bit…lacking. Despite their intensity of flavor, they do have a slightly gritty texture that most likely comes from the home-cooking aspect of converting the sugar into candy.

One of the most common mistakes in candy production is the incorrect dissolution of sugar within the candy, and this even happens on a commercial level to many cannabis edible producers.

With Cheeba Chews, you sometimes experience this granularity, creating a bit of an odd taste and texture inside of your mouth. This isn’t the biggest problem in the world, of course, but it doesn impact your experience.

And, once you get used to it, you are reminded of the fact that you are, essentially, eating a surprisingly expensive taffy that comes with a dose of cannabinoids. This leaves you wondering whether or not it is actually worth it to buy yourself some Cheeba Chews rather than just smoking your cannabis directly or buying some cannabis oils.

Final Thoughts Cheeba Chews: Are They Worth It?

Ultimately, it is hard to provide a final verdict on the Cheeba Chews, as they are quite a divisive product. It is true that they are reliable in their cannabinoid consistency, as well as being just generally a good example of a well-made cannabis edible.

However, their occasionally odd texture and additionally artificial-tasting flavor range can lead some users to prefer to use other methods to imbibe their cannabis.

Each person is likely to form their own opinion on the Cheeba Chew; it is pretty pricey for what it is. But it also has a great number of different benefits when compared to smoking.

For one thing, it is exceptionally discreet, with attractive packaging that, once you remove the outer layer and just handle the wrapped taffies themselves, would not let anyone know that you are using a cannabis product whatsoever.

If you value discretion and convenience above all else, then the Cheeba Chew is likely an excellent product that you should definitely try as soon as possible.

If, however, you prefer to spend less to make sure that you only get the highest quantity of THC or CBD within your system, you would be better off opting for a concentrate or some CBD oil.

If you do just want to try all the different products that the world of cannabis production has to offer and are merely curious, you should still definitely give the Cheeba Chew a try. It is a pretty good tasting product, and you can always rely on it to work when delivering cannabinoids directly into your body.

If Cheeba Chews don’t sound right for you, then take a look at some of our favorite CBD oils.

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