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Cloud 9 Hemp Review

Shopping for CBD supplements for the entire family can sometimes feel like a time-consuming chore. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to CBD supplements, and the shopping list can quickly grow.

Finding a store that sells every item on your list, from CBD edibles to CBD drops that your dog can take, can help to save you a great deal of time. Cloud 9 Hemp is a great place to start when looking for a general-purpose CBD store.

Cloud 9 Hemp Quick Summary


  • Interesting vape flavors such as Nice Dreams and High Octane
  • Products are lab-tested in the US
  • Huge range of products, including eliquids, edibles, and topicals
  • Flexible return service (21 days)
  • Hemp is sourced from organic farms
  • Free shipping available
  • 20% discount on first orders


  • The site feels over-packed with information
  • Only US shipping


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Who Is Cloud 9 Hemp?

Cloud 9 Hemp was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing people with the best CBD products possible. At a time when medical marijuana was becoming increasingly popular but remained difficult to obtain in many states, the founders of Cloud 9 Hemp hoped to offer an alternative that could reach more people.

Cloud 9 Hemp uses pure, concentrated hemp CBD. They believe it can offer all of the benefits of medical marijuana only without the psychoactive effects. Since 2014, Cloud 9 Hemp has repeatedly refined its CBD formula, making the full-spectrum CBD as useful as possible.

The result of years of hard work can be seen in Cloud 9 Hemp’s gold label CBD, which is sourced from a specific strain of hemp. Cloud 9 Hemp chose this one particular strain as it is known for its high cannabidiol potency. Extensive laboratory testing is also carried out to ensure that each CBD oil drop contains the highest and purest concentration.

When shopping with Cloud 9 Hemp, you are able to choose between popular products such as oils, topicals, and edibles. Cloud 9 Hemp also has a few more niche products, including hemp flower and CBD pet products.

Cloud 9 Hemp Highlights

  • Free Shipping: Cloud 9 Hemp offers free and fast shipping on all orders. This is a refreshing change from the majority of brands that only offer free shipping on orders over a certain price.
  • Wide Product Range: They offer an extensive range of products working to ensure that you can always find a CBD solution that is right for you.
  • Informative Website: Cloud 9 Hemp’s online store is more than just a shop, but also a place of valuable information. It really feels as though Cloud 9 Hemp has gone the extra mile to ensure that you know exactly what you are purchasing and how to use each item.

Cloud 9 Hemp Negative Thoughts

  • Text-Heavy Site: Cloud 9 Hemp’s commitment to transparency and educating its customers is really great. However, it does mean that Cloud 9 Hemp’s online store is packed with large blocks of text that are not always the most welcoming.
  • Products Feel Hidden: At first glance, you might think that Cloud 9 Hemp actually has very few products on offer, but this is not the case. Many of the different options available are actually hidden behind other products. This makes it difficult to find the products.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Hemp Oil

Cloud 9 Hemp’s hemp oil is a great way to experience their CBD formula without any of the added additions found in their other CBD products. The company offers two different options when it comes to CBD tinctures: flavored oil and unflavored oil. Within these two categories, there are a number of other options, including different strengths and flavors.

All of Cloud 9 Hemp’s CBD oils follow four key principles: they must be 100% organic, contain no additives, have undergone extensive lab testing, and contain high-quality hemp extract. In order to meet these different tests, there are a number of steps that Cloud 9 Hemp takes. Firstly, all of the hemp plants used are sourced from organic farms within the USA and come from one particular strain.

All of Cloud 9 Hemp’s hemp oils undergo thorough lab testing, which checks for potency and quality. In the case of Cloud 9 Hemp’s flavored oil, only natural flavorings are used. This includes those that come from terpenes and flavonoids. Flavored hemp oils are also available in the same four strength options. There are five different flavors to choose from, this include:

  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Butterscotch

Cloud 9 Hemp’s unflavored high octane hemp oil can be purchased in four different concentration levels. The company provides helpful information to guide you through the process of choosing the correct strength.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD E-Liquids

Cloud 9 Hemp has over 15 different CBD e-liquids, with each option available in three different strengths. With so many e-liquids to choose from, you can easily find one that you will enjoy.

All of Cloud 9 Hemp’s e-liquids are made using the same base formula so that they can be used interchangeably. Cloud 9 Hemp uses a blend of organic vegetable glycerin, CBD, propylene glycol, and food-based flavorings.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD E-Liquids

Cloud 9 Hemp bases all of their vape e-liquids on popular strains. This gives you all of the great flavors without any of the THC. Among the many options, you can find popular strains such as Purple Rain, Easy Rider, and Happy Daze.

Cloud 9 Hemp Edibles

Cloud 9 Hemp has taken a very different approach when it comes to CBD edibles. While most brands offer the standard edibles like gummies, infused teas, and cookies, Cloud 9 Hemp has instead chosen to create a CBD infused honey.

Using natural orange blossom honey and CBD extract, Cloud 9 Hemp has been able to create a deliciously sweet way to work a little extra CBD into your diet. Honey can be added to a number of different meals, from your morning porridge to being a sweetener in tea. This makes it easy to consume on a regular basis.

Cloud 9 Hemp’s simple formula means that you do not have to worry about understanding long and complex ingredient lists. Cloud 9 Hemp uses just the two natural ingredients, which results in a pleasing taste.

Each pot of honey contains a total of 200mg of Cloud 9 Hemp’s rich CBD formula, complete with a range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Topicals

Cloud 9 Hemp has four CBD topicals to choose from, helping you to work a little extra CBD into each day. The company covers all of the basics that you would expect to find, such as CBD cream and CBD healing balms. There are also a few more unusual items, including Cloud 9 Hemp’s CBD face mask.


As with all of Cloud 9 Hemp’s products, the topicals are made using carefully sourced USA grown hemp plants. By using a state of the art extraction methods and potent hemp plants, Cloud 9 Hemp can pack a rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes into all of their topicals.

For all of Cloud 9 Hemp’s topicals, there is a complete list of ingredients along with how it can be used and what its potential benefits are. These are all useful tools to have quickly on hand while shopping, helping you make an informed decision.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD for Pets

Cloud 9 Hemp believes that CBD’s benefits should be accessible to the entire family, including your pets. Using natural and organic hemp plants that have been grown within the USA, Cloud 9 Hemp has created CBD oil just for pets.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and an experience that your pets enjoy, Cloud 9 Hemp uses a special blend of terpenes and cannabinoids. Using this pet-focused formula Cloud 9 Hemp created CBD pet drops available in two different concentrations.


By working closely with farmers and using independent lab testing, Cloud 9 Hemp can guarantee that their pet oils are completely free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Oils are packed with essential fatty acids chosen to help support your pet’s overall health.

Cloud 9 Hemp offers its CBD pet oil in both 250mg and 500mg tinctures. This gives you more freedom to choose the products that are right for your pets.

How to Buy Cloud 9 Hemp Products

Cloud 9 Hemp sells all of its CBD products through the online store. This makes it easy to purchase all of your CBD products with just a few clicks. Cloud 9 Hemp has designed its website to be as informative and helpful as possible. Each product page contains a wealth of information that can help you to decide whether a product is right for you.

Unfortunately, in order to keep the design of the site as clean as possible, Cloud 9 Hemp seems to have hidden products within other products’ pages. This decision makes it difficult to see all of your different options. Different concentrations and flavors are hidden behind what seems to be the flagship product.

Cloud 9 Hemp is, however, happy to offer free and fast shipping on every order. Being a brand that places a great deal of focus on accessibility, it makes sense to see free shipping as an option for all orders. You can also receive 20% off your first order when you use coupon code ‘hemp20’. This can help you save even more when you shop.

Final Verdict on Cloud 9 Hemp

Cloud 9 Hemp’s online store offers a balance between a wide selection of products and is a place of education. When shopping at Cloud 9 Hemp, you do feel as though they want to help you every step of the way. Useful information is provided that allows you to quickly understand the potential of each product and what goes into it.

Cloud 9 Hemp uses the same rich hemp plants across the different ranges. This means that you can experience similar effects with different products. Having such a wide selection of products to choose from is definitely one of Cloud 9 Hemp’s main selling points. Not only does being able to purchase all of your CBD products from the one store save you time, but it also allows for far greater consistency.


Final Verdict: 7.5/10

Cloud 9 may specialize in delicious vape liquids, but how do they compare to the industry’s best brands? To find great-tasting eliquids, check out our top 10 vape oils on the market.

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