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CR World CBD Review

As the CBD industry continues to grow, it has become increasingly difficult to find smaller, community-driven brands. CR World aims to change that with its community-driven approach to hemp products.

Based on the idea that quality and experience are more important than quantity and profit, CR World delivers a small but specialized selection of hemp-infused products.

Here is everything there is to know about the CR World CBD brand.

CR World Quick Summary


  • A community-driven brand, products manufactured in the US
  • Products contain less than 0.3% THC, lab-tested
  • Crafted with organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Good range of products including CBD honey, oils, and pet treats
  • Reward and affiliate programs available
  • Sells full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products


  • Limited product strengths
  • Shipping information hard to find


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Who Is CR World?

Colette Florido initially founded the CR World brand. Having experienced firsthand the lack of quality ingredients in hemp-infused products, Colette began to look for alternatives. She started CR World as a way to develop high-quality hemp-infused products. And of course, she wanted the products to be as accessible as possible.

Evidence of CR World’s mission statement can be seen throughout the entire brand. The company aims to help you understand CBD in an empowering way.

The CR World brand prides itself on being run by a diverse female team that hopes to inspire the next generation. One of the ways in which they aim to do this is through their membership program. By joining the CR World team, you gain access to a wide range of benefits. One of the main benefits is that you receive the training and products necessary to spread the CR World message.

The CR World team has worked to create a specialized range of hemp-infused products that focus on quality and effectiveness. Rather than offering their customers an extensive range of sub-par products, CR World instead believes that quality is always more important than quantity.

There are currently two different ranges available from CR World: their Balance range and their Relief range. These two different product ranges have been carefully designed to help promote a healthy, positive lifestyle.

CR World Highlights

  • Community-Focused: CR World places a tremendous amount of focus on the brand’s commitment to community involvement. The shop feature is just a small part of CR World’s website, with most of the space taken up by community-driven features.
  • Informative Website: In addition to selling CBD products, CR World’s website aims to inform and educate. Throughout the entire site, CR World has worked in small ways to ensure that you know exactly what you are purchasing. There is also tons of information about the effects that each item can have.
  • All Natural: CR World is committed to using natural ingredients sourced from high-quality farms. The CR World brand was founded out of a desire to provide people with real, authentic, healthy CBD products.

CR World Negative Thoughts

  • Website Design: While it is excellent that CR World’s website contains a wealth of useful information, it also results in a rather “packed” design. For those who are new to CR World, the website design can feel a little overwhelming and confusing at first.
  • Shipping Policy: CR World’s shipping policy is overly complicated in our opinion. There is an entire page dedicated to explaining the different shipping fees. However, the process still feels as though it could be simplified. The price of shipping is also a bit higher than you tend to find from similar brands.

CR World CBD Review: The “Balance” Range

CR World’s Balance range uses a combination of organic unrefined coconut oil and organic Colorado-grown hemp extract. They also use a broad-spectrum formula, which ensures that all of the items within the Balance range contain a rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, without any THC content.

The Balance range is designed to bring balance to your life, while also allowing your body to enjoy the benefits of CBD. CR World provides extensive information about all of the potential physical, emotional, and mental benefits that can be experienced when using the products in their Balance range.


There are over 20 items to choose from within the Balance range. So, there should be something for everyone. For those who are new to the CR World brand, their Favorite Things Starter Pack is a great place to start. The pack includes a sample of many of the items within the range, giving you a taste of what to expect.

The Balance range includes all of the traditional CBD products that you might expect, including CBD capsules and tinctures. There are also a few slightly more unusual items, such as infused honey sticks and sprays.

Within the Balance range, there are also a number of pet-specific products, including one of our favorites: Thrive Bites. Using a similar formula to the rest of the Balance range, CR World’s pet products make it easy to share the benefits of CBD with your pets.

CR World CBD Review: The “Relief” Range

CR World’s Relief range is designed to bring you natural relief when you need it most. Using an authentic blend of natural hemp extract and herbs, CR World has been able to create a rewarding formula rich in nutrients.

CR World provides detailed information about all of the different ways that their Relief products can benefit your body. This clear breakdown of effects helps you ensure that you are purchasing the right products for you.


There are two options when purchasing CR World’s Relief formula: the large spray bottle and the slightly more convenient travel spray. Both of these options contain the same ingredients, so you can experience the same relief even when you are away from home.

CR World’s Relief sprays can be purchased individually, or as part of a monthly subscription service. Signing up for the monthly subscription option is a great way to save money. It also ensures you never run out of the products that you use the most.

How to Buy CR World Products

CR World’s products can be found through their online store. CR World has designed its website to be as informative as possible, helping you to learn about CBD while shopping. This packed website design does take a little while to get your head around but is something that you do become used to.

CR World has an entire section dedicated to explaining their rather complicated shipping policy. The price of shipping depends on the total price of your order, rather than its total weight. Prices start at $10.95 and increase up to $29.95 for orders over $1000. An extra 12% fee is added to those who live in Alaska and Hawaii.

It’s also worth pointing out that CR World has broken its online store into two categories; Balance products and Relief products. The idea of dividing their product range is a good one, as it allows customers to search for and find products that are made to suit a specific need.

Lastly, we want to point out that discounts are available on CR World’s products for those who sign up for their Advocate Program. The CR World Advocate Program is just one of the ways in which CR World aims to create a close-knit online community.

CR World CBD Review: Our Final Verdict

CR World’s commitment to only using natural ingredients helps them to stand out from many other CBD brands. Not only are all of CR World’s products made using natural ingredients, but they also place a great deal of focus on the quality of these ingredients. CR World works to ensure that it is only using the very best organic ingredients across all of its products.

The inherent focus on quality and effectiveness is a refreshing change. CR World’s products feel as though they really have been designed with health and wellness at their core. Also, detailed information about each item means you know exactly what you are purchasing.

All in all, CR World has made a clear effort to ensure that every single customer has the tools to take control of their health. If you want to experience what is possible when real ingredients and authentic, high-quality CBD extract are combined, make sure to head over to CR World’s website to find out more.


Final Verdict: 8/10

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